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Hip-Hop Rumors: A Boosie / Jeezy Collab Album?


I am hearing that there is some new talk of Jeezy and Boosie working on an album! Some people are saying mixtape, but I am hearing ALBUM!

Yooooooo! How dope would that be? I really don’t know since I have not listened to Jeezy in a minute and never really listened to Boosie! But, that boy Boosie has all the people talking and that means he is going to really be blowing up again.

Well, no need for me to ramble about this anymore.

Nobody is talking about Boosie signing to Rick Ross anymore though. That may have been a facade.

Did you know Boosie’s mother was a principle at a school? WOW!

Boosie Speaks Press Conference

This is where the rumors started.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • David Gonz


  • Street-Fame

    Save that Shit 4 Later…Boosie need 2 get His… Right NOW…# It’s the Movement

  • Super_Hero

    Jeezy trying hard to save his career. He is like a groupie going from click to click.

    • Obi Won

      I know man, it sux too cuz people used to be tripping and falling to hop on Jeezy’s work. All I keep hearing from Snowman now is “real niggaz do real things”

  • trilltalk1

    niggas on here are crazy, the comments lol.

  • hell naw let boosie do him then webbie n boosie need to drop gangsta music 2

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  • bigdoe6

    I can see it happening in the future but no time soon. Boosie should focus on him and his path right now. I personally wouldn’t want to hear a Jeezy/Boosie album. Just not the perfect mixture.

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  • RapItUp

    ‘Principle’?? It would be dope, but you’ve never listened to half of the purported album’s crafter?? illseed please stfu..

  • ThaLowLow

    WOW. This lame illseed finds a picture of Boosie and Jeezy in the studio together on Instagram and suddenly they are gonna make an album together. Boosie JUST got done saying he ain’t doing any collabs because he’s got plenty of his OWN projects to put out. PLEASE STFU you liar…

    • J-SMOOTH

      Slow down homie this collab was done b4 Bossie went to jail. Jeezy held on until he got out.

      • ThaLowLow

        Not true.

  • Ronlg1

    Ummmmm, that wouldn’t be a good move for Jeezy. Making a song with Boosie is one thing, but a whole album? I wouldn’t see the purpose. I think they got the wrong idea from that picture

  • Weedras

    ‘Principle’ or Principal? guess its gonna be a ‘Boosie this, Boosie that’ theme for the next 3 months on here…


    Actually this was done before Boosie went away. Him and Jeezy been tight and if ya’ll remember Boosie wrote a letter encouraging people to buy Jeezy’s last album when it came out and he was on jeezy’s mixtape in the form of a recorded call from prison. So yeah this aint new even though some people may have forgot.