Rick Ross’ “Mastermind” Is The # 1 Album In The Country

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross’ Mastermind is officiallly the number one album in the country. Ross’ new album has sold 184,726 copies in its first week.

With Mastermind‘s accomplishment, it makes Ross the holder of  the most solo rap albums to reach #1 since his debut in August of 2006. While this is his fifth #1 album, it is his second lowest first week sales, barely edging out 2010’s Teflon Don (his only album to not reach #1).

Last week’s #1 album, Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron is expected to fall completely out of the Top 5in its second week, so far with sales of 30,237 copies. This is so far a second week decline of over 78% from last week’s 138,517 copies.

Pharrell’s  G I R L is expected to come in at second with 110,090 copies.

  • Fuck boy killer

    Big 1st week for Ross but the album won’t reach gold. Albums like Pharrell’s won’t have a 1st big week but it will end up platinum before the summer is over.

    • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

      IDK if I agree with what you had to say bout Ross. But I totally agree wit u bout Pharell!

  • 87% drop! What the fludge this man Q gonna do?!

    • $18592567

      Shows and more shows… TDE is a wave bro…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      q is good so far the only feature he has on a single is k dot (label mate) … indy release low promo and almost matched ross first week .. thats big …. for him … on his first release … def something to be happy about …. also as far as i know kendricks album didnt take right off either …. it came out sort of like this but keeped selling and then eventually took off ??????? i might be wrong tho lol someone correct me if i am lol

      • Keith N.

        Schoolboy Q is not on an indie. He is signed to TDE/Interscope Records

  • $18592567

    If Ross wasn’t a cop he’d be selling way more albums…

    • anemia716

      really though, that’s why I can’t even really listen to him. it’s a whole persona. he’s not genuine. at least not in my opinion. you can’t talk street life when your job was controlling street people for the county.

      • PorchBoySlim

        That’s exactly how I feel. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a 9 to 5 or being a C.O….but as ignorant as it may sound I like my gangsta rappers to be real gangstas lol….and then the fact that he keeps trying to push his image as being authentic makes me not want to listen to him even more.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        right just be 100 and stop trying to put on a show all the damn time lol

      • Mr Magnificant

        what yall fail to realize, its all a show. YoPorchBoySlim… you like you gangster rappers to be real gangsters huh?? News flash… Gangsters dont talk or rap. they move in silence holmes. This is for intertainment purposed only kids

      • Phatt Killah

        Who’s genuine???? Nobody except for maybe K. Lamar. He never claimed to be a thugh or anything else likethat.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you right about WHOs geniue …. thats why kdot was pretty much the only 1 to sell last year along with cole …. spade-o up next …

      • Mr. T. E. Z

        K. Dot banging for real tho….

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    all that promotion and that’s it? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .hustlemania.

    william spends more than he makes on albums so they wont be happy bout this they even had that big crown interview with elliott wilson

  • Bigg King

    Nice Try Idiots

    CHART DATE: 03/10/2014LAST UPDATE: 03/10/2014 15:50:14NOW IN: 56.52%

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  • ihatefaggots

    This fat shit never had a platinum album smh.

  • Black Jay

    Don’t try to turn this into Rick Ross hate. This isn’t a direct reflection of the artist’s popularity. This is the effect of the music industry decline. People just aren’t buying music like that any more. Nowadays you’re better off selling your own sh*t out of your trunk. The record companies ain’t holding the power any more.

    • PorchBoySlim

      It is a direct reflection of his popularity. His ticket sells for concerts dropped too my bruh.

      • That’s cuz all them gangsters wanted his scalp….lol..I know Imma get flack for this comment but I’m kinda confused when dealing wit Ross. I think he makes good quality music but in the same token I feel he embellishes way to much wit the kilo talk. Yes he’s a liar but his songs beat hard. He is faker than any rapper I have ever seen, but he talks the talk though. Lmao bruh a damn human chameleon and I’m thinking it’s best to just take him 4 entertainment cuz u know he entertaining. Just don’t take nutn the nigga say the least bit serious, or just stop fkn wit em period. It’s always somebody out there whose story gotta top everybody else in the click story even tho u know they lying. Treat Ricky like that nigga, either call em a bold face liar or just laugh at that goofy shiet.

      • Carlos

        the way i see it, a rapper is never fake, they are artists and are allowed to speak in the third person. Nobody calls actors fake cuz they dont live what they act. i.e. Al Pacino..Scarface…we as a culture need to stop that, think about it, it is stupid, to not listen to a rapper because he doesnt live it. if he is dope, he is dope, If we look at singers, most of them do not write their songs, does that make them fake. This is the type of siht that keeps our culture down and fcuks with kids minds. Right now if a teenager wants to be a rapper, he might never make it because he has to prove he is real before he is accepted, therefore gettin arrested or dying.

      • Ay Los. ..for real bruh u have definite points. I be seeing a lot of haters on here at times just because they don’t like a person but if u think of it in the terms u described wouldn’t be none of this talk. They would be accepted as a dope artist minus the bullsh. The bullsh is rare though, it’s like finding a diamond in the rough when it comes to finding a guy that’s off the block, has skills, and has the necessary components to make it. This why we champion the real vs just the artist. I’m rambling and sh but I 50 ink u hit it on the head. I think the problem people have wit Ross is that he lies more and gets caught more. Other than that I ain’t mad at that guy for having good music if I separate reality from fiction. Lotta fiction to sift thru tho in fat boy case.

      • Oh and I got a prime example of what u saying. I’m from the Lou…moved to FLA a lil while ago but I grew up in one of the most notorious hoods in STL. Guess what? We got a guy whose family has grew up round my way and I used to see him often, hell I ran wit his bruh who did more of that boy than u can imagine, and I ain’t talking bout no gay sh. My Lil brother used to date his fine ass lil sis and his people dated my stepsister. We call the nigga lil howard. Yall know him as chingy. I never really f’d wit lil bruh music but I knew him and liked the fact that although lil bruh family and sh was bout it, he never came off that way. Lil bruh was never on the gangster ish but I guarantee u bruh was always down to fight. Lil bruh always had a nigga after his fine ass lil sis and also bruh had hoez b4 the fame so lil bruh stayed fighting. Niggaz might think bruh soft due to his lyrical content but I know better. The nigga that dated my stepsister was Def certified, been in high speed chases and all wit bruh, plus he would put that head to bed 4 real. Not tryna glorify my past but my point is that just because he was a pop rapper imo, that don’t mean Lil bruh was a puzzy. You like his music or u didnt, and if u didn’t I doubt he was worried about it. Being around us and his fam definitely makes me believe that if he chose too he coulda rapped about a bunch of gangster sh….He didn’t tho and I respect him 4 it, that’s kinda where I think people get mad at Ross about, I have yet to see anybody vouch 4 him at all. In actuality no one should care whether or not he was gangster due to his craft, it just makes people feel better if they can relate to an artist, who wants to be associated with an extremely habitual offender tho?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol @ it being the effect of the miusic industry decline … MORE LIKE THE DECLINE IN QUALITY ARTIST !! dont forget KENDRICK SOLD !! JCOLE SOLD !! and Schoolboy sold the same amount WITH LESS FEATURES LESS PROMO LESS VISIBILITY LESS CELEBRITY and ITS HIS FIRST OFFICIAL RETAIL RELEASE … IJS keep it 100 …. props to ross for getting another album out … but be real people lol …

      • Black Jay

        Okay…. Y’all on some serious sh*t today. First of all, I ain’t no Rick Ross fan. I don’t even like most of his music and I don’t own even one of his songs.
        But if you’re being objectively analytical (and most of you aren’t), you have to admit the huge problem with the music industry. And if you can you will realize one thing. This ain’t really on Ross.
        For one, Def Jam is in serious decline. The only artists that sell beyond expectation has affiliation with Jigga. Anyone that doesn’t have it, ain’t selling sh*t. Like it or not, he is STILL THE PRESIDENT OF DEF JAM.
        Two, Rhianna has crazy singles on the charts. How many number ones does she have? And her albums sell like a load of sh*t. She just recently had her first number one album. All of the others never made it. What does that say?
        Look at Pharrell. HE CURRENTLY HAS THE NUMBER ONE SONG IN THE COUNTRY. Yet his album sold less than Ross? If anything proves my point it’s that reflection right there.
        While I ride with most of y’all on a lot of things, if y’all think this is a failure for Ross, Y’all got HATE GOGGLES on. This is a bigger reflection of what is happening in the industry. And it’s only going to get worse. Let’s see your politics when 50 sells 35,000 out the gate. That’s when most of you will admit the system is broken.

      • Mr Magnificant

        Your are 100% correct and it is getting worse. I compare the state of hip hop now the realestate bubble. Values are exagerated now but when the bubble bursts, the markets go back to the real numbers. Lets hope when this dirty south trap music bubble bursts, we can get back to the variety in hip hop. Once it stops making money, thats when things will change.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Nicca u too busy buying gay lady boys!

  • richard_b_hard

    Damn Officer ricky must be tired from buying all his own albums!
    Bet DJ Khaled rented a truck and bought every copy his could get his fat little hands on as well.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    #numbers actually they dont thats why he ouchea lookin sort of crazy and has yet to get over that sales slump … relationships can get you on the radio but they aint gonna help you go plat+ …..

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  • Live Well

    He always comes out on a week when nobody else does.

    • dee

      I been saying that for years not just him. Its easy to have a #1 album for the week or every time you drop when nobody else is dropping that day.

      • Yea what’s his name said that just the other day, he claimed he always did it for his artist. Forgot dude name tho..my bad

    • Sean Taylor


    • Infinite8

      TRUE!! ROSS IS TRASH!!! IF HIS BEATS AINT BANGING ROSS AINT SELLIN !!!! AND I AINT LISTENING!!! ROss is a better version of BABY (YMCMB)!!! And that aint saying much at all!! And that is the only time Ross is #1 !!! HE NEVER COMES OUT AGAINST A TOP ARTIST!!!! EVER!! Pull a Kanye and 50 record selling battle and see what happens to RICKY!!!

      • Live Well

        LOL He ain’t crazy!

      • Infinite8

        LOL!! EXACTLY!!!

  • bo da butcha

    People need to stop it with that nobody buying records anymore drake sold em sold j sold kendrik sold tech9 selling well, rick just not bringing nothing new to the table

    • he’s just a fraud and people don’t support that

  • dee

    so he has the most solo rap albums to reach #1 since his debut in August of 2006 with none going platinum

    • and they all take almost a year to go gold. in industry standards thats a flop.

  • How do yall feel about schoolboy q and ross’ albums? I have listened to both maybe twice and now I’m back to my regular rotation. I understand u gotta listen to some albums a few times before they stick. Some albums you can play and they become your favorite instantly. I don’t know how I feel about these two latest albums since I’m already back to my usual play lists and shid. Wanna know what sum of yall think. I like that joint wit Kurupt tho lmao.

    • Schoolboy album is dope. better than what i expected. ross album is a straight up weed plate. 3 good songs and its because of the features. jeezy killed him on that track, jay killed him on that track and the joint with kanye. he should of stayed in his lane and just do coke rap imo.

  • uk

    50 cent animal ambition will be the album of this decade

    • U must b in the UK 4 real. I like 50 too but I doubt it mayne.

      • uk

        round here we dont pump rick ross we play drake more than him. 50 a legend u can not compare a hip hop legend whos sold out world wide and played concerts in places ymcmb have never been out done ross record sales in vast numbers to a COP! who ever plays his music is a punk cuz they believe him

      • Yall play Drake more than him? That was funny ass f bruh

      • uk

        yeh cuz drake dont lie rick ross was a cop how can u listen to that. no hate but how? the guy has never done nothing in his life yet he says he runs the Miami drug game. every big gangster he calls out ends up saying we never knew him. with 50 his backround adds up lool u see gunplay? he got wasted. nuff said

      • U can bang him cuz his and 50 cent shiet bangs in the whip..that’s about it tho….I don’t take nutn a rapper say serious and separate reality from entertainment. If most rappers lived what they rapped they would be doing time or dead. On the gunplay thing he got beat but who can’t be beat? Bruh always fighting so it’s gotta be sumn to that, I wouldn’t necessarily insinuate that he was puzzy or nutn tho.

      • Mr Magnificant

        Drake dont lie??!! hate to break it to you but All rappers lie

  • uk

    thats what separates ross from 50. he’s lucky to push 100k in one week get rich did 800,000 plus in its first week.

    • That was back in the day holmes…

      • uk

        okay even now no promo at all 50 got a million views on funeral ross hasnt got that kind of impact. 50 is the last g’d out rapper to be. if 2pac was alive their would be no rick ross.

      • I kinda cosign bruh but I think people tune in when they think 50 finna go at somebody, didnt funeral come after some controversy?

    • OhRyanT

      He actually sold over a million in the first week, and is the only rap artist do ever do it. He actually sold 800k on the first week with Curtis.

  • justmathoughts

    its obvious he has the machine backing him….he drops on days where theres literally zero competition….forget what you THINK about sales, there was at least 10 people that have went platinum since 2006 on numerous occassions and hes not one of them, if the numbers dont lie then stop cheating, play like a champ

  • baller187

    its a bad cd and i back ross, same old story as they get richer their c/ds get weaker. This is clearly his weakest yet, he reall fucked up by not puttin oyster perpertual on it

  • Suspected Spam

    Better than GFID, not as good as Teflon Don. Def Jam buying those first week albums to save face.

  • Vinsanity

    Mastermind because he fooled everybody into buying his garbage. Identity stealing fraud. Once a cop always a cop. No love from this side.

  • DaHomey6Deuce

    While the final numbers are not currently in, Mastermind will make Ross the holder of the most solo rap albums to reach #1 since his debut in August of 2006…..

    Fact not fiction……..say what you want about the guy….but straight Facts

    • Mr Magnificant

      and he does not rape his artists.

      • keepit1hunnit

        50 also doesn’t put drugs in chics drinks to have sex with them and they aint even know it….. it bogglez me on how people support a dude who rapes chics… and even if it was just a so called rap line look at how many females get raped like that every day… Officer ricky is a degusting ignorant fat bastard…and anyone who supports him should do some soul search…

      • Mr Magnificant

        You speak as if he has been convicted of drugging and raping women. Its a song, not real. You cant take something that’s fiction and make it the bases of an argument. Hell, no women even claimed he did anything to him. WTF

    • trues

      Actually DMX first 5 solo albums opened at number 1 too so he’s not the first

    • justmathoughts

      his sales dont reflect number one….straight facts

  • Bigg King


  • king

    Boss Do Your Thing!

  • LookanSEE

    You cant compare Ross and 50 simply cause 50 is past his prime GRODT and Massacre was a different period in music..

  • keepit1hunnit

    that many people support a dude who promoted putting drugs in a female drink so they could have sex with them an they aint even know it… what does this say about the fans? rape never been cool in my book. #trazshman

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  • disqus_DlekfMuftx

    lml you people act like u can do a better job