Schoolboy Q: I Wish TDE Never Signed With Interscope Records (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Schoolboy Q is either experiencing major label growing pains or may have some regrets about his rap career.

In an interview with Hartford, Conneticut’s Hot 93.7, Q states that TDE no longer does mixtapes and instead only commercially released albums. Q then goes on to say tha he “did wrong by signing a rap contract”:

I’m not talking about TDE, but how we ventured off with the majors. I wish we would have still stayed indie. I don’t care about being on like 100 radios or shit like that. I love Interscope, but I wish I could have just stayed with TDE.

In a recent interview with Grantland, writer Amos Barshad stated that Interscope’s desire for radio-ready singles is what led to Oxymoron‘s delay:

He’d planned on only one radio-friendly song on the album, jamming the rest of the track list with his raw goods. But Interscope demanded three singles before he could get the green light — which, perhaps, is why it’s taken more than two years sinceHabits & Contradictions for Oxymoron to see release

Check out the interview with Hot 93.7 below:

  • Clayton Bigsby

    He’s right. In this day and age, there is zero need for majors. People keep saying marketing… Where? Online? smh.

    • Papi Peligro

      Yeah who reads a mag. I don’t click on no background ads. You right.

  • J.C.

    Q was already doing sold-out tours after Habits & Contradictions released, with a solid fan-base, and Hands on The Wheel being the only single on that album.

    he definitely did not need a major to make a decent living in the game.

    • trueith. which it probably sucks for him because he was w/ TDE and after they make that move it’s either stay down or try to get released/bought out

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  • Lucky Luciano

    Interscope only works when your the hottest artist! Kendrick, Eminem, Dre, and 50 (Curtis album and prior). Q is good don’t get me wrong but with interscope they only cater for their major artists, look how long it will take to get ab-souls album out

    • Obi Won

      I don’t see Ab coming out in 2014, after Q’s, I wouldnt b surprised if they tried to ride Kendrick’s wave for another push

      • Thorson El

        ab isn’t signed to interscope, just Kendrick & Q. No other tde artists are on a major label. Which in all honesty, I hope ab soul doesn’t sign w/ one. his material is too potent & a major label will only water his ish down w/ bs. he’s a thinker & needs the creative freedom to be himself. my favorite tde artist next to Kendrick. It will come out tho, just won’t get the same attention Kendrick & q get.

      • Obi Won

        well that’s good news!!! I thought TDE was under the Interscope umbrella & and controlled most of the music that was released on a commercial level. If Ab Souls music got watered down, it wouldn’t be Ab-Soul!!! Hopefully he’s loyal to his loyal fan base and can maintain what he has

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  • Suspected Spam

    That song ‘Studio’ is about to be a SMASH hit

  • Black Jay

    This should be a lesson to folks. Your company may do any and everything to bring you on board. And while they’re small you may have some say-so. But your company can get purchased at any time. Now who owns your ass? N*ggas stop signing deals and do your own sh*t. F*ck these labels.


    In this day and age of the tech world we live in , i do not understand why ppl do not take their control of their own career. Who se is gonna work harder for you ?

  • Obi Won

    I’m curious, was Q saying this AFTER he saw the first weeks sales? Q was talking a lot about things before the album dropped and this wasn’t said. It is cool album, not better than his first one though


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