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DJ Scream Presents…Hunger Pains Artist Spotlight: Tracy T

In his new docu-series, DJ Scream shares the inspiration behind his first studio project in the “Hunger Pains Series”.  Scream gives the viewer a sneak peek into his creative process and shares behind the scenes looks at the hard work and desire that went into the making of “Hunger Pains.”
The first installment featured Atlanta newcomer Que, who is seen on the first single from the album entitled “Always”. Here Que talks about his early days in the music industry, the sacrifices made to pursue his art and the desire for more
Second up to bat is the newest signee of Maybach Music, Atlanta hot boy, Tracy T. Tracy discusses his emergence onto the rap scene, his relationship with DJ Scream and his long term visions.
The Hunger Pains Series will speak to the artists involved in the album, capture behind the scenes videos and give fans a first-hand look at what it requires to make the dream come to life.

  • Chris

    I’ve listened to homey on a couple of joints. Bruh is terrible.

  • Glasscut

    Garbage at best.. fake fur wearing ass..

  • Gonja

    Worst rapper on MMG

  • C. Black

    I’m all for young bruhs gettin on and making bread, AND I roll with MMG as I think they have the game under lock and key right now. However, this new dude doesn’t fit in my opinion. From what I’ve heard from him so far, I cant get with it.

  • Christopher Thompson

    I like Rozy and the MMG Movement,but this Tracy T sucks! I tried to give him a listen because he was the new signee, boy this guy is horrible period. Ross cut him, he can’t rap a lick. This Tracy T makes Souljah Boy look like Nas!

  • guddaboy

    damn is he dat bad? tracy t or pill ?