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What is the Black Agenda?

power of 9Whenever I hear someone make the statement, “What is the Black Agenda?” I get really pissed. Especially if it’s another black person. There are leaders and political operatives who continue to ask ‘what is the black agenda?’ as though the game plan for black progress has changed the last 100 years or so.

I was at a recent luncheon when a nationally celebrated elected official, who I think is very smart, progressive and works hard on behalf of black people… and their agenda. And the conversation was about our current president and his agenda for black people… his people. So, I respectfully asked this Congressman, why do people like Rev. Sharpton, Ben Jealous and Marc Morial, whom he know well, keep talking about the need to take the Obama’s administration the ‘black Agenda.’ Aren’t those gentlemen black? President Barack Obama is also black, correct? And haven’t these men in mention fought the fight for black people the last 40 years, collectively?

So with that said, they should have the black game plan within them. They’ve lived through it. They’ve felt the affects of not being represented from past actions. And it probably was the same ‘Negro Agenda’ when they where young hustlers. So why do they keep asking such a stupid question, over and over again? And not only is the question stupid, they act like black folks don’t have a clue what the ‘black agenda’ is, so therefore, how can black folks take their concerns and issues to the White House. WOW!

I wonder if white America is asking the same question within their community? Hey Baby Boo Boo, what is the damn ‘white agenda?’ Their agenda is the same as the ‘black agenda, ‘the ‘asian agenda,’ ‘the ‘hispanic agenda’ and every other race of people in this country who has an America agenda for their community.

Economic development, staple and progressive communities with unlimited educational opportunities. This is the American agenda, regardless race, creed, color or sex. Our agendas are so much alike, except, white America has a different way in which they exercise their demand for an agenda. The difference between the ‘white agenda’ is that whites aspire for economic dominance, private and exclusive communities, for the most part. While everybody else just wants a simple slice of the America dream to survive and live collectively in peace and harmony.

TRUTH Be Told: White America has no problem with black folks or any other race climbing up the latter to prosperity, as long as they don’t try and knock them off the latter in the process. And even if other races climb high and fast, whites will only add new steps to the latter that goes higher and in a different direction. So as far as they’re concern, it’s like adding new jobs. You’re not gonna take their jobs because they would just create more work/jobs to handle their ‘white agenda.’

It’s called moving the goal post. When the playing field becomes even and others have progressed, whites in control, almost, always change the course. (See Tiger Woods – they designed new courses to challenge his dominance on an even playing field). This way, no one can ever really catch them. So therefore, you’ll always playing with or against your own racial peers. And in relations to black folks, you’re beating up each other trying to get to a place you’ll never get to.

On another theme of the ‘black agenda.’ I don’t wanna hear potential elected officials running for office or an incumbent doing commercials that talks about crime and violence. STOP trying to put fear in voters! Crime and violence is a by-product of loss wages and high unemployment, which equals communities in despair.

TRUTH Be Told: Candidates, make your slick infomercials and campaign slogans about the need for economic development and JOBS in poor, dysfunctional communities. Give speeches about creating businesses and establishing companies in wards or districts you’re looking to represent- and crime will decrease. That’s what the ‘black agenda’ is; always has been, always will be! Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…

  • Elayorx El

    Maintaining pathological psychosis.(a.k.a., keeping up with the “Joneses”)

    • Black Jay

      Damn! That’s a BET slogan if I ever heard one. Hahahaha….. Cosign. So few of the logical brothers in this world. Everybody’s into the American way. Buying sh*t you don’t need.

      • ZUBU

        @Black Jay & Elayorx: In Sociology we call it Conspicuous Consumption. You brothas are on point.

        “Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power — either the buyer’s income or the buyer’s accumulated wealth. Sociologically, to the conspicuous consumer, such a public display of discretionary economic power is a means either of attaining or of maintaining a given social status.”

        AKA (Keeping Up With The Jones’).

      • Black Jay

        @Zubu…. I see your knowledge brother. Keep schooling these dudes.

      • Elayorx El

        Absolutely fam. Real talk. Like BJ said, no question.

      • Immortal

        True. I don’t have ish, but I’m totally content. I may look like I do on the outside, but I’ll tell you in a minute, do not judge me by my car, you’ll be fooled. It’s just a trinket of temporary enjoyment. Don’t judge me by my clothes. I’m not a trendsetter nor a trend follower, I am my own man. Do not judge me by the way I look. I might look dumb to you, but I’m smart not just of the books but in the ways of the world, and do not judge me by the way I speak; I don’t have to yell, curse, use racial epithets to get my point across. I am me, and the Jones’ need to keep up with me.

      • Elayorx El

        LOL…what up Jay? No doubt, keep bangin them hits. The pendulum soon swing back!

      • Immortal

        But that is what is shoved into our faces….by our own people and self declared leaders. You listen to other genres of music and you’ll hardly find one that boasts openly of living a stupidly lavish lifestyle, buying everything that has a “brand name” on it, making dumbass shoes that cater to those that really don’t need it. Wake up was shouted long ago and the yell was missed, the wake up signs were posted, and they were not seen, then the wake up emails and instagram messages were sent and posted, and guess what? We are so involved in “looking good” that we cannot hear the message, see the message, and we can’t even READ the message that is right in front of us. I see nothing wrong with getting anything you want if you’ve earned it through hard work and persistence. You should treat yourself, but if you have that BMW 650 and you’re living in the projects, there should be a bell ringing in your head. I’m agreeing with you, just venting saying the same thing just longer.

  • Tommy_Jules

    How about learning to spell and edit? Climbing the latter? Really?

    “So, I respectfully asked this Congressman, why do people like Rev. Sharpton, Ben Jealous and Marc Morial, whom he know well, keep talking about the need to take the Obama’s administration the ‘black Agenda.’”

    Is that a sentence? I think you meant make, not take, and knows, not know.

    Get it together.

    • Troll_E_G

      Dude u know exactly what he meant, why be a pompous ass about mistake when u made one not focusing on the point of this article

      • Tommy_Jules

        It’s not pompous to point out incoherent sentences, this guy’s supposed to be professional writer. He needs to step it up. People won’t take something seriously if it’s not being presented professionally. It wasn’t one or two errors, the article is full of them.

      • DeeWilli_85

        I agree with Troll E G – clearly u’r … sorry, YOU ARE, being a douche

      • RichFromBX

        how is he being pompous? It’s absurd that a “professional” writer has such remedial errors in their writing. I’m not sure what you do for a living but I know that in any office environment if you send emails to bosses with these types of errors you won’t be taken seriously or be around long. In real life you don’t get to play the “you know what I meant” card.

      • Troll_E_G

        Again u type all that but missed the point of a Black Agenda.

      • Slaughtr

        Right that’s either crab in a bucket shyt or causing womanly drama.

  • Troll_E_G

    Blacks need to create they Own…no need to chase behind a enemy….Blacks are the economy but we don’t spend money with other Blacks…we on our way to spending s trillion dollars yearly as Consumers …don’t u know thats half of the national debt and enough to buy land n start a Black United States or whatever u wanna call it. The Black Agenda needs to be about separation and building our Own to become a World Power

    • Slaughtr


    • Immortal

      Blacks are not the economy being there are other races here. The national debt is made up more from borrowing and outlandish spending that has been going on a budget that hasn’t been truly been balanced since the 30’s. What enemy are you talking about? Ourselves? We’re the first to condemn one of our own and the last to pick another up. We do a lot of talking, posturing, protesting, yet go home and degrade our women, degrade our men, and do nothing to follow up. When someone does come along with a new idea that doesn’t “fit” in with the status quo they’re labeled Uncle Tom’s or sellouts. In fact we spend more time looking up ways to kill each other on YouTube than we do putting our heads in a book and reading about ways to educate each other in college. When Al comes around yes there is a significant shift, but also when he comes, there is something in it for him. Boondocks had that episode that seriously parallels Al whether it was meant to or not. Jessie is no better. Chicago’s inner city is going into ruin. Any marches there? Is he making any headway in bringing businesses and jobs into the urban society? Is he there when kids are killing other kids? He’s damn sure there when a cop does it. Same with Al and NYC. And why make a “black America” when you can try to make inroads so that the America you live in is better than the one your parents had? So we reinvent the wheel every time there is a flat? There are TOO DAMN MANY smart and EXTREMELY smart black men and women, kings and queens that aren’t supported and fall to the wayside. They want to make things better through education and hard work, not to make the whites happy, but to show others we CAN do it and you don’t need a handout to make it either. The time for change hasn’t passed because there never was a time to start. You have to take the time to want it or suffer not having it, and neither uncle’s Al or Jessie are going to give it to you. The US national debt is over 17,511,461,705,211.85 and climbing according to the treasury dept. as of today.

      • Troll_E_G

        I respect your opinion but disagree….We are not each other enemy, we are victims of each other’s frustrations due to white supremacy…the trap is set n the programming starts at birth.Some fall for it, some don’t….the whole stereotypical picture you was painting is another thing I disagree with…more of us n graduating college then ever before….you also said we don’t need our own n we need to build a better America than our parents lived….this is where it gets interesting because slaves built everything from the White House to the railroads, they also founded the .com,.org,.gov format that’s worth billions but he screwed over business wise.. u also got the brother who developed the mathematical code for the internet but the tv promote thug blacks than this smart fellow….I said that to say, what is working with them actually gets us…we are screwed time n time again in the judicial systems….our school systems were better in Jim Crow era …everything in the history of “working with” in America has only led to our demise from slavery to integration….as far as them activists u speak of that are sell outs cause they have different agendas.. please name them n the plan they proposed….people like Jessie ,Al etc are not looking out for they people….Malcolm, Garvey,Khalid Muhammad etc represented US the proper way ….in closing, blacks need our own land,laws,military,economy,education etc. That is the only way, we will be able to have Freedom

      • Immortal

        We can agree to disagree on this, but Malcom did the pilgrimage saw a new light, changed his views and was killed, by us. Not due to any rage, but because he saw things himself and enlightened himself. Whites do not make any of us sell drugs to each other, we claim to do it to survive…survive what? Our own genocide? I will agree that the judicial system is flawed, but what are we doing to make a change in it? I see more and more of us going in right or wrong, and when we get out, we seem to go right back to the system in droves like it’s a rite of passage. Didn’t we get that enough as slaves? In chasing a dollar, we sit here and make rap and glorify the killing of ourselves. Whites don’t make us do it, we choose to do it but once things start to slide, want to say it was everyones fault but our own. The picture I paint of the graduating is true. There are rappers with degree’s. J Cole seems to be the only one (not saying there aren’t others) that make it known that he furthered himself in education. We could have millions of graduates, but we don’t have mass media supporting them. We don’t have this because we don’t fight for it, but let Kevin Hart or Kat Williams run around calling us n*ggas onstage and we’re all over it. We can make comedies and real bad reality shows, but cannot have a leading male who graduated college uplifting blacks onstage? Our school systems are a product of us. I’ve been in inner city public schools and suburban public schools, and the difference isn’t just the color or the location, but the parent/child/teacher interaction. It wasn’t there when I was in the inner city (I’m not a young cat either) and it showed, and it was in the suburbs and again it showed. No one wants to be in an area where there is tension, blame and the only one accountable is you. I have to check on the internet deal. Not going to comment on something I really am not sure about at all. Blacks have/had their own land; the US and if you want to get technical Liberia. The second one didn’t/doesn’t work so well. I’ll take where I’m at vs. where I never was any day. Here at least I know I have a chance. But in the end, I’m going to respect your opinion, because you came correct and with the intent to teach, and you can’t help but respect that.

      • Troll_E_G

        Whites put the drugs in the community…whites tell rappers what to discuss n make n image out of them…u quick to blame US like everything in the world is not designed to oppress blacks/africans from Margaret Sanger n planned parenthood to Pw Botha n apartheid….the media u speak of will not promote us in a good light. That’s y I say, we need to develop our Own everything so we don’t have to rely on others but each other…..the school system u speak of n its academic testing programs were created by Nazi’s n its only intended to make u more helpful to the cause of white supremacy whether u know it or not …read the teachers pedagogy by Paul frierre n you will understand how the school system is designed to make obedient workers n not creative leaders…blacks have not had there own land since Kemet so I don’t know what you’re talking about….Africa is the motherland of civilization yet whites run 90% of everything there tho they are the minority….here u have a chance to be a worker with unlimited earning potential but to be a boss,leader,revolutionary …u have to be white or you’ll get killed or sued or be one of them….you should read up on whats really going on cause although we have issues as a whole, the game n rules was set and we are forced to play intentionally or unintentionally …if you broke n can’t get a job then survival skills kick in n the youth are only utilizing whats around them ….church can’t use the tithe money to to open businessrs cause he gotta get a new car n the rest go to the archdiocese. The other pastors can’t really speak on the real problems of the hood cause they a lose they tax exemption…its real out here n what u dont see is the biggest threat

      • Troll_E_G

        Also wanna add Malcolm was killed by his own but it was due to the fbi involvement of sending bogus letters between the parties of Malcolm n NOI…the men involve were actually part of cointelpro …..that’s y many Panther leaders were murdered…even the government in 1999 was found guilty of conspiring MLK assassination

      • National Debt = The interest the privately / Israeli owned Federal Reserve charges to print $$$ out of this air.

        Before the 14TH amendment, there was no income tax, before the fed reserve act, there was no national debt.

        Kanye’s NEW SLAVES should have been about that!

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  • The_Good_Life

    Another clown wanna score points off Al Sharpton. You can call my dude Sharpton any type of name you want. Race baiter, pimp, whatever. He the only dude I know, other than the national guard or FEMA, that can turn your whole town upside down real fast if them folks don’t wanna act right. Over the years, I’ve seen dude get locked up, stabbed, sued, lost weight on hunger strike, discredited by white pundits and he is still able to get black folks and black media to shed light on what’s really going on. When Al say we gone march, city officials stretch their enforcement resources thin and gotta beg other counties to help out. This clown think cause he met a few congresmen and write a blog he’s a mover and shaker knowing damn well he ain’t gone put his cute lil career on the line for no ni**ga. Thanks Al, they’ll miss you when your gone.

  • Afi Keita James

    Al Whoreton is a globalist sellout and an uncle tom to me, just like the rest.

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  • Isaac Hayes

    Just like all Black Community leaders I agree with some things and I disagree with some things but I always respect the people that put their life and freedom on the line for my people. The so called negro is not free the struggle continues. Blackwatch!!! To the East my Brother to the East!!

    • Troll_E_G

      What do you disagree with my brother?

      • Isaac Hayes

        I would have to write a novel on things I disagree with. You made some good points on here. I just got respect for the people out on the front lines(Al, Jesse, and Farrakhan) even if I do not agree with their whole agenda. I doubt anybody on here making comments is on the front lines if you are let it be known. I’m like NAS in Belly I do me and make better for those around but being down with an actual movement I’m not there yet.

    • Slaughtr

      Exactly my brother.

    • ThatBostonMan

      Was there an election? Who voted Al Sharpton the black community leader? Which community in specific is he the leader of and how was he elected?

      • Isaac Hayes

        Man I have always ask that question Black people are not monolithic but like it or not the reality is that Mr. Jesse Jackson and Mr. Al Sharpton are seen as Black America’s voice. I respect them for being on the front lines but I do not put them on a pedestal and worship them as gods. I live my truth I do my best to be postive but I can be as disrespectful and ignorant as any other person it is what it is that’s why I’m not on the front lines or part of a movement I’m not the best pro Black role model but I do what I can for those around me.

      • bobbyhansonf898

        You deserve to have your face cut to ribbons.

    • With a KeeeeYYYyyyyyy!

  • Slaughtr

    If you look at some of these post a bullshyt argument about what the fck a brothers spelling is knowing were on computers and if your passionate about your own opinion it could get fked so cu the punk shyt and say what you feel. Raggin ass woman tactics!

  • Al Sharpton organized a nationwide protest of 100 cities to protest the Zimmerman verdict.



      • C_No_Evil™

        its an ongoing battle so that question is irrelevant and undermines the purpose of the protests. Try getting 100+ different organizations in sync with each other and then ask that question.

      • ThatBostonMan

        It should be entirely about outcomes and accomplishments. If its not then what the hell are you working for?

      • C_No_Evil™

        ur asking a premature question. Hence why I said its an ongoing battle. How about asking what is the purpose? What are the aims? That is a more sensible question and the only one with an answer.

      • JACK Wright

        is that question is irrelevant…then surely the protests are also irrelevant.

    • He also wore a wire for the feds & tried to help them catch Assata!

  • Michael J. Davis

    “Crime and violence is a by-product of loss wages and high unemployment, which equals communities in despair.”” not really higher unemployment does not equal higher crime rates. Crime is actually at a 40 year low even with the recession and slow recovery. Crime is a factor of alot of things from city planning to absent fathers. Poverty is just one factor. You dont see poor people in West Virginia killing each other.



  • C_No_Evil™

    definitely a mediocre article at best. Wheres the critical analysis about the Black, White, ect Agenda? Lets be more specific with the issues? Where do you stand? Any thoughts on black leaders? Anything???

  • ThatBostonMan

    Stupid question to be asking. How would it look if a Rock n Roll site titled an article “What is the white agenda?”. Who the hell pays for these questions? White people in academia trying to conduct a study?

    This is almost like the “Is Obama black enough” articles. Where are these memes really coming from?

    • Montezuma1

      Thanks. Silly shit.

  • Sy

    There are about six grammar errors in this article that I saw after reading it once, so is it being read over by the writer, at all? Hitting “spell check” doesn’t correct the way the article is read, it only corrects “single words”.

  • this was a horrible story and its credibility is damaged because of the other bullshyt this website reports…how can you try to speak knowledge working for a site whos rumor page is he most visited which daily depicts our people in a negative light…smh
    if you are really trying to speak knowledge and awareness, come to makesensedontit

    • Maliq M-h

      this site may be crippling to the black community but you cannot knock them for trying to enlighten some of the people that visit this site it only takes one passage to get the wheel going for at least one person to go and find other information on there own the comment that you put up is discouraging to others in my personal opinion if even one segment is talked about in a good light towards AA’s then its helpful to the cause not knocking what you say but think about it from a different perspective.

  • Maliq M-h

    I feel this article could’ve been more than what it is in its current state but I applaud the effort in trying to raise awareness.

    • Liger Mart

      You guy’s do know that rich white people do this to all other white people to you know? What about successful hip hop artist arguing how they do this to their fellow rappers? The agenda will be when us unmotivated people start building our own little agenda’s and empires for ourselves. Most people sell out when the powers that be hone in on their competition. It’s called business.