Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs [#BGA] Ft. Madlib “Real” (Jeezy Diss)

  • brotha_man


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  • adidaskidd414!

    Freddie dat nigga

  • Big_Chill


  • SlapAddict1986

    kinda looks like Pac in this pic…besides isn’t this dudes father a cop!?

    • andone

      his pops being five0 had me buggin too but cant deny the work he puts, ole egghead havin ninja got skills

    • Ronald Tregan

      He was a cop but he got fired pretty fast

  • R.E Dykes

    about dmn time somebody diss on some real sht

  • RapItUp

    Jeezy know better than to respond in any capacity to Gibbs.. Lol still waiting. Also validates Gucci’s G.. By himself out and about when shit is poppin. Burr!

    • trilltalk1

      did you really believe what the nigga said. man he is a mad rapper they say all kind of shit.

      • AK

        jeezy a busta sorry you had to know some people cant handle the truth

      • RapItUp

        I agree, Jeezy is a mark! And lol @ Gibbs being labeled Mad Rapper. haha

  • John Turbo

    Madlib gave the Freddie the platform to fly high Thug Style

  • Dhz30


  • Guest

    This shit whack as hell!!!!!Where did he get the beat because he need to give it back.

  • This shit right here is exactly why shit is twisted in hip hop.You got dudes like this trying to call out another nigga that already made it.He talking about exposing somebody else but don’t nobody know who he is.EXPOSE YASELF DAWG!!!!!!

    • AK

      only meainstream idiots that bump wayne dont know about gibbs, get jeezy dick out your mouth he trash.

      • Check this out homie, you talking out the side of your neck with that slander.I embrace those who represent progress and yes I have listened to wayne as well as jeezy.However,one things for certain two thing for sure, I’ve never heard of this guy like you said and I will never hold another niggas nuts they way you hold FREDDIE GIBBS.

  • trilltalk1

    this shit wack and not because he wack. but because this shit was over 2 years ago. now he see Y.G got a release date, DOUGHBOYS CASHOUT on the rise, BOOSIE get out and get a deal with ATLANTIC and FREDDIE has not came up at all. see this is what happens when you don’t have patience. he was with CTE a year and wanted JEEZY to make magic for him. but he was in the game 3 or 4 years before he met JEEZY and couldn’t make it happen. so why get mad after a year and leave the label, like it’s his fault. nigga you don’t have star quality, you are a good M.C that is not enough. making diss songs 2 years later likeyou saying something. in the song he said they don’t talk on his side. well nigga get out the booth and get active. cause right now all you doing is talking my nigga.

  • Brainiac1ne

    I fucks with Gibbs

  • AK

    Jeezy wish he can rap anywhere near this, a lot of jeezy stans on this website too lol smh i bet yall got wayne in your top 10 , all mad cause jeezy getting exposed as a busta AGAIN

    • andone

      stop reachin fam jeezy got classics theres no way he would be jealous of gibbs talent

      • AK

        jeezy hasnt had a hit in over 4 years and he still has NO BARS, Guwop been ended his rapping career thats why he trying to get cool with new rappers even rawse he was afraid of the CO . This Gibbs madlib album is better than everything jeezy ever did and if you dont agree with that you must really like weak ass rappers.

    • FOLK103

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOO jeezy jealous. LOL FUNNY

  • brotha_man

    gibbs the shit….this beef could get real ugly

  • nagchampa 7

    them beats! #heavy #fire #madlib

  • Papi Peligro

    Gibbs my dude but you gone see Jeezy on some real or you gone do the same thing he did. Just walk off like this rap.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Freddie gibbs is that dude….yall on here talking bout sh*t you don’t even know…He ain’t drop this shit, its apart of his new album with madlib, it leaked, and this is the song the websites went with. And they been recording this album for like 2 years now. Yall act like he wrote this shit yesterday or last week…..He got his reasons and he went in!!! He also makes some dope as music and explains the street shit in a way jeezy only dreams he could. Listen to songs like deeper or broken off the new album and see where his head is at…..honestly, this is like complaining about how 2pac was only an angry rapper when he also made songs like dear momma a and keep ya head up…..yall only lookin at one side of the coin.

    • CJ MAC

      Jeezy came across as a very solid dude when he first came out, but alot of niggas that he used to deal with are calling him out now. Shit, he might just be a fake ass nigga.

  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    He went in. Whole album fire.