Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs Performs “Real” (Jeezy Diss) Live (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs took to the stage in Chicago to air out his former CTE boss Jeezy. In a new song called “Real,” Gibbs has some choice words for the Snowman.

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“I say this s**t cause you ain’t man enough to come discuss it, you wanna be Jay Z, n***a you just a f**king puppet,” raps Gibbs. “Don’t make me expose you to those that don’t know you… Ross had you scared to drop a diss record. No nuts got the whole team looking weak. I guess that why they ran up on you at the BET.”

Gibbs is preparing to release his next album. Piñata, a joint project with Madlib, is scheduled for release on March 18th via Madlib Invazion.

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Watch Freddie Gibbs perform “Real” in the video below.

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