Jay Z’s Sports Agent Competitors Suggest He Uses Unethical Practices

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s meteoric rise as a sports agent has others in the industry complaining about his practices. Does Roc Nation Sport’s competition have legitimate complaints? Or are they just feeling the heat as Jay continues to pull in high-profile athletes like Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, and Victor Cruz?

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Forbes published excerpts from a recent Marquette Sports Law Review titled “Jay Z Has 99 Problems, And Being A Sports Agent May Be One.” The article lays out some of the grievances other agencies have expressed both publicly and behind closed doors.

Most of the complaints are just speculation. For example, they question whether Jay is guilty of tortious interference by attempting to “poach” athletes already signed to other agents and not disclosing that communication. The article suggests that rivals like Scott Boras (Cano’s former agent) and Rob Pelinka (Durant’s former agent) could sue Jay for interfering with a contractual relationship.

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The piece goes on to question whether Jay violated players’ associations’ regulations by signing clients before being officially certified. It later points out other agent’s concerns that the Hip Hop mogul has engaged in unethical behavior.

“Jay Z is by no means the only agent to raise such suspicion, but due to his worldwide fame, the suspicion surrounding him quickly becomes headline news,” states the article. “Whether Jay Z’s actions are actually a violation of any code of ethics is not necessarily clear, but some of his actions definitely have agents, media, and others complaining of unfair play.”

What is at this point just innuendo and suspicion has not stopped Jay and Roc Nation Sports from continuing to add major players to its growing roster. The agency recently signed New York Giants’ Hakeem Nicks.

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To read the entire article visit Forbes.

  • Stay Phokus

    its cuz hes black

  • Black Jay

    Fish & Grits time n*ggas!

    Man…. That’s what I like to see. Shake the establishment. Scott Boras has been too comfortable for waaay too long. Now he has to earn that paper the normal way because he has competition. How long has he been taking advantage of the system? Now when a brother with brains is making moves these suckas are starting to cry. I love to see this sh*t. A n*gga with money, brains, and political connects is a scary ass sight to an establishment cat. Keep doing it Jigga.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      luckily this aint the streets cause they would be gunning for jay lol taking kd gotta be a big lo$t for dude lol this is real business tho … the most you can do or should do is talk shit n get ya lawyers on it lol and

      • Black Jay

        Oh if it was street sh*t? Jigga would’ve had 4 shootouts by now. Lol!

    • Obi Won

      No doubt!!!

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Don’t talk about NY hoee nicca! You not qualified on anybody from my city.

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  • johnblacksad

    recruited lieutenants with ludicrous dreams of getting cream let’s do this, it gets tidious, so I keep one eye opened like C.B.S, you see me stressed right?! Can I live?!!!!!!

  • $18916246

    Jay is breaking the typical racist corporate traditions. His competitors don’t want to see a black sports agent rise. GOD BLESS JAY-Z!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i wouldnt go that far with it lol

      • $18916246

        You don’t identify with black peoples struggle. Deniggafy yourself and see things clearer.

    • RichFromBX

      Do your research – there are plenty of black agents (male and female) that handle high profile athletes. Prior to moving over to Roc Nation Sports, Kevin Durant’s agent was black and that agent also handles Dwight Howard and a few others.

      • ZUBU

        Lamont Smith is a brotha who resides here in Denver, and has represented a bunch of high profile players including Hall Of Famers Barry Sanders and Jerome Bettis among others. @RichFromBX you are correct bro there are plenty of brothas and sistas doing the damn thang!

      • $18916246

        Yeah I know and get that…It’s Jay-Z’s brand and star power add to this a highly influential business man and traditional sports agencies see a problem with Jay’s presence. As Jay has already mentioned and is a well known fact that a large majority of black sports figures are poorly represented by the typical sports agent assignment that has no interest in educating black sports figures on how to earn and keep their sports income.

    • Blck46fl

      There are a ton of Black successful sports agents man. Jay-z has contractual lawyers that review over contracts offered to his clients. It’s unethical because everyone who plays professional sports knows your lawyer and agent are to be separate. The thing is that these lawyers are only for Jay-z’s agencies, the players never see them nor even know about them until they see the percentage cut their billed for by the agencies

      • BrickDaddyKane

        *buzzer* Wrong answer, I hate when people like you talk like they know what’s up but be waaaaay off.
        1st a lot of sports agents are actually lawyers themselves (or at least studied law) and there is nothing unethical or illegal about lawyers and agents representing the same client to converse about a prospect. 2nd Jay doesn’t back bill athletes for his lawyers looking over contracts because it’s already apart of his overhead.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        agents and lawyer should be seperate ??

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Awe, they mad because someone is beating them at their own game.. At the end of the day the athlete makes the final decision on who he/she wants to sign with. Simply put. Step your game up you other agencies. That old-fashioned way may becoming played out. Peers are powerful too. THEY KNOW the athlete on a level you do not. Oh well.. Jay breaking down walls…….. Game on. Good look.

  • Live Well

    I’m pretty lukewarm on Jay as an emcee these days but I’m a huge fan of him when he does shit like this.

  • ZUBU

    Well, Skylar Diggs received a new Benz from Jay. If he gave her that or promised to do that as a recruiting tool then he violated. Having said that of course other agents do dirt as well. It’s like boxing everyone talks about what Don King does, but Bob Arum and the rest of them do the same. IJS….

    • Antwon Grant

      didn’t give it to her til after she signed…no violation

      • ZUBU

        Bro I did not say he gave it to her prior to her signing. I said “IF” he did its a violation, and “IF” it was promised prior to her signing then it is a violation. Also he gave Anderson Cano a very expensive watch that Cano intagramed a pic of then he took the pic down. Because everyone knows its not a good look, regardless if it is legal or not. Essentially you do not see other agents lavishing pro athletes with gifts. So Jay conducting business in that fashion raises eyebrows. Now we all know its an “ole boys network” and they don’t want this new dude coming in changing the game.

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  • Obi Won

    Not a fan of Jay Z the artist, but I’m a fan of the business side, do your thing dude. I can hear them now “that damn Jay Z who does this prick think he is?” lol

    • ^^The short version of the net result!

    • MrNoName2K

      real talk

  • Jamel Williams

    Just some hate because a nigga is besting them at their own game.

  • Blck46fl

    Take it from someone who played baseball. My ex agent and a few others are the ones who make the deals for him. Obviously he cant be an agent because he’s not certified nor educated in business law. Signing to Rocnation your money is split four ways. The actual agents, the contractual lawyers who has to review contracts which is pointless cause an athlete has their own lawyer separate from their agent, some skinny jewish guy for marketing(can’t remember his name), and Jay-Z gets his investor cut, so it’s really stupid. Not hating on the dude, but I would not sign to a man who knows absolutely nothing about sports management and sports contracts

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      something like buying ciroc vs amsterdam ?? lol but THERE IS A DIFFERENCE lol

      • Jay’Z friends accuse him of unfair practices…..

        Jay Z is getting that $$$ & obviously so are the athlete’s he’s signing.

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    as a black man you know when your doing your thing when “they” start to hate.
    “they” love screaming “free market” til they have to compete
    it was all good until jay sport agency started getting alot of top players…………now these devils wanna bring this brother down. but like ZUBU said……….”they” love taking shots at don king in the boxing world for the same things they do. “they” dont wanna compete…..PERIOD! and for those who is on this hip hop site riding for the non hop hop guy, are you saying that ALL them agents are moving correct and its JAY who is moving fowl?
    Stop hating stop snitching……………..its a new day and jay created new rules for these guys to follow now
    they gotta be smarter…………they have to do they job. the era of jerking black people is coming to a end………get over it

    • typeofway

      Why do you have to do the “they”? I get so sick of seeing this shit, if a white person like me were to refer to black people as “they” I would be labeled a racist but they pull this shit all the time and get away with it.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        because i can and will and dont care what “they” or “you” have to say about it

  • dbfromdc


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  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    He has always been shady, what is so new about his business tactics? it is what it is.

    • golder1

      And you know this how?

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        by following and studying him since his hawaian shirt being a dj with a big dookie rope, he is shady, the wicked shall prosper.

    • golder1

      Yes it is what it is, you must be a dumb broke bitch

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    and why is it all about “being a black man” when black men get whatever they want? Stop using your race on why people are hating on a man, point, blank, Period.

    • golder1

      When and in what world do black men get whatever they want?

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        why you all over my comments, get off his d ick and suck one. Black men can have anything they want, have they hung you up a tree lately, they will but they haven’t, black men hang themselves now a days.

      • golder1

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      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        so you comment on yourself on a regular basis because at this moment, your the dumbest bit ch on the internet.. and the dumb bitch award goes to Golder 1 Booger.

      • golder1

        Well from the people commenting on your post, it seems you have won the dumbest bitch on the planet award. More people disagreeing with your ignorant ass then other post.

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        smooches to you moron, who else beside you??? from what I see you need to some attention and I am more than happy to give your internet stalking commenting ass some. Would you like your milk warm or hot…and they are having a meeting down the street from where you at on how to come out of the closet to your family and peers, you should attend the meeting as soon as possible.

      • golder1

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      • La’shaun Saint Claire

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      • golder1

        Its funny how someone who throws out disrespect gets made when someone throws it right bck at their dumbass. I take none of this personal because I dont know your ignorant ass. The one who seems to be upset is you bitch. I will throw shade your way every time I see you dumbass comment. And this is not personal this is fun! The only gay, socially, and mentally retarded person is you. Yes Im someones child who needs attention…good one. Lame ass!!!

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        and I will make sure when i go to the meeting I will come and get you and your mother….

      • golder1

        You and your mother will be sitting in the speakers chair holding hands telling the rest of the group how you broke bitch’s TRY to make it happen! You say you wont respond but I bet you will. But first please learn how to spell because some of the spelling errors in your post is embarrassing. Step you spelling game up or dont comment!

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        and what does that have to do with the subject at hand anyways, if you aren’t applying yourself as a fierce black male with swag I guess you would be a cyber thug talking ass coon like yourself! tell ya mother to put you out of your misery by drano injection and you will feel much better.

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