50 Cent Responds To Tony Yayo’s Statements

(AllHipHop News) When Tony Yayo used his Instagram profile recently to let the world know that he was done with music and insinuated that 50 Cent was no longer loyal to him, it became clear that the original G-Unit was officially over.

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50 has now addressed Yayo’s statements in an interview with Billboard at SXSW. In the article, the Queens rapper states that the situation “doesn’t affect” his life, and he reveals that he has not spoken to any former or current members of G-Unit.

50 Cent on Tony Yayo’s comments:

I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with. I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it’s not everything they wanted it to be.

It’s not a secret, it’s a known fact that he actually came home from jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, ‘What do you want?

These guys are millionaires. They’ve made millions of dollars. Why do that then? Whenever there’s no one to blame, you know what game you play, [for] a look. I don’t know what the goal was.

I don’t believe in looking back. I can care less about things that’s happened in the past. I’m looking forward, at prosperity.

I’ve learned: The same person that tells you you’re a piece of s**t tells you they love you when the right song comes out. ‘My man, 50 back.’ So you can’t be affected by ‘I hate you’ because it won’t allow for something good to come in.

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  • AK

    I remember everyone was hating on yayo back then saying he cant rap, but compared to today yayo would be the best rapper NY even has LOL

    • Casor_G

      There is very little real loyalty in the street or the boardroom! 50 and Yayo and the whole G-Unit staff is proof of that. 95% of dudes is disloyal goons only around for the paycheck. How can you give a man $1M and a car and he end up crying for more 5 years later.

      then again, I’m sure 50 could have sat him down and talked about his money before he went broke too. Probably could/should have been a better mentor because money isn’t everything.

      At the end of the day. We all saw this coming. If Pac was alive I bet the Outlaws would be riding on his a$$

  • C. Black

    On everything, gotdamn I think the wrong folks get the bread. Let a nicca put me on with a mill and a Bentley, I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE I’d never be down bad again. I know this for the simple fact of how I manage the bread I have now, I know how it go

  • Montezuma1

    50 is partially right. Yayo and the rest of them miscalculated. They thought the relationship was forever. Nothing is. Could 50 have moved differently with them? Sure. Was it his responsibility to secure their future? No. 50 did what he was supposed to do for 50. Doesn’t make him a good friend or nice guy but it doesn’t make him wrong either. Yayo’s frustration is he’s right back where he came from with nothing but all the negative baggage he picked up flying the G-Unit flag. Yayo got involved with a lot of unnecessary tough guy shyt that he will have to answer for and 50 is not looking back. That’s why when you rap you should just rap. None of these dudes were factors in the street prior to fame. Now they got issues with people on levels they can’t handle and in Yayo’s case, they have no money to hide behind. R.I.P. Tony Yayo.

  • Obi Won

    Every rap group or crew had the “enforcer” and it seems like most of them either get disloyal or feel like they are owed something when the buzz is down. Yayo came home to money and fame, hell Yayo was famous before he even came home. We know Yayo isn’t a real rapper but he got an album out, hit singles and was well know during the G-Unit run. This is the reason Banks not popping off like that, because he’s not in a Jamaica Queens ally somewhere. Most of them are saying the same thing, from Beans, to Jim Jones, & even C Murder talking he don’t love his brother no more. Ish is crazy

    • Jayson C Williams

      Word ungreatful! The rides over. Hope you stashed something for a rainy day! 50 can barely keep himself hot so how is he going to make then hot again, when nobody really cares about gunit, dipset etc outside of nyc. And I’m from nyc. Truth is truth

      • Cameron Ponce De Leon

        yeah but just cuzz ur not really hot don’t make u weak. 2 chains is hot, and i think he is weak as hell. banks said it best in the song “i’m leavin” (the unit aint never fell off its all politics), when other talent is shynin its all eyes on them, get rich or die tryin, the dipset albums, the d block albums were classic, epic in hip hop. new p*ssy is new p*ssy but you dont forget about your first love. g unit, dispset, d block are legends. u cant forget that

    • Gamin313

      real talk….wasn’t Eminem rockin’ a “Free Yayo” shirt during his stage performance? and that’s was before the “Beg For Mercy” album came out. That’s almost like me having Jay-Z rocking a t-shirt shouting out one of my partners off the block just off the strength of me.

  • RichFromBX

    Dude was given an opportunity so little people are afforded. It was up to him to make something of it not 50 or anyone else. You’re a grown ass man you shouldn’t be looking for anyone to take care of you anymore. You can say you did this that and third for 50 but he gave you more than anyone could ever ask for, a chance. If you didn’t make anything of it then that’s your fault.

    • I_AM_Houston

      1,000,000 chances, a car, and instant fame to make money off. He just blew it

  • ZUBU

    I don’t profess to know all the details, but from the outside looking in 50 blessed the entire crew. He was shouting out Yayo constantly when he was sitting down. Then when he came home he blessed him with a meal-ticket. Wha Wha (NORE’s voice)…

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    I always wondered what Yayo did back in the day for 50, besides being loyal. Can anyone shed some light on that?

    • what do people consider being loyal though? being cool with you because they know youre gonna make it and then take care of them? smh. some folks man. i dont get it.

      • Judah Nazayar

        nah/..that was his BOY on the steet. smh.. Its a shame..the sense of honor and dignity..doesnt exist anymore. Its a hotdamn shame..

      • Yea i know that, but honestly though some people grow apart as you get older. I’m realizing that with some high school, hood and college homies. some folks priorities just change. i’m quite sure 50 would love for his artists to be as successful as drake and nikki but their work ethic may not be as diligent.

    • Chrisblackusa

      lived that street life with him when that was life,,,

  • imma darkboy


    • RapItUp

      ^^ this..

    • johnblacksad

      “-The only thing I got in this world is my word and my nuts and won’t break them for nobody
      -Hah, I like your resume, pick a day, you can start
      -From now until death do us part nigga”

      -Bleek & Hov (1996!)

    • Looks that way huh? Lmao

  • Jason Mazur

    ” insinuated that 50 Cent was no longer loyal to him” —— Where did that happen?

  • Man I can’t stand a greedy begging a$$ disloyal cat, I had a potna like that, didnt have no hustle, no money or nutn. Always coming round wit his hand out even after I gave all I could to help bruh out. Nigga looked at me like I was crazy when I started letn him know that ion do ish for my health and that I was Cutn em off. Had to threaten bruh life and all. Can’t stand ol nutn and niggaz man. You grown as fk holding ya hand out like a panhandler and feeling sorry 4 ya self. I say fk you nigga and get some kinda grind bout ya self. Nigga give me a milli and u ain’t gon hafta worry bout me even fixn my mouth to ask u for anything, I wouldn’t even ask to use ya bathroom. Lol niggaz man.

    • I_AM_Houston

      his problem was tryna live in NYC with that mill and living like a full fledge star. nah bro move to some smaller city in nyc or nj where the housing prices are normal and live next to some dentist or something. Give me a mill and with a job Im good forever

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  • youngplaya

    Yayo got that nicca syndrome. It’s millions of niccas across America that feel just like that. Help me Help me.. I need help and guidance. Nicca you a man right? Help yourself and with your effort and dedication people will see your hustle and want to get in a business situation with you. Nobody holding you niccas back. You get free education and piss that away trying to be cool, then you make kids, get a felony and blame the system, the white man, then your brother right beside you that helped put you on. Never do these niccas blame themselves and thats the problem. I respect 50 he a man str8 up.

    • U hit the nail on the head….cats be blaming everybody but themselves and as long as they continue to do so they ain’t ever gon be shid.

  • Franky Babylon

    Whats nobody from G-Unit saying? That 50 stole money from them, instead what you hear is 50 made this much and I only have this much. This is the very reason why friends/family rarely mixes well with business. You can’t even win a $500 lotto ticket without niggles popping up expecting something.

    50 talked about the transition many times. That at first you just want to be rich and have all your boys around. He did that, he bought the Tyson mansion and everybody had a room and was around. The thing is, living like that cost money and 50 was the only one really working. So they expected his riches is their riches. 50 said years ago, “I cut them off, I want to see what they can do for themselves”. 50 gave them fish and taught them how to catch more fish. If they ain’t eating, that’s their fault.

    • I_AM_Houston

      This is real ish. And for any of them G Unit boys, the fame and associations should have secured them getting at least small venue shoes for years to come. Theres no reason they couldnt do shows for 8-15k a show and still make hundreds of K a year. Yayo’s an idiot

  • bigdoe6

    I don’t take this shit serious. This is like two brothers fighting. Stop the hoe shit.

    • thats exactly why he didnt go at him like he does everyone else. banks and yayo should be happy about the new gunit situation cuz they too can put something out without the label bs. just how i look at it. imo

  • Brindle

    Worst hype man in the game, how you mad cause you wasted your money and sucked as an MC, and was just OK as a rapper… Flavor Flav was the best hype man ever, broke and loyal…

    • Chrisblackusa

      flav aint broke,,,,fact,,,

      • Brindle

        you just might be right… everything says worth 3-9mill… but none of it states when its dated…

      • Chrisblackusa

        my partna since age 7,,,,flav aint broke,,,he good,,,

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    50 will be that rich man that dies alone because of his attitude

    • WeakSauce

      Why? Because he want to move forward and stop living in the past? That man put every single one of them on when he didn’t have too. Yayo walked out of jail and already had a bank account with a Milli in, a chinchilla and a bently! What else can the man do for you?!

  • Black Jay

    I ain’t no 50 fan but I gotta ride with him on this one. He put money in those cats pockets.

  • Playoffs?

    Game exposed all these niggas.

    • D_Ably

      lol i love you cats. Game had nothing to expose about himself did he? LMAO that was rhetorical and you know this.

    • Antoni Scott

      Game exposed these dudes????? im sorry but how did he do that???? game is a fake gang memebr and a has-been male stripper (side bar…he also got embarrassed on a dating show)…..who really got exposed??????

      • Playoffs?

        Just trolling, my nigga.

      • Cameron Ponce De Leon

        but didnt game wanted a g unit reunion? thats like breakin up wit bitch then begging her back some years later and when she don’t return your call you diss her again. i like game but his career for real was based on the strength of g unit


        Game ain’t been hot since Doctors Advocate.

      • His last couple albums had some heat on em bruh….I think they were very under rated production wise and all.


      “GAME” didn’t do schitt!!! I’m a “GAME” fan also, but where is he at or what has he done lately???

      • His last lil album was tight imo……been awhile tho. He reality showing and shid now.

    • DesignatedH8R

      Game’s the only one that still has a major record deal!

  • MrNoName2K

    Good look Fif. He pretty much did what he could. Gave these niggas mad power and pretty much told them do what you will. As for Yayo, a few money management seminars wouldnt help. He shouldve known that all thats good must eventually come to an end..especially with the way the game is, sh*t changes like the wind..

  • Antoni Scott

    correct me if im wrong but didnt i see Yayo in the funernal vid. a couple of weeks ago?????? WHAT HAPPENED?????

  • Pirate7X

    Prodigy of Mobb Deep has a chapter on 50 in his autobio. He basically said that Fif had the greatest drive, discipline and loyalty to those down with him. He said that 50 was hard on the dudes that were lazy bullshuckers who didn’t support his movement. Example: 50 had a meeting stating why are cats disloyal. When they asked what does he mean he said to look at your shoes: none were wearing the G-Unit shoes he was paying them mad $$$ to wear.

    Now of course there’s ALWAYS bias in a bio or story. But one thing’s real is that P doesn’t owe 50 anything or need to big 50 up and he obviously made money with him and learned a lot. And it’s clear 50 made a path for himself & G-Unit where most of them became millionaires or at least a major shot at success beyond their previous lives.

    And that 50 will get his and/or move on when he’s done. It’s some 48 Laws of Power type stuff but he told everybody he’s gonna “get rich or die tryin'”. Yayo sounds bitter and is trippin’, he squandered his opportunity.

    • WeakSauce

      I agree with you on everything you aid except for yeyo been bitter. I just think he misses the old days. But old good times are never the same, no matter who/ what it is/was.

      • Pirate7X

        Cool I hear that. I await to hear what Yayo has to say directly.

        Calling VladTV…

  • trilltalk1

    trill shit, YAYO not broke are you niggas serious? if you read what 50 said, he just told yall. BANKS and YAYO were millionaires. if being a millionaire is broke to you niggas, what is rich. YAYO want it to be like it was back in the day. but shit has changed they run in 2 different circles and are on 2 different pages. he should respect the fact 50 made them rich and keep them memories of what they did and let his homie take this shit as far as he can..

  • who said yayo was broke though? maybe he’s broke for “rapper” standards but i would hope he is in the mid 6 figures.

  • Carlos

    if this is not publicity for 50s album, then Yayo is wrong for his comments. Like 50 said, he came home to money and cars. What more do you want. Sheet, he should be happy someone actually picked him up at the prison when he wrapped up. I have friends who tell me they will always have love for me just cuz i visited em in jail.


    “50” told the truth!!! The only thing that brother wanted was for all of those cats to start making moves on their own!!! He was tired of “spoon feeding” them. They didn’t want to make a move unless he told them what to do. How many cats can say that they got out of the “JOINT”, and had a Bentley and a million waiting for them???


    Cats are on her defending “50” now, but when the name “Young Buck” is thrown into the “convo”, you cats start posting greasy schitt!!! “50” always been a real dude.

    • Cameron Ponce De Leon

      you’re right, 50 has always been real

  • New album coming, it will be all hugs and kisses after the release date!

  • scullyson

    Yayo need to get in line with that bs. If your life is not affected then why are you crying ? Foh

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  • brotha_man

    One thing about fif is he does it the right way, gave him a mill and a whip…whn u on his good side u good. but once u get on his bad side….u end up homeless

  • chippc

    And if I hear one more broke person say “a million dollars ain’t shit”…

  • Isaac Hayes

    This is sad but kats grow apart sometimes. The Fat Boys broke up and so did EPMD so hopefully they can work things out. But the G- Unit era is over they had a good run

    • DesignatedH8R

      They had a good run.

  • nagchampa 7

    fifty said sum real ish! he made all of them millionaires! idk if banks,buck,game,&yayo get the same support from a major label without fif.

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