Rihanna and Drake

Hip-Hop Rumors: She Was With Drake Shooting In the Gym!

Drake infamously said, “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!”

But, guess what? Things done changed, my brothers and sisters! It looks like Drake and Rihanna are so into each other, he took her with him to play some ball on the low low. Clearly, I wasn’t there, but this what is on a site devoted to Rihanna and Drake. THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS! There is a whole site dedicated to RiDrizzy (I know there is a joint name coming somewhere).

Apparently, they got it in at Sudgen Sports Center in Manchester, UK. Here are the pictures:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Rhake? or Drihanna?

    • pauleyPee

      Drihanna. Yeah, that’s the one. smh lol

    • Celz

      Rhake sounds too much like the legend Raekwon…

  • ZUBU

    Wow, Yawn. This is Hip Hop How? Maybe Hip Pop, or better yet like The WU said “rapping bullshitt”

  • sheranda

    i think it’s AUBRIH

    • Escobar

      LOL! Done’ed.

      • Guest


    • Obi Won

      Kill!!! Lmao!! Good One lol

    • Charter

      You win.

  • brotha_man

    why, why, why…..why does AHH care about this two train wrecks

  • Sean Taylor

    Yo Ri,

    “Too much air in your pu$$$$y you screamin that it’s
    TALKIN TO YOU DADDY, fart’s breathin out your lips splashin my d**k badly
    Use vinegar, to try to tighten up your ginger”

    • Michael Murray

      damn nigga lmao

    • Rae?

      • Stephen A Smith

        GFK c’mon son

      • My bad!

        >>Clips the “L”

  • Immortal

    Ok who’s taking the EPIC FAIL on this; AHH for posting this or the site that is actually dedicated to WTF Drake and Rhi do in their personal time?

    • Brick Soulja

      “Epic Fail”, huh? You sound like Kourtney Kardashian lol.

      • Immortal

        Uh yeah….if you say so

  • chevy_weight_champ

    ON some real shit, its like who gives a fucc!!!

  • Tony D

    all i saw was weave, could have been any ol hoe!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      thats what makes it even worse … not even reporting the facts … just POTENTIAL investigation into something they promoting as official

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Ri looking mighty thick from the back, “BOOTY SHOTS” who ever believe these pics need a head exam.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    wtf is wrong with us that yall actually report stuff like this to us … makes me think yall think very little of us here … this is pointless meaningless and on some girl ish .. this is hip hop …not gossip and tea party talk LOL ….. aint no teacup handlers around here LOL !! and @ the end of the day the stuff yall reporting on aint even valid riri and drake aint even an item so its more like yall instigating and promoting this hogwash cause you think your readers actually enjoy it … or are you just trying to keep up with having daily content .. maybe its that ?? lol

  • PhilTheGreat

    Like an episode of cheaters… Lol