Chris Brown

Chris Brown Reportedly Headed To Jail

(AllHipHop News) According to TMZ, Chris Brown has been taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Brown apparently violated a court order issued by the judge in his 2009 Rihanna assault case.

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Brown was to remain at a rehabilitation facility for anger management therapy despite completing his original 90 days of treatment. The judge ordered the R&B singer to stay in rehab until a separate assault case in Washington, D.C. was settled in April, but Brown was reportedly kicked out of the center this morning for breaking unknown “internal rules.”

It had previously been established that if Brown left rehab before the court mandated time he would have to go to jail. Brown was apparently picked up by authorities earlier today.

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  • scullyson


  • pauleyPee

    He’ll go to court and they’ll try to send him to another facility. Either way, his number is up in a couple months. Go sit for 30 days and be done with these people, Chris.


      Agree, Do the time and get rid of the probation.

      • Yea but that’s easier said than done when you a young rich light bright a$$ singer. Plenty mfers would try that boy daily.

    • As long as they don’t reset the clock by taking away his street time.

  • Charter

    What a dumb guy. Why do people like this get blessed with wealth and success?

  • richard_b_hard

    Maybe Chris Brown should use some of the bleaching cream Vybz Kartel used,he a light skinned nigga so he should be Micheal Jackson white in only a few days,then the law will just stop worrying about him.

  • I think this stuff is getting out of hand….Is he going to constantly have to keep being penalized over these loose b!tch Rihanna?….They need to leave this kid alone….If Rihanna is still talking to him and visiting him, then why is he still being punished for a chick that obviously forgave him.

    • Jahmal Johnson

      @Dior Are you really that stupid to ask that question? It’s because he broke the law and beat the snot out of a female. First that’s sissy boy shiet and I don’t any man that would stomp this clown if they were close to Rhianna. Secondly, she is probably in love which is how domestic violence works, you get beat, he says sorry, you say it’s OK until the next beating.

      Your post is sad at best!

      • Bruh to be honest it’s 2 sides to that story, nobody knows but them 2. I done had my share of crazy chicks bruh and done seen potnas wit worse ones than I ever had. I done seen broads get cats cased up and everything. Bruh dotted that eye but who knows what happened. Maybe that hoe was being crazy and grabbed the steering to drive them off the road? Was bruh scratched up in the incident? Some of these broads is crazy so I can’t say what happened, for all I know when bruh hit them brakes after almost steering off the road her big a$$ 4head prolly hit the dash in the lambo…iunno

      • All I am saying is if they don’t lock him up and let him serve the rest of the time in jail, then it’s obvious that they are trying to stretch it out for as long as they can…..Lock him up and to hell with this dam rehab, if he is such a treat to everyone. Go for it

      • Listen I understand what he allegedly did was wrong, but is he going to be paying for this bullshit all of his life? And didn’t they just release information about him being mentally unstable? The way they are setting him up it seem like he will have to be penalized for the rest of his life……If he is such a monster then they should have locked him up right after he did it, why stretch it out for so many years…..You know dam well that there is much more to the entire story. Stop eating down everything the media feeds to you.

  • Black Jay

    I personally would feel more sympathy for him if he was being unfairly targeted. But he’s not. He doesn’t know how to deal. They didn’t stick him in jail. Multiple times they gave him other options. When the place you’re supposed to get help at kicks your ass out MORE THAN ONCE then the problem is you. How many chances do you dudes want to give Chris? It’s over. He’s about to get some real sh*t now. Game over.

    • He should definitely have as many chances as that Lindsay Lohan broad….and lil mufuggan Beeber fever.

      • Black Jay

        He has…. Throwing chairs at his mom’s car, destroying the set of GMA, faking community service, entourage fights at clubs (which hurt an NBA player), now getting kicked out of rehab. Twice!

        Can’t nobody on this joint say that he didn’t get an opportunity. He got like 7 or 8 chances. Chris needs this one. Maybe it’ll wake him up. He’s a spoiled brat. And maybe some real dudes in the joint can give him a lesson on how not to put his hands on a woman. And that’s real.

      • I feel you man but them kids I named aint saints either but they ain’t in jail. My theory on Chris is that Lil bruh done hopped off that porch and got turned out by the streets and he loves it. He been a star since young so he never really prolly had a chance to let loose. Add a splash of drugs, some so called gangstas into the equation and what do you have? CB. You never seen a lil geek squad scrub turn into super thug in a few years? I feel u about the hitn women thing tho, I don’t even allow myself to be mad at a female cuz most of it is bs not worth the time of day. Read my post down the page on that chris Rihanna thang. I chalk it up to growing pains though, we all went thru em, it does seem to me tho that he has waaaaaaay more shid to lose than I ever had….so he gon learn extra hard.

      • Black Jay

        I feel you bruh. But this one ain’t really about Rhianna. This is about him and the situation he’s placed himself in. This doesn’t have anything to do with white treatment versus black treatment. They gave him more chance than either you or I would’ve got. And that’s real. This is about a mother not being able to provide the right environment for her child to grow. His dad was M.I.A. so he learns from all the wrong people. It’s sad and I hate to see a brother go through the system. But when you ain’t learning sh*t at home, your friends are all leaches, you can’t take counseling…. The last place is jail.

      • You got some points bruh…it is kinda messed up cuz he a talented brother. I wasn’t implying about race bruh, I was thinking more like age group or sumn, but yea the race thing works tho too.

    • Mimsy G B

      Big looooose black bumhole bring one of those things hehe

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  • Stupid niggaz with money..

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  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Hopefully, he dies in jail.

  • eddieknucks

    So the fact that he’s bi polar don’t mean nothing? He is going to keep flipping out until he gets the proper meds. Period. Bi polar people do shit off the cuff. Without thinking of consequences. One minute they cool,the next they extra happy,then extra sad,then raving mad. Rihanna is just as crazy. She has a history of violence(cracking her brother over the head with a bottle). She hit him in the face with the cell phone and grabbed the steering wheel while driving. Sound crazy to me. I’m not a fan of Chris. I just having a history in dealing with the disease both personally and professionally and I know the symptoms. If it goes unchecked, he’ll end up dead or in prison.

    • BigHomie337

      That nigga not bi-polar. He’s spoiled and feels entitled. No comparison to being bi-polar. Dude is rich and feels he’s above reprimand because of his financial and social standards. He just doesn’t understand that some ppl can give two fucks bout his singing and dancing.

      • Mimsy G B

        Stttttttraight up.

  • eddieknucks

    P.s. Any man that allows another person to put hands on you is a fool. I’m sick of folks saying someone’s a punk for hitting a woman. If the man is just whooping her ass on the reg for nothing, he foul. That’s not cool. But if a woman puts her hands on you in a way to cause great bodily harm,you better defend yourself. If you don’t,she will do it again because she can because you won’t defend yourself. By all means try walking away first,but we all know a sister will follow you out the door acting a straight fool. You have a right to defend yourself. Women are not the same as they was back in the day. They have been put on the same level of men. They want to go into combat in the military. Want to play football. Box. Lastly they are becoming the primary bread winners and are trying to wear the pants. I do not condone physical abuse. I do condone self defense. No one has the right to touch you. No one.

  • IamLuchini

    When you wanna leave the Illuminati’s Industry with their money….IT COMES WITH A HEFTY PRICE….you monkeys don’t even see what’s going on…THEY ARE TRYIN TO discrediting his image….and setting him up as a future “blood sacrifice”….wack up MONKEYS…this INDUSTRY IS W I C K E D! ~KilluminatiSaidIt~

    • apimp named goldie

      Nobody gives a shit bout that illuminati shit…that’s they problem

      • IamLuchini

        SHUT ………………THE ……………FUCK………………..UP

    • hoeyuno

      Man am I’s been obvious this whole time. there setting him up as a blood sacrifice..he didn’t join the bloods he is the blood….Shhhhh…they may be listening…I’ve been trying to wake up my pet monkey as you have instructed o wise one but he had a late night of beating off and throwing feces…I’m not worthy!!!!

      • IamLuchini


  • baller187

    get it over with nigga u were goin to jail anyway, all that rehab for nothin

  • hoeyuno

    Aww man..shitty deal breeze..was just a matter of time tho..

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