Labba, Rim & ILLA Ghee , Sean Price, J Dilla

Sean Price – “Barbiturates” ft Labba, Rim & ILLA Ghee Prod J. Dilla]

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5 Responses to “Sean Price – “Barbiturates” ft Labba, Rim & ILLA Ghee Prod J. Dilla]”

  1. Elayorx El

    Boom bye bye/ look Ma, ooh I try
    Wanna test El/ 2 hand clap to de eye
    Now ya cyant see/ while I make moves on de fly(sigh)
    Sean Prizzy and friends, with J Dilly
    can’t believe da classics still silly/ really?
    Bang on AHH boards type ridiculous
    Your rhymes the equivalent to acidic barbiturates…….

    Wow! I can’t believe SP still gettin better man, and just when I thought I heard all of J-Dill, I get smaked with a new dose of realness! Miss that brother, but this is straight crack though! Real Hip-Hop forever!!!

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