Kid Cudi: If I Rapped About What I Have There Would Be No Drake (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Once a disciple of the school of Kanye West, always a disciple of the school of Kanye West. During his appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Cudi spoke on the negative affect materialistic Hip Hop is having on Black culture and how there would be no Drake if he made one change.

During his appearance last night (March 14th) on The Arsenio Hall Show, Cudi spoke on  his mission with his music. When asked what a song would sound like if he rapped about all of his material possessions, the 29 year old singer succinctly replies “there would be no Drake.”

While joking about replacing Drake, Cudi further elaborates on his opinion of Hip Hop’s fixation with materialistic lyrics. According to him, the flaunting of wealth, which is popular in Drake’s music, has  become a detriment to the Black culture as a whole,

I think the braggadocio, “Money Cash Ho*s” thing is dead. I feel that’s holding us back, as a culture as Black people. That doesn’t advance us in any way, shape or form. We’ve been doing that same thing for years now. It’s been four decades of the same bullsh*t.

Check out both parts from Cudi’s interview on The Arsenio Hall Show below:

Explains How There Would Be No Drake

Explains How Hip Hop Is Holding Black Culture Back:

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  • wickedjones

    y’all trying to start sh!t. I guess you have to bait ppl in.

  • InTheNightKitchen

    Real shit Cudi. We’ve seen it with Kendrick that there is success behind TRUTH. Everyone doesn’t sell drugs in the hood, every man is not a womanizer, every woman is not harlot. There is much more to life that can be said in HipHop music. There are plenty rappers/MC’s who do, I understand why the ones who don’t, do it. But the culture and music would benefit and be so much better. If everyone was making more realistic music, the record companies, which are not needed anymore, would have no choice but to get behind it.

  • Peter Morris

    You know Drake is gonna get all butt hurt over this.

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  • Black Jay

    Drake is going to cry over this one. But I agree with Cudi. Drake brags and brags and brags. He doesn’t say sh*t. Not even on one album. I personally blame Diddy for starting this sh*t. DJ Premier was right. That’s when the game changed. When Puff got his claws on the joint it got pimped out.

    • rocnation30

      i agree too… but why call out just drake when theirs thousands of rappers who do the same thing

      • Black Jay

        Because Drake is the number one selling rap artist. So that means he’s the top seller of that nonsense. Cudi was on point.

  • Fosho3528

    Not a huge Cudi fan imho. But I certainly agree with his position on music and the culture. At it’s prime hip hop was bragadocious as ever but always had a message or lesson to be learned that could easily be related to. Todays music is just useless.

    • hoeyuno

      Nicely put

  • Ray

    But this guy sucks ass, when your music is shitty, you can’t speak on it. He don’t know if he’s a emcee or singer and he’s terrible at both.

    • Realist4200

      He might not be for you but to say he sucks is overexagerating – music needs more people like him. I’m not a fan of all of his music, but I respect his vision as an artist. He has the right creative mentality to do big things in the same lane as Outkast. Real artists are few and far between these days, don’t brush him off completely.

    • Weedras

      Cudi has his fan base that check for his music, it may not appeal to you but it appeals to many others thats the beauty of music every artiste if they stay true to their craft and themselves can carve a niche…

    • $18592567

      He’s definitely corny to me, but he’s talented af.

    • TruthHurts

      Although his style’s not for everybody. It’s blatantly clear that Cudi has musical talent.

    • rocnation30

      he got that acid trip music

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  • MidWestFlyest

    Drake ain’t gna be mad. He knows Cudi is just making a point about how it’s time rappers are always talking about cars, clothes and hoes. Plus Drake would murder him on bars. But I agree with Cudi 100% time to start talking about some other shit..

    • dayleedumped

      Cudi a bitch though, out of everyone that does rap about cars, clothes, and hoes, he chose to name out drake? Drake is at the bottom of that list IMO. if everyone rapped about what kid cudi rapped about, then there would be no kid cudi… everyone has a lane

      • rocnation30

        true fact

    • rocnation30

      i agree…he won’t touch drake lyrically … but yeah rap does need a change …

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  • Now Drake gon cry & btch like he did when Common served his ass those lines. Smh, amazing how he raps tough but never backs it up. Cudi’s vision is ideal for growth, but his music lacks. That great time in hip hop will come back one day.

    • stealth

      That nigga did reply sir. Where you been ?

      • What in stay scheming verse?! Not good enough

      • Weedras

        lol! but he did reply… defeating your argument of him not backing it up lol!

      • rocnation30

        naw ,,,the no problems verse where he murdered ASAP on his own track

    • rocnation30

      u right cudi music totally lacks…. why do rappers who can’t sell records attack artists that sell millions of records??? hate…they do the same shit to jay…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    It looks like Black Culture/People are measured by Hip Hop. Ok, got that loud and clear. Looking at the context of the comments here- consumers are not all sold on the content as presented by the likes of Viacom or Clear Channel ( or insert moguldom). Whatever makes the media is not actually reflecting the consumer are participants in Hip Hop/ Black Culture. Since the content of the best selling theme is “Holding Us Back”. It looks like and been looking like according to this site the fans/consumers/Black Culture/People are not getting what they want and not being represented in the product sold- but reaping the hell out of the benefits of what comes with the perception. Ok, ok- So Cudi says We are being held back. I think that is partially true. I think if we look at the Forbes list and and the label whoring we can change the PR for Hip Hop. Lyrics that are infected with the truth are not making the billboard and not making profits. Is blackballing labels/albums/artist going to actually occur, and force better content? Hell no. Things will remain the same and the top dollars will go to HouseKoonius programmable liaison a label can find to retain the message of bullsh/t lyrics.Playing the Devils Advocate: Question, if We are being held back because of content in Hip Hop, what are we being held back from. There seems to room at the top according to Forbes- so fiscally- We are not held back- may even have a Hip Hop Billionaire soon- What is it that “We” don’t posses and lyrics are keeping us from it?



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  • HipHop1980

    Tupac was a Fake STUDIO GANGSTA! Pac lied about knowing his real father in songs. Pac Never Sold any drugs, his original rap name was MC New York. He started out as a back up dancer for Digital Underground. He went to acting school.All his friends were white kids. He was a ballet dancer. He never got arrested till after he started rapping. He was from the EAST COAST!!!! he didnt move to cali till he was about 18 where he then lived with a white woman who tutored him and became his manager.

    • brotha_man

      u thinking too hard about what pac represented. pac rep the struggling ghetto kid in america. he was no (real)rick ross…but it doesnt mean that he didnt live that life. I remember see d-boys on my block wanting what they had, cars, women money….because i was a poor black kid in the ghetto that came from nothing. i never sold drugs or been to prison. but i can relate to 2pac more than any rapper ever, especially when he dropped me against the world. even after joining the military, going to college and having a respectable career, his raps still hold weight. thats just my opinion. the perception in white America pac was the biggest gangster alive. but in black america he represented the struggle….much like nas.



    • $18592567

      Tupac also saw an African American male being assaulted on an interstate highway and not only did he come to the guy’s aid, but he drew down on the two people assaulting the guy. Later on, of course it came out that the assailants were off duty police officers.

      You’re truly clueless when it comes to character analysis…

      • TruthHurts

        He did all of that once he had the “juice” and ego of hip hop and dudes like the Outlawz behind him. He definitely wasn’t doing this stuff before he got famous. That’s a fact.

      • $18592567

        Outlawz were barely teenagers when this happened…

      • TruthHurts

        Pac was between 2-5 years older than most members of the Outlawz…He was 22 when the shot the undercover cops. That makes most of The Outlawz between 17-20 years old at the time. So they weren’t “Barely teenagers” Furthermore young teens have been some of the most dangerous people on the streets for decades.

      • $18592567

        You’re right about the Outlaws’ ages and their adolescent capabilities, but I just disagree with the notion that Pac was a fake gangster. He got shot in NYC, because he reached for his strap after his robbers had already had the drop on him. If you’re real like I’m real then you can easily see that this dude made some interesting choices in ‘life or death’ situations…

      • TruthHurts

        whats so interesting about choosing “life” in a life and death situation? 90% of people will shoot if they possess a gun and their life is threatened. that doesn’t make somebody “gangster”

      • rocnation30

        he was always famous his mother was a self taught lawyer…look it up. she won a high profile black panther trial by studying law on her own…

      • TruthHurts

        famous…meaning his own worldwide acknowledgment, not famous because he’s Afeni Shakur’s son.

    • TruthHurts

      As much as I like Pac you can’t argue with a true statement

    • TruthHurts

      The change Pac made in prison and after getting shot was ridiculous. Going from Me Against The World to All Eyez on Me is like listening to two polar opposite artists. There’s no difference in the change Pac made at that point in his career, and the fake persona’s rappers nowadays adopt. People need to realize a majority of Pac’s thug antics were the result of an abundance of alcohol, and having the WRONG people around him. I’ve said it for years that if Pac would have continued living the way he did, at some point we all would have seen him admit to extreme alcoholism. If people want to hear real “gangster” rap, go listen to the Bloods & Crips albums and guys like X-Raided. Don’t go to Pac for “real” street shit…. come on they’re getting over on you! PS I do agree with dude below who compares Pac & Nas though. I agree that these guys are “Struggle” rappers not “Gangster” or “Thug” rappers.

    • Jonathan Cayol

      Everything your saying is true because my ex girlfriend’s mother was Tupac’s teacher , because need we forget Tupac was living in Baltimore . & Baltimore is where my ex is from & I was raised in DC , when she moved to DC eventually after years knowing her she told me that her mother taught Tupac & her mother spoke highly of Tupac in a positive way saying that he was a good student . Tupac yelled thug the most & he equally earned the right to be called that because he wore it , & he experienced the struggle but truthfully Tupac wasn’t really a thug compared to many many rappers out here who really were thugs . The west coast turned him out , he got around some really wild dudes who just excepted him , but foreal if Tupac hadn’t of had so much courage to do crazy stuff he wouldn’t have got as much respect as he got , & West coast thugs & NYC thugs is just as crazy & could careless , he got shot on both coast & now he’s gone talented brother with foolish ways yet people worship him like he’s God & he was just Tupac an actor / rapper .


      He never hid his arrest record. He state many times ” I never had a record until I had a record deal ”
      And because a gangster is intelligent he somehow is weak. Do not be fooled it’s some cold killers around that read Shakespeare bs watching the wire. My point is don’t judge a book by his cover.
      And what did PAC do to you pee in your fruit loops ?

    • RamboWithAmmo

      He did all that without shit, he was on welfare, moving from city to city his mother was on crack never HAD shit. and to be where he is now a LEGEND all at the age of 25 years old. Nobody has done so much with a short amount of life so all that shit dont even matter. the matter is he came from the gutter with NOTHING.

  • most MC’s dont rap about material things right? but all rappers rap about material things right?…to me kid cudi is an experimental hiphop artist..drake is a potato head

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  • brotha_man

    how is hip hop holding us back?….says the guy in the “green day t- shirt”

    • rocnation30

      CTFU….i kno right?? lmao

    • southern_dinner

      Dumb ass nigga he didn’t say hip hop was holding us back he said the braggadocio of money cars drugs and hoes in rap is what’s holding us back and ignorant niggas like you that make dumb ass statements and can’t read or understand a concept in a video in front of their eyes keep pushing us back even further

      • brotha_man

        wipe ur pu$$y when u done….damn, i really dont give a fu#k what he speaking on. he a hypocrite like the rest of them. the best i could do was make light of the situation by pointing out his attire.
        *turns up volume and continues listening to stepbrothers “Starlito and Don Trip”*

      • southern_dinner

        Feminine ass nigga who puts asterisks next to an action besides 12 year old white girls homo thug kill urself

      • brotha_man

        ur life is an asterisk, fu$king klansmen

      • southern_dinner

        Lol dumb ass nigga my life is an asterisk? Kill urself no one would miss u not ur hoe ass daddy or ya monkey ass mom

      • brotha_man


      • southern_dinner

        No ones white or racist u goofy gay ass nigga stop suckin so much dick

      • brotha_man

        so u are a white boy….hang urself racist

      • brotha_man

        you just keep eating that highniggapie sellout

      • southern_dinner

        Says the 12 year old white girl who doesn’t know shit about rap and probably skips around the house eating cupcakes rockin Dora the explorer panties singin kesha

      • brotha_man

        jason collins is that u? fugging faggot

      • brotha_man

        who even talks like this?

      • SSbThaSet

        lmao brotha_man being a undereducated, ignorant lame

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  • Pierre Elliott



    Use to be everyone had a lane now it’s one lane drugs ,hoes, and guns? N whips different beats

    • now there are so many bottom feeder, they cant be original so they see what’s hot and either copy it or use the beat, they don’t even let songs be out for a week before they “remix” it #Trash

      • Terrance Goodman

        Real ish. Multi remixes half trash. Albums with 50 guest spots etc


        Diddy started the curse of the remix smfh n I hate it

  • $18592567

    Cudi bars are dope with his message, but he doesn’t his words together like Drake. Plus, I look at Drake more like a chick friendly rapper that is actually more honest/modest about bragging than the typical wack nigga talkin’ bout ‘how good he doin’… Cudi was off base with this statement…

    • rocnation30

      i agree…he was off base, i think he kinda mad at the state of hiphop overall an just chose drake to go after…if ya album sales is slippin its slippin…dont hate on drake an other artist..they don’t wanna speak the same message cudi speak.i think cudi is cool though don’t really rock with all his music entirely but he ok..drake just make people friendly girly music and at the end of the day people like it.

      • SSbThaSet

        I don’t think he’s discrediting Drake. He’s saying that Drake raps about basic shit, and Cudi along with every other rich rapper can do the exact same thing. He’s really saying there ARE a million Drakes who do the same thing. When is the last time Drake didn’t talk about his money in some way. Whether it’s about all the racks he blows, or his old hoe seeing how much money he has now? It’s all the same story. I like Drake, and I think he is talented, but Cudi is attacking the message Drake is sending to our youth, rather than his talent.

  • What he said is true

  • Hip Hop is some peoples music but its African culture first #Moor #LIfe

  • rocnation30

    Cudi said he was quittin rap like 5 years ago,,,lol

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  • Mimsy G B

    Yo yo yo, i hate to pull a kanye, but most main stream media today isn’t talent, its babyfed brats with entitlement issues.
    Start finding underground rap!

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