Chief Keef Was Arrested For DUI Less Than A Week Before Releasing “F*ck Rehab”

(AllHipHop News) When Chief Keef says “f*ck rehab” he not only means it as a lyric but apparently as a way of life. Less than a month after being released from rehab for his addiction and promethazine (lean) Chief Keef was arrested in Illinois.

According to law enforcement sources with TMZ, the arrest occurred during the morning of March 5th and in Highland Park, IL. Keef was arrested for driving a 2010 Jeep Cherokee with a suspended license and failing a field sobriety test administered by the police officers.

Keef was released on a bail of $300.

His March 5th arrest was only five days prior to his March 10th release of his song “F*ck Rehab” and less than three weeks after his release from an Orange Country rehabilitation center.

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  • Hope lil bruh get past his demons. Heard a couple songs, I hope he gets it 2gether. No Boosie articles today?

  • Casor_G

    give or take 2 years and he will broke and in prison

  • Pretty Thug

    Should get max time for being a repeat offender. If regular civilians do, then why not celebs. Also max time for being an idiot.

    • andrewi

      Everyone who wishes max time on non-murderers/rapists/other violent crimes is a bitch. Ain’t the prisons full enough yet for you?

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Young and dumb and full of ignorance..

  • MrNoName2K

    Bail of $300..he’ll get a slap on the wrist or a good stern talking to. Sad to see tha lil nigga go down the drain though.

  • I don’t think “Rehab” is doing anything for these celebs. #justsaying

  • Realist4200

    This kid is sad, man. I feel like I could have been in the same lane as him if I didn’t have reality holding me down. He’s young and dumb like the rest of us at that age – the difference is he’s basically being encouraged to keep doing dumb sht because it brings Jimmy and them more money, and it makes Keef look “cool” to the dumb kids he entertains. He has no reason to smarten up; he’s loved for his ignorance. Damn shame.

    • society perpetuates an endless circle of “cool” ignorance and its a damn shame

  • i’mreloaded!

    Who? What da fucc is a chief keef?

  • Dumb ass nigga

  • ZUBU

    Youth and relative wealth = Not a good mix.
    Hence the old adage “Youth Is Wasted On The Young.”

    • Andy

      Not necessarily true. Don’t let Chief Keef of all people influence your view on the rest of us that are around his age.

      • ZUBU

        Bro I did not say everyone of his age with money will have problems, but many child stars have issues. Look currently at Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, etc. In the past Olsen Twins, Drew Barrymore, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato, Todd Brdges, Danny from the Partridge Family, etc. The list can go on forever. Most of you young people are not in the position that the aforementioned individuals are in (fame, fortune). Money and Youth is a dangerous mix, without parental control. Oftentimes when you are the breadwinner you call the shots even if you are the youngest one in the family. Of course there are some stars who make it through the fame trap, but not many.

      • Andy

        I think you said the key words yourself there, “fame” and “without parental control”. That’s what causes most of these child stars to end up so messed up, as they don’t know how to handle the fame, never had good role models and end up ego centric and narcissistic.

        But it’s not necesarily the money that intelligent youth wouldn’t be able to handle. Like you said, it’s the fame and lack of parental guidance that is the ultimate undoing.

      • andrewi

        I disagree, in fact I think you subscribe to the press’ idea of ‘messed up’ too much. The press wages war on the young because it is run by the old. I see nothing hugely wrong with the actions of Miley or Bieber. Sure Miley’s is kinda distasteful, but the girl’s only doing what Rhianna’s been doing for ages and it’s working for her (on paper at least).

        Look, old people are ‘sensible’. Young people experiment, try new s*it and mess up all the time, but that’s part of trying new s*it and with it we would still be on horse drawn carriages. Let em be them and stop hatin.

        EDIT: Chief Keef is the product of a bad environment, forget parents cos they can’t do shit in the place he grew up. His whole environment built him and he needs to leave the US for a year at least if you really want him to get some perspective on life.

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  • Brindle

    all non-talented rappers should be put in jail

    • Immortal

      They have been and all seem to get one year bids, then come out as sudden OG’s

  • t1m3b0mb

    lol this site is really full of uncle tom’s and self hating blacks

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Chief Keef realer than everyone here on this site.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Realer than u fux boy! HARLEM! I love fuxing with this guy. He’s the epitome of a clown. Shit is the highlight if my morning ya. I be bored on set & than he writes me, and it’s like I get a rush because he doesn’t know how dumb he sounds or lame he appears. He the biggest fux boy

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