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Ice Cube: Kendrick Lamar Should’ve Won The Grammy Because Macklemore May Not Last

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube keeping his westside connection strong. In an interview with The Associated Press, Cube spoke on Macklemore’s controversial win, why he understands NWA does not belong in the Hall of Fame and more.

Cube called Grammy’s selection of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis The Heist and “Thrift Shop” as the Best Rap Album and Best Rap song, respectively, as “typical”. However, Cube feels Macklemore’s career and/or popularity could end soon, thus making their selection more egregious:

It’s typical. It’s the Grammys, what do you expect? But for them to pass up true skills for what could be fly-by-night success. … I don’t want to dis anybody, but seriously.

Last December, the nominations for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame were announced and N.W.A.(along with LL Cool J) were noticably absent from the nominations. Cube hope the group’s omission will incite the formation of a Hip Hop Hall of Fame:

It sucks. But it’s understandable. We really only had one album together. They had two albums as a group. I’m sure that groups that have been together longer can make a better argument. But this just lets you know how much we need a hip-hop hall of fame of our own.

  • Black Jay

    That’s what I’ve been saying all along. If Russell, Dr Dre, Jay Z, Diddy, 50 Cent and all of the others that have made hundreds of millions commercializing hip hop, they should spend a portion of that in protecting it. And not with no half assed museum, but a real hip hop hall of fame. We can’t really get mad at them for not doing it because they have given up huge portions of their lives for the art, but it would definitely show the youth and the world that they are about more than just fleecing the game for what they can get.

    • Immortal

      I could go for this, but the criteria for entry would have to be clearly defined, and who the inductors are would be known rather than unknown which makes what you do accountable. I’d want a credible HOF not a building of one timers, no timers, and never has beens that get in because of connections, record sales, and how much stock is owned in a liquor brand. I’d also give the fans a chance in the voting, being that we are the ones that make the artists popular. If this were to be done, make it as good or better than cooperstown or canton; somewhere people would want to go..

  • Brindle

    I agree on the Grammy and the Hiphop Hall of Fame statements… Speak Cube, Speak

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    so do we now create
    Blues hall of fame
    Hip Hop hall of fame
    RnB hall of fame
    Rag time hall of fame
    Dancehall hall of fame
    Rap hall of fame
    Reggae hall of fame
    Soca hall of fame
    Calypso hall of fame
    Salsa hall of fame

    we created all these forms of music

    • Jayson C Williams

      We should though. We need to be accountable for our own success and where it ends up. Time for blacks or excuse me hiphop enthusiasts and those alike to fight for our own and do it in the classiest way possible.

  • arrdeesss

    Kendrick so over fukking rated I don’t see him lasting either.

    • Nigga D. Luffy #OnePiecesquad

      It’s easy to spot an ignorant hater. You obviously haven’t heard none of his shit

      • CJ MAC

        Kendrick is in a lane all his own. A lot of people don’t understand him yet. His talent is ridiculous.

    • Bree

      Spoken like someone who doesn’t know an ounce of what they are talking about. Must be fun to know nothing.

      • arrdeesss

        I know your a dumb biiiitch. Would be more fun if you sucked on the head of my penis.

      • Bree

        LOL!!! You’re so stupid.

    • superh8

      I don’t either.waaaaaaaay overrated

  • i’mreloaded!

    Cube was dead on with both of those subjects

  • Isaac Hayes

    Man I have not watch the Grammys in twenty something years. We don’t need their recognition but we see with the Source awards and the Vibe awards it would be hard to bring the Hip Hop community together to celebrate each other and our achievements. I have heard Kendricks music he is good I haven’t heard a Macklemore song I guess I will go to youtube to see what all the talk is about. I with Cube about making a Hip Hop Hall of Fame. VH1 Honors did an alright job they just tried to fit too many rap groups and solo rappers into a two hour show.

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  • Foxy Roxy

    I agree with OShea

  • Truth Powell

    Cube is 100% right on this.

    You know how you’ll watch music history shows, and you’ll see like “Engelbert Humperdinck beat the Beatles for best record in 196something..” and everyone nowadays mocks how out of touch the Grammys were back then? Well that’s what happened with Macklemore last year. Him and his win will be looked at as a joke in 30 years.

  • Bree

    Why do we put so much POWER into the grammys? An institution that does not understand nor value our music? We don’t care about all the BET awards, Soul Train Awards, BET Hip Hop awards thats given but when you lose a Grammy or don’t get acknowledge for a grammy everyone is upset. First off there is not enough credible and knowledgable members of the academy to even make respectable decisions in terms of these awards- Speaking solely in the Soul and Hip Hip categories. So who cares about people who don’t even care about your music!

    Kendrick CLEARLY should have won. We know this. But his career is taking off to incredibly, he’s selling out every show, making a remarkable body of work, has the respect of his peers, and is apart of an amazing label that is carrying the west coast on their backs. He’s winning and he doesn’t need the Grammys to cosign that.

    • Taylor Boone

      wow i thought i was the only one who felt this way…the grammy’s have been boycotted on countless occasions by legendary hip hop artists…they have failed to nominate some of our most classic and ingenious albums and refused to acknowledge our genre for such a longtime..i’m a young kid..18 but i still know that ice cube is one of the most important hip hop icons especially his role in nwa and their bringing attention to the violence of the american inner city that so much of our society was ignorant to, but i feel that in hip hop what matters most is the respect gained from peers that is what we’ve relied on in our genre the classics the discographies the acknowledgement considering hip hop is such a competitive genre.. however i understand cubes angle b/c sometimes we have to ask ourselves is it really enough…one thing is for certain kendrick and the whole of tde are some of the most respected mc’s of our generation as well as artists to break into mainstream success

  • Mitea

    Cube is wack! Its 2014 now, not 1990’s! Macklemore is good, his music, lyrics, beats all of him is good. But, the black guy did not get grammy on rap, then why do you so sensitive blackey?? Everybody can win the trophy, remember that!

    • eddieknucks

      Blackey? Really? You do know this is a predominantly black site right? Any way, Cube put it down in his day and took it to the next level. His opinion has weight especially since he doesn’t often speak on the state of current hip hop. If you are a real hip hop fan,then your favorite artist has never won a Grammy.


      More proof that die hard Macklemore fans are upper class White kids with zero knowledge on hip-hop. Dude, I have been aware of this guy for 10 years, I paid attention to Macklemore when he was just a local Seattle rapper. Now that he made it big, all these preppy racist kids rep him. “the black guy?” It’s Ice Cube dude, pay attention to a legend

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