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Judge Rules Chris Brown To Remain In Jail Until April (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown has to remain in jail for the next five weeks. That’s the ruling the judge in his probation case handed down today after the singer was kicked out of rehab over the weekend.

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Brown was originally ordered to remain in the rehabilitation center until his pending assault case in Washington, DC began in April.

Police arrested Brown after he was thrown out of the facility for breaking internal rules – refusing to take a drug test (he later agreed) and touching a woman’s hand and elbow (he was required to remain two feet away from all women).

The judge also stated that Brown’s apparent comments about being “good at using guns and knives” while completing his rehab program was troubling, and his “inability to stay out of trouble” led to the decision to not allow him to enter another rehab facility.

Brown is to remain jailed until April 23rd when his D.C. trial ends. It is scheduled to begin on April 17th.

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Watch video of Chris Brown in court below via TMZ.

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  • scullyson

    CB cant see the forest for the trees. smh …He better wake up quick …

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  • Black Jay

    First it’s one month. Then all hell will break loose. I think he’ll wake up on this one. Everyone has handicapped him by giving him what he wants and treating him like a baby. Reality is a motherf*cka…

  • Linkz

    for what after this hes done with these crackers and can do what he wantes no shade

  • chippc

    And this dude stay crying about how people won’t let him forget about his “past”.

  • Can he live

  • Yep….. You got so many chances, so many passes…take your “L” Chris. If he’s in gen pop, he’s gonna get his cheeks spread


      dis aint the movies, relax

      • Lol !!! No Oz?

      • Celz

        Seriously niccas ain’t doin that shyt in county. You have to be around the niccas that’s doing football numbers 10+ years..


        even then its a choice. most of them dudes choose to be
        doing that. that lockup show be tryna spook the kids. lol…….my cuz just did a 14 and said you got dudes who been down 20+ yrs and they not on that but u got some nigaz down 1 yr and they get turned. its either in you or not.

  • The_Good_Life

    I completed 3 years probation a while back and wasn’t called in to se my assigned officer once. Never submitted a drug test and I was lit the whole time. I know. Dudes that got community service and ain’t did one hour. I eventually cleaned up my act but I think being a nobody benefitted me.


      yep, that probation ish be hard though and imagine being a celeb where they stalking u. sheesh

  • Willie Stewart II

    This nigga couldn’t just stick to makin music and stay out of trouble.

  • $18592567

    He just gotta get off those drugs. U see how he starting to get that hollowed out fiend face…

  • Mos High

    Wow. I know most of us can not relate to having the fame and fortune, But he has nobody to blame but himself. He is a grown man, make your bed you have to sleep in it. 5 weeks is a long time for a person used to jumping on jets etc. Wake up !!

  • Jared

    I see he has a great lawyer either way…That guy is on point on CNN.


    but really was has this brother done that’s warranted jail. rehab violations???/ nothing real just some made up rules from that facility. smh…. they was gunning for kid

    • Celz

      On the real though he’s on probation for a violent felony. I know a dude who killed someone when he was 12 during a fight and he did less damage then CB did to Rhi the kid bumped his head and died. He can’t do the Bieber Lohan thing when he really got on trouble. Lohan and Bieber never put no one in the hospital he’s in a different league and I think he just realized it.


        oh yea I understand that part but im talking as far as since the Rihanna incident. they take everything the brother do and BLOW it up tryna get em.

      • Celz

        Yea they are on his helmet you right about that. But he his stretching the line, be should have just went to jail got his early kick ( he might not be eligible for early release because it’s a violent felony but he wasn’t sentenced to mandatory jail time so maybe) and been done with it. If he went to jail the first time he wouldn’t be facing all these crazy violation allegations. The DA current want to look week and if it looks like just maybe CB is beating the system then they are going to go for his neck. He’s been in 3 fights that we know of if they all aren’t his fault he needs a new crew and new places to hangout at.

        They doing him wrong but as a young black rich celebrity he shouldn’t be surprised. Lil homie needs to step it up. Either you about that life or you not, stop toein the line.


        I feel ya on that. Hollywood full of f us buy they tryna roast dawg. Charlie sheen been a problem but they let dog slide. being black and in trouble is not it. I hope the brother get his mind right

      • Jayson C Williams

        That’s a good evaluation and I think you’re correct. But his anger issues and defiance of authority are the things that are placing him in these predicaments. They gave him a pass. His probation should of been over he should of layed low and take insults ppl hurl at him because he deserves it. But black men in majority we don’t know humble, nor humility nor when to shut thee fux up and lay low. We have an issue within our culture. We always want to stick our chests out. Always wanna be the peacock with the brightest feathers. That’s what has to change and it comes fr good fathers and mothers. Not enablers, cause ghetto parents enable their kids like no other and it’s wrong and destroying us.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Yea they gunning for him so why give them a reason?

  • Eli Pinilla

    Damn homie!!! U in jail and jodi’s fuckin yo bitch…..Chris Brown hates life right now.

  • Jonathan Cayol

    Man I know he aint over that DC jail but it look like it with that orange jumper on , if he is he most definitely in PC because them boys goin try that boy Chris Breezy somebody goin want that canteen DC jail aint no joke its dirty & unsanitary in there & on certain blocks they throwing dodo like tag cuz some of ’em can’t come out they cell so they splashing piss on the C.O.’s , DC jail full of punks who will fight you & old heads & crack heads who getting back in shape & turning the some of the lil homies into flunky’s it’s real live over that jail prison waaaaay more chill than DC jail them lil homies in there talking that DC talk & getting loud & all that yelling & dudes fighting & getting shanked up it’s goin be real intimidating for the ol boy , DC jail go hard Chris Brown goin calm down extra quick even on PC I got somebody jumping out there . Its bamas over that jail that aint rap tight the reason why DC jail so bad cuz they’ll shove you in a max block & you just in there for something slight , after this Chris Brown gonna have something to tell people about DC jail & if he don’t it’s cuz he don’t wanna remember lololol it is what it is champ ! DC jail infamous I remember when a dude got shot by another celly bama had a pistol in that joint man DC jail off the chain ! It’s goin down !

    • Jayson C Williams

      No disrespect to dc bro.. But that’s every jail in every major city. Baltimore, New Orleans, rikers, dade county, cook county Chicago, they all fucked bro, cause of us! Full of black men. Let’s not tote on how it’s bad here n such and such. We all know he’ll be in PC.just like Wayne, just like a lot of celebs. Rokers island was known for no PC, but he still got it. So let’s hope he gets in a couple good fights and maybe catches food poisoning, that way his black ass stays out the bing! Also he’s in LA. They have the reprehend on him. Plus this case should of been thrown out, he’ll beat it.

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Fair enough anything to get to an awakening .

      • superh8

        Al Roker own an island? Boy uve been around alot dropping the soap in all those locations. Lmao

      • Jayson C Williams

        Lol I know right? Try telling that greasy ass pig of a mother of yours that the tub wasn’t big enough with her in it? *shrugs* that how never listens

  • Jonathan Cayol

    Naw that don’t look like DC superior court cuz the Marshals don’t dress like that & we don’t have glass in our court room .

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  • Mitea

    I guess at this time, he will not be laughing all the way to the bank! LOL

    • superh8

      Neither will u with food stamps lil cracker

  • johnblacksad

    Product of his environment!

    Too much pride, not humble enough sh!t, education fcuked up, this need to always compete shit, to always show off to actually hide all that insecurity, that “without money you ain’t sh!t” mentality, that “no fcuks given” mentality, drugs, fake friends… the lack of love… and definitely a spoiled rich bitch in your lambo… there you have it

    Niggaz always feel compelled to keep it real no matter what… see where that leads you!

    Now Aubrey fugging your girl, taking her on world tours and sh!t… and you still don’t wanna learn the lesson?

    Keep keepin it real…

    Breezy needs REAL help at this point… he obviously can’t handle that sh!t… smh

    This whole Breezy thing is just a sad picture…

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  • Restlesscali

    “he was required to remain two feet away from all women” harsh my dude!

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