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Jay Z Checks Peter Rosenberg For Saying He’s Jockin Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg’s “The Realness” segments are meant to raise questions and challenge ideas related to Hip Hop.

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On a recent episode, The Morning Show host suggested that Jay Z was now riding the coattails of his “little brother” Kanye West and that did not sit too well with Hov. In the latest “The Realness,” Rosenberg reveals that Jay actually called him recently to confront him about saying that he is “jockin” Kanye for recording a song with Daft Punk.

According to Rosenberg the conversation started with the Roc Nation boss saying, “You always talking your [expletive]. Can I talk my [expletive] for a minute? What’d you say bout me the other day?”

“He went on to explain to me in very clear detail why those words should never come out of my mouth,” says Rosenberg. “I won’t say everything that he said, but I will say he definitely made some clear, salient, strong points that I couldn’t argue very well, and I respected it.”

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Watch “The Realness” below.

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  • RichFromBX

    sorry, but ain’t no man going to tell me what I can and can not say. you don’t like what I say come see me and make me not say it.

    • Blaq_Boi

      Lil Pete ain’t tryna lose his job fam. Lol

    • Jonathan Bacher

      thank you for sharing
      shiiiiit, they dont come no realer than you

    • anemia716


  • Willie Stewart II

    We all know Jay Z is ridin Kanye’s coattails and Kanye has been keep Jay hot. Just cause this guy got all star struck and didn’t have the balls to confront Jay face to face doesn’t make it any less true. Hell, even Kanye called Jay out for jockin him. Please let us know what those clear points were that Jay supposedly made.

  • Mitea


  • Black Jay

    On some real sh*t? Let me be honest with fam….. Jay Z is riding Kanye’s coat tails and has been for quite a while. There is no way you’re going to be in the game that long and not be able to shift and morph into what’s popular as time changes. If you want to survive it’s something that has to happen. Some people rode the coat tails of lesser talents and ended up paying the price for it. But Jigga is absolutely riding Kanye’s coat tails because as it pertains to hip hop music, Kanye is the sun and everybody else are planets revolving around him. That’s not a diss because at one point DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Dr Dre also had their moments when they were the center of hip hop. But yeah, I cosign Rosenberg. Hov is coat tailing.

    • anemia716

      “as it pertains to hip hop music, Kanye is the sun and everybody else are planets revolving around him”

      ^ by far the most ridiculous thing I’ll read this month.

      • Black Jay

        It might be but name one upper echelon hip hop artist that hasn’t touched Kanye on a professional level in the last 10 years. They’ve all done business with Yeezy for a reason. He’s the man on the music. And that’s real. DJ Premier was like that before. I’m talking musically. I stand by my comment.

      • anemia716

        even musically. in the hip hop genre, production and lyricism, Kanye is not the pinnacle. I think MOST people would agree. I like Kanye, but hip hop, in no way shape or form, revolves around this dude. It never has, and I don’t think it ever will. His personality alone prevents that.

        you’re getting confused with the amount of media attention this guy gets, versus actual musical impact.

        You’re going to try to tell me, Yeezus and MDTF were “hip-hop”? if anything they were alternative.

      • Black Jay

        Pay attention… What did I say? MUSICALLY. If you don’t have Kanye, no Drake. If you don’t have Kanye, you’d have a different rapper in Game. No Kanye, definitely a drastically different Jay Z. No Kanye, 50 Cent might still be the sales champ. Dude’s presence is felt. And nobody else in the last 10 years can touch his impact. But as I said before, name one upper echelon artist that hasn’t gone through Kanye for his services in the last 10 years. That shuts down pretty much every argument.

      • Savimbi

        The Yeezus tour was the 2nd biggest tour of 2013 after Bruce Springsteen…. so yeah Black is pretty much right, with what i mentioned in that first line, then excluding Jay-Z who is the biggest Hip-hop act in the game right now? the Drake ambient sound that 40 uses, 808s and Heartbreaks was the blueprint, Hit-Boy (arguably one of the best 2013/2014) came up under Kanye’s wing, the Blueprint?( arguably one of Jay’s best works..) that was all Kanye b….weren’t it for Yeezy, Jay wouldn’t be where he is at, that’s fact!!!!!

      • anemia716

        here we go. a tour. you’re equating a tour to an artist’s impact on the genre? hahaha. he’s a pop artist. you do realize that, right?

        and Tech N9ne had the LARGEST tour of any RAP artist in 2013. So what does that mean???

      • Savimbi

        Nigga you tripping, and Kanye hasn’t impacted hip-hop in the last 10 years? the use of the fast samples? the ambient sound? The Drakes, Kendricks and clean cut hip-hop artists etc who opened the doors for them? lol stop it!!!!!

      • anemia716

        did i say he didn’t have an impact. as I stated, I am a fan of Kanye, but hip hop does not revolve around him. Hip Hop as a genre does not revolve around ONE person. that’s not the way it works. you need lessons in reading comprehension. seriously.

        oh, and ambient sounds? haha um ambiance or “room noise” is something that engineers have been using for literally, generations. nice try though. thanks for playing

      • Savimbi

        It didn’t become popular until 808s & Heartbreaks lol Mike Will, all them kids use those effects, pre 808 was all about the samples, post 808 it changed with the successes of Drake who’s gotten his blueprint from Ye, hell he even says it every chance he gets, and he’s arguably the biggest rap star of the moment, not including the legends…so what are you saying?

      • The_Good_Life

        He even got dudes rocking tight pants, masks, tutus and kilts. Sad but true.

      • Savimbi

        World Tour??? Lol stop it!!!!

      • Sha Har


      • MRCVSJR

        The Blueprint was actually co-produced by Just Blaze and Kanye

      • Savimbi

        Where is Just Blaze compared to Kanye ten years later? lol and I love Blaze, perfect example is, he produced the entire Greatest Story Never Told album for Saigon, classic hip-hop album, but impact was negative!!!!

      • Spirit Equality

        Just also produced tracks on the biggest selling Eminem record since Eminem Show, so there’s that too.

      • Savimbi

        My point was that Just produced an entire album for Saigon…(one of the best hip-hop albums to come out in the last 10 years IMO) Lyrics/Production above average, but even the name Just Blaze couldn’t carry that album to success, now if Ye was to produce an entire album for someone than it’ll be different

      • Spirit Equality

        The Kanye affiliation didn’t stop Consequence’s album from flopping. Pusha T didn’t do spectacular numbers either, despite some critical acclaim. A producer can’t carry an album these days, fam, nor can association with a more famous act.

      • Spirit Equality

        No, it wasn’t. Just and Kanye did most of the tracks, but Bink!, Timbaland, Eminem and Trackmasters contributed as well.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        shows you how simple minded some folks on here are when someone actually drops some ether they tear it down like the boy black aint dropping jewels and putting stuff in the proper perspective

      • Savimbi

        Right, the kid is in complete denial! and his only argument was that Yeezus was trash lol

      • Black Jay

        That’s what’s up. Real hip hop heads see what’s real.

      • Sha Har

        Kanye did 5 shows! Cancelled most and came up with excuses due to low ticket sales. lmao
        Jay Z an JT’s summer tour did wayyyy more than the WTT tour. That’s why Kanye was crying and ranting early last year!

      • The_Good_Life

        Dude, after 40 years of hip hop, Ye is in the lead with like 14 Grammys. You got toasted in this argument homie!!!

      • bisolabliss

        Riddle me this, when did The Grammys become a yardstick for measuring anything Hip-Hop related?

    • imhiphop11

      He’s the sun wtf are you talking about. That Yeezus was straight trash stop dick riding Kanye Please!!!!!!

      • Black Jay

        I pose the same question to you. Name one upper echelon hip hop artist that hasn’t requested Kanye’s services in the last 10 years. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent, etc….. If you’re big in hip hop music, you’ve gone through Kanye at one point and time in the last 10 years. I stand by my statement. And it’s not d*ckriding. It’s a statistical fact.

      • anemia716

        That’s fine. I’m sure the philosophers who thought the earth was flat, also stood by their statements at the time.

        being adamant isn’t an implication of being right. just letting you know.

      • Black Jay

        It’s not being adamant if it’s fact. It also helps to take your emotions out of it (which most people aren’t). Think of any artist that’s had a major impact on hip hop in the last 10 years. Do they have any affiliation with Kanye? If not, they’re not doing it. And that’s just a fact. I didn’t say Kanye was the end all to be all. But in the last 10 years no one has had a bigger impact on music. Not even Jigga. And it runs like that. In the late 90’s Premo had his turn as the sun. In the early 90’s Dr. Dre had his turn as the sun. People need to do some surgery and cut out the hate. Now will Kanye always be that way? No. There are some true challengers to his position. But right now, nobody’s doing it better than him in terms of musical impact.

      • anemia716

        hahaha oh please. like I said, I like Kanye, no hate here. I have better things to do. But again, Kanye is a pop artist. a POP artist, that started off as a hip hop artist. His impact has been large but in the hip hop world…there have many many many artists that have had much larger impacts in a much more profound sense. open your might and turn off the radio. you’ll see that there is a lot more to hip hop than just who is “poppin”.

        Personally I think BTNH, Pac, E-40 had larger impacts.

        No one was harmonizing the way BTNH was. NO ONE. Now look.

        No one brought that Thug Life mentality and was GENUINE about it, the way Pac was.

        No one has had a larger impact in the lingo and style department than E-40.

        again this is allllll opinion

      • Savimbi

        ” I did a song with coldplay, then he did a song with coldplay…” Kanye West- Big brother…Lol

      • anemia716

        Jay started his own label….Kanye creates G.O.O.D. Music. hm, pot calling the kettle black.

        I love how people can’t do anything anymore without being called out for jocking haha

        so does Kanye have some sports agency that we as a public aren’t aware of? I mean, he must right? Since Jay has one Yeezy MUST have one, and probably had it first….


      • Savimbi

        Business Ventures outside of the Music don’t really have anything to do with the culture lol, you seen the impact of the Yeezy sneakers right?

      • anemia716

        that’s exactly my point. you seemed to have missed it.

        and jocking is jocking, last time I checked. Don’t try and be selective for the sake of your very weak argument.

      • Mec-One

        So you’re just gonna forget that Jay had a sneaker 10yrs. ago that did the most numbers for a non athlete for Reebok ……..

      • Savimbi

        Where are they now? lol the kicks now couldn’t be found for no less than $5000, them sdots were hot for 1 or 2 years at max, the first edition of the Yeezys can be found for no less than a couple grands and they came out 5 years ago.

      • Mec-One

        It’s not the price but the fact that Jay already had a shoe …… Ye not even getting paid off them Yeezys ….. so, I ask again what’s your point

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        plus lets add the fact … that kanye can experiement and drop something like Yeezus …. then still get the greenlight to do another project …. aint too many artist ouchea today that can pulll that off ….

      • Black Jay

        That’s the BIGGEST PROOF OF WHAT I’M SAYING. Who else could drop something like that and still have a hip hop career? Nobody. Dude is just the center right now. It’s not to say he’s forever in that position. But there isn’t anyone that is doing what he’s doing.

      • anemia716

        hahaha. the album got HORRIBLE reviews, and rightfully so. not to mention Kanye has his own label and a very very close relationship with Def Jam.

        Put that same material on another disc, under another artist, and it would get shelved. Ya’ll know that album was horrid. Everyone does.

      • NegraGata

        I actually liked the innovation of Yeezus…that’s just me…it wasn’t garbage until he made a video with the garbage girlfriend of his – ijs.

      • anemia716

        if you’re big, at some point you’ve gone through Timbo…

      • Black Jay

        Oh so you’re running bait and switch now? You’re funny. Just answer the question dude. What upper echelon hip hop artist hasn’t directly utilized or been the beneficiary of Kanye’s services in the last 10 years?

    • Obi Won

      Sounds like a typical Boss to me, all the workers do the work, and the HNIC gets the credit for it.

  • Jamel Williams

    For Jay to ride his coat tails that would mean Kanye was actually doing something he is on reality tv and acting a fool in these streets I think Jay is good.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      musically jayz has been riding coatails from the beginning its his M.O

      • U.P.T.nw4eva

        How when Jay made him famous? Jay has done it all and riding coattails seems foolish to say. He has helped Kanye more with WTT which gave him a broader audience.

  • Release the audio!

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  • Jayson C Williams

    How u get sonned and brag about it publicly. This is why we shouldn’t let white ppl in rap lol. Like really? Smh the game dun changed ya’ll. But than again he’s a radio personality/media so I take back the white part in respect to em. He’s our token!

  • bigblkaf

    real talk jay been riding ye dick for yrs. how you think jay been so relevant the last ten yrs. kanye saved the man’s career. u started to see the change when the roc broke up and kanye went with jay. if u peep the fade to black dvd it seems to me that ye orchestrated that whole album. now i know that there were other producers on that album like just blaze and 9th wonder, but during some scenes in that dvd you can clearly see kanye taking total control and jay following his lead. plus kanye spearheading this renaissance hip hop movement everything that he does jay follows. back in the day jay was just ny gangster rap he hooks up with ye and now all of a sudden u start seeing him with real hip hop artists like mos or jay elec who you think put them on jay’s radar? also may have been ye that influenced jay to sign nas after nas humiliated him on ether

  • PhilTheGreat

    I don’t even see how it’s tru… Jay z opened the door for artists like Kanye. Jay z has had clothing brands, not just done designs and collaborations. Jay z has rapped across the spectrum of Hip Hop in it’s varieties. Jay z is a rapper and a businessman, Kanye is a rapper and a producer. Comparing someone that raps to someone that raps and produces is like apples and oranges. Jay Z has Beyonce, Kanye been bouncing around celebrity light skinned girls to try to form a power couple and ended up with Kim K. Kanye brought Kim K to Jay and Bey for approval. This is laughable. Jay Z raps and history is made, Kanye raps and we’re left more and more confused as to his motivation everytime. Jay z made a deal where his album went platinum before it was officially released and still went platinum from record sells. I could go on, but that would be like throwing salt on the wounds. Rosenberg is ridiculous.

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  • Mec-One

    These dudes have known each other for over 10 yrs. …….. Can’t they just be cool like that ….. why somebody has to be jocking …….rosenburg is trolling …….

  • Sha Har

    Kanye needs Jay! Jay can get with other producers as he did with his last album, no Kanye. It was still very successful!
    Kanye needs guidance. Yeezus was Garbage! He also needs Consequence to write his raps. He couldn’t even drop a few bars when Sway asked him on the radio. He’s a Kardashian now. lmao

  • Gary Woodln

    I’ll say this kanyes relevance and his relationship with jay z has definitely brought a new light on jay z and allowed him to maintain his position longer then expected. I’m sorry but with wtt is was a revival in jay z rap career.

  • Jrg

    I’m tellin you if people listened to Magna Carta and Yeezus accappella they’d see how trash both albums are and how it’s representative that both artists are irrelevant musically at this point.. Jay isn’t riding the co-tails of shit and quiet frankly there isn’t musically anything coming from Kanye that HOV should or would try to latch on to and vice versa.. If anything, HOV is riding the cotails of the younger generation.. Every song he’s on sounds more and more like a Meek Mill/Rick Ross song with better production

    • Jrg

      To clarify, New Slaves was dope lyrically and sonically but considering Kanye contradicts that song by just living out his everyday life it’s an irrelevant track

      • iller

        12 people wrote “new slaves”

        Kanye West · Christopher Breaux · Cydel Young · Ben Bronfman · Malik Jones · Che Smith · Elon Rutberg · Sakiya Sandifer · Louis Johnson · Mike Dean · Gabor Presser · Anna Adamis

  • toncuz

    Funny, there is even a debate as to relevance. In the grand scheme of things and especially the world at large, Hip Hop, Rap or any other kind of music is only relevant to teenagers. The adults do politics.

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