Freddie Gibbs: Jeezy Doesn’t Know How To Run A Label & I’ll Keep Dissing Him

(AllHipHop News) Freddie Gibbs has not been associated with Jeezy since he split with Corporate Thug Entertainment in December of 2012. However, in a recent interview with Grantland, Gibbs spoke on how his feud with Jeezy will not end until Jeezy responds.

Since his departure from CTE, Gibbs has desecrated Jeezy’s name in interviews and songs. During his Grantland interview in promotion of his collaborative album with producer Madlib, entitled Pinata, Gibbs questions Atlantic Records Senior Vice President of A&R’s ability to run a label:

Of course he don’t know what he doing. Hell nah, he don’t know what the f*ck he doing. And I’mma stay on his punk a*s till he say something about it. I’mma keep drilling his punk ass into the ground.

His Pinata partner, Madlib revealed that he is planning on putting out an unreleased album under his Quasimoto moniker which was intended to be released before 2000’s The Unseen. Madlib also updates fans on his and MF Doom’s plans for Madvillain sequel:

[MF Doom] saying he recorded new material. We gon’ see, we gon’ see very soon. I’m gonna go to Europe, we gonna hook up with him. Next month, London, first thing I do is go see Doom.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlibs’ Pinata album is available now.

65 Responses to “Freddie Gibbs: Jeezy Doesn’t Know How To Run A Label & I’ll Keep Dissing Him”

  1. baller187

    jeezy always stay gettin punked but everybody want to talk about how street he is, finally had to join ross cuz he got tired of seeing ross always winnin, gucci shot his partner, this nigga stay takin losses

    • Mr. Starr Vision

      Gucci shot Jeezy partner or was it a random nigga who was trying to collect on a bounty??? As for the Ross thing it really was over nothing from the beginning…Jeezy felt that if your not part of BMF you shouldn’t rap on it, he jumped out there to defend the team to early then later found out that Meech didnt see it as disrespectful…but by then theyre relationship had went sour and pride kept them from mending it..,.Gibbs coming if as a sour nigga…niggaz leave labels all the time, he need to let it go and moved on…if he stuck around it would’ve been his album droppin yesterday instead of YG…cause Jeezy was always screamin Shouts To Gangsta Gibbs He’s the Next to Blow…But honestly name one Hit Record FG has ever made…so he need to stop with the hoe shit cause im loosing more and more respect for him as new diss and interviews come out and im sure im not the only one.

      • TruthSerum

        Dude, this is rap music, diss records are a part of the game. At least this beef is rooted in reality, it’s not like he picked Jeezy name out of a hat and decided to diss him for no reason.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        Whats his reason…he asked to leave the label and he was let out of his contract…where is his rooted beef, because his album ain’t come out when he had and no real buzz going? Has nothing to do with rap music…he thought if he split and came at Jeezy he’d blow like Game after he and 50 feel out…difference is Game was already a Star when it happened FG isnt.

      • Keith N.

        How did Jeezy push Gibbs when he had him on the label?

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        He put him on tracks, took him on the road with him, and shouted him out in interviews and songs that FG wasnt even a part of…how i even found out about gibbs was from a verse Jeezy had on Dj Drama’s “We In This Bitch” ft T.I. And Future when he randomly said “Shouts to Gangsta Gibbs hes the Next to Blow” and on the TM103 album he has Gibbs on a song with him and Eminem called “Talk To Me” produced by Eminem…so i’m still lost as to what it is yall feel that Jeezy could’ve done that he wasn’t doing…FG didnt have a strong enough buzz to put out an album at that time…and no one seems to disagree with that fact…it just wasnt his time yet.

      • Eli Pinilla

        His album did drop yesterday…….shit worked out good for both of them. Yg is the kind of artist jeezy wanted. I thought Yg would sell more records though. 40-50k seems crazy to me considering “my ngga” hittin the way it does….

      • Casor_G

        My N!GGa is the dumbest rap song I’ve heard in a minute. Can’t believe people bump that trash

      • Eli Pinilla

        Agreed 1000….but people love that shit and it went plat as a single so expected it to sell more…meant hittin as far as popularity not that song is actually any good.

      • ChiVa02

        LOL!!! For real…I hear people bumpin that dumb a$$ song and I always wonder if we’re hearing the same thing..

    • TruthSerum

      I dunno, if somebody promised me the world and ended up wasting my time I might stay on them about it myself. I still kinda got a grudge with old roomates who still owe me rent, I cant imagine I’d be so willing to “Let it go” on a dude who promised me millions and never delivered.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        But what is it that Jeezy didnt do? He signed him, backed him, put him on songs, shouted him out etc…FG is the one who always said he never asked for no money from Jeezy or a Handout etc, so agin i ask what is it that Jeezy didnt do for him…theres a difference between promising someone an oppurtunity and promising him a mill…if he said “i will give u a mill to sign” and didnt pay him then i get it…but for someone to keep sayin he a real nigga hes acting like a hoe.

      • TruthSerum

        If you sign me to a record deal and then never release my album, then that means you didn’t live up to your word, wasted time that I could have been using dropping Indy projects and getting money, and I’ma be mad about it.

        All that time he wasted on CTE, he could have been dropping Indy albums, like the new one he put out with Madlib, touring to support them, like the 80 city tour he’s bout to go on with Tech N9ne, and been making some decent Indy money.

        Dude wasted his time, I’d be salty bout it to. Being on CTE didnt increase his buzz any, he was already dropping mixtapes and collaborating with some well known cats, he’d have been better off if he’d never met Jeezy

        And I dont even hate Jeezy like that, I just see dudes point. These millionaires who own labels play games with peoples livelihoods and think nothing of it.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        Again i ask…what buzz did FG have at the time that was to the extent that you’d put out millions into dropping his album at that time…i know FG is a dope artist but he doesnt have a buzz or hit records…so from a business perspective can you say that it was wise to put out a FG album at that time? YG is killing the radios right now and has a whole coast behind him, that was a no brainer to release that…but Jeezy probably got wiser in when is the appropriate time to drop an album…look at how long it took to drop TM103 but look at the results…classic album…niggaz just impatient and un realistic about theyre circumstances/buzz

      • TruthSerum

        If your gonna sign somebody and then decide “I think this album will stand a better chance of blowing up in 2019, lets wait till then”, you need to tell people about that upfront. A Grown man aint gonna sit there and starve while you decide to wait 10 years to maximize your profits. Like I said, Gibbs can feed his family just fine dropping Indy albums and touring behind them. Hell, dudes like Tech N9ne and E-4o have become Multi- Millionaires doing it. Signing to CTE was suppose to fast track his money not slow it down.

        Just saying, I see where he’s coming from

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        I agree with that but you cant predict how strong someones buzz would be at what point…like i said he just drooped YG’s album within a few months of signing him but YG is putting out hits and was building relationships with artist, you cant get signed and think that the grind stops…i personally dont see where Gibbs was grinding like that its like he put the faith of his whole career on jeezy and thats on him…long story short make a hit then go back to gripping…Young Buck use to throw a few shots at Juvenile because theyre deal went bad but it wasnt a all out campaign.

      • TruthSerum

        If you didnt see Gibbs grinding then you werent paying attention, he dropped “Baby Face Killer” and “Cold Day In Hell” while at that label, both mixtapes had alot of hype online….. Maybe not the kind of Hype YG gets but it aint like he was sitting around waiting for Jeezy to give him the greenlight.

        And as for YG, lets just state for the record that even with Jeezy behind him and all this so called “Buzz”, his album is expected to sell between 45-50K next week. There are Independent acts out there who move those kinds of numbers, Aint exactly a success story bruh, especially when you factor in the marketing budget. I cant see how Gibbs would have sold much worse.

        If anything, the YG album doing Koch numbers does prove one of Gibbs points. Jeezy dont know how to tun a label, in that companies entire history I cant name one gold or platinum release that ain’t come from Jeezy himself. He should stick to being an artist the CEO hat dont fit him like that.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        oh i completely agree with that as far as Jeezy would make a better artist than an Exec, and yeah can’t really see YG moving more than 50k first week, but one thing he would be able to say is that he got himself hot enough to atleast get a release, FG won’t be able to say that no time soon because he’s to busy crying over spilled milk…i saw the promo online for BFK but never drew enough interest to check it out, i’m bout to check out YG album now, and even at a flop corporate wise its still a victory for YG because he’s able to get show money etc all across the country for what he and mustard put together…and he may move bout 75k, gotta remember CTE is now a joint venture with Roc Nation who Mustard is Also Signed to, and If Mustard Exec Produced or just did most of the production on the album, Jay is not gonna allow that flop to happen under his brands umbrella, shit he went and copped all of those Nipsy Hustle Mixtapes i’m sure he’s gonna stand behind YG.

      • Guest

        Correction: DJ Mustard is killing the radios, and YG just happens to be the rapper on his songs. And what do you mean what buzz?! BFK (Gangsta Grillz)and Cold Day in Hell(Statik Selektah) were 2 of the best mixtapes to come out during this time period(from any rapper) and the point of those tapes were to create buzz for the album. So if you call “buzz” radio play then yeah I see your point, but if you are talking about buzz in hip hop, mainstream or underground, I think Gibbs did everything he was supposed to.

      • MidWestFlyest

        Correction: DJ Mustard is killing the radios and YG just happens to be the rapper on his songs. Don’t get me wrong I like YG, and the album is dope, but it is much easier to get radio play when you have “Mustardonthabeat” as opposed to say Madlib. And what do you mean when you say “what buzz?” BFK(Gangsta Grillz) and Cold Day in Hell(Statik Selektah) were 2 of the best mixtapes to come out during this time period(from any rapper) and the point of those tapes was to create buzz for the album. If you are talking radio play when you say”buzz” I see your point, but if you talking hip hop “buzz” then I think Gibbs did everything he was supposed to.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        i wouldn’t give all praises to Mustard because YG still has to deliver on the beat, and thats still his team, thats like saying don’t give snoop credit because he was on a Dre beat…and yeah i mean radio wise because ultimately thats what drives the record sales, which is the whole reason for putting out the album. i never heard any of his mixtapes and truthfully the only songs i ever heard from him are the the features with Jeezy and then the Jeezy Disses…But All of the Disses i heard weren’t good at all to me.

      • MidWestFlyest

        There is only one diss, “Real” and it just came out a couple days ago. Do your research.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        Yeah your right, he has just been bitching for so long that it seems like its been more than one, i could’ve sworn there was another one but it actually was just a bunch of interviews…either way it sucked…but to each its own.

      • MidWestFlyest

        Sooooo his interview sucked, so he sucks. Got it.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        Clearly having a discussion with you is a Waste of Time because after every reply you’ve completely made up some whole other convo and interpreted something completely different from what we were discussing, have a good day sir…smh

        oh and i was referring to the diss song sucking, not the fact that he was crying in every interview.

      • MidWestFlyest

        Well I don’t think it was supposed to be a scathing ether-esque diss. If you listen to the song, the diss is are only about 30% of the whole song. He was just being “real” and telling his side of things. I’m not trying to troll, but everyone is talking like his diss was supposed to be some big takeover joint when all he really was doing was addressing the issue for the first time.(not everybody reads the interviews)

      • CPrada Sophus

        Now thats tha realist shit anybody has said about this nigga going on and on I agree wit u totally but just think if he did put him out and he shit flop all he would say tha label didnt push my project he just crying

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        Exactly…When its all said and done he didn’t sign his homeboy, he signed a Artist and a Artist job is to make great music, if you can’t do that how does that become the next mans fault? he’s never even explained what his real issue is, he never said that his resources were limited, that he couldn’t get certain features, that he couldn’t get beats from certain ppl etc…nigga just bitter.

  2. Eli Pinilla

    Piñata is that shit!!! Will go down as a classic imo…..allhiphop is funny. Instead of posting the whole interview, they only put in this little piece and make an article out of it. Just like they can take one 50 cent interview and make 5 headlines out that shit….. gibbs and madlib made a dope ass album. Review that shit and give it some shine for what it’s bringing to hiphop instead of only posting him talking shit bout jeezy……

    • Keith N.

      When Gibbs stops taking shots at Jeezy in interviews and LETS the media focus solely on his music, the headlines will change.

      • Eli Pinilla

        thats why i said ONLY. they just dropped an album yesterday and that only gets one line outta like 4 paragraphs and shit. outside of the jeezy shit, u wouldnt know he dropped an album if you only came to this site. hiphopdx, a competitor, has a review, interview, and the jeezy headline. they post all that shit, not just this….

  3. trilltalk1

    you know when you made it, bandwagon niggas that use to be a fan start dissing. gibbs is not hurting JEEZY talking this dumb shit. the boy JEEZY still moving. far as not knowing what he doing. i think Y.G, DOUGHBOYS CASHOUT and LIL BOOSIE would disagree. gibbs has some tracks that bump, but this i man beef with JEEZY is wack.

    • MidWestFlyest

      “Jeezy’s goons”? Do do you mean his corporate thugs? LOL Have you ever even seen any of Gibb’s videos??? Can’t wait to read about Jeezys getting jumped by Freddie’s goons.

      • Truth Powell

        So something in a Freddie Gibbs video made you think what exactly? LOL indeed
        Freddie going around running his mouth, he’s gonna have to cash that check eventually. Jeezy’s not saying nothing so what need would Gibb’s video goons have to jump him?

  4. Isaac Hayes

    Never sign to a label when the label head is the biggest star. To keep it real some of Gibbs music is alright though


    Been a Gibbs fan n never felt why he signed with jeezy. All his artists leave. Plus he ba been had a following i. Chi n his home In Gary.
    Jeezy betta stick to dissing juice man
    Pimp c told y’all this nigga a hoe n gucci proved it. Music had to be treated like the movies enjoy n move on

  6. i'mreloaded!

    Gibbs is mad nice, quit wastin your energy on diss records and make undeniable music and show Jeezy he fucced up by letting u go. Jeezy got him one wit Y.G. though, dat nigga is dope.

  7. willjones24365

    Move on diss songs don’t sell records or get radio play homie, just make good music and let your music speak. That’s the problem with these dudes they want everything given instead of earning your spot, just like 50 did Yayo & Banks he can only hold your hand so long, its time to let go. You can only say so much in diss songs after long you done said that before, or you gotta another diss song about dude at that point no one cares like just like it is now no one cares especially when Jeezy don’t acknowledge you. YG is the bread winner now, show Jeezy he made the mistake by putting out great music, good music aint gonna be good enough. If Gibbs keep on making diss records no artist or label want to sign that dude, he gonna be another nigga signed to another nigga and that situation always bad. Move forward bruh!!

  8. Culls

    Too many interviewers are asking Gibbs about the same dumb shit. Then he makes two off handed comments and each and every hip hop blog picks it up and makes it front page news. Starting to think the problem isn’t gibbs or jeezy it’s the worldstar era of rap reporting.

    • Keith N.

      I provided the link to the original interview. The interviewer didn’t ask Gibbs “how long are you going to keep dissing Jeezy” but Gibbs made it a point, a week before his album drops, to say he’s not going to stop dissing Jeezy.

      You can blame the media all you want but then you’re making it seem like these artists don’t control what comes out their mouth and a man who says he is going to keep dissing someone until they respond is someone who PLANS to diss him every chance he gets. It’s not the “Worldstar Era of Rap Reporting”’s the “Worldstar Era of Rap”

    • golder1

      Jeezy is not worried about Gibbs he is worried about making money as Gibbs should be. Dont be made at man for not handling a YOUR business. At some point you have to make yor own path. Him putting all the energy into Jeezy means he needs the publicity from the beef to sell records or he real need Jeezy help to make his own shit pop. Either why he needs to get on his grind and stop worrying about Jeezy

  9. baller187

    why does jeezy join ross, cuz ross be winnin at everything, now if jeezy was gangsta he wouldnt have joined his rival that was a CO

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