Vladimir Putin Top Aide Brushes Off Obama’s Sanctions Because He Can Still Listen To 2Pac

(AllHipHop News) The late Tupac Shakur is definitely a global icon, but that point was made even clearer when a top aide to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin name dropped the Hip Hop legend as one of the few things from America he enjoys.

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After finding out President Barack Obama placed him on a list of people who had their assets frozen, Vladislav Surkov responded by stating being blacklisted was an honor. He went on to add that he is not too concerned, because his interest in the United States only includes three things.

“I don’t have accounts abroad. The only things that interest me in the U.S. are Tupac Shakur, Allen Ginsberg, and Jackson Pollock,” Surkov told a Russian newspaper. “I don’t need a visa to access their work. I lose nothing.”

Surkov was among seven Russian citizens President Obama hit with sanctions after the Ukrainian province of Crimea voted to break away from the country and join Russia. The U.S. and the European Union have refused to recognize the Crimean secession.

President Putin has already officially declared Crimea an independent state. Many foreign policy experts expect Putin to annex the section into Russia.

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  • WhiteBlack

    obama is shook of putin though on the real..it shows

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      He should be, they aren’t a laughing matter and they got china as their friends.

      • ZUBU

        If Russia and China got together against the Us it would be a wrap for America. Russia has the military muscle aka tons of nuke weapons, and China is a manufactoring giant with the man power that only India can match. 300 million Americans against a billion plus Russians and Chinese, oh and Russia has a larger nuke arsenal than the US…

  • JBBB

    Russian politics are having fun of Obama sanctions, because to be honest
    they are not hard, barelly affecting on them. The main reason is he
    doesnt want to make them angry beacause of economy bussineses russia and
    usa are doing with each other. That situations proves how weak is your president people

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      the sanction in north korea isnt hard either. the sanctions and all the tough talk america tell us they tell them is just so we think we doing something

      • JBBB

        I totally agree, but North Corea cant be too offensive, cause they know they’ll get their ass whooped if they start something serious, and its all the game from their side. Russia is another thing. Yesterday (something bout 2008) agression on Georgia (european country, not state), today on Ukrainie, who knows who would it be tommorow?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        when have north korea NOT been offensive. the only people that believe america is powerful are americans. america is a illusion……..better yet america is the get and powerful OZ, and so long as you believe in OZ then he have power
        but when you pull the curtain, all your gonna see is a little jew’ish man pulling levers. and im not talkign about North Korea like i knew this for a long time, i found that our looking at squak asia and they was talking about countries that are doing business in North Korea and the guy being interviewed said they been doing business in North Korean for over 10 years. the host asked about the sanctions and his reply was, the sanctions on North Korea dont effect them and arent as strict as the media makes it appears. i was like wow………so now when i hear “sanctions” i dont take it as serious as the media makes them out to be

    • Slick Blak

      It’s because U.S. and Russia have a deal in place to use Russian soldiers on U.S. soil when the government ready to really take the guns from American citizens . It will be war and the Constitution states you can’t use U.S. troops against its on people.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        word up, thats why for the last 10 years i been saving my amero’s so i can pay the russians off

        smh, when will the fear mongering stop

  • water_ur_seeds

    Hahahaha G schitt, aside from all seriousness, this funny… and random…

  • Executive

    I need to shake that mans hand!

  • lol he a G

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • youngplaya

    Now that’s gangster..RIP PAC

  • Brindle


  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Well damn

  • Sean Taylor

    I guess his comment flew over most of yalls heads.

    He was saying that to be funny…he was not serious.

    • Flight_91

      The fact that he mentioned 2pac out of all the American musicians he coulda named still lets you know how globally embedded he is tho..

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      never met a Russian that wasted words on humor. Given the context of the who he named, that is a real statement. Stay sleep lil bub.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    This is why I love Russia, the speak their mind and they aren’t puppets, Nope, it’s not easy living there but at least they still fight a fight and don’t lay down to demands…Yeah, Yeah, say what you want but GO RUSSIA.

    • brotha_man

      u love Russia? so i take it u also love N. Korea

      • Andy

        Comparing Russia to N. Korea? America has more in common with NK.

      • brotha_man

        Dennis rodman, Is that you?

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  • jondubock


  • leftcoast13

    2pac sale millions of records in the UK especially Russia “ghetto gospel ” was number 1 on the charts at one time , anyone who is a fanatic knows this shit U can read the album sales and charts on wiki, 2pac sale more records overseas especally the UK and Africa and South America he sold up to 100 million records worldwide and only like maybe 40 mill in America

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I read the Forbes list, Russia has Billionaires like Seattle has Millionaires. They honestly don’t need to blow no body up – They could just buy up sports teams..( “We” could own 1 1/15 of that)…. and purchase properties in major American cities… raise the rent…oh wait…

  • brotha_man

    Lord knows I tried, been a witness to homicide
    Seen drive-bys takin’ lives, little kids die
    Wonder why as I walk by
    Broken-hearted as I glance at the chalk line, getting high
    This ain’t the life for me, I wanna change
    But ain’t no future bright for me, I’m stuck in the game

  • Kody Scott

    sanction deez nuts

  • Ace

    These pple are not enemies as the public is made to believe, they playing chess with each other. Russia as USSR was more powerful but then you had the west encouraging and supporting all these break away regions that’s how they got weakened…fast forward to Ukraine, now they don’t want anything to do with Russia and that’s Russia’s doorstep so Russia played it’s last move by sending an army to Crimea quick before all is lost. Honestly Russia does more business with Ukraine than EU that’s why u know suttin was planned by the west

  • The_Good_Life

    The most recognizable names in all of music: MJ, Beatles, Bob Marley, U2, 2Pac in that order. Beyonce on her way but need deeper content.

    • Myleage

      U2? more than biggie and 2 pac? more than Aerosmith and Linkin park? more than coldplay and wayne and kanye and jay z? nah.

      • The_Good_Life

        Absolutely. U2 world tour grossed 700 mill in 2011. Bono is the biggest alternative rock artist in world. U2 is Irish not American.

      • Myleage

        well ok that makes sense cuz in america they are more of an afterthought. i heard more ppl cheer for Nickelback than U2. I guess i just dont see how big their fame is in the US

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