karrueche chris brown and rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chris Brown Going Crazy In Jail? Rihanna Cries!

I was randomly listening to the radio this morning and they said that Chris Brown was going crazy in jail. Yeah? Yeah. Apparently, Breezy is not doing great in the bing. I thought he was going to be all wild in the penal. NO. He’s apparently in solitary confinement. This means he is on lock down 23 hours a day and alone with no sunlight. The word is he’s talking to himself and smells bad. Black is the new Black. Dude needs to just let them break him, because he’s not about this rebel life.

Meanwhile, rumors are flying that this has caused major issues with Drake and Rihanna. You know how Rihanna and Drake have been going all over the world with each other? Drake reportedly tried to lay the smack down and told RiRi she needs to leave Chris alone. Guess what she allegedly did? She jetted to be “with” Chris Brown the moment she found out he was going to be in jail for violating rehab policy. By the way, rumor has it Chris was smashing his fellow female rehabees -big issue!

TMZ reports Karrueche Tran left him because he kept texting chicks, not crushing his fellow addicts. Damn Breezy!

PS: What the hell does Karrueche Tran do for a living anyway? She ain’t going nowhere. She’s a young Cassie.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    “Dude needs to just let them break him, because he’s not about this rebel life.”


    • bisolabliss

      That is how far the Black man has fallen. We tried to rise from the agonies of slavery but at this junction in time and history, we are completely on our knees. A Black man advising another Black man to stop fighting for his dignity, wow, indeed. My race is done, the fabric of our strength which is our togetherness is shattered beyond imagination…the MIS-EDUCATION is complete.

      • Casor_G

        Man stop the nonsense!!! This isn’t about dignity. Chris Brown is a fool that is getting what he deserves which is actually better than what 98% of Americans would get. We need to stop defending these losers. This isn’t about race or anything deeper than a sucker getting exposed

      • bisolabliss

        It’s pretty easy to judge but to look at one’s actions and one’s self in the mirror is very tough. You and I have the benefit of making our numerous mistakes in private and keep it moving. I’ll leave that there.

        I’m not defending his actions nor would I criticize them, he doesn’t have to answer to me nor you and vice-versa and my post speaks to the phrase…

        “Dude needs to just let them break him, because he’s not about this rebel life.”

        That phrase in a nutshell defines OUR collective attitudes and reactions to any Black man’s publicized plight. We are always so quick to apportion blame, too quick to write poeple off.

        I recall Pac had an interview with Sway (In His Own Words) that went something like this:

        Sway: …what is it with you getting caught up in the system…?

        Pac: …to me it’s not personal bcuz we all going through it, the only thing that makes it different and original with me is people get to watch it from the beginning to the end like a soap opera while with everybody else they get to hide, go to their homes, deal with it and get over it…

      • Casor_G

        Dude is a woman beating , smoking on probation, throwing a brick through his momma’s car window clown. Nuff said

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        exactly. i always say we are so backwards we think we are looking forward

      • RapItUp

        who ever said “illseed” was a black man though?? We don’t know who the hell illseed is anymore! Probably the exact opposite, as we look at the dialect and subject matter: a white woman! I’ve never heard a black man say some shit like that either, and there’s a reason for that!

      • bisolabliss

        That’s a valid point. Who knows really, could very well be a Caucasian.

      • Kelse

        Probably because the B”tch is posing as a Black man, which is what more than a few White people do these days in order to make f”cked up statements on blogs and get a pass!

      • “A black man advising another black man…” Illseed isn’t black. He’s admitted before. The question is what race is he to advise a black man to relent to the system?

  • soyhiphop

    Eventually some ninjas with frank ocean mask on broke him out of jail he was awaited by a small cargo plane being flown by George Clinton the plane landed in Dubai and now Chris brown is the prince of Persia..in other words ill seed I give 2 f*cks about news that’s all over TMZ extra and every where……keep it hip hop drake cb rihanna? Get the FCK on with that

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u not a hip hop fan though!

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Black is the new Black


  • HMIC

    The only thing worse than the obvious lies and half truths in this article is the ignorant statement “he should just let them break him” that is easily the dumbest most uneducated ignorant statement we will hear in 2014 and the writer is obviously lacking in common sense…its better. to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.

    • Casor_G

      I’m pretty sure he meant break him from making these dumb @$$ moves. Not as a man. I think illseed is a clown, but I have to kind of give him a pass on this issue.

      • bisolabliss

        For argument sake then, how would you explain the last bit “….because he’s not about this rebel life.”

      • Casor_G

        He is going crazy in the bing. He aint about that rebel life…Seems pretty simple to me

      • $11625525

        You’re absolutely right, I read it the same way, let them break your spirit and become submissive to them because if you were a rebel you wouldn’t have a meltdown being locked up for 23 hours in the dark.

        This story is quite possibly as fictitious as Illseeds persona.

        On the flipside, if a person is locked up for 23 hours, who the hell knows that they are starting to smell? Who smelt them and contacted AHH saying “Hey, Chris Brown is starting to smell”?

        These stories just get cornier and cornier, reading them might just damage ya cornea -_-

  • RazaBladeKing

    Of course, the real tragedy for black people is that today’s generation is picking this drug-addicted, woman-beating, tantrum-throwing, hair-bleaching fake gangster as some sort of martyr for the black cause. F*** outta here. F*** Chris Brown. “You mean a highly-visible millionaire ain’t allowed to walk around, fightin n****s in the street and gettin kicked outta rehab without the police ‘harassing’ him?” You’re f***in right he’s not. And as someone who’s spent some time in the DC jail, I’ll say this. It’s insane in there, but it ain’t like they shipped him to Afghanistan. Again. F*** outta here.

    • Ghost

      You mad? Lmfaoo

      • RazaBladeKing

        “You mad? Lmfaoo”. Usually I don’t waste time conversing with 16-year-old girls “Lmfaoo”, but I’ll relent “Rofllll”. Please refrain from addressing me unless you plan on engaging your brain muscle first. “Ctfuuuu.” I get these annoying little e-mail notifications every time, and sometimes I can’t help but look. Am I mad? Nope. Just worried about the state of affairs around here, and people sticking up for this clown is a microcosm of that.

      • Ghost

        Girl? I’m actually a dude but whatever. Question is. If you hate someone so much, please explain your reasons for worrying about what they’re doing w/ their life, good or bad? But I get it, you don’t have a life so you waste your time commenting on post & being a low life troll. Have fun w/ that.

      • Ghost

        Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to dislike em as well. You’re literally on here having a b***h fit & for what? What’s it going to solve? I’m “sticking up for a clown” but yet you’re the one worrying about what he’s going through.

      • Acappellla

        damn, fa real tho

  • Oknas

    I know Chris Brown has 2pac on his mind lol

  • ccwaterbound32

    chuck creekmur said it himself in that dumbass reality show “gossip game” “at the end of the day it’s about generating profit.” so what does that tell you about dude? him and his boy straight s**tted on boosie now they want to interview him because he got all these options on the table…now they s**tin on brown talking about “let them break him” f**k does that mean? give in? i said it before and ill say it again.. yeah yall won yall little award for best urban website BUT YOU STILL THE CORPORATIONS BEST B**CH!

    • u dropped so much info in that rant… Creekmur was in the gossip game… they won some type of award… u on AHH payroll and just acting mad.. aint ya…

      • ccwaterbound32

        for what? im just telling it like it is…so why are you CHEERLEADING for him? Jennifer….

      • t1m3b0mb

        BS! What he said was pure truth, it’s one thing to be a gossip mag but when you’re using bs info to discredit somebody you gotta go!


    CB is still making more money locked up for thirty days then most of you will make in a lifetime! #StopHating

    • HiThere

      So we all should start beating up females? #HipstersUseHashTags

      • that’s a wack come back, if he was beating up women on regular then your comment would valid, one time him AND his girl fight 3 years ago, u should slap your self for pooping on your self as a baby since u like to bring up old stuff

      • Ghost

        You should just kill yourself for making the weakest comeback ever. Trolls



    • Casor_G

      Get help quick playboy



    • Weedras

      LMFAO!!! really?!?! satanic magic!?!?! lol!!


        maybe you should re-listen to Tupac interview about the Illuminati right before he died….

      • Weedras

        the f**k i care about tupac i have my own brain to decipher and analyze…and for the record mofos mix the freemasons, occultists etc. into one as the illuminati… the illuminati from ancient days believed in a society that was religion free… so why would they be into ‘satanic magic’ if they are against religion you ever heard an athiest believing in the devil? lol!!

  • i’mreloaded!

    This guy is really losin it. All the talent and money in the world, but if you look at the bigger picture, some celebrities would rather just live a normal life. Fame and money really does change people. He probably feel like he don’t have a real friend in the world and his old girl is someone’s new chick. Gotta be eatin him up inside that she’s with his enemy.

    • He is loosing it because the same chick who got him locked up is the same chick calling him, visiting him, and asking him if he is okay…Rihanna need to get out of his face, it must be hard to watch this chick fu@k up your life then act like she is sorry and want you back—-Rihanna seem to be sick in the head– for watching him suffer, then turn around and still wanna to date him….Is Chris Brown the only guy in the world? #justsaying

      • MultiKingdarius .

        lol nigga u act as if it’s ALL her fault…he did beat da brakes off dat bitch ya know, but I mean, u still have a point

      • Celz

        Most niccas woulda been in Chino waitin on the bus for how bad he beat Rhi

  • pauleyPee

    This dude is not loosing it. He’s on probation! This is what probation is like! When you’re on that paperwork, random things can land you in a lockup. He’s not falling off, he’s just going through the last little rough patch before he kicks his felony number. He’ll mellow out and find a way to cope for the next 15-28 days. He’ll be free, he’ll have an even edgier badboy persona (like it or not) and he’ll keep selling records.

  • brotha_man

    let the brotha do his time the best way he knows how….when he gets out he’ll be aiight. everybody goes crazy in jail.

    Dear sister, got me twisted up in prison I miss you
    Cryin’ lookin’ at my niece’s and my newphew’s picture
    They say don’t let this cruel world get ya, kinda suspicious
    Swearin one day you might leave me, for somebody that’s richer

  • Acappellla

    Please, jail sucks but solitary confinement is too cool if u have to endure it!! Chris enjoy the peace & quiet and BOOKS!! Didn’t know u were in the joint now. Damn that sucks but just do ya time and go home Breezy! Luv u.

    • $11625525

      How’s he going to read books if he’s locked up in the dark for 23 hours?

      • MultiKingdarius .

        Solitary confinement don’t necessarily mean he n dat bitch n da dark. U niggaz watch too many fuckin movies. It could very well be light in there, jus real small n u away from other inmates n he just might possibly have books n paper but that would be it, if even that. Shit if I was Chris Brown, I’ll rather be n dat bitch for 23 hrs a day than to deal wit dem otha niggaz n population…he might get fucked up since he a star who sing a nd dance n shit. Even Wayne was in Pc, dem niggaz aint dumb man.

      • PC or Adseg, is the difference.

        If he rips some1 from ear to ear (*staff?) he’d be in the dark, if they worried about some1 ripping him, he’d be in the light.

      • $11625525

        I misunderstood “This means he is on lock down 23 hours a day and alone with no sunlight.”

        I stand corrected.

  • Papi Peligro

    OH Lord the Drake Rhiana Chris Brown recycle center.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    “Dude needs to just let them break him” What does that even mean? Submission? Hell no.

    • I was thinking the same damn thing…that nigga ain’t no damn horse or sumn

    • Kelse

      Who knows, it sounds like a dumb azz statement made by the editor!

    • Celz

      Not submission or breaking him from bein black.. Break him from being an ignorant fake thug. He’s not about that life. Real street niccas/ goons/ gang bangers/ etc don’t even take community service in the first place because if you don’t stay out of trouble you WILL END UP DOING MORE TIME PERIOD.

      That’s the whole point of community service, work release, house arrest, rehab, halfway house or whatever else. You can get out of jail early sleep at home, fucc yo bitches/ wifey, make a lil side change IF AND IF ONLY IF you can actually do whatever the hell you signed up to do. He isn’t doing it and he’s suffering the consequences.

      At the end of the day he needs to do whatever the hell they say (and real shyt he’s getting a hell of a break for how bad he beat Rhi) or sit his ass down in the bing. If he would have did his jail time years ago like the fake thug he thinks he is would have did I don’t think any of these violations would stick.

      • krow132

        nigga just assumes that he’ll get off every time. Thats his problem, its almost like he thinks he is entitled to it. Why else would he keep putting himself in dumb ass situations like that if he didn’t. Rehab for him was court ordered, they could throw your ass in jail for any wrong move, knowing that the dumb ass goes and gets kicked out not once, but twice. Makes it hard to have any empathy or sympathy for him.

  • First of all, Drake is only showing face with Rihanna to aim attention to the new young money album….Everytime there is new material it’s either Dj Khaled fake marriage to Nicki, Nicki Minaj bold statements toward Malcolm X, etc; It’s always some scandal to stay relevant.
    Secondly Rihanna need to fall back and leave Chris Brown alone….She is the reason why he is in so much trouble, and if a man is sooooooo abusive she should have a restraining order and stay the hell away from him…..It’s funny to me how he is doing hard time because of her, and she is still visiting him and making music with him…..If she loves him so much ask the judge to drop the charges and keep it moving.

    • PBM1986

      realistically u dont kno anyone you”re talking about personally… stop believing wat u read and get ur own life

      • scullyson


      • krow132


    • Kelse

      Dummy, the case has been processed long ago and already went through the courts system, she can’t drop any charges at this late date, you big Dummy!

    • roxithefox

      Drake doesn’t need rihanna for publicity. He already sells out stadiums without rihanna. Second, I do agree with the fact that rihanna needs to leave chris alone. I also wish she had a restraining order. She seems to never learn her lesson.

    • krow132

      in alot of instances, the state/prosecution can still charge someone with a crime even if the victim wants to drop the charges.

      not only that, he violated probation that he got for said case after he took a plea deal. Rihanna couldn’t do shit even if she tried. Its all on Chris Brown’s dumb ass to stay out of trouble. This is pretty common knowledge, be smarter

  • roxithefox

    Rihanna needs to stay out of this. Although it is not directly her fault, she is part of his problem. She needs to stay away. He will never change, at least not for her. I hope they give her a restraining order to stay away from him. How stupid can you get.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      roxithefox – here’s a FACT – ALL women who let guys beat on them in a relationship FOREVER carry special feelings for the guy

      • roxithefox

        That is why they need to seek help. There is something called psychotherapy. At some point everyone needs it.

  • richard_b_hard

    They need to release Chris to genpop and let him get his ass beat by some real niggas,that will teach him not to hit women and to stop trying to be an R&B gangsta.
    That would be the best rehab for him!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois


    • Eric Cartman

      Gen pop was the best 6 years of my life

  • richard_b_hard

    If that nigga on 23 hr lock down then that gives him plenty of time to practice his dance moves and hand movements!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roxithefox

    It is called low-self esteem. Women who stay with beaters need therapy to get help on how to have and stay in a healthy relationship. It all revolves around your parents, the relationship between them and your relationship with them.

  • Inmadopuroz


  • I ain’t never been to jail behind no…..

  • Vic Sage

    ‘His punk ass is finally where he belongs…”