Texas Rapper Executed For Murdering Studio Owner Over 15 Years Ago

(AllHipHop News) Ray Jasper was once an aspiring rapper who proverbially ended his  life during a studio session over 15 years ago. This past Wednesday (March 19th), Jasper was executed for murdering a San Antonio studio owner in 1998.

David Alejandro was the owner of the studio Jasper and two friends recorded in for two hours back in 1998. Following the relatively short studio session, Jasper and his friends “slashed Alejandro’s throat from ear to ear, but did not kill him” according to the Texas attorney general’s statement. Jasper and an accomplice killed Alejandro after they proceeded to stab the already injured man.

The three men stole studio equipment valued upwards of $30,000.

Jasper was convicted in 1998 and a little over two weeks before his execution, Gawker released a letter from him as a part of their “Letters From Death Row” series. In the letter, Jasper contended to his innocence, claiming it was the accomplice who murdered Alejandro and not himself.

Jasper was executed by lethal injection around 6:31 CDT. In his final words Jasper wrote to him family:

To my family, we are one. To my beautiful daughter, the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you endlessly. I am you and you are me forever.

Jasper wrote that he completed “several books and screen plays” in an earlier letter to Gawker posted in January. Jasper also spoke on the racial discrimination of jurors in Texas murder cases:

The controversial issue in my case has been narrowed down to racial discrimination concerning the State of Texas purposely striking Black people from the jury panel. Racial discrimination on trial juries has a long-standing history in Texas. It was really made known in the Thomas Miller-el case where Dallas had a guide for their prosecutors to strike all minorities from the jury panel. So it’s about whether the Courts will consider the issue worth halting the execution.

The case he makes reference to is a 2004 case in Dallas, Texas where Thomas Miller-El accused the prosecutors of removing 10 of the 11 African American jurors from jury selection in his capital murder case based on race. He was initially denied the motion and sentenced to the death penalty before the U.S. Supreme Court granted Miller-El certiorari a second time on June 28th, 2004.

On June 13th, 2005, the Court agreed that there was apparent racial discrimination from the prosecutors in jury selection and chose in favor of Miller-El.

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  • Brindle

    I think anyone that kills (outside of self-defense) should be killed… Problem is with racism and the amount of Blacks and Latino’s there are framed by police and profiled by the justice system, I don’t believe we are in a place or state of mind to deliver the punishment…

    • Kelse

      No , you are right, Blacks are not in a place to deliver punishment to their oppressors, but as sure as I’m sitting here writing this comment, Yah/God will deliver all the punishment these people deserve. The problem is Whites continue to do what they’ve done to millions during slavery which is kill blacks, believing in their Godless hearts that they will continue to live their fruitful lives without punishment, but whether they believe it or not, It’s been written and promised to God’s first born, namely Blacks, that he shall “Make your enemies your footstool” It is written to Not deliver an Eye for an Eye! But Godless people do not follow Yah/God’s words or teaching and they’ll continue to do the evil things they’ve always done. This scumbag whether he did it or not, most likely he didn’t as he’s maintained his same protest of innocent throughout, but it’s written in scripture that one should not yolk their selves with unbelievers, it is no different from one who associates with a murderer. Why hang with a murderer, if you are not of that nature to commit murder yourself! If this man were not of the same nature and claims he didn’t directly commit the crime, but what nature and character was he that he stood silent while his friend brutally murdered another human being when he could have just as easily spoke out or done something that could have prevented this tragedy from happening! To stand by and watch something so brutal happen to another human being, what character defense could this guy possibly offer today. Even still, when Whites and their judicial laws allot them a green light to execute and kill any man, then they in effect are no different than the man they accuse of killing. Both are murders!!! It is written that these are a people who live in their own Vainness and Hypocrisy! Just as it’s also written that ” It’s better to let 12 guilty men go free, then for one innocent man to be killed. This rapper may Not Be innocent of bad judgment, poor character, and many other things, but it just may be possible that he didn’t commit murder! The state of Texas has a lot of Blood Murder on their hands and that is something they’ll one day have to answer to the
      almighty for because the reality of it all is that their state laws will never, ever supersede God’s laws!!! Guess their lawmakers will eventually all see each other in Hell one day!

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This nicca brought race into it? Nicca if you did it accept it. NO RIP!

    • redcons

      Race needed to be brought into it. Mighty strange blacks are not on alot of these juries when it comes to felony cases involving blacks. And then they have a nerve to say you have been judged by a jury of your peers, when they purposely exclude my true peers.

      • AES

        so your true peers are 13% of the population, therefore you should only need 1-2 black jurors for real life statistical representation.
        if you want a jury of all black faces then you need to move to a all black country.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        You are very incorrect sir. A Peer is a person who belongs to the same age group or social group as someone else.

      • Realist4200

        The justice system is messed up and racism is rampant, no doubt.

        But either way – the dude did it.

  • scullyson

    Poorly written article.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    killing most likely over studio time and his whack shi* never made it out anyways LMAO!


    N*ggaz thinkin’ grabin’ someone’s equipment was a ‘shortcut’ to ‘success’, when they got PENNIES on the DOLLARS it was worth & now COST them their lives!

  • Executive

    Free my nigga!… Oops they already fried him!

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Not only did he kill him, he slashed his throat from ‘ear to ear’ and then repeatedly stabbed him… Even if he didn’t do it, he was an accomplice which still makes him a scum bag…

  • Sean Taylor

    Burn in hell scum murdering thief!

  • Andy

    Good riddance.

  • Brick Soulja

    I feel like since he was there when it happened and didn’t call the police on his accomplice, then he should suffer the consequences. Let this be a lesson to all people about keeping it real and not snitching. Stop stealing from other people that earned what they have. Be humble, reliable and diligent to see true success.

    • ccwaterbound32

      this is all circumstantial evidence meaning the jury had to find dude guilty based on FACTS seems to me he got the short end of the deal because they couldn’t get the other dude so they figured since we know you didn’t do it your guilty of the crime anyway… didn’t matter if he didn’t do it himself he was guilty because of the color of his skin… the law aint made to protect us! god bless his soul and i hope he made peace with his maker… cuz nobody deserve to be killed for something they didn’t do.,,

      • Casor_G

        Dude was guilty as sin. Forget this clown

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  • Hamburger Pimp

    surround yourself with good people

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  • baller187

    good ridens nigga

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Tell Satan I said whats up

  • i’mreloaded!

    Well……… It is what it is.

  • 5% Hov

    Who knows if he innocent or not but the death penalty is foul.