Lord Jamar Says He Represents Hip Hop Conservatives

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few months Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar has become the unofficial spokesman of a sect in the Hip Hop community that takes issue with what they see as the “feminization” and “white washing” of the culture.

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Jamar has spoken out against rappers wearing clothing like skirts and kilts. He also called white performers like Macklemore and Yelawolf “guests” in Hip Hop.

According to he 45-year-old New York native, he is standing up for the preservation of the true essence of the culture.

“I’m that voice of what Hip Hop used to be,” Jamar told The New Yorker. “I think I represent the Hip Hop conservatives. And I use the word ‘conservative’ in the sense of conservation: I’m trying to conserve Hip Hop and its essence.”

As a new generation of rap stars strive to take the culture in new directions, traditionalists like Jamar question how far can Hip Hop be pushed before it morphs into something completely different.

“I have no problems with pushing boundaries,” said Jamar. “But everything has its limits. How far do you go with this pushing of boundaries before you’ve turned it into something else? That’s what I want to know. How much water can you add into the whiskey before you no longer get drunk?”

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  • Jonathan Bacher

    no jamar, youre A voice of a generation that is in the past trying to keep relevant by means of controversy

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      your opinion

    • InTheNightKitchen

      I see your point, but I disagree. I think you should re-read his last quote, it makes perfect sense. Think in terms Rock N Roll, how many sub-genres does it have? And, actually does anyone still consider themselves making RocK N Roll music these days or has it been dubbed something else?

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      No. He is a man with an opinion of an art form he loves dearly. It always kills me when no one wants to hear another’s opinion because “they’re old”


        Agree. Like this is real hip hop right now.SMH!

    • David Gonz


    • Live Well


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  • InTheNightKitchen

    Grand Nubian? I normally don’t point out the errors like everyone but come on B

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


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  • Black Jay

    I ask all of my brothers and sisters to do one thing with this article….. Plug in the words “White America” whenever Lord Jamar says “hip hop”. For all of you too lazy to do the math, I’ll help you out….

    “I’m that voice of what WHITE AMERICA used to be. I think I represent the WHITE AMERICA conservatives. I use the word ‘conservative’ in the sense of conservation: I’m trying to conserve WHITE AMERICA and its essence.”

    Have you heard this type of talk before? I think you have. You can pull it up on Fox News any time of day or night.

    I know… I know…. Everyone’s going to say that any statement can be altered like that. To a certain extent it can. But when you add what this man has said in the past to the context on what I’m saying, it’s some pretty powerful sh*t. Exclusion and statements aimed at attacking others for the said “purity” of what you want, is wrong. I wouldn’t accept it from a White dude and I’m sure as hell not going to accept it from a brother.
    Lord Jamar…. You wanna b*tch about preservation? Go yell at the brothers that sold hip hop out. I don’t see you at Russell Simon’s door or Bob Johnson’s door. They marketed the hell out of hip hop and never thought one day about protecting it.
    Not hate Fam, Just real sh*t….

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i can dig it @ times jamar is pushin the lines and if you peep the actual video interview on vlad he actually says that … he says he want to know how much water can you put in the alcohol before its watered down …. i think hes aware of the lines hes pushing … the difference is between him and original whitey … is jamar isnt putting out the last and final word … he isnt PUSHING AN AGENDA … hes just pushing a conversation … hes willing to conversate about it … which i think is a good thing … white america forces values and uses propaganda to get those who dont bow down …. but I DIG IT MANE … good observation and response as usual !

      • Black Jay

        Oh I feel you fam… No doubt. Some of what Lord Jamar says is true. I can’t deny that. He’s accomplished more at hip hop than I ever could. But it’s so tiring to try to pick the good pieces of the message out of the sh*tty stuff surrounding it. If part of the message is bad, that makes the whole message bad. He has some valid points. I just wish he could articulate them better.


        That the point i was trying to make. Don’t agree with everything he says, but least we can debate about it. Cosign the comment above.

      • Black Jay

        I feel you fam….. But kot damn! Sifting through that other sh*t is tiring! I could do the same with Fox News but kot damn! That sh*t is tiring too!
        A brother’s just tired of the bullsh*t. Lol!

      • $99752914

        I agree with your statements Black Jay, whats even more disturbing about his comments, or I should say the lack of is the culpability he say that whites in the game as “visitors” yet gives Eminem a pass saying “he’s different cause he studied and gives praises to the creators of hip-hop” (paraphrasing).. and doesn’t know or stated factually that any other white hip hop artist hasn’t… if he was an actual voice of hip-hop really take it back to it’s essence… criticize all the rappers and shame them on the lack of respect and shine that the DJ doesn’t receive… it was about the DJ’s and the music… so until LJ is able to articulate a realistic and honest view of what happen to hip-hop, and the “death” of it…it started in his era of BN, NWA, Rakim, Ed og and the bulldogs, Biz Mark and Kool Moe Dee… not EM’s, Mackelmore’s, Kendrick, Kanye’s or Drake’s… they just followed in LJ footsteps and made a whole lot of money for it with fame along with it.

    • ccwaterbound32

      so what do you propose be done to preserve hip hop’s integrity and maintain it’s true essence as a culture?

      • Black Jay

        Protecting something after it’s been exploited? I don’t think it’s possible. Once something has been fed to the masses and has been globally exploited for profit, even by the inventors, it’s a wrap. That would be like a dude trying to protect the true use of the light bulb after he invented it and having it currently in mass use today. It’s too late. Impossible from a “possession” stand point.
        At this point hip hop is like Christianity. Not in that it is equal to the religion or anything. That’s blasphemous. But it is the same in that you have millions of people not listening and not using it in the way it was truly intended. And really the only thing that can save hip hop is A MESSENGER. A charismatic individual or individuals who sways the masses with true definition of what the art form is supposed to represent. Someone with the lyrical skill, political charisma, and the strength to unite coasts, thugs and sellouts, the young and the old, and the smart and the stupid. But his politics has to be precise because Conservative America will try to rip him apart.

        Hip Hop came close once or twice in Tupac and Biggie. But they were too mortal to see the importance of their political positions and succumbed to n*gga sh*t. And so hip hop as a whole was robbed. Nas had the power but he was too mortal in that he couldn’t sustain quality product and didn’t have the discipline in his personal life. Jay Z had the power but got blinded by materialism.

        I don’t know who it’s going to be. But if you expect us as black people to take something back, you can forget it. There are too many dudes that like fighting, fat ass b*tches, money, and themselves to do anything dope for the culture. It’s going to take a dope hip hop messiah of some kind. And looking at the current playing field, I can’t really see him.

      • Elayorx El

        Ok, Jay, you God Bodied this fam….lol. Wow.

      • Black Jay

        Trying to do a little something bruh…. Thanks for the props.

      • ccwaterbound32

        yeah i used to think a “messiah” was needed BUT we need to take it upon ourselves as lovers of this culture to form a NEW code of conduct…a system that MUST be utilized at ALL times…this code of conduct can be used to weed out fakers,biters, and or chameleons in order to save hip hop we gotta form a system that’ll be considered hip cool and to a certain degree emulative..example. look at worldstar or youtube the YOUNG PEOPLE are the main ones setting ALL THE TRENDS now whether we like those trends or not those trends transcends into other cultures…one sees the other and then it turns into two more and then four more and so on and so on…. if those kids got REEDUCATED on some shit WATCH HOW THE OTHER CULTURES FOLLOW SUIT…and the dominate society and corporate interest WILL NOT BE PLEASED if that happens… just a thought.

      • Black Jay

        Oh we know what the game “needs”. That’s obvious. But I “need” a million dollars. That’s not realistic. Expecting Black People to take something back to the essence is unrealistic because there are far too many dummies that enjoy things as they are. That will never happen. Never.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Alot of niggas listen to you because they think you’re smart, but you’re really a dumb ass bruh. A straight up dumb ass. To say that shit you spitting? You didn’t listen to no Brand Nubian and you were never involved with hip hop nigga. Brothers didn’t sell out hip hop because hip hop never sold out you dumb ass. KRS-One, touring the country, still doing…HIP HOP. Madlib and MF Doom, still doing HIP HOP. DJ Premier, bout to drop something with Nas…doing HIP HOP. Again, ya boy Madlib…his alter ego Quasimoto is supposed to dropping an album…that’s HIP HOP. Snowgoons and Onyx got together to make what? HIP HOP. And what would you tell that nigga Russel Simmons, nigga? What you going to say to Bob Johnson? Oh, nigga you sold BET, you sold us out?

      You’re just the “I told you so” nigga, that really don’t add anything significant to the conversation. SInce when they let the house niggas out? You should of stayed inside bruh.

      • Black Jay

        When you toss insults instead of supporting your argument, you’ve already lost.
        Look dude, I could give a f*ck what your personal opinion of me is. That’s not really relevant to the discussion. This is a forum. A subject is presented and personal opinions and views are given. That’s the design.
        Agree? Cool. Don’t agree? Cool. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.
        I respect Lord Jamar’s accomplishments. I just don’t respect some of the stuff he says. It’s wrong. If a White dude said the same things about any other form of music most black people would be up in their faces. So why am I going to accept that from one of my brothers? I’m not. And you and I disagree on that.

        But taking personal aim at any individual because they’re not on your “team” and they don’t agree with you waters down the facts and the discussion. Stay focused on the issue and we can debate that like men. But you don’t know sh*t about me so you may as well save the other stuff.

        I don’t do the dissing thing too much so I’m not going to play myself by taking aim at you. I’m above that.

        Live your life homie. Trust me, I’m living mine.

  • $18916246

    “I have no tolerance for black ignorance” Lord Jamar told us way back then, Lord Jamar is just staying true to his core beliefs. You stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

    • Live Well

      No doubt. People who didn’t bother listening to Bran Nubian don’t realize he been saying this stuff his whole career.

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  • David Gonz


  • Papi Peligro

    Man Lord Jamar is a big girl. The Militant Black Perez Hilton. I don’t understand why a grown man sit up and talk about what somebody else is doing. Its 1 thing to crack jokes aight. Shkirt wearers. But yo whole existence is based on being a hater. Back in the day where was the haters. i DON’T SEE NOTHING COMING OUT HIS MOUTH THAT TRANSCENDING BLACK awareness or culture to another level. He not making music he sitting up on gossip magazines hating all the live long day. I don’t care what nobody say Brand Nubian wasn’t all that. These dudes was the cookie cutter shoved out by CORPORATE AMERICA black man of their time.Rap went from party music to Angry Black Man that was his era and the point they were trying to sell from. Then it went to THUGS IN THE STAIR CASES, Drug Lords, and then Kanye changed the game to a softer tone, then it went to dance music, now its trap rap. Rap has always evolved and it will again. Opinions on another man are for E Network hater VISION. People like this dude just put you under a microscope so while everybody looking down the microscope at you nobody noticing they doing B!T$$H STUFF. This dude don’t speak for my generation in hiphop. I graduated in 96. We wasn’t a bunch of haters. I mean Diddy got clowned for Shiney suits but nobody sat up and had a fulltime job hating on Diddy. We handled it like men. Gossiping and carrying on that wasn’t us. That’s this blog era he acting like he representing TRUE HIPHOP. But no album no music and a bunch of Youtube Videos and Blog Posts is 2014 Perez Hilton stuff.

    • ccwaterbound32

      so what do you propose that would help maintain the culture’s essence and keep it’s integrity intact?

      • Papi Peligro

        Letting our kids do what they want to do. Taking our culture to new heights. If they want to be space explorers, DANCE music, wear shkirts etc let them do it. Most importantly remind them they aren’t chained by our past. They are inventing our future. The guidelines should be representing blacks in a light that doesn’t closed doors behind them. Lord Jamar is all about closing doors and black people going down 1 lane.

        I’m about blacks looking at our real history. Not the 1 being used to subjugate or divide us. You know blacks are hebrews so I have the key to your knowledge of self follow me. 60 to 75 sub saharan african so how are we Hebrews. Blacks and whites actually don’t differ much. Yes blacks in America were lower in the caste system. The president in charge of reconstruction was a RUN AWAY SLAVE. Andrew Johnson was a run away slave. You want equality then stop trying to get it by glorifying yourself. You looking at the caste system in the south. Yes Blacks were basement but poor whites who went from indentured servants etc to share croppers were a step above. Their treatment was better they didn’t have the same social ceiling but it is the exploitation of poor people for your own gain that is the problem. That is what these so called Black concious dudes be doing. They want empowered by taking people who are sheep minded and being their shepherd to some promise land. So now we got a new master Lord Jamaar so that if you don’t do what Lord Jamaar feel is what black people should do he gone whip you back in line. GET OUT OF HERE. What another brother do don’t affect me beyond the aspect of opening up more lanes for people to see it OK for black people to go that way. This dude is all about closing them off and holding the key to the gate FOR you to go through. He serves no other purpose.

      • ccwaterbound32

        so in other words sell out?

      • Papi Peligro

        Sell out. You already sold out. You know why Grand Nubian couldn’t sell no more. Because the Labels weren’t pushing that out anymore. It wasn’t a conspiracy thugs sold more. Selling out is not being real with yourself to make other people happy. Lil Wayne sold out when he started back rapping when he wanted to make rock music and skate board all day. Rock and skate boarding isn’t selling out thinking you acting black is selling out. Listen to that Eight Ball MJG “nO Sell Out” or that “For Real”. Just because its not what you doing doesn’t mean its selling out. Ya’ll don’t own the black mold because ya’ll didn’t make it.

      • ccwaterbound32

        pray tell who did?

      • Papi Peligro

        Brand Nubian my bad. They already sold out. You couldn’t get on the rap scene back then unless you were conscious militant and black. Hammer got made fun of PM Dawn got clowned SOUTHERN RAPPERS COULDNT GET ON YO MTV OR BET unless they had a gimmick song. Corporate thugs today moving up corporate ladders etc is going to be played out tomorrow.

  • if your not down with what he said then your an enemy to the culture #HipHop

  • Carlos

    Jamar has some good points but because of the way he presents them he is looked at as racist. But real talk everytime i see a video or hear a new “commercial” hip hop song, i cant help but feel bad for what “we” did to M.C. Hammer. Who remembers, how he lost his fans for selling out. Now everyone is a sell out and Hammer was better than 90% of these new rappers.If you consider yourself a hip hop conservative , then you should help by educating the youth on real rappers from back in the day. Sheet, I now try to buy all the CDs that i had as tapes back as a kid if they are available. I feel its the only way to give back to the culture . When i am hanging out with my bro, who is 14 years younger, Im 36. i try to teach him and his boys some history. The other day, i told them, yeah Joey Badass is nice but here listen to this C.N.N. War report cd. They CNN fans now.

    • Black Jay

      Man…. You just dropped the realest sh*t of the day! Props on that. The truest sh*t I’ve read in a minute. Hammer was done dirty and I was the first one to put my Nikes on his neck at the time. Now look around you.

      That was just some real sh*t you dropped. Props man.

  • maya

    The same tradition that has all these fatherless young men killing each other every day? Some of Hip Hop’s “traditions” are magic. Some are toxic failures.

    Evolution. Survival of the fittest.

    It’s time to stop getting drunk and get an education.

    • ccwaterbound32

      sounds something like a bedwench or coon would say

  • TruthSerum

    The fact of the matter is that if people really wanted him to go away they would stop responding to him. He has no power in this game aside from the power of using his words to stir people up and generate reactions. It’s basically the same thing as an Internet message board troll, if you don’t respond they cease to matter.

    Because lets be honest with ourselves, whether you agree with him or not, his Vlad TV blogs arent gonna stop Macklemore from Winning awards or Lil Wayne from wearing pants 3 sizes too small for him, it has no real effect on anything.

    Bottom line, if you let this dude rile you up you deserve the frustration.

    • ccwaterbound32

      so in other words…give up?

      • TruthSerum

        I dont know which side of the argument your on so that’s hard to answer

        If your one of the people he’s complaining about then you should rest easy knowing he has no power at all and you can still do whatever you want without his permission.

        If you agree with his point of view you should take comfort in knowing that Skinny Jeans and skirts will fade away in time like every other goofy trend that has come and gone in hip hop.

        Anything beats whining on the internet tho

      • ccwaterbound32

        im just asking because you have this defeated mentality your on some “well if we can’t beat em might as well join em” type attitude…so are you basically saying to just give up or what?

      • TruthSerum

        I have the mentality that says only engage in fights that matter. This doesn’t matter.

        If Lord Jamar had the power to get a bill passed and outlaw the way you dress, I would understand, but he doesn’t ; he’s more or less a glorified internet troll at this point, and anybody dumb enough to take him serious is an even bigger clown.

        No matter what you do their always be somebody who dislikes it and if you expect different you live in a fantasy world. You just have to weigh out the factors.

        If your critic is a senator or a president, then you have a problem, because he can make moves to effect your life.

        If your critic is a 45 year old Former rapper who preaches from the Jerry Springer show of Websites (VladTV) you should laugh it off because it doesnt effect you at all

      • ccwaterbound32

        so what can an individual do to help maintain the integrity of the culture as well sustain the core in regards to the 4 original elements of hip hop? because seems to me the entire culture is being used against us and not being used for us and by us…

    • Jayson C Williams

      I get what you’re saying but it seems more like opinion and bias against him instead of being impartial and stating the obvious. We need ppl like him. Just like you had Elvis & or the Lil Richards or whomever and the Dorothy Dandridge’s vs the Marilyn Monroes. Basically we need both sides. And if he represents the past hiphop why is it so bad for him to speak up on what the genre use to be? It use to be no white rappers, it use to be more about lyrical prowess or strong messages. Things have changed and that’s ok too but let’s not forget where we came from. Or n this case maybe we should so it will repeat itself. Cause if you can see a change in rap from the late 80’s early 90’s up until now than there’s something wrong. It’s def a big change, and u can blame it on the machine or just the times. But it’s essential that the youth understand the essence. Just seems like young adults just rather except the new and discard what hiphop/rap & what it use to be.

      • ms marjane

        Do me a favor: go listen to Brand Nubians albums *after* Grand P left. Listen to all of them – in their mediocrity, confused and mixed messages, their pretend bravado. Now, randomly pick albums from the same eras, and notice how this cat *never* represented the larger movement he was apart of. People passed them by. They weren’t poppin, they struggled, mostly because their message was a pretense, and their music was wack. Lord Jamar has a lot of contemporaries, but he does not represent the “essence” of anything relevant to “what was right in hip-hop”. They preached 5% as a way to differentiate themselves and pander to the audience of hip-hop heads that were interested in the conscious hip-hop of the time, but for the most part, I don’t believe this man should be offered as the ‘essence’ of anything. There are cats that have been around longer, released better records (consistently), and regularly, *and* managed to spread a vibe of positivity, love, respect, fresh style, and all.. Brand Nubians didn’t have cred like that. They made some sensational homophobic remarks back in the day, and that was it. Young adults ARE trying to recapture the essence of what they love, and they are succeeding. For every bullshit, pop-rap album you can point to, there are at least 3 albums out right now that clearly borrow from the golden era, or incorporate strong hip-hop values. You might not be listening to the right stuff, and its obvious that Lord Jamar is focused on the negative, because he doesn’t have anything else better to do. Don’t bother looking to this person to provide any guidance – he was never successful at spreading his own message. He’s an actor – AT BEST.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Well said! You presented valid an mostly accurate points that I can appreciate and give little rebuttal!

      • Tyree Dawson

        That was pure back-up. It’s one thing to think Lord Jamar holds weight because of his old school status, but when you think of it, he was the weakest link in Brand Nubian.

      • ccwaterbound32

        those same albums you refer to are WATER WHIPPED they only go so far…whereas you had a group like the geto boyz who consistently put out street oriented/socio political topics into the masses…name an album within the past 10 years that has caused congress or some big wig in the dominate power structure to break out in a sweat….last person to do from my viewpoint was pac… kanye doesn’t count because he completely sold out…lil wayne NEVER had a positive message in his music, david banner to a certain degree did his thing on the grassroots level but you don’t really hear about what he’s doing now..UGK was putting out alot of social commentary into their records but Pimp c died and bun kinda slowed down…so i ask you what artist has pissed off the dominate power structure and has shed light on the current state of black america to the masses?

      • ms marjane

        I was EXACTLY thinking of Geto Boyz, their releases as a group and all three of their solo works – Willie D, Bushwick and Scarface managed to continue commenting on some of the most difficult and complex situations black men would find themselves in. I can’t say black women, unfortunately, because their minds weren’t opened like that to represent ALL black people, but damn it if GB didn’t manage to really get at the dominating culture and expose it for what it really was. The funniest part about their records, was when white kids started listening to it, like it was fiddn to go out of style. I can’t agree enough about Wayne and the other cats you mentioned. One of the problems with conscious hip-hop, is that consistency of a conscious message has to be weighed equally with the complexity of the issues that people are facing on the daily, and on the regular.. not to mention that an MC who ultimately believes himself to be a preacher is the equivalent of a singer who plans to only record commercial jingles. Being “right” and being “real” are two completely different things. I always wanted to believe Ice Cube’s Death Certificate, after Amerikkka’s Most.. but then the rest of his career really exposes him as a hypocrite. Pac was always on point, despite the fact that I believe he and suge manufactured that entire beef w/ east coast rappers. Paris, on the other hand, I believe he had some pretty cold messages and some real talk on his albums without elevating himself to super-gangster or flirting with nihilism. The Coupe out of Oakland, managed to release a few albums that really addressed cultural conflicts, and still keep it hip-hop, still keep it funky, still keep it real. For some reason, BCC’s releases during that time offered a good vibe of black unity.. maybe it’s just how those records affected me, but I felt like BCC represented how I felt black men were most effective outside of power structures, and outside of the commoditization of “black music”. In the meantime, Public Enemy was still on point in the earlier half of the decade, KRS was still on point.. by the mid-to-late decade, when the Fugees and BlackStar came along, I don’t think a group like the Brand Nubians had enough depth to keep up.

      • swoo

        first, how do you figure kanye has sold out. second, their hasn’t had to be an album like that for a minute because the people are doing it enough. the civil rights battle now isn’t as simple as black and white and you old fools are still stuck in that era. there is plenty young rappers that talk about being black in america and since you’re name dropping david banner you obviously don’t really care about the modern era anyway. the thing that annoys me the most is that jamar’s points are so 2008. yeah white people could very well overcrowd hip-hop but refusing to evolve won’t solve anything. it’ll just mean there won’t be a new hip-hop, or house (which we synthesized), or rock to move to. so chill.

      • ccwaterbound32

        in other words your saying don’t fight back don’t try nothing just accept what’s being given and smile…gotcha.

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  • superh8

    This nigga was wack back in the days so how he the voice of the old hiphop? Foh

    • Brindle

      you retard, he wasn’t close to being wack… quit maken up stuff cause he don’t like gays

  • ursocalledgod

    i have no prob with the OLD HEAD speaking his mind. a lot of the shit he is kicking is on some 100. im a Brand Nubian fan and wven rocked a couple of joints they had after Grand Puba left but Lord Jamar was never a lyrical heavyweight actually the weakest of the three. that still has no bearing on his knowledge of the art. his group was relevant at arguably the most defining and musically inspiring period in hip hop and he was in the midst of all that. so i say big up to the homie and keep speaking that real shit. we need more people like him. instead of these ” yes men” and watered down ass artists and fans that i see today.

  • Elayorx El

    When does an opinion hold no weight at all? Is an opinion a right, or a privilege? If one has lived their life, to the point of forming an “opinion” about a particular thing in that person’s overall experience, would it not make sense to actually take in all of the data, and then allow some time to pass, giving one the ability to weigh the “testimony”? The trouble is, many try to form “opinions” in areas where they are not qualified, using only their “limited” experiences at the point, as the basis of information to help form their views. Common sense should be the basis of all opinions, with of course the advantage of time, and particular experience to move more in the realm of, “FACT”. This is where we need to be concentrating our energies, because “opinions”, for the most part, do nothing more than muddle already passed on information, creating “red herrings”, allowing the issues to become that much more compromised. I think given Lord J’s history, and experience in “Hip-Hop”, the brother has a firm grasp of what is being conveyed, and discussed, having more to do with “objectivity”, than with “subjectivity”. The notion that he is an, “old”, “bitter”, and “disgruntled”, fly-by-night, ex-Hip-Hopper, who just makes “angry” videos about the current state of Hip-Hop, is an extremely laughable one, to say the least. Like, real talk, I would love to just ride around in my nice whipper-dipper, with my model piece on the passenger side, bumping, Jhene Aiko’s, “The Worst”, while we just shot the breeze about what we want to do in life, caring nothing at all about any of this. But the truth of the matter is, we cannot TOTALLY immerse ourselves in such activities, without first putting in some work, which is what Lord J’s views allude to, more or less, and as my “EXPERIENCE” suggests, most folks just ain’t with. Putting egos aside, we should allow ourselves to look at things the way they need to be seen, and not how our “programs” dictate they “should be viewed”, for whatever reason. This is a no-brainer here, with, I bet, a “Lord J”, of any other ethnic group, e.g., Hindus, Jews, Chinese, would be considered a hero, or something admirable. While we sit here, still hurt, confused, and miseducated about our true origins, lambasting a man for something most would never have a half a gram of courage to even attempt. Again, his approach may not be the best, but the message is SPOT ON. “I’m outta here, don’t front on my brovas, I take care of them, before I take care of others”.-Saddat X

    • Immortal

      El hope you and yours are living the life. I see what he’s trying to do but I also see it a different way. I see someone who doesn’t embrace “change” and is voicing his opinion. He disagrees with the current state of affairs and he is right if that is what he believes. Nothing wrong with that. When Rock and Roll came along, older folks didn’t like it, sounded funny, and was deemed inappropriate for the youth. Fast forward 60 plus years and it’s the same with rap…I’m not going to mention Hip Hop because rap is NOT Hip Hop and shares hardly anything with it. But today’s bunch of rappers are “for shock value only”. They bust on the scene, make you bob your head a lil, even do a dumba$$ dance or two and poof their gone. They even claim their music is even a “movement”. A movement of the bowels maybe, but a movement nonetheless. I see rap as moving toward a younger generation that doesn’t see what the “ol heads” meant to Hip Hop and there is a disconnect because of that. Yesterdays MC’s are being replaced by a bunch of “wanna be thugs, I’m so rich, and those I have so many chics”. The message has been lost, not on all, but on most. Ask a youngblood about the fundamentals of Hip Hop and their faces would draw a blank. Ask who their idols are, and Wayne, Drake, Nikki, would probably at the top of their list why….that is the passing of the torch, the beginning of a new era. We don’t have to like it, and we can hold on to the true classics, like our parents hold the temptations and the four tops, this is the way of the world. Will it come back…I doubt it. I say that because the only time I can hear someone that can honestly sing is on a classics station or adult station on the radio. I think we need to let rap go on it’s merry way and hold on to Hip Hop for those that got it, and those that want to get it in the future. Preserve the past while embracing the future. We’re only young once. I rambled a bit hope it makes sense.

      • Elayorx El

        Immortal! May the Most High bless, you and yours as well fam:-) Wow, very deep, and on point without question, and if I may add, when you went back a bit, reflecting on times past. That is one of my main gripes, where we have been led to believe our “cultures” are supposed to change every 10 years or so now, it seems, almost totally forgetting the events that lead up to the status quo, pretty much rendering any communication, harmony, solidarity, etc, that much more difficult to attain, which is something that is supposed to come natural, dealing with true CULTURE, that should have little change for generations, not many changes within one generation! We have grown accustomed to accepting this pathology, as normalcy, like with almost everything else regarding the, “modern world”. I understand Hip-Hop being no exception, and yes, it all makes sense Immortal, which is bittersweet for me, as I guess I slowly need to start accepting this truth, also knowing with everything, there shall soon be a renaissance period, which I am patiently waiting for. I remember my Moms trying to keep me away from the brothers who used to sit on the crates, on the side of the LQ spot, back in the day, with the brown bags in their hands, because she thought they were crazy. Those cats were far ahead of anything I was learning in school, and one day when they told me, we were made from the same stuff that was in the sky, I never forgot that, and to this day, I miss those guys, and wonder whatever happened to them. Who knows how old we all REALLY are, talking about all of this, “young”, and “old” stuff! Please! It’s just more crap to keep us at each other’s throats, seemingly never ever realizing the bigger picture. Thanks for the nod Immortal, and the gems. Stay in the light family! One L……

  • Brindle

    keep speaking that truth, let the rest of the sheeple conform to the lies

  • Live

    This niggah was never whack. Let that be clear. Do the knowledge. There is no one who listen to Hip Hop then or now would ever say Lord Jamar was ever whack. I don’t agree with everything the Homie says, but he is keeping it 100 with Hip-Hop. Pushing the boundaries is HipHop. De La Soul on one side to Nwa on the other. These are two great Hip-Hop groups period. Men wearing skirts is not Hip-Hop! Vanilla Ice & Macklemore is not Hip-Hop. Pm Dawn is not Hip-Hop. Kendrick Lamar is Hip-Hop. Just because you rap does not mean you do HipHop. Just because you put on running sneakers does not mean you run marathons. Just because you have on Jordans does not mean you are a basketball player. Don’t get mad at the sports reporter telling you the truth that your a fraud. So Lord Jamar keep reporting and letting these sucker know we know they are all Frauds of Hip-Hop!

  • Live

    @Ms Marjane, you don’t know what the hell your talking about. Brand Nubians ran NYC for a few years. No they did not sell 10million records, but they had the music game locked and loaded. You need to do the research. After Puba left they had a few great hits and all. They had a great message for the Gods and the Earths. They influenced Wu-Tang and many other groups after them. There is nothing you can say to discredit his place in history. If you don’t agree with the man Ok, but don’t try and grow a brain and claim his words can’t have validity or he was an outsider without real roots. Stop the nonsense. Lord Jamar was in Brand Nubians a very real and influential HIP-HOP group period. That name Brand Nubians ring bells with hits to match.

  • drac215

    I can understand Jamars anger cause ive been there(drac c da eye/youtube). Christ is the dopest mc ever!!! His word stood and stands to this day!!! He rocked the gear that people thought was dirty(not fit for a King),he spoke in a language that confused the masses(yet made/make sense when you broke/break it down) Hes really ‘Godbody/child of God” You know how rappers say word? Did you know Jesus is the word and the word is with God? Dont want to give to much but you are entitled to these benefits(repent to Jesus) God bless,peace

  • John Mazzo

    What does he mean by white washing? White people rapping? What does he want to talk about African American Issues while stomping on the white man? Not going to work. If he wants to be a soap box for the Black Panthers call bet becuase the white man buys hip too, maybe even more than the black man. Just saying

  • t1m3b0mb

    this guy and anybody who thinks like him are the tea party version of hip hop always trying to rewrite history and tell you about the “real” SMH….sit down people listen to whatever they want and no crybaby bitch stuck in the past is gonna change a thing about it!

  • Mitea

    STFU Jamar! We don’t even know your name nor exist until you make publicity using Yelawolf! So, stay in your home and watch Oxygen! that’s the best you can do nikkhha!

  • HiThere

    This guy has fucked up his legacy. Congrats, Jamar – well done job. 🙁

  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    if you aint making music to help hip hop but gabbing like the broads on the view about what hiphop should be. you aren’t no different from those you speak against. MAKE MUSIC OR STFU

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Art in any form promotes expression and hip-hop is no different to that no matter what any conservative will tell you, So Lord Jamar saying he represents the people who want to conserve ” Hip-Hop’s essence” is doing nothing but limit an art form which is impossible to do. As Black People, we should acknowledge ourselves and the world that Hip-Hop is a black artform cos it is but also remember this is also an art form which like any art form expression and technique also comes with the territory.

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