Eminem Is Now The Second Highest Selling Male Artist Of The SoundScan Era

(AllHipHop News) Eminem is now only behind Garth Brooks in total album sales for a male artist over the last 23 years. According to Billboard, Slim Shady passed country singer George Strait to become the second highest selling male performer since SoundScan started tabulating sales.

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Em now has 44.91 million units sold. Strait falls to third on that list with 44.89 million. Brooks leads the way with 69.52 million.

In overall sales for the SoundScan era, the Detroit rapper sits in the sixth spot. Garth Brooks is still number one followed by The Beatles at 2 (65.55 million), Metallica at 3 (54.26 million), Mariah Carey at 4 (54.24 million), and Celine Dion at 5 (52.21 million).

Eminem’s latest project The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has passed the 2 million sales mark. All of his major label solo albums have gone at least double platinum.

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  • johnblacksad

    The great white support…

    • Inmadopuroz

      You b!tch let me suck u off. QUEENS!

    • Antwon Grant

      I mean u can’t be mad….maybe if blacks started supporting our artists instead of bootlegging everything we can get someone close

      • Inmadopuroz

        I suck sperm out a straw


      Cosign, next he’ll be the best rapper ever!

      • justmathoughts

        im not saying that he is or isnt the best rapper but if hes not in the discussion i would like to know your definition of “the best rapper”


        Seems like sales determines how popular artists are these days. So sales = popularity = greatness = Eminem. JMO!

      • justmathoughts

        oh ok, i completely took your first comment out of context

      • johnblacksad

        Em is Top 20!

        I could even agree to Top 15… but def not 5!


      That’s why he’s the G.O.A.T.

  • Inmadopuroz

    Eminem can give me the dick 24 7

  • Draftmane

    Tupac still the Best!

    • I was about to shout out same name

      • Inmadopuroz

        I shout your name just f*ck my ass

    • Inmadopuroz

      He’s sexy oooh PAC

  • Obi Won

    Not surprising

    • Inmadopuroz

      I lick man up and down QUEENS!

  • Eny Daboss

    man cmon he is white and got all the white wanna be black tryin to buy hs album… eminem voice is pop not really rap

    • Inmadopuroz

      U gay? I like penis

      • Eny Daboss

        fr? can i fuq your mom and your sisters and ill let your dad fuq you like he does every night? why you think you a daddys boy lol

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  • Black Jay

    Not unexpected…. Elvis with baggy jeans and above average flow. At least Dr. Dre got paid.

    • Inmadopuroz


  • Guest

    Props to Eminem. He turned a seemingly negative into a positive and is THE blueprint for all non-black artists who want to succeed in hip-hop culture.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Hmmmm…. The Eminem Pic You Chose………I See What You Did There.

    • Inmadopuroz

      I’m sleepy after I swallow skeet

  • RichFromBX

    Stop complaining about Em being white and white people buying his shit – if y’all want to see black artist sell in numbers then black people have got to actually buy the product and not the bootlegs.

  • ursocalledgod

    i give it up to EM especially cause he reps the D. i havent purchased an album since his second but i do respect dude. ive never heard his shit coming out of one car in the hood or the city atleast not from the bruhs lol but its not for us thats why hes doing the numbers hes doing. nuff respect…

  • The_Focused_One

    I’m dying here laughing at all the people catchin’ feelings over Em… Like we haven’t known this for about a decade now… And NAS is still the GOAT, time will tell when we stop caring about album sales… SMARTEN UP!

  • I’m not a big conspiracy theorist but something about this doesn’t sit right with me. Not saying that em isn’t talented, I think the white boy can actually spit. I liked a few of his songs or verses or what have you , but as far as sliding in my whipability factors I think I’d choose an Eminem cd Dead last, even something to party too, again I’d choose his music dead last. If I wanna hear some lyrical shid he can be discussed but I don’t really think of him like that. All of his albums that I heard up until I just stopped caring was kind of a one play type deal for me, iunno. I don’t believe myself nor any of potnas ever bumped bruh like that. We would acknowledge his skills no doubt but it just didn’t seem like his topics on albums and shid I couldn’t get with. I understand having a concept for ya album but damn I couldn’t rock wit that shid too tough. I think Royse da 5 smashed Em on that cd they did together by the way.

    • BulldogCG

      For sure, the only one I can bump all the way through is that first MMLP, havent heard MMLP II yet. But i agree, I listen to him, because when he hits on relevant concepts he is dope, but I always agreed he spent too much time trying to make sure the newest batch of youth bought his record. That means immaturity.

    • st7007

      My man you have never lied I agree 100% none of his albums ranked up there with Ready to Die, All Eyez on Me, Illmatic, Mobb Deep the Infamous, the Chronic albums, Muddy Waters hell even get rich or die trying the list can go on an on. Bottom Line as most of the cats these days Em has not put out a complete album beginning to end, yes he give you some songs but anybody name one Em album they can play beginning to end.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Name one joint off mmlp2 that you listen to after a week.

      • Z ro

      • Dustin Young

        Lol rap god, wicked ways, groundhog day

      • Not none….so how in thee fk?

    • Key word = Albums sold

      That has nothing to do with skills and evetrything to do with soccermomz who bought the CD as stocking stuffers.


      Ppl sleep on Royce . They need to listen to Malcolm x . Rawest diss track

    • LaurynHernandex

      True. That mmlp2 was too over hyped and I can’t name one song that is good. Sure it was good for a week but did you listen to it in week 2.

  • I wonder how many comments this shid gon have??????

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Funny how much hate Eminem gets. The man came up battle rappin in detroit!!! Not no suburb or some little town in North dakota. The man came up in rap in Detroit!!! Your favorite rapper can’t go there now to do a show without permission. This man was signed by dr dre. He’s backed by the most successful black dude in the hiphop industry. When u look at the highest selling hiphop albums of all times, you will see Dr dre name somewhere in there….it’s f*ckin talent, that’s why he sold. White people finally found a white rapper that could actually rap. They supported the nwas, and public enemies of the world. Why can’t a white person support a rapper that talks about shit they relate to?!?! Why ain’t yellawolf sellin? Or Mac miller? Or Vinnie paz? Or Lil white? How long was vanilla ice career?!?! Name another white boy rapper that gets half the respect em does…All yall talkin that race shit sound like old white golfers still mad that tiger woods is the highest earning golfer

    • justmathoughts

      dont even bother dropping dimes bro…..most people on here dont even have the sense to add it up


        Yell wolf doesn’t get promoted enough. N this is a fan talking

      • Eli Pinilla

        But based off most arguments, em Is successful mostly cuz of his whiteness. He’s no whiter than yellawolf. Even with a quarter of Eminem promotion, if Eminem whiteness got him to be the highest selling, then yellawolfs whiteness can at least have him sellin better than schoolboy Q or kid cudi…..I’m a fan too btw…


        Many ppl who have not heard catfish work Wrongly assume that he is a em knock off. He lacks promotion. No me diss he learning on that side. Plus catfish has a strange lane. And they may not know how to market him.
        Second I agree me had to climb up the battle rap scene and ok us when you have trick trick co signing … We’ll let’s say he good kong earned his spot he not PAC by far but I don’t expect him to be every artist is different

      • Dustin Young

        Ems success is due to his exceptional skill

    • Elayorx El

      I feel your point Eli, but I think the real issue stems from the fact that, the true core issues of race prejudice have never EVER really been addressed here in this country, and when a RATIONAL look is placed on history, one can easily see the same events continually being perpetuated, “generation in, and generation out”. Here it is no different, again, where you have something a certain group of people create, and then you have a slow melding, and then an eventual “takeover” of the thing created. How would you feel if that was you, or better put, your father, and his father, and….well, you see the point. When is this going to come to an end? I believe this is the central concern, and unfortunately, Em/Mack just so happen to be the apple of discord at the moment, a la, Benny Goodman, Elvis, Kenny G, and many others from times past. Why can’t “Whites” ever create something popular to “relate” to? I mean, I respect Em, I really do, but he along with his “racial” counterparts, have the clear advantage of, unearned “race” privilege. I have always maintained that had Kurt Cobain been a rapper, he probably would have been arguably one of the baddest, because I know he would have actually made songs dealing with issues of all people, especially of those where this artform actually came from. I’m not sure any “white” artist has actually done this, relative to original Hip-Hop hood issues. I’m well aware of whites being the majority here, but how was that able to come about? Who played the most major role that could EVER be played in the building of a nation? Please miss us with this type of stuff, because there are way too many stones that are unturned dealing with real issues here in this country, that would readily explain all of this, if one took the time to REALLY look, and learn. “IN THE SOUNDSCAN ERA”, which means what it says, so we need not get up in arms about this, because we all know, and should understand why it is mostly this way. We are all new players in the exact same game, that obviously is meant to stay the way it has for a reason. When history is properly dealt with, then the game changes. No disrespect, but it is what it is. One L…..

      • Eli Pinilla

        I think it’s the other way around. I think people keep using the “generation in, generation out” too much in this particular discussion instead of just looking at it rationally. I don’t disagree with you on generations past and such. Weather your talking rock, jazz, or egypt. But that goes to blacks being originators. I’m not African american, so you could better answer why it is that blacks keep on making it and whites keep on taking it, then controlling it. I think a lot has to do with the fact that whites control the country and have done so for 400 or so years. I believe if these rappers cared half as much as you do that they could create some kind of industry in Africa instead of blowing money on strippers and giving the Money they make back to the white man they say is oppressing them…..I can’t tell you why whites can’t make popular music you relate to, but some of the reason Eminem even sells what he does is cuz there’s millions of people who go through exactly what he goes through. You won’t get a anything relative to hiphop hood issues cuz he’s not from the hood the way you see it or any other black person does. But he raps about things that the white boy who lives in a trailer might. Nas, jayz, ks one, Chuck d, Kool g rap, name a rapper who’s made some of the best hiphop hood issues music there is that doesn’t respect him for everything other than his race. The authors of some of the best music of all time respect him as such. Another author……..we all know how whites made the country and got into power. I think the problem is that people do too much talking. You ain’t sayin nothing new. Nobody is. Shit is talked out. How much talking can one do??? There’s always these discussions here and other websites that make it obvious that racial tension still exist. But don’t nobody do anything about it. And the only way they can express their opinions is by making things race related in that matter when a topic like this comes up. That’s for both blacks and whites. Both do this to each other. Theres a white version of you still up in arms about the president being black who’s making his points on black people the way you are on white….does him being white have to do with some of his success?!?! Of course. Is it some conspiracy that he’s the highest selling and there’s 8 Jews sitting in an office on the highest floor laughing like Mr burns over Eminem success?!?!?! Naw….

      • Elayorx El

        Hmmm, ok well, for starters, I never said “whites” never made music I couldn’t relate to, reason for the Cobain reference, as I relate to frequency, and many whites have tapped into that for me. But using that example, why can’t whites use that same “frequency”, instead of having to see one of their “own” in something? You do not have to be, “from the hood”, to relate to what is going on there, STILL. Just like I’ve never, as well as many others I know, needed to see one of our own in groups like, Fleetwood Mac, Goo-Goo Dolls, A Perfect Circle, etc. I agree with your point on, “some of us”, blowing money, but that represents a small fraction, as the real ability to do anything comes from the political latitude of a people, but with us, it seems things go left whenever any headway is seemingly made in that regard. I never said Em was without merit, but I did give points as to why an “overall” feeling of discontent was visibly apparent. I also may be saying nothing new to you, which throws me a bit, because if your truly aware of history, then you would know why the angst exists, but I could be saying something new to those new to the forum, which is developed for discussions, last I checked. Now I can speak for no one, but myself here, but I am highly active in my communities, and I would be remiss to just idly sit by, hoping, and wishing for others to do the same, when I could lend some advice, and learn at the same time. Since you believe things are “talked out”, I hope this means you are active in some form, to help out race relations, at least to the form of mutual respect, if you truly cared, of course. Don’t want to become a victim of your own disapproval. Somehow I feel Em’s success, makes many in this country quite comfortable, if only for the fact that he looks like them, which is what HIP-HOP was NEVER supposed to be about in the first place.

      • Eli Pinilla

        The reason they don’t use the same frequency is cuz it wouldn’t be authentic. Whites tried that in hiphop form and failed. Eminem was the first to use hiphop as a forum to speak to his fans the way cobain did to him. You might not, but many hold Eminem in the same light. Neither are John lennon, but that’s a higher frequency all together. Eminem is the exception to what you speak of which is why he’s the only real successful white rapper. He speaks about his struggles in his community as good as black artist in hiphop do for theirs. And I say you cuz there’s a lot of black that love eminem. So it ain’t like is 98.9% white people who love Eminem cuz there’s a shit load of blacks who like and relate to things he speaks of…. If the system is controlling this and all these factors you speak on are playing it’s role, then why is he the only one?!?!?! Why is it only eminem?!?!? Why aren’t there more successful white hiphop artist on that list? I don’t know, but if their using a system to keep black hiphop artist down and white hiphop artist up, I can’t tell. Their system sucks. Only Eminem and the beastie boys have had any longevity as white artists in hiphop…..it’s good that you do for your community. May we follow in your lead. But that shit is for a forum that should really hold the kind of discussion that your trying to have. Eminem being the highest selling artist in hiphop has nothing to do with that. The top 5 are white. It had nothing to do with hiphop and everything to do with a successful white artist who so happens to do hiphop. On a high level…..hiphop was about having fun and staying out of trouble. The black panthers didn’t create hiphop and neither did Noi Or The naccp. Shit started from Some kids in the ghetto that wanted to have fun….rappers who cared made their subject matter more political and used social commentary, but the shit started out as fun. Nothing more nothing less.

      • Elayorx El

        Well, I respect your angle, and I believe the, “discussion I am trying to have”, fits in well with points you, and I have both posed. It’s all relative, because contrary to your belief, the, NOI, Black Panthers, and the NAACP did play a role in the coming about of Hip-Hop, much the same way the gradual, “inclusion”, of other race groups formed today’s Hip-Hop complexion. You ask why is Em the only one? He is not, nor was he ever the only one. The most popular? Yes. As far as I’m concerned, Em is an extreme exception, not to mention due to the individuals in the D, Em grew up around. I mean the enormous influence Proof(RIP) had on him alone is enough to cite, let alone everyone else from Em’s upbringing. I disagree with you stating whites did not resonate on the same frequency in Hip-Hop’s earlier times, as their are plenty of examples, with 3rd Bass, House of Pain, and others who’s names escape me at the moment, but when trying to blend in, it is never something done precipitously. Please just use history as an example to the future of Hip-Hop, which will be your “crystal ball”, to know the outcome of Hip-Hop very shortly. Again I ask you, if this were something you knew as your culture, how would you feel if this happened time, and again, with no regard being taken into account of your feelings, I mean your very existence even? I can tell by your words you would not be one to sit too lightly, and let something like that go on, undisturbed. John Lennon is right up my alley, with ALL types of people congregating at Strawberry Fields in NY every year, to celebrate him. Perfect example. He does not need to be, “black” for me, and many others. My community, is the entire world, with Hip-Hop having been started by more than just, “kids”, which is another thing the system does to hypnotize people into thinking this is just some, “cookie cutter, cannon fodder, cheap pop culture food”, to be consumed by only, “children”, paying no attention whatever to the HISTORY, which clearly illustrates this is a CULTURE, which if you refer to the dictionary definition, will give a clear understanding of this, and how it should not be manipulated like it has been here in America. Our problem is not with Mr. Mathers himself, as it is with the, “soil” with which this system has been allowed to grow, and “prosper” from.

      • Dustin Young

        It is way simpler than you two are making it with your storybook responses. A large percentage of each race become uncomfortable/ upset when someone from another race suddenly starts to dominate and rise to the top of something that was dominated for a long time by their race. Sad but true unfortunately.

      • 5% Hov

        Or dude is just not that good.

    • Brick Soulja

      Shut up with your ridiculous defense of this average rapper. Everyone with good sense knows that Eminem and Taylor Swift represent the same thing George Bush winning a second term meant to America lol.

      • Eli Pinilla

        You and the dude with the elmo shirt come from the same cave….your opinions are never valued…

      • brandi, hes not an average rapper…come on now…im not a fan but i can respect lyricism. hes lyrically better than the top 5 rappers on the charts…just to let you know…here is the top 5 rap songs on billboard

        pitbull feat ke$ha – timber
        kid ink feat chris brown – show me
        eminem feat rihanna – monster
        yg feat jeezy and rich homie – my niggaz
        young thug – stoner

        name someone on that list who is a better lyricist

  • Embassy

    Everyone’s talking about Macklemore, Yelawolf, Mac Miller… the best white rapper other than Eminem is clearly Classified.

    • acb87

      its crazy to read Classified. has fans outside of Canada. Ive met him dozens of times he a regular normal person. he performed and my colleges frosh week back in 2010

    • 5% Hov

      Over Ra the Rugged? Naw

      • Embassy

        I might have to give you Ra, he completely slipped my mind. I also have to remind everyone that Bubba Sparxxx is white too.

  • Brick Soulja

    His records means nothing to my community at all, but congratulations to the ofay powers of the country. My community still knows who the best is.

    • LaurynHernandex

      True! You can’t name one person that constantlly listens to the mmlp it was hyped by his fans but a general 7/10 he can rap crazy but can’t make music anymore. He just doing random rhymes that just doesn’t equal his past.

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  • Dustin Young

    You people are crazy. Most of you don’t even understand his rhymes or get his complex use of syllables and the crazy metaphors he uses. Check out rapgenius. Com to educate yourselves on his rhymes to give yourself a real appreciation for his skill. I would like for you to give me someone that is on his level. And please don’t even reply if you are going to mention weak ass Drake

    • 5% Hov

      White Much?? lol

      Sorry bro we don;t relate / can’t relate. We aren;t whie.

    • I said it earlier Royse the 5 nine bodied that man on that welcome to hell album…..deny that shid if u want bruh….nobody saying he not good but best…hell naw

      • Dustin Young

        Bodied is an exaggeration. People confuse Royce for being better because he is underrated. Personally I thought they both owned that CD. I give Royce mad props though.

      • I can actually digg that. In my opinion tho I feel royce was better on that album. I never said em wasn’t nice, I just feel that all time goat status is greatly exaggerated as it pertains to eminem. I think he a spittas but I can’t for the life of me remember a lot of his songs, just because u sell the most don’t make u the dopest.

  • Trav Is

    Funny…nowhere in the article is his race mentioned nor the fact that he’s “The Best” at anything…but all I see is angry black people finding an excuse to be mad about something trivial…smh…sad, sad state of affairs.

    • According to soundscan and his numbers, who the fk don’t know that eminem is melanin challenged? Lmao

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