50 Cent Gets Victory In Lawsuit Against WorldStarHipHop

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent received some good news this week. After 5 years, the New York rapper gained a partial victory in his copyright lawsuit against WorldStarHipHop.com

50 sued WSHH for using his likeness as part of the site’s banner. The judge in the case ruled in favor of the “Hold On” performer.

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The Hollywood Reporter reports:

The main controversy in the lawsuit had to do with the website’s masthead featuring an image of the rapper. In a ruling on Monday, a federal judge granted the hip-hop star summary judgment on copyright and right of publicity claims. In doing so, the judge rejected affirmative defenses including fair use. According to the ruling, “Defendants provide no authority to support the fair use of a celebrity’s image or likeness. This is not surprising, as a celebrity’s image, standing alone, only evokes that celebrity’s persona. Jackson’s image does not, by itself, describe anything about Defendants’ website.”

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22 Responses to “50 Cent Gets Victory In Lawsuit Against WorldStarHipHop”

  1. Black Jay

    At least he’s getting revenue…. Can’t hate on that. F*ck Worldstar anyway…. It’s just The National Equirer on steroids.

  2. TruthSerum

    If there were any justice in the world 50 would track the owner of the sight down, whoop his ass and then upload the video to his own site.


    How is this a victory? He got himself and his artist banned off the number 1 website rather u like ws or not. I’m not saying it’s the main reason his career is in the trash but it’s one of them

    • D. Rose in the paint

      at this point in his career I really dont think he needs WSHH….lmaoooo….50 is still one of the biggest stars in the world

    • Your Dog Needs Training.

      How can you even partly attribute his docile music career to not being on worldstar?

      50 does not need worldstar,

      Worldstar is no longer a powerful vehicle for an artist’s success. A lot of people just go to worldstar for “ratchedness” and to vent hatred on artists.

      How many artists that post videos on WS have had major success? Not many.

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