Shyne and Diddy

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Shyne Bustin’ Shots At Diddy?

Diddy is about to drop a new project over there at Bad Boy Record. You think he can do it again? I think so. But, as he promotes, the past comes up to have a conversation. In this case, that past is Shyne. Shyne seems to want to 1) make sure history isn’t being re-written and 2) make sure there is a distinction between him and Diddy aka Puff Daddy! Peep what Rhymes With Snitch hunkered down and saw on both of their instagram accounts.





“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • David Gonz


    • Savimbi

      Lol i feel you!!!!!

  • Real Talk (Amazing Dude)

    I don’t like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers

    diddy is 1 of the most shadiest people and for some reason people just forgive and forget

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    Diddy fucked over Shyne so bad, it made him go crazy in jail – look at him LOL
    Diddy made Shyne go crazy lol

    • diddy made a few of artists turn to god. mase & loon.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        LOL !

      • Celz

        a Chirstian, Jew, and Muslim… King Los gon be the first Buddhist rapper!

  • hoeyuno

    Is that the ninja JewPac!!! Shyne can only make headlines these days by talking ish about puff..yea puff fucced him big time but you know diddy hit shyne with at least a cool mil when he was released..”You can’t war from a island shyne!!!!”

    • digitallife

      You really believe Diddy gave shyne anything you must not have been paying attention to the fact that Wolf died down south broke as hell and he was the only man keeping the dogs off diddy’s back since 94.

      • hoeyuno

        Maybe your right..but just how shit played out when shyne got out I figured puff broke him off. puff looked confused when shyne started going at him..but I could be wrong..I mean it is puff were talking about..

      • Weedras

        Speaking of Wolf wasn’t it one of the BMF cats that killed him?

      • Terrance Goodman


  • Terrance Goodman

    One had Johnny n one had public pretender.

    • Nah, Shyne had “Don’t Wirry” Murray Richmond, far from a pretender.
      10yrs was life for someone else.

      • Terrance Goodman

        I had to google the chap. Maybe. I believe c murder would have been jenif he would have acted right.

      • Maybe, C’s case a little different, but Shyne was getting 5 for the burner str8 off the muscle, so the other 3 shooting victims got him 5yrs.

        Not a bad deal considering it was high profile.

      • Terrance Goodman

        True that on both. But he puff did have the best of the best. It’s like im Bruce lee. And you would be chuck Norris. Yes both talented In their own right but we know the outcome on who losing.

        No diss just a visual

      • VISUAL ON POINT & EVEN THOUGH cHUCK GETS KILLED ( 10YRS )…the other dudes get fugged up way worse. ( Life + )

        c = cRAZY, HE’S DOWN FOR 2 CASES?

        The strip club video did any chance he had, real dirty.

      • Terrance Goodman

        2 and a attempted

      • Stick a fork him!

        He’s bugging for dissing P too!

      • Terrance Goodman

        True vs life a ten piece ,with parole is good. Check shyne puff interview when he was on lock.
        N c would have beat the club shooting. That was slim rip. N most everyone it. The second case. , not sticking with name change (c miller) and constantly breaking conditions of release. That and the racist state he resides in. Is what convicted him

      • Casor_G

        That and the fact he was guilty

  • Carlos

    i don’t blame diddy for having a different lawyer, a good lawyer will tell you that case should be separated from co ds. What i dont like about situation is that it appears Diddy never blessed Shyne when he came out. if i was diddy with his money, i would have blessed dude with millions for taking that charge. real talk.

    • hoeyuno

      Really? I think he did. I think diddy had more to do with it and convinced shyne to take the wrap..when shyne got out puff met up with him and said to the media they were cool. puff hit him with something..maybe in prison shyne realized that no money in the world was worth the 10 years but puff hit him with something..

      • nano404

        I’m going strictly off memory but I think I heard talk about puffy giving him a mili or something?

    • digitallife

      You serious in a case of someone saving your life you should separate your case from theirs…really…in what galaxy?

      • Yeah, legally speaking, it makes the most sense, defensively, strategically, just like snitching, so the lawyer is looking out for you in a legal sense, by telling you to snitch on your moms, sister, etc.

        Socially & morally?

        That’s not the lawyer’s job to consider that, it’s the client’s.

    • Perico777

      He got that def jam deal …

  • digitallife

    It’s funny how people say Shyne is salty..if Shyne hadn’t pulled his gun out and shot at the ceiling Diddy and possibly J.LO would’ve been killed that night. Only to have the same people he probably saved unalign themselves from him and rob him of the chance to get a thorough defense. Kinda hard to say I was saving x persons life when that persons lawyers are telling him to plead the fifth and not back up your story which is what really happened. So yeah, to say Shyne is salty is stupid. If your people did that to you, you’d be singing another tune. Them dudes could’ve all walked away from that case with nothing more than a lawsuit from the people who got hurt in the stampede instead one guy gets ten years and the other two stay free earning tens of millions of a dollars a year. Notice they didn’t call J-lo to testify at Shyne’s trial either.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Yeah man. Anyone calling Shyne salty is an idiot. We live in an era where if someone “subtweets” you, you are ready to fight lol. Well imagine if someone totally abandoned you as you spend 10 years in PRISON, only to come home to no support, fake smiles, no $ and deported lol.

      Shyne is actually taking it kind of well.

      • $$$HHHHhhhh!

        The game is to be sold, not told!

        >> Starts selling “Real Ninjaz” secret decoder ring to fake Ninjaz like Butchcraig, & Hip Hop’s 1st openly gay commenter, InMadPuroz for $19.95 + S&H

        >>Hits you with $5 off every sale for the idea

    • Some one had to go down.
      Shyne was weakest earner, but they should have taken care of him.

      IE: Sign him to 10 mil deal as tax weite off, etc.

  • ZUBU

    I will start by sayin I DO NOT KNOW all of the details, but from everything I have heard/read, etc. Shyne Po is a “G” … all praises due. Shyne is a real brotha true to the code.
    I’m going to use the age-old saying in relation to Puff “IF YOU DON’T HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, THEN DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL.” *CRICKETS*

  • Elayorx El

    Hmpf!! Last of the Mohicans right here. Dumb respect for Shyne, and BK all day.

  • Cory Evans

    looks like an opinion on Barnes to me…not a shot a Diddy…I feel like he was a rat too

    • Diddy ratted in the NY club shooting that sent Shyne to jail.

      • Cory Evans

        He didn’t rat…He may have been disloyal but not rat. He hired his own lawyer and told his side. I feel the comparison though. I still think it was about NIcki…some people hate it when a person from the streets get props and they feel like they were not worthy. I hear a lot of people grunt and whatnot when they Hear the name Nicki Barnes.

      • 240 people + their families grunt.
        Total Nicky snitched on.

        Diddy threw Shyne under the bus, Shyne had to go, but Diddy could have taken better care of him.

  • Obi Won

    When is Shyne going to get it through his head. We live in a time where suckers get praised. He can post cold hard FACTS but these days people have permanent dumb blonde moments and continue to suck the penis. Money rules EVERYTHING and that includes your moral and street codes. Diddy can say he’s lamed out on Shyne and no one would care. Shyne is a real dude, his raps are a different story, BUT we don’t live in a world where real dudes get just due anymore. Its ok to be fake, fraudulent, and a follower.

    • iamKingG

      Ain’t That the truth, couldnt have said it better

    • Wise words from a Jedi Master!

      Young Jedi Knights, pay heed, L’est thine hand get’eth cut’eth off’eth too!

    • Celz

      It’s like if a nicca violate the code they get made a twitter meme for a week as punishment then it’s all good. These rappers really trick for hoes and strippers that’s never been part of any g code at least where I’m from. Keepin ya side piece happy or hittin the strip club wit ya boys is one thing but these niccas blow racks on puccy like it’s the thing to do smh..

    • AlbertoRipRon

      That sounds all wise and great but the truth is that what Shyne went through isn’t something easy for someone to just forget. Music career, done. Did a bid. And deported. You think a real dude is going to just forget that after hearing what you say? Naw homie, he might just smack you on principle just for speaking on something you don’t understand like you would act different. I know no real dude that would be in Shyne’s shoes and just drop that.

      On the real, Shyne kept Diddy from getting popped that night. Puffy should have held that man down.

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  • DjLarryLuv

    He’s got a point though.I know nicky was big in Harlem,but he’s a guy known for snitching as a legacy

    • digitallife

      He was also a junkie…a massive junkie.

      • DjLarryLuv

        forgot about that part but ur absolutely right

  • ihatefaggots

    All harlem niggaz r rats

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    He should have thought about that before he brought a loaded gun in the club and shot innocent people! He really needs to let go. He’s in Belize banned from the U.S. Puffy nor 50 is worried about him. A black Jew smh


      No gun = dead Puff Daddy, possibly J-Lo!

      • ^^^This

        (Although not dead, #IJS)

  • tdot

    since 50 cent came into the game ppls MORALS changed!!!!! rewind just before 50cent came into the game DMX was hot street shit ppl got scared dude went hard he basically weeded out the competition and pussies, street code meant alot! DMX had is drug issues didn’t hear from him in a while who came along 50 cent and he was selfish didn’t want to work with anyone but his team and who liked him and diss everyone and had NO REPSPECT for ppl and was known to be a informant on Murder Inc these are facts!! and took someone style and made it his own lol smh after bashing them about it…. #livebyoldschoolrules #lastofdyingbreed

    • D_Ably

      a piece about Shyne and Puffy and suckas still drag 50 in it? lol you people are beyond lame. Its also people like you that made 50 a household name…globally.

      • Phibes


      • Yeah, that ‘chet was way outta left field.

        P.S. Blaming 50 for suckaz is just plain wrong!

  • itsadamnshame

    im sick of this mothafucka man Samuel Jackson voice

  • ya cant buss shots from Belize… bullets wont reach

    • Vinsanity

      Gotta use missiles.

    • Them ‘chets hit Diddy center mass!
      * #NYClubShooting/JLO

  • $11625525

    In a world of surveillance, where almost every dealer uses a phone or some sort of digital communication, you best believe that a dealer’s snitched on somebody if he’s been working for years and hasn’t been to jail or has done relatively short bids.

    I wouldn’t trust anyone doing anything considered illegal for a living, the world is packed to the rafters with snitches and dirty macks.

  • mademan3000

    Diddy = serpent…Shyne u mess with a snake long enuff eventually u get bit! Take it as a hard lesson learned, now move on and focus on getting ur bread up. That is all sir.

  • RIV

    nobody cares riv google that


  • I used to respect Shyne as a rapper, but if you take the fall for another man, with hopes that it was going to make you a bigger celeb and it didn’t work for you, then that’s your business…..At the end of the day Diddy made Shyne and Diddy is still here and much more successful………..Diddy took this dirt bags off the street and made them rich and almost all of them can’t stand on there own two feet and carry the torch, which is a huge reason why people like Diddy stop investing in people like that anymore, and it’s hurting the kids with talent who are hungry for some exposer.

  • Joe Lovick

    Shyne to be salty is justified… He kept it real for the fake rich wanna be gangstas who promised him legal wealth. shit hit the fan Shyne stood tall like a real G…those around him true colors shined through and he went to jail while the fake stayed free. real recognize real shyne will forever be reconized as one of the few real niggas in the rap game. too bad he came out spittin some wack shit but over his 10 year stretch he grew up and evolved into who he is today, in his eyes he is pursuing to be a better person so he is entitled to the same amount of respect for that as he is for being a real through bred G he was back in the day. all around he got my respect!

  • NickFury

    All this b.s fantasy gangster talk is all good and entertaining but this is the real world and things dont quite happen like Shyne wished they had happened. As an adult if you do something irrational or escalate a fight to the level of popping off a gun in a club youre going to get arrested. Shyne is a man and its his responsibility to take care of himself, not someone elses….especially not your multi millionaire bosses responsibility. Did you really think this cat was going to go to jail for you??? Hes your damn boss for christ sake so stop whining like a little girl and just make better personal decisions! Youre not a little boy from someone to “take care of”. In what reality would your boss at work take care of you for shooting inside of a club?????! People have been watching too much TV or just need to get careers in the real world.

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    • Terrance Goodman

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  • hitmhard313

    The era of being a stand up guy died a long time ago to be a snitch was like haven aids in the street’s niggaz didn’t support that they stayed away from that Shyne did 10 for puff and that nigga left him out to dry point blank. Any nigga who applauds this shit ain’t ah real dude.

    • michael lindsay

      yo puff need to give nig a fat bank roll when he get out fr fr