Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean’s Accountant Says Wyclef Has “No Money”

(AllHipHop News) Wyclef Jean once sold five million records worldwide with his solo debut album The Carnival a year after The Fugees’ The Score sold six million records worldwide. However, today (March 27th) it is being reported that 15 years after his commercial peak, Wyclef Jean is “broke”.

Wyclef Jean is currently being sued by the law firm over non-payment of a $133,000 debt, according to New York Supreme Court documents. As part of the confidential agreement, Wyclef could reduce his debt by paying $100,000 and would be off the hook for $40,000 of that amount if he made the stipulated payments of $10,000 by August 1, 2013, and $50,000 by the end of 2013.

After Wyclef failed to make the payments, the law firm informed Wyclef’s accountant, David Levin, that they would file a judgement for $102,027.40. Levin responded to the law firm with an email that professionally informed them that Wyclef did not have the money necessary to pay them back:

In my most professional verbiage…there ain’t no money.

Back in August of 2010, Wyclef was hit with a $2.1 million tax lien by the IRS, which allegedly remains outstanding.

Check below for images of Wyclef’s accountants’ email with Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman and their judgement filing with the New York Supreme Court provided by BlackMediaScoop:



  • Word7


  • Broderick Walker

    I thought y’all reported about hip hop his personal business doesn’t have anything to do with rap….smh ….Hold Your Head Clef💯

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah – you definatly wrong about that – expand ya mind dawg

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  • hoeyuno

    If only there could be another disaster in Haiti so clef can scam us all out of 5 bucks each again..

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    Funny picture with title lol

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    • Word7

      I posted a comment on your blog why isn’t it up?

    • grabo2003

      jus checked it out. Looks alright.

  • Brindle

    as said by LA Reid once, “accountants don’t work for broke people”… he aint broke, he just don’t wanna pay

    • hoeyuno

      He ain’t broke broke like when us normal ppls say it but he doesn’t have 100 gz to hand over..he still owe the IRS! You dont avoid them just cause you feel like it…*see Wesley Snipes*

  • Realist4200

    That headline picture and this quote: “In my most professional verbiage…there ain’t no money.” is some funny stuff.

  • youngplaya

    Why are the dates referencing 2013 in the article? You guys can’t be serious..geez

  • tupac marley

    thats a lie, he has money just doesnt wanna pay

  • Terrance Goodman

    Tut n jack extorting this nigga jimmy too still

  • Terrance Goodman

    Too much Sam Rothstein

  • Gruesome212

    Yall wrong for that pic lmao!.

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      thats what fucked me up lol

  • TimeWillTellu1

    You Are Now Listening To The Sounds Of the IRS lol

  • ccwaterbound32

    see what i mean? all about the dollars…even IF you gotta cut your kind’s throat to get it….

  • JD

    Can’t dude steal more money from his “charity” ?

  • some..one..please…call…9…1…1…

  • Oknas

    HAITIAN JACKed all his money

    • Brick Soulja

      Haitian Jack is still being paid by the government. They put out that fake story about him being a fugitive hiding out in the Dominican Republic.

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  • TimeWillTellu1

    Yikes his website when you click on tours says “No shows booked at the moment.”

  • Brick Soulja

    Clef is a sneaky low life con artist and user. There is no way possible he is actually broke. I’m sure he strategically hid his money from the government.

    • heavyboy

      According to this article he didn’t “strategically” hide 2.1 million from the Gov’t.

    • Slick Blak

      Once again you are on point ……people with those millions keep majority of their fortune in OFF SHORE accounts under dummy names and made up corporation titles. Example…I have 100mil and I keep 75 mil in offshore and 25 mil in Bank of America and spread out to other banks. I accumulate debts of 50 mil and when you do your credit search you see I only have 25 mil through various accounts. Then I’m officially broke cause I can’t cover a 50 mil debt with the 25 mil you know I have but you don’t know about my 75 mil I have stash. That is why the U.S. is coming down on offshore districts with the HAMMER talking about having full transparency so they can stop shit like that from happening.

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  • im_a_hater

    this is why Makaveli 7 day theory is classics, all the things he said is starting to come to light. God be with Wyclef, but he had it coming the way he played Lauryn and Pras out they money

  • $18916246

    This is the game…..another black music entertainer destitute…BROKE damn. GOD BLESS WYCLEF JEAN!

  • j_pullia

    Wow, how suprised I must be. NOTTT!!! I can still remember vividly the BET episode of How I’m Living where he’s showing off his solid gold bathroom faucets. The same episode bragging about his 1.2 million dollar chain. I guess regular folks like us are supposed to feel sorry for him now and give our support.