Collegiate Athlete Recieved A- For An Illiterate 10-Sentence Essay On Rosa Parks

(AllHipHop News) Rosa Parks did not get arrested for this. A tutor at the University of North Carolina spoke on athletes taking fake classes and having falsified grades in order to retain eligibility to play.

In an expose from ESPN, Mary Willingham spoke on the scam of “paper classes” which were classes labeled as “independent studies” and did not require athletes to attend the classes and were given grades based on one or a few papers. Willingham spoke on the literacy level of these athletes at the University of North Carolina, explaining why they were encouraged to take “paper classes”:

Athletes couldn’t write a paper. They couldn’t write a paragraph. They couldn’t write a sentence. Some of these students could read at maybe a second- or third-grade level. But for an adult that is considered illiterate

The African American department held a number of those “paper classes”. In one instance, a collegiate athlete was given an A- for a paper on Rosa Parks that was laden with grammatical and spelling errors, only ran 10 sentences/146 words and was incomplete. Deunta Williams, a former defensive back at UNC from 2007-2010 spoke on how players cavalierly spoke about “paper classes”:

Just that it was an easy paper class. It was a paper class, you know you can chill. You can get help writing it. [If] you wanted to get an easy B. If you had a reading level of third grade and you took a lot of these classes, you passed, you graduated. Couldn’t be too hard.

Back in May of 2012, UNC had an internal probe conducted and revealed that 54 classes in the African American Studies department were either “aberrant” or “irregularly” taught from summer 2007 to summer 2011. However, an independent probe by  North Carolina Governor Jim Martin in 2012 revealed improprieties in the African American department dating back to Fall of 1997.

Check out the full interview and report at ESPN.com. Read the 10-sentence paper on Rosa Parks that got on student athlete an A- below:



  • Guest

    Must be a slow news day, this is old.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    The school doesn’t really care. Better players mean a better team. A better team means more fans. More fans means more money spent on merch and more grants for the school, potential Ivy league-er’s wanting to enroll etc. More of MY people being used to benefit THEM. Put exposure on this and make these brutes READ. This is the reason for that “either you slang crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot” mentality.

    • Jayson C Williams

      You cannot blame the schools! If this were public secondary education than yea but these are adults, they have scholarships they can choose their own classes! Well if they could read they could. But striving for a better eductation isn’t the establishments responsibility. As a black person we weren’t allowed to read during the slavery period. Blacks yearned for knowledge. Since our own history was shut out of this countries textbooks, we should strive to wanna know more than just a 3-4 defense. But throw a lil bit of money a niggaz way and he’ll do anything to get to it (nfl) even sacrificing their own education.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I’m not talking about a persons “strive for a better education” you missed the point. It’s well known that dudes mentality in the hood was (and probably still is to some degree) “I don’t need an education because if I can play a sport well enough they will make sure I pass.” Hell before the age requirement you didn’t even have to pass high school to before a team drafted you for millions of dollars. You’re going on some other tangent…

      • Jayson C Williams

        No you’re blaming the establishment.. I’m not going to. Ppl attend schools here w/o speaking English. So schools created esl coursework. So should I blame the school for them not being able to speak English? It’s the same analogy. Why would I blame a school they obviously want money it’s a business so they ensured that their money maker can continue to make money. It’s up to the individual. Shifting responsibility is irresponsible. We have to be accountable. There’s no tangent. There’s clearly a link to what I’m saying and the post.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Blaming the establishment? I never typed that. What i meant by my original comment was schools play off of people intellectual disadvantages. Especially young black men they look at as work horses to ensure scholarships, donations, and grants. Academically? They DGAF if you succeed in life or not. I never once addressed WHO’S FAULT I thought it was. Quit trying to bait people into arguments. As far as “Blaming” the school your analogy doesn’t work here. You can’t compare someone being foreign to niggas inability to want to learn because they know they can take the easy way out.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Listen this is a forum. A place to debate topics. Nobody is baiting u into anything you signed up for this when you decided you wanted to partake in a public forum. So please let’s not be sensitive. I never once questioned your intellect or have I been personal. An the analogy doesn’t have to be comparable situationally but more so theoretically. It’s the same thing. They cater to disadvantages. Granted this one is detrimental to us black man and receiving a good education. But the analogy works bro.!

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I disagree with the analogy because you’re pretty much saying if someone doesn’t want something it’s not the establishments job to provide the service they were already providing. For instance, I go to Mcdonalds, and tell the cashier I want to TRY a chicken sandwich even though I want a burger. I get the chicken and am dissatisfied with it, only to have the cashier respond… “Well you didn’t want it anyway so I didn’t HAVE to make it properly.” THAT’S YOUR LOGIC? So you think you don’t have to provide adequate service just because there are people out there who may not want it?

      • Miami

        your music sucks bruh

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Thanks I hope more people give me their views, opinions, and listens. The only way to progress. By the way thanks for making a profile just to hate on me. You might be my first fan. Want an autograph?

      • Miami

        Actually, I made this profile to comment on articles? I listen to you and just wanted to be honest. Your flow aint there yet

      • @Real_SirJamie

        How many songs did you listen to? What “flow” are you looking for? I’ve been doing this for a while sir so coming at me like I’m an up and comer is not the way to go. Being honest would be like… “I don’t like your music, it don’t appeal to me.”

      • therealwayno

        You do have to hold the educational system responsible. The primary goal is quality education. Exploiting someones ignorance and their talents, even with the willful participation of that individual is still exploitation. That’s why universities go thru an accreditation process to make sure the institutions are on the up and up. Also the pressure on student athletes — especially full scholarship student athletes is way beyond that of a normal student considering sports is basically their full time job all thru college. And they are putting in more than a 40 hour work week and the expectations are huge.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Im glad you said that. NCAA rules limit the amount of time players spend on and off the practice & playing fields it isn’t 40 hrs a week, even if it was that’s a labor issue not an educational one. They are not being exploited, this is the path the players chose. I could understand if that were the only option available but it’s not! They can take other majors and real course work, ur passing blame along. It’s something called time management. They’re no different than some poor kid having to work and study while attending school. These are all excuses to pass blame to the establishment. Accreditation issues I can somewhat agree with you on that. They shouldn’t offer these simple classes because there’s a difference between remedial course work and secondary schooling/coursework

      • therealwayno

        Without being a full scholarship student athlete playing a major sport at a major university you wouldn’t fully understand. That or at least working at a university knowing the responsibility it is. And accreditation is not a somewhat issue, it’s a very serious issue and if that can be violated what makes you think NCAA rules aren’t being violated. Then ask yourself why a major university would take the risk to cheat players thru an education. These are kids we are talking about not 30 year old adults. Yes we have to teach personal responsibility and accountability but everyone doesn’t have the same background, teaching or understanding and we look to these institutions to guide young adults – that’s why they can charge $30k a year in tuition.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Because it’s a business you don’t understand that universities is business first! They offer a service, and if they can cater to your specifications to increase capital. That’s what corporations do. They are not kids. If you can die at 18 from going to war than you can understand that education is important. DONT get me wrong brother. What they are doing is frivolous and detrimental to higher education. But as long as their isn’t any oversight committee overseeing these tactics they aren’t doing anything that’s unethical. More schools lose academic accreditation due to defaulting of loans form alumni than unethical educational practices. I don’t agree with it but we can’t blame them for trying to turn a buck it’s business! Now I was a 4 sport athlete in HS and 2 sport in university. My school didn’t create such policy as unc does so I can’t relate. But if your old enough to understand economics and personal fiscal affairs than u can decide wether or not you’re going to get the most out of your education at any university! Ijs

  • Jayson C Williams

    And these dumb athletes don’t care. They don’t care about the race progressing. It’s sad. Continuing the ignorance. During slavery they kept books and knowledge as far away from us as possible but now, we do that all by ourselves. Smh

  • drac215

    Thats why they just won for the union to be in place for collegiate athletes!!! We all know big bubba can lift a truck but cant spell it, now its time to pay up. Slavery in the 2000s!!! Some of these athletes get injured in college and never make in the nfl let alone a flight of steps. Big colleges especially in the south make more money than some nfl teams and dont give the ones the people are coming to see a dime. If it was about school spirit or fun i can understand that, but this is big business so get yours young bucks!!! God bless

  • Cloud Air

    school is a scheme to get money.. i know because i graduated and have the debt to prove it

    they don’t teach you anything of value.. like how money works in society.. i guess because if they taught you that you might not take out thousands of dollars in loans

    they teach you things like why plants are green.. worthless things that are 1,000% useless

    one day i hope to work at a college so i can rape the system worse than it raped me.. colleges are great to work for because they are wildly greedy.. think about what i’m saying next time you’re on campus and you see those $8 sandwiches for sale WITHOUT CHEESE!

    and the employees have the best job security ever.. you occupy a space and never get fired because if a student complains about your performance… “they’re only 18, what do they know?”

    • meanygreene

      a guy told me if you take out a loan, invest it in gold. it is really low right now because the American dollar is weak right now

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    you don’t have to look at athletes to find illiterate ass people .just come to sites like this and wshh and read the comments.its really sad and people think being a dummy is cute.

    • Jovaughn

      Read the comments?? How about reading some of the articles written on this site!! lol

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        oh yeah…lmao i forgot about these ignorant so called writers…… tooshay

      • Keith N.

        “tooshay” …that’s a word?

      • Not sure, but there is at least 1 error in every sentence he wrote.

        Ignore the hate in the comments from some of these ‘ole pull a speck out your eye but leave a plank in theirs @$$ Ninjaz.

        Do you, congratz on getting the slot & continue to bring us original content that is uplifting & educational without preaching.

        How about a jawnt with a video from Dr. Claud Anderson “Powernomics” or “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson, maybe on some “$ocial $unday$” type ‘chet (Triple S, etc. ) where you use your slot to uplift and educate once? a week?

        Incorporate Hip Hop in it as a tool to uplift, etc.

        Maybe even sneak it in somehow on an article like this?

    • arrdeesss

      ” in order to remain eligibility to play” SMH!

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    This is absolutely fornicating disgusting. I need to stop complaining and seriously put forth the energy to help my people. Even if it’s only once a week, volunteering my time to help uplift and educate my people. I’m getting tired of this type of shit.

    • I know the feeling!

      $chool ‘Em $aturdays ( AllHipHop/Rumors ) started for that exact same reason.

  • Executive

    Migos wrote it.

  • Guest

    “having falsified grades in order to remain eligibility to play”. I’ve been forced to conclude that the grammatical errors that are continuously “overlooked’ on this site are done on purpose. I’m starting to believe that part of this sites true purpose is to downgrade how black Americans are viewed and to assist in the downfall of the black American culture*

    • Keith N.

      The sentence you just highlighted was fixed. Do you know how it was fixed? By changing the “m” in “remain” to a “t” to make it “retain” so now the sentence reads:

      “”having falsified grades in order to RETAIN eligibility to play”.

      Thank you for reading our articles in such detail, because we love the commenters who do that but “downgrdae how Black Americans are viewed” totally off base when you got sentences in the same article you’re talking about that say:

      “Back in May of 2012, UNC had an internal probe conducted and revealed that 54 classes in the African American Studies department were either ”aberrant” or “irregularly” taught from summer 2007 to summer 2011.”

      I don’t know if words like “aberrant” and “irregular” or discussing “internal probes” are necessarily downgrading how Black Americans are viewed”. We will get better at editing our work and I hope you stay as meticulous as ever with your reading.

      • Wow!

        Good look on being interactive & proactive!

      • FatherSha_

        Great response. In defense of the readers, it’s the small stuff mostly. A few errors here, and there are expected with an online publication. I just hate KiLLseeds half arsed articles. So sometimes I swear he works for MTO. I’ve been visitng this site for well over a decade, keep improving and keep up the good work.

        PS. Expand the editorials. A new one every day. New introspective views from readers and others. I’d check back faithfully for a good editorial daily.


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  • LoverOfHipHop

    This isn’t new

  • Bawahahahahaaaaa!
    That ‘chet is almost worst than the comments on AHH!

  • Freebe Jackson

    i can’t take it …..from an early age the teachers and schools cut corners and do whatever to keep the star athletes eligible and care little about their off the field life or future off the field…..then when they make it to the league and are successful….the coaches and owners want to cut them for having friends and associates in gangs ….im lost

  • Thanx Nerve

    America will fall down like Rome because people (specially ghetto niggas) think that it’s cool to be stupid and uneducated. All they talk about is the so called “street credibility”. But people who run the world couldn’t care less about your “street credibility”.

    Actually it’s cool to be clever, smart, educated. It’s cool to listen and to play not only Hip-hop but all the BLACK MUSICS (Blues, Jazz, Soul, real Rock n’ roll, Reggae etc…).

    It’s cool to read books, cool to learn about art and specially African Art that so many artist of all races love to borrow (like Picasso, Matisse etc…)

    African American need to focus on other things, not just entertainment. We have to run our own companies. I’m sure some of you know him, but try to watch some youtube videos by Dr Claude Anderson about powernomics.

  • This is no joke! Who ever did this is not in his/her proper mindset.