DeSean Jackson Responds To Gang Affiliation Allegations After Being Cut From Eagles

(AllHipHop News) DeSean Jackson has issued a statement after being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles today.

Jackson was gracious in his response, but homed in on allegations that he was affiliated with gangs, which he denied.

First I would like to thank the Eagles organization, the Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia for my time in Philly. I would also like to thank coach Andy Reed (sic) for bringing me in. Secondly, I would like to address the misleading and unfounded reports that my release has anything to do with any affiliation that has been speculated surrounding the company I keep off of the field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible. I work very hard on and off the field and I am a good person with good values. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made both on and off the field. I have worked tirelessly to give back to my community and have a positive impact on those in need. It is unfortunate that I now have to defend myself and my intentions. These reports are irresponsible and just not true. I look forward to working hard for my new team. God Bless.”

Most of the speculation has been unverified by the Eagles front office. Yet, a report by seems to offer truthful insight to the rumors.

“They are concerned about having him around the younger players. Jackson’s continued association with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who have been connected to two homicides since 2010,” the source said.

Jackson recorded a song, “Diamonds On My Neck,” with well-known Crip Snoop Dogg and the video has highly suggestive content.

A number of teams have purported interest in Jackson, most notably The Oakland Raiders and The New York Jets.

  • stealth

    The name of his record lable is Jaccpot Recordsw. The “cc” in place of “ck” is crip shit.
    Plus the nigga done threw up gang signs on the field. So…..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      The Bears – put keep that gang flashing down

    • YUP! You are right, desean my fav player, and the CC more then likey stands for cali crip. he has an arstist on his label cali kid, or kid cali, and all he raps about is crip shit.. lol..

  • Mr.CPT

    I hope he go to the San Diego Chargers or follow MICK VICK

  • scullyson

    They shouldve let riley cooper go instead.

    • why he said a bad word, desean is gang affiliated

      • prove it

      • anemia716

        he didn’t just “say a bad word”. he went on an entire racially fueled rant. quite different.

      • a rant usually has words in it.. and the one word that caused an uproar starts with a N. So yes all he did was say a bad word. toward white people by the way.. lol.. u kno desean is just affilated with murderers and gang memebers and doesnt train or work hard enough at playing football..

      • oh so he said “i will beat up the nwords… because the are a drain on socety, they arent human and..” nah he just said the Nword and said hed beat them all up, so racially fueled rant? No, he used a bad word, he didnt have any grand ideas about race and race relations. lol

      • ZUBU

        “why he said a bad word, desean is gang affiliated”
        If you think all Cooper did was say a bad word, then you need the same type of help that Riley Cooper needs. Charlie Kelly wake up son it’s not 1950 era America. You just can’t go about in public ranting about how you will whip any Ni$$a in the house. Take that trash back to the trailer parker and go finish porking your sister oops I mean your cousin.. or heck I give up trying to determine your exact relation to the aforementioned

      • yes we know u cant go around saying bad words… that was your grand point here? how about this point, u cant around hanging with murderers and drug dealers and miss meetings and be lazy in practice and expect to keep your job over the guy who works hard trains hard studies hard plays hard, buys into the team and said some bad words… lol dumbass

      • ZUBU

        Charli look, why are you on this site? Go to the hillbilly site where your comments are welcome. What a life, trolling on a site where nobody cares for your “kind.” Drop dead you fricking hatemonger, do society a favor.

      • trolling? im speading my opinion same as you.. who is hate mongering? just becausze you are wrong about something and get called out on it? lol dumbass

      • ZUBU

        Once again, Why are you here? Go find a Honky Tonk site where your views are aligned with the majority. You know with your bro’s the other guys who think its cool to sleep with their siblings. You know Charli your kin folk, Billy Bob, Debbie Sue and the rest of the Clan…….
        Go away and take that Gay-Bait lil’ Miss-Miami with you!

      • im from camden NJ im far from a hill billy, sorry if logic and complex thought is not your strong suit…

      • scullyson

        Bwaaah…Yeah right your a rocks throw from the pine barrens. camden County is where your from. lol…..Hillbilly..foh…Probably from berlin or somewhere..alot of racist down there buddy…thats where Beanie Sigel got up…smh

      • not the county bro, the city.

      • scullyson


      • scullyson

        You sound stupid and you look dumb. stfu

      • Thats racist chip kelly son lmao

    • Jeremy Maclin should be gone him self guy hurt every season. But just got a new contract even if i was for a ear smh

  • Dubz

    Come to the 49ers.

  • chiboy773

    No evidence or incident of gang activity besides a music video. Riley Cooper say he will kicks Ni**ers ass an is tooken up, never thrown under the bus and analyst reverse by saying blacks shouldnt use it. The hypocrisy of america is discusting

    • Brick Soulja

      Obviously, that lower life scum of a racist coward Riley Cooper is straight, just like George Bush and Taylor Swift. They’re all symbols of ofay supremacy. It’s just how power is maintained in the world.

      • brotha_man

        preach sista, preach

    • never thrown under the bus? lmfao.. do u even live in philly?

    • Whats even more disqusting is how they try and use these same rappers like snoop dogg and lil wayne (rappers who promote gang banging activity, negative bs etc) and more to get more viewer for the shows as special guest but now want to say things like snoop dogg a known crips member and shit. Lol using anything they can to spin sorry they way. Thats case they need to stop allowing rappers on they show earning espn more views because they on there

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  • im_a_hater

    Desean gets cut cuz of what they assume, but Racist Riley keeps his job…not surprised. Desean come to the Packers…the Real A-ROD will get you in the endzone all the time

  • ZUBU

    “Jackson recorded a song, “Diamonds On My Neck,” with well-known Crip Snoop Dogg and the video has highly suggestive content.”
    There is no gang related content in the video. (??? What) Desaen wears a blue tee shirt, heck but he also wears a red hoodie. Com’n this video is not gang related. Snoop a well-known crip (Child Please). Snoop has not banged since Murder Was The Case, That They Gave Me… fricking 20 years ago. Being an active gangbanger and being affiliated with a set are two vastly different things.
    The Eagles and primarily Chip Kelly just want to clear house ie… Vick now Jackson gone. Their two best players are now gone because they don’t fit Chip Kelly’s profile hmm…. but somehow a divisive presence like Riley “Fricking” Cooper belongs. Hmm… Very Interesting…

    • Miami

      I hope your a female saying “child please” if not then your a c*cksucker.

      • ZUBU

        Not a female, just utilizing verbage that your ilk will understand. As far as a cocksukr… Naw Son, that would be your mom, wife, sister and your daughter. All cocksukrs they are.
        Oh, by the way I told your mom she should have swallowed your lil’ inbred assss.

      • Miami

        Yea, you’re a c*cksucker most def!

      • ZUBU

        Dude you got some gay issues, run along Son I DO NOT have time to play with kids.
        I think you may be that Imadqueer from Queens dude. If not you two should hang together. You obviously have a lot in common

      • Miami

        Everybody know about ZUBU anyway. Child please huh? Yo son go be just as gay as you, SMFH>

  • he is crippin and he throws it up but…….dang you gotta watch how your fingers move or you too could be throwing gang signs

  • Dadon850

    “Strictly for the set”… and he throwing gang signs left and right.

    • ZUBU

      At what point in the video is he throwing up gang signs?? I see them throwing up the peace sign. Do you really know what a crip gang sign looks like? He is not even doing the C-Walk when he is dancing. As I mentioned he wears blue then red in the video. Trust if he was repping crip he would not be dressed in blood garb. Also the chick in the car with him is wearing red as well.
      Question: So are all the white corporate elites who have done videos, commercials, etc. with Snoop also gang related? Or is it just the young black men who associate with Snoop that are gang related?

      • Dadon850

        Look at the video again. He throws up the C.

      • ZUBU

        Ok, I did see it at about 1:14 or 1:17 mark. Yet that is still weak if that is what they’re using as a basis for assuming he is a banger.
        OK, using that logic I will assume that Riley Cooper is a Card Carrying Confederate Flag Waving KKK Member. Along with Kid Rock, anyone attending a NASCAR event. Because they are all aligned with a flag that symbolizes racial hatred. Cooper just took it a notch further. If Black or Brown men can be accussed of gang related interactions what is the difference with white guys displaying the same type of imagery??????

      • Dadon850

        Look at the 1:14 mark of the video. That’s not a crip sign?? I don’t know I don’t get down with that dumb azz gang sh!t.

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Because all athletes in any league are pure and clean.. Yeah ok. So are they going to drop all athletes who do questionable shit off the field? If they did that, the NFL would lose a ton of money.. President Goddell don’t want that.

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  • brotha_man

    so being a racist gets rewarded *looks at R. Cooper*

    • infinit221

      MAN…I didn’t even think about it like that. They cut him on character issues, but chip kelley wanted the team to rally around Cooper? Nah, f that.

  • Sean Power

    the nfl is a brand and after what happen in new England, there going force lot nfl team clean who players associate with or get cut,

  • brotha_man

    female in the limo look like she bored azz hell listening to west coast soulja boy

  • W.$.G.T.$

    OAKLAND welcomes u…come to The Town mane!

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  • Im at a point to where I have no interest in the nfl. You can have a white guy at a country concert acting like a tough guy saying he’ll fight every n!gger there when theres just one black guy around & he gets no punishment. But then they want to make black players sayin n!gga a penalty on the field when no white guy would say it in a league thats 75% black. Now a player gets cut because of alleged gang affiliations while the racist stays on the team. I wish black players would stand up instead of accepting whatever happens to them.

    • ZUBU

      Its a pattern in the NFL. You got this dipstick Cooper, but also the other dipstick down in Miami Incognito and all of his racist behavior. Its sick that the NFL can do this with a straight face. What Cooper did was blatantly racist, and Desean his actions are just perceived not proven and he is fired???
      Makes me think Ole’ Boy Chip Kelly may be racist. How else do you account for getting rid of your two best players for nothing??? Vick has been a standup guy on and off the field. Desean is talented as heck and still young enough to learn to be a true pro. WTF?????

      • I completely agree & with no Jim Brown type guys or the men in the AFL who boycotted the all star game in new orleans because of segregation laws, its not gonna get any better. The nfl isnt mandatory watching…

  • the man

    why does he not rhyme when he raps? lmao

  • dee

    Crazy that the NFL have no black owners

    • GMad99

      There are black minority partners. Reggie Fowler owns a stake of the Vikings and the Williams sisters own a stake of the dolphins. There may be more but I know that for sure.

      • Troll_E_G

        Keyword is Owner

      • PhilTheGreat

        Key phrase “Black Billionaire” How many you got on your list?

  • meanygreene

    everything is speculation as to why he was released only people that know why are sitting upstairs. if riiey cooper was released, they would have had to deal with the NFLPA. its all business people. i hope the reason why is football related, I mean dude was due 10 million this year, and NO receiver gets that much. nick foles aint even gettin’ that much.

    • Brandon marshall, mike wallace, calvin johnson are just at few reciever who actually are schedule to make more then 10 mil next year. Desean Jackson is probably more vaulable then a couple of these players because he brings vaule into the special teams aspect of the business as far a being a kickoff/punt returner. Also Nick Foles is on a rookie contract still and will be until his last year of before contract unless he comes back out HOT again next year putting up stats better then all the elite quarter backs last year. Yes he had higher qb rating then Peyton Manningb, dree brees and tom brady but he also played way less games then them. And as a owner of gm you want to be cheap as possible when it comes to contracts .get bang for your buck. Unless it is a rare commidity like calvin johnson, peyton manning, etc. Nick Foles is still questionable??? Not elite yet to make $10 mill ayear

  • RIV

    nobody cares riv google that

  • Oakland seems like a good move!

    • Immortal

      A great place to end your career.

      • Especially with the Cali issue.

  • plsDontreply

    Fearful whites, I would draw in my notebook in second grade and my teacher thought it was gang signs… Tried to have me suspended… Dumb Shit

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    Didn’t one of the owners of a NFL team get caught recently driving drunk, and had a bunch of pills in his possession that didn’t belong to him??? I recently saw that schitt on TV, and I ask “What’s going to happen to him???”. We all know the answer to that question!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      all tho from the nfl commission persective in a situation like this there is no difference between an owner and a player … but from an organization perspective like from the colts perspective or any team perspective … theres a major difference between an owner and player …. owners can get away with ish for alot longer simply cause no one wants to potentially lose thier job …. no one is going to lose thier job behind exposing the bad behavior of a player … but an owner could potentialy crush you for trying to exposing him/her if you dont have the right people in your corner backing your moves …. but owners get punished usually a slap for them but last time something like that happened the owner was suspended for a month and fined 100k …..



    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its called being proactive …. the nfl been around long enuff to know how the bs starts … better to cut it out before it starts then to let it live and show and prove and try to stop it when its too late …….



      • Guillaume Pilon


        nfl money is big bizznesss they not gonna take any chances

      • PhilTheGreat

        If this were true then they would bar him from the league not merely have the team he is on cut him. They just didn’t want to pay him his money and wanted to get younger people in there for the new system they have with a new QB. If this were the case, then the league would have just not let Vick back in either… Just money and sports politics. Exploiting a player for gain.

    • Dustin Young

      Lol white people afraid of black people. That’s cute.

  • TMeKKa

    nfl has been on some bitch shit lately… first they wanna soften the game up with all these stupid penalties, than they say they are going to ban the “N” word, following up with trying to sue M.I.A for $15 million for something that happened two years ago and now they wanna drop this dude for the people he hang out with…wtf is the nfl doing?…disappointed…

    • Myleage

      does she have 15 mill? for that middle finger shit? thats dumb

      • TMeKKa

        na she dont but at the same time you see the players AND coaches cursing all the time on the field and do they get fined? plus they asked her to perform she aint ask to go on there… its watever tho kuz even if she did have the money she wouldnt pay dat.. its stupid

      • Myleage

        yea if they can ban the “N”word then they need to ban the “B” word, the “S” word the “P” word, every single derogatory phrase including dumb, stupid, retarded, incompetent, etc. there will be some wimpy ass coaches if they do

  • Jon

    Until the players take a serious stand this type of shit will continue.

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