50 Cent Explains Why “G-Unit Had To Get Dropped”, Hip Hop Consumers Being “Fiends” + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent once said “depression is a luxury I can’t afford”, so he is well adept to making tough decisions. Today (March 31st), 50 Cent appeared on The Breakfast Club and spoke on why G-Unit had to be dropped, how Jay Z, Fabolous and Lloyd Banks are essentially the same persona and more.

When 50 left Interscope and transitioned from the major label to his new independent venture with Caroline/Capitol/UMG, he admits that certain changes had to be made because he has to incur new expenses. According to 50, Banks and Yayo outgrew their original contracts and became too financially liable to continue to be signed to Interscope:

They had to get dropped. G-Unit had to get dropped, because their contracts said that they would receive $750,000 a piece on their next records. Then you go ‘the deal is too good.’ SO Interscope goes ‘Nah, we got to let them go’. Why? ‘Because we can find…we can let the new guy come in that we did not give any money up front. Kendrick Lamar’s success is his success. The work that they did, groundwork is what sold his record, because the records didn’t work at radio until AFTER the record sold.

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One of 50’s favorite talking topic over the past month has been his rival Jay Z. During the interview, he used Jay Z’s treatment of his new artists to help elucidate the reasoning for why he wished for Banks and Yayo to have been more productive independent of him:

The record company’s job is not to build your momentum. Look at Jay Z. When Jay Z sign a guy, you don’t see him around that person at all. Util that guy hot enough to function without Jay Z. Then he might use that momentum that the guy has to keep himself cool for a little bit then move away from him and go back to doing the Jay thing.

Recently boisterous radio host STAR revealed that Jay Z once sold him cocaine back in the 1980s, a past that Jay Z has attributed to his lucrative business acumen. 50 also implements parts of his drug dealing past with his recent promotion of new music for Animal Ambition:

I’m not giving the audience enough time to get high off of something else. Hip Hop consumers ARE fiends. They will cop from anyone who has something good. He don’t have to be a regular. He can be a Trinidad James come in ‘gold all in my grill.’

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Check out 50 Cent talk wanting Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks to be Kanye West and Lil Wayne, outeslling Def Jam from 2003-2005, why Jimmy Iovine does not like him + more:

  • rockiefresh

    50 comes across very well in interviews just natural and like a real person most rappers dont and cant do that

  • 50 is actually a pretty smart cat when it comes to seeing the inner workings of the machine. You can see his thought process when he speaks and it’s pretty impressive. I just wish his political skills were more developed and in line with self-preservation. When you get the whole industry to try to shut you down, it’s for a reason. Other than that, he’s pretty smart.

    • gotta remember he’s a street dude still. so he still moves like that in a way.

      • He comes from the street, yes. But he’s no longer a “street dude”. He’s corporate. He’s smart though. I’ll give him that. But once you cross over the $100 Million mark you can’t use the “I’m a street dude” as an excuse for your behavior anymore. Because it’s not true.

      • Shakir Basheer Best

        I think sometimes he talks too much especially about the rest of gunit. there’s two sides to everything. Banks is staying quiet for a reason and banks does put out music including mix tapes. 50 is not a street dude, i agree. It seems as though he is trying to stay hood but corporate hood with thinking from both sides.

        50 has isolated himself. that’s what being an only damaged child with money will do

      • I went further into detail about 50 Cent on the Hip Hop Critical Mass Blog. Click on my profile pic and hit the website link to get there. The article is entitled “The Reason 50 Cent…” Let me know what you think.

      • Shakir Basheer Best

        it says deleted unless im doing something wrong

      • Where do you see the deletion? On the blog? It’s there in the thread. I’m checking it right now.

      • bigg OG

        dr phil head ass nigga

      • onlyrealshh

        you can take the nigga out the ghetto but not the ghetto out the nigga. he been selling dope since he was 12 his mom sold dope got killed. 50 got all of his business sense from selling dope and running a crew. he was on the streets selling dope since the 80’s dude! he did that shit longer than he has been rich. he is more street than he is anything. the streets made him like soulja slim said RIP. so he will always be street! its a mentality not a bank roll! big meech had that kind of money too so was he not a street nigga no more or el chapo or frank matthews, or escobar etc? the feds dont think so!

      • I see what you’re saying. But if anything, his experiences don’t make him “street”. His experiences make him “Scarred”. There’s a difference. Bill Cosby came from the “hood” too. But it matters what type of people you have in your life to break you out of that. I guess 50 is all alone with his millions. It’s a pretty sad situation when you think about it.

      • guddaboy

        will u groupies stfu. dat nigga not smart in no way. only smart thing he did was the water deal.

      • Willie Stewart II

        Dude had millions before the vitamin water deal. The nigga might not be Einstein but he’s business savvy. Why do you think niggas like Game and buck were still payin 50 money after they got dropped from the label.

  • Ace

    If PAC didn’t disappear/die he would have got blackballed coz he was too real for the industry, name dropping and all. He was making a lot of enemies

    • Brindle

      interesting point, but I think he would’ve been reigned King because it was OK to have “real” beef back then… Everyone wasn’t so metrosexual back then… but I wonder if the climate would’ve changed to what it is now… I doubt it

      • Ace

        For the 1st Time i understand the Machiavelli theory he was talking about. When your enemies keep taking L’s they join together, regroup and keep coming for u until your isolated, exhausted and outnumbered. That was pac’s eventuality and 50’s present.

      • Afi Keita James

        The Only difference pac had substance and was much more real, 5-0 doesn’t.

      • Ace

        But you can’t deny that 50 took a page out of PAC’s life and I doubt he would deny it aswel and unfortunately his ripping the consequences of “all out” war. The industry is full of phonies, real mc’s are silenced and blackballed

    • bigg OG

      they tried very hard to blackcall pac but failed so many times that they jus had to murk him… rape case, attempt robbery/kill, prison rumors….u name it .. but the internet wasnt poppin back then so they had to murk em

      • poview

        Pac’s downfall was that he kept bad company and was a poor judge of character. He was a victim of his poor decision making.

  • Thanx Nerve

    For me Nas is the best rapper alive, but I really understand why Jay-Z is the King. Those rappers always have his name on their mouth. SMH

    • Jared

      Nas is the G.O.A.T but the masses usually always include Jay’s hustle and money in the mix of comparing the two. Catalog alone we all know that answer.

      • Mec-One

        yea … it’s Jays money that motivates 50 to keep talking about him the most …….

  • Brindle

    you can tell buy all the recent articles and promotions that they’re trying to black ball 50 right now… I’m rooting for him to make it without any political correctness… stay the same 50

    • Shakir Basheer Best

      he has to take some accountability for his actions. but he is a great businessman. the best business men don’t talk on their partners without them present

      • Brindle

        last part of your statements not true… that’s not business, its a personality trait… don’t fall for them 50 laws of power quotes…

      • Shakir Basheer Best

        not quote if you keep talking about people whoa re present than your gossiping.

    • Weedras

      if you’re being blackballed wouldn’t it be the other way around where you’re trying to have a say but you aren’t getting your say… meaning the hip hop rags would also be in on ostracizing you?

      • Brindle

        nah! the internet mags give a indi opening for those who are black balled… no one controls the net unless it chooses to be controlled but there will always be someone who refuses… the net is 50’s only friend now

      • bigg OG

        dj’s in the club can play it. and get it crackin..

  • Jared

    50 stay talking but he’s on point with what Jay-z does with other artist.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i cant believe people actually listen to this guy talk and think he is in a position of power. people what ur hearing/reading is a man desperate for a come back. this is 50 LAST chance…………..if he was smart (like so many claim he is) he would go at the naga that knocked him off his square RICK ROSS and reclaim his crown. but feeding the masses with them BS singles isnt gonna do anything but make 50 scrap his album when he finally get it……….no one cares about your music, give his fans an excuse for his failure (he black balled) and give him more interviews so he can tell us what another man is doing with their career and what 50 used to do when he WAS the man

  • Lou Velazquez

    he is actually a very smart dude some people are just to blind by the hate to notice!

    • guddaboy

      only smart thing 50 did was that water deal. period!

  • Lou Velazquez

    get your money up and maybe you too can be rich lol

  • Montezuma1

    I like this interview better because he actually shows an understanding of how things work. I hate when he tries that tough guy crap cause it seems forced. I Gotta admit I don’t care for the new material. 50 has not grown as an artist. Where he went wrong is he played the beef card for too long. People loved it when he was the underdog because they identify with the underdog. Most of them will never amount to shiit no ways. Once he got on top he became a bully. Adding on to that his relationship with Em boosted his career more than anyone will ever admit. Em’s fans bought 50’s music to support Em not 50. He simply started believing his own press clippings and now he’s trying everything he thought he did to get to the top. The reality is lightening won’t strike in the same place twice. His career was never about his music. He sold a story and got paid. He would’ve been better off retiring while he was hot. Now he’s just another rapper seeking the ever elusive “holy grail.” “Good Luck With That.” – Jay-Z

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      ” I hate when he tries that tough guy crap cause it seems forced. 50 has not grown as an artist. Where he went wrong is he played the beef card for too long. People loved it when he was the underdog because they identify with the underdog. Once he got on top he became a bully. Adding on to that his relationship with Em boosted his career more than anyone will ever admit. Em’s fans bought 50’s music to support Em not 50. He simply started believing his own press clippings and now he’s trying everything he thought he did to get to the top. His career was never about his music. He sold a story and got paid. ”

      Pretty much summed up 50 career to a T. and it aint about “hating” on 50 but you pretty much summed it up

      • Montezuma1

        Never that. I call it like I see it. I liked his early stuff. It was more passionate. Then he turned into a jerk. He got caught up in character. I don’t think he even knows who he is anymore.

    • “Where he went wrong is he played the beef card for too long”….Agreed!

    • Afi Keita James

      He needs to realize that he has no REAL talent as a rapper and his time is up.

    • guddaboy

      Yea…wat u said!

    • Monte, with all due respect. You are dead right!

  • SleepyTheGreat

    50 Was Dropping Gems The Whole Interview. He Knows The Business.

    • gem collector

      I was thinking the same thing!

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  • onlyrealshh

    50 the most hated artsit of all time! he didnt start the beef with jarule, game or rick ross. but he a bully? only in nerds eyes in other eyes he is standing his ground like you do on the corner when niggas try to run you off lick you or make you buy from them. a nigga 37 got rich in 03 been selling dope since he was 12. and yaull saying he aint street. but ross is right? with no one whom isnt on his payroll to vouch for him. waka flocka uncles said 50 a gangster and bangem smurf admitted he and yayo used to pump cracks for 50 on a dvd.. we saw pics of his benz and motorcylce and him hanging with 21 year olds at 12 13. if you aint never been on the street you say dumb shit like that. that shit never leaves u u just conceal it

    • Willie Stewart II

      He started the beef with fat joe, jadakiss and nas and basically tried to get recognition by dissin people when he was unknown. although it was all a marketing strategy, when you make a living off of beefin with people, you’re gonna catch shit from time to time.

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  • Soulgasm

    I know this dude 50 gets a lotta flack for some of the things he does, and has done in the past (and rightfully so), but one thing you can’t deny is…..when that dude speaks in interviews, everyone shuts up and listens. They may not like you, but they respect you; and that makes all the difference in the world.

    • john

      co-sign 100 percent

    • guddaboy

      who respects him ? ny niggaz? these dayz money cant even buy u respect. he talkin shit bout yayo n banks…even tho I gives two fucks bout em, but where’s 50 music? he aint doin shit himelf. niggaz don’t like him cuz he a parasite in the industry.

      • Soulgasm

        It’s not always about music bruh. They respect his presence.

  • There are a lot of things that I dislike about 50, but I agree with him…These dudes are grown men, he made them millionaires, and it didn’t seem like they thought that 50 would stop feeding them…..At some point you have to let grown them find food for themselves……..It’s real interesting now because Banks had great potential I love Banks he really has skills, but at the end of the day much like Papoose, you have to have the entire package, a hot freestyle is not going to cut it…….50 tried his best to help out plenty of rappers, now stop waiting for a hand out and do you, 50 cent is really “like God to some of these Ni@@as” for real…

    • disqus_5cALgme1r0

      Look at us it’s discussing we call the white man the devil but we are

  • Guest

    50 is that nigga that will explain why he losing on NBA 2k14…chill you taking L’s bruh

    • blacklodgefamilytree


  • Mec-One

    How much of a boss was 50 or what kind of deal did G-Unit have if they still had to get the green light from interscope for a new album?

    • Jayson C Williams

      Has nothing to do with the deal more so the times changed and they weren’t independent as hot as 50 or close to it! Maybe game and buck were, but game started some dumb beef and buck caught a case.

  • Lou Velazquez

    dam niggaz be haten but this is how life is thats why alot of yall dudes dont propel in anything because yall to worried about the next persons life 50 came from the bottom now he worth 200 mill plus cant knock his hustle jayz more of a scumbag then he is as soon as he got rich he turned on alot of people that came up with him!

  • king

    Fifty is a lame

    • WeakSauce

      And what is it that you are doing with your life that makes it so exciting?! Well, besides hatting on another mans success behind your computer….

      • king

        Hating lol fifty whole career is defined by his hatred of everyone. .If you can pull yourself of his genitals you would notice that.

      • LaurynHernandex

        50 is a lame and before you ask I’m studying law.

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