Eminem Explains Why He Considered Dissing Kanye West & Lil Wayne

(AllHipHop News) On his song Recovery track “Talkin 2 Myself,” Eminem rapped about wanting to diss his musical peers Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Slim Shady spoke with Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show about his intentions to take shots at Weezy, Yeezy, and other rappers in the game.

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Eminem said:

What I was basically talking about [was] with the time period that I was away, I was kind of watching what was going on in the game and it was like anything that was hot at that moment or anybody who was really killing s**t at that moment, I felt so bad about myself and the music that I was creating, that I felt like I started to turn into a hater. And it wasn’t just singling Kanye and Wayne out at that time period, I mean they were the one’s who were the killing it the most to me, and it hurt. I’d pop the CD in and be like, “F**k man, I’m not doing this no more.” I felt like I came very close to like, for me it would have been career suicide because I felt like I should make a song just dissing everybody who’s doing in it the game right now.

Em also talked about his past addiction to drugs, his fear that he couldn’t make music without being high, and what he would do if stopped doing music.

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Listen to Eminem’s interview with Big Boy below.

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  • Damn…. That is the difference between Eminem and 50 Cent. Being able to analyze your weaknesses and control your impulses in order to preserve yourself is hard to do. The problems were clearly on him. And he recognized that. Eminem wouldn’t have been killed lyrically by Kanye or Wayne. But it’s business. So all of the fans of Kanye and Wayne would’ve lined up against dude. He wouldn’t have been completely killed but with Black audiences he would’ve been seriously burned. The only thing that keeps Eminem from being completely labeled Elvis Presley is his close link to Blacks. Burn that bridge and he’ll sell, but he would definitely be pushed into the boundaries of Elvis (someone that takes an art from Blacks and pimps it to the Whites for profit, without showing respect). And no one would’ve taken him seriously in the Black community after that.
    Props to Eminem for having that thought. But you need to holla at your man 50 Cent. He didn’t do as you did and look at him now. There’s lessons you need to teach dude.

    • Guest

      50 uses Kindergarten logic, “If you his friend, then you’re not my friend. You can’t be friends with both of us!” Smh. I been said 50 has very childish and immature ways. His first album was a classic, tho. Lol

      • Vinsanity

        Its Gang mentality…. Im not backing Fiddy im just letting you know.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        he is from the street idiot

    • Obi Won

      The homie Black Jay, really doesn’t like 50 lol.
      but, in the 50’s defense. Remember Em came in with everyone loving him. Black, White, Etc.., DR. Freaking Dre gave him beats, did feats and got him nationally known. 50 on the other hand, before his Shady/Interscope deal, nobody was showing 50 love. He got love from JMJ, but as a New York artist he was touring with Master P of all people. With being “black balled” by the Inc and everyone hoping on there bandwagon I see why he would take the approach of not being cool with anyone & having that F him, F him, & especially F him approach. Its a big gamble but at the time it worked for him. If Em would’ve dissed Kanye or Wayne at the time, that would’ve been the end of Shady’s career. No one would’ve cared, all those rapid fire lyrics would’ve been useless.

      • @disqus_j7RkvtiGsH:disqus…. You killing me homie….Lol! Nah, I don’t hate him. I got 2 of his albums. It ain’t that I hate dude. I hate his tactics and gimmicks. It’s being used to sell records instead of his skill. Nobody knocks anybody for trying to do what they do. But to stand on other cats necks and manufacture beef just to move some units? I ain’t down with that. I consider myself a hip hop purist. If it’s about skill, then brothers need to get on the mic and go at it. But at the end of the day, it’s not personal. It’s skill. 50 does other sh*t. That’s cool for him, but for me, I can’t rock with that. And it’s looking like most of the MCs that are doing it agree. It ain’t about Black Jay (although I wish it was). Lol.

      • Obi Won

        I agree that its corny now. but in the beginning, I don’t think it was a tactic. At least as a spectator I believed 50 didn’t like Ja Rule and the Inc. It just so happen the songs made about them were hits, and it made a lot of money. Good Music mixed with Controversy = $$$$$, except the controversy was genuine. You know 50 got skills, but its is irritating whenever he has to get some buzz someone has to get dissed. Now when Fat Joe and Kiss got caught in the crossfire. In 50 eyes he was standing on Ja’s neck and they pushed his leg a little bit. To me 50 already proved his point, I don’t think its necessary now, but since that time music has gotten weak and we have gotten used to the buddy buddy music. Dissing isn’t needed in music, but I miss the days where Nas, Jay & Big would subliminally diss each other.

      • Cosign that. Those were the glory days. But even back then it was on some skill sh*t. Nowadays it’s all about profit. I understand that 50 had real beef back in the day. But the stuff he’s pulling now with his own crew? Taunting Jay Z and Beyonce? Puff and Ross? I don’t know. It seems manufactured. But I just want that new sh*t to drop so he can be judged solely on his output. Nowadays beef won’t do nothing but get you shot. Just ask Benzino.

      • Obi Won

        Agreed!!! lol

      • Casor_G

        The fact 50 got his ass whipped by them dudes but still won by popular opinion lets you know how people can be manipulated by the media.

      • Willie Stewart II

        Yeah Nas Jadakiss and even fat joe with his “no lyric writin hirin a ghost writer ass” bodied 50 on their dis records.

  • johnblacksad

    mayne… fugg what you almost did…

    basically, he was high as fcuk and was just ready to pull a wild move

  • Dope

    Wow.. this ”news” is just about 3 YEARS too late. These very words, he said them 3 YEARS ago man, a bit after Recovery dropped.

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  • brotha_man

    should. coulda. woulda. either go for the jugglar or shut the fugg up

  • hiphoppin

    em is only good when he disses. he should a dissed that gremlin wayne for sure

  • baller187

    alway talkin the same shit about the pills U took, DUD

  • True_Fan


    • digitallife

      Yet he’s eaten almost everyone alive that can be considered top 5 when they’ve been on the same track…hmmmm….ask jay how renegade worked out?lol..only person to shhh on eminem on a collab has been Royce.

      • johnblacksad

        I prefer Jay’s verse… at least it meant something… Em’s just sounded good that’s all… then Nas said what he said… everybody ran with it like it was gold… smh

      • digitallife

        Nas wasn’t on Renegade..fanboy..There is a huge reason why you’ve never seen another Jay and Eminem collab like that again and it had all to do with when it was all said and done even the biggest Jay Stan knew he got face melted on it.

      • dee

        He talking about ether when nas said em killed you on your own shlt. He saying when nas said that everybody ran with it.

      • digitallife

        “Everybody ran with that” ummmm no only morons did..do a google search the moment that song went live it was all people could talk about..what’s worse is Em’s verse was well over year old because Royce was the original second spitter on the track before it was sold to Jay so Jay went after an eminem verse that was a year plus old.

      • johnblacksad

        and that’s probably why I have always prefered Jay’s verse… don’t knocking for liking the better verse

      • johnblacksad

        Nas wasn’t on Renegade you sure? smh…

      • dee

        Em just sounded good but I prefer jays verse ? WTF

      • johnblacksad

        Whatchu mean WTF? I t ain’t my fault I like shit that makes sense… Hov’s verse is deep… Em just babbled a bunch of assonances…

        If you can’t understand that, I can easily se why you thought Em’s verse was better… smh

      • digitallife

        LMAO at jay-z meaning..the king of meaningless filler rap..ok…

      • Vinsanity

        I think that would have to now go to Kendrick ” In just kidding when being called out” Lamar, the new king of staggered (filler) flows.

      • 5789007

        That nigga has tons of meaning in his music, you gotta listen hard to catch the shit he says

      • 5789007

        Shit, that’s real talk. I agree with him, and even Obie Trice said that

      • Malik

        The only person considered top 5 that he’s sh1tted on is Jay….who else? He couldn’t touch Tariq on that BET cypher and Redman also bested him on ‘Off The Wall’ off of ‘Naughty Professor 2’ soundtrack.

    • TruthSerum

      Oh hey look everybody its the same argument people on the internet been having for 10 years!!!

      I haven’t liked anything he made since 8 Mile but I’m sick of hearing the same things over and over when folks debate his merits. At this point if you don’t like his stuff you should just leave it alone, cause you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of complaining him out his position.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    I felt like I’ve read this before…..is this old?

    • disqus_FiMN6hSPGr

      it is, there is a video for it on youtube.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Maybe he should of dissed them because they are whats wrong with the game now. He killed Jay on Renegade, cant deny that!

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  • disqus_FiMN6hSPGr

    This was in 2010, it’s not new, IT’s OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JerZeBoy

    cosign this is old as hell iread this 4 years ago!!!

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  • Restlesscali

    dude, where do they get these writers from? copy and paste and not knowing this ish was posted years ago! lame

  • anemia716

    Kayne and Wayne just took a collective sigh of relief….

    come on AHH

  • ShortDogg

    Who cares about Em whack trash? Let us move on! Dude music is garbage!

  • Dissin a cat has always been done for 3 reasons: gettin your name up or legit issues. 1) KRS goin at MC Shan was the former, 2) Ice Cube blowin up NWA was the latter. 3) Canibus goin at LL was both. I always respected 2 & 3 (in that order), #1 is kinda wack to me. I love KRS but that’s alil lame. 50 is cool but he built his career talkin $hit about established stars, then doin the same to Ja, all the while jockin his style and gimmick.

    I just prefer dudes not manufacture beef or make “dis tracks”, that $hit is wack & makes me think about Thugnificent vs. Granddad from “The Boondocks”. Also, Em blew up Jay on Renegade & Nas was not on that song.

  • michaelv

    why are they bringing this up now when they did back in 2010

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Rappers been kissing eachothers ass so much recently, it’s time for some good ol beef dang it

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