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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is The Game’s Situation For Real?

The Game is doing his thing in a number of ways – philanthropy, music and TV. However, the rapper has been almost getting married for the longest time. His show, “Marrying The Game,” is coming back for a third season. This time, however, there are some changes. First of all, I am hearing it will be stockpiled with more celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and others. Also, I am hearing that the relationship between The Game and his…girlfriend Tiffany…has degraded. I honestly am taking folks’ word on this one, because I definitely don’t know. But, I heard the almost-married couple will play house for the TV. Maybe they will put the reconciling on the tube and that’s the new storyline on the new season will be.

I have a theory though. I’ve always been intrigued by The Game’s assistant. LoLo is her name and being hot in her game! Get it? Anyway, she is on the new upcoming season and I think she is going to create a twist…that plays with the rumors. The rumor is she is playing the game very well. In fact, I heard that in the last season of “Marrying The Game,” Game’s fiancee let it be known she didn’t like LoLo traveling with her man.

Check LoLo out!

Or should he go with this:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • YouKnowNothing

    I still don’t know who this guy is? What personality will it be today?

    • Restlesscali

      lol, true dat with his bipolar ass, ha ha!!

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  • Andy

    Is this turning into TMZ?

    • Tre C

      it already has turned in to TMZ…sad

  • Dointer

    Man I remember the days when this section was actually ill (excuse the pun) and reported things actually related to the hip hop culture and the artists that supported it.

    • DaHomey6Deuce

      Wake up..AHH is in it for the money man…Everybody is..that’s why I stopped coming here for a few years since they changed the website. Since last year I found it to be fun again. But not for the articles. I come for the community. The rest is a mix of Bossip, MTO, TMZ and WSHH anyways.

  • I would take and accept the bullshit articles you put out better if you stopped trying to be funny. Your jokes are wack. Your just taking a bad situation and making it worse.

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  • Django 2Chainz

    Lolo can Travel with me anytime ya UnderDigg Me haha

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  • Andrew GongDaddy Thomas

    A twist to only get me to actually view this show is first episode Game sees moving trucks in his neighborhood and 50 is moving in across street and 50 goes hello Game and Game replies “Hello Curtis” (in the newman voice from Seinfeld). And cops are called every night cause they are always fcuking with each other and then 50 comes and tries to bang Games bitch

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  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    didnt know game had a show. dont watch that reality t.v crap anyway.all that shyt is garbage.

  • The game is a cornball.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      but would you say that to his face though? No weapons and I bet u still puzzy!

      • brotha_man

        game still human he can get it like anybody else.
        (Niggas bleed just like us)Picture me being scared
        Of a nigga that breathe the same air as me

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        True but 50 and him would be a great one. QUEENS!!

      • hells yes id call him a cornball to his face…. id tell him right in his butterfly tat !!!! lmfao…

    • Will_TooCool

      Internet THUG

  • ddrer

    That was not the assistant she was tripping over though so eeeeh..lame attempt to build some buzz for the TV show illseed.

    The girl is his ex baby mamas family. He basically watched her grow up. Its just bs.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard


  • Brick Soulja

    I thought he was dating Paloma Ford @LovePalomaFord from the “Hit the J” video


    he hitting lolo…

  • Terrance

    Go with the one that is GOOD to you. Not the one that is prettiest. We are not in high school. Being with a woman simply because she is aesthetically pleasing is a formula for DISASTER. Now if the prettier one happens to be the better ALL AROUND woman, then go for it. Anything less is playin’ ya self… IMO

  • Mistermario Lamarr

    it’s like, “who really care!!” If fifty wrote his album it still wouldn’t go platnum. All that dumb shit he use to do and still does, he’s played out. Who cares about ho’e kardashian and the rest of them burnt out, turned out, drugged out tramps. They all irrelevant nobody care what they does. They d- porono starz.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    One girl looks like a kid and the other looks like a grandma.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      more like his little sis and aunty

  • Golgo 13

    lolo looks like she could be related 2 him

    • Papi Peligro

      That changed what I was gone say. LOL.

  • Papi Peligro

    Man he need to . . . . Get the FUDGE OUT OF HERE WITH THIS HIPHOP days of our lives.

  • Montezuma1

    Stripper turned gangsta rapper turned reality star. Sounds about right.

  • AK

    is he wearing lipstick in that first pic wtf

  • Malik

    Y’all wonder why you get this kind of rumours, incorrect punctuations and incomprehensible write-ups regularly?

    Here’s why: This kind of stories gets the most hits on AHH, period.

    The hits in turn are used to attract advertisers and that generates income. You hardly ever see comments 30 and above deep in the editorial section that has meaningful articles. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, so y’all need to stop complaining.

    By now, we all know the rumour section is about fvckery, so don’t click in to complain, just let it be, move right on and hopefully Chuck Creekmur & Co. will get the message when the hits starts declining and there’s not much to attract advertisers with.

    Hit them where it hurts the most

  • I watch the show and do like it. I’m not sure what’s going wit his music but the show is fun and Game seems cool

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