Master P “Going Through Some Thangs”

Here’s another banger, people remember this is the Colonel, one of the hardest working artist in the game and it gets no realer than this. He’s bringing the tank with this one, Master P , No Limit Forever. Making he way through the underground & it’s only a matter of time before they take the top spot again. The sleeping giant The Ice Cream Man is officially back. Spitting gangster rhymes over hard Club Beats. This single is from The Ice Cream Man II Album.

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  • Action Jackson

    If P really loved his people why don’t this nigga build a school to educate our black youth or do something constructive with his money. These rappers always rap about being the best consumer as if that’s really helping the black economy…I don’t care if he’s going through some thangs hell we all got problems especially the black race

    • looks like uncle ruckus don’t know how to use google, google this niggas charities and see the school in the hood he funds, the school he help build in haiti, the families he helped house during katrina, the clothes he shipped down there, the families he helps every year in cities across america during the holidays then come back here wit that. P a legend and he back entertaining his fans

      • Action Jackson

        What’s the purpose of building a school that will only continue to enforce white supremacy? You’re missing the point. If these rappers really wanted to do something constructive they should work on changing the status quo. It’s nice he has helped the victims of Katrina, but wouldn’t you expect that? P music is self destructive and only promotes the Negropean mindset. Oh yeah and every entertainer has a charity, it’s a tax write off.

  • Frankie Rich

    P does lots for his people, he hasnt built a school but he has given out scholarships. He has done other charitable works also. It just doesnt get broadcasted as much. He could do more for us by not making songs anymore because this new stuff is garbage.

  • RNS, p stay dropping street hits the last few months them mixtapes go in too

  • bo da butcha

    Men this shit bang, that beat is nasty