When Rappers Boxed: Willie D Of The Geto Boys Talks Knocking Out Melle Mel

Hip-Hop and boxing have intersected in a a great many ways since raps inception. Nowadays we see plenty Hip-Hop boxers, but there was a brief period when rappers were the boxers. It was an era of profound machismo. On March 24th 1992, New York City hosted the Celebrity Rapper’s Boxing Match and the event was chock-full of ohh’s and ahh’s. The only thing is, because technology hadn’t caught up, the footage was only talked about. Knockout Nation has both. Willie D put Grand Master Flash on the canvas. Willie, who was a professional boxer, talks about exactly how it went down.

As told to Chuck Creekmur

What happened was, the organizers called us in Houston and said they were throwing a celebrity boxing match and wanted us to be a part of it. I was a part of it, Dope E from The Terrorists (a group from Rap-A-Lot Records) who got knocked the f**k out! Boy, Freddie Foxxx knocked Dope E the f**k out! That s**t was funny. He put his hands on him. Kurtis Blow put them hands on some mothaf**ka! LL [Cool J] was supposed to be in it. A lot of people was supposed to be there. Anyway, I remember bein?g backstage in the dressing-room. A reporter asked Mel how he thought the fight would go. Mel was trying? to be diplomatic and s**t, You know, I’?m gonna go out there, and try to have a good fight. Then they came to me, and I was doing some sit-ups. I said, First, he gonna come out and throw a couple jabs. Then, he gonna take off running. I’ma hit him with a right, then hit him with a left. Hit him with a right, then a left. Hit him with a right, then hit him with a left. And he gonna get carried away.  [laughing] Mel laughed it off playfully.

We go out, they taking bets like in prison fighting. Me and Mel was the main event. Me and Mel get to the ring. The fight was sanctioned, so we had a real referee. We get to the ring, and I come out, and to be honest, I didn’t go out to really knock anybody out. I was trying to put on an exhibition. We go out, and I throw a couple jabs. Mel come across my head with an overhead right and he raised me. The force that he did it with…he was trying to tear my ass off. The crowd [responded]. Off the bat, I said to myself, “It’s over. Get him outta here.”The ref broke us up. I came back out again. I shot two jabs up to set it up. He fell for it. I caught him with an overhead right, and he went to sleep. I remember, they counted to 10, and Mel was still out. He was doing some Tweety-bird s**t. His eyes was crossed up. I forgot it was sanctioned, ?cause I asked the ref, Let him fight. I wanted people to get their money’s worth, and the fight just started. “Get back over there!” [The ref yelled]  So I returned to my corner. Ten more second passed, Mel still ain’t up. Finally, he comes to eyes still crossed. One of his boys was like, “Mel, it?s over. Mel said, Its over?” Mell said, “Well, who got the belt?” [laughing] That’s what he said! Clear as day, I remember that s**t. I already had the belt wrapped around my waist. Since then, me and Mel talked on the phone a few times. He still wants a rematch.

SO DID WILLIE ACTUALLY KO MEL? You be the judge! Watch the fight over at KnockoutNation.com.

  • Action Jackson

    And I can promise you that these guys probably can laugh and talk about this anyday together. Rap music has become to egotistical. There’s too much pride at stake now. I condemn Ray-J for not being afraid to take the fade. Call it what you want but the R&B singer has 2 emcees under his belt. Bad Azz and Fab.

    • Dhz30

      oh alright, u sayin ‘i commend’ not i ‘condemn..’ that sentence had me fvcked up for a second

      • Action Jackson

        I fucked myself up with that one

    • ZUBU

      Ray Jay AKA Brandy’s lil’ sista, claims he got Fab but no one there co-signs what Ray said. It was suppose to have went down @ Money May’s crib in Vegas. Never heard about him and Bad Azz.
      I did watch footage of the Blood/Damu chick who hoe checked Ray J, she lifted his skirt up and exposed his busta assss. Ray claiming sets he ain’t even down with. She put him on extreme blast.

      • Action Jackson

        You heard what Ray J said after the altercation “Tell Fab to take a picture of his face right now” I believe he got Fab and Fab know it…that’s why he came back rocking the high top fade all confused and shit lmao

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        nah he didn’t get him, the only one claiming there was a fight is Ray J. If a beat down took place every one would back it up as a witness and even the money team would have brought the truth out. 50 would be the first to clown on Fab if that really happen.

    • Brick Soulja

      Ray J already lumped Fab up and Bad Azz, so he has nothing to prove.

  • hoeyuno

    haha don’t fucc with Willie D!!

  • Montezuma1

    Melle Mel is old. He’s at least 10yrs older than Willie. Besides he’s a dancer not a fighter. lmao

  • Dhz30

    is there video of that Bumpy vs Dope E fight?

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    • Cotton Watts

      wht bout x-pills

  • Eric Cartman

    Now a days this can’t happen! The funny thing is rappers back then were harder haha… Now too many phonies who can’t handle the backlash of losing

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Willie D put Mel down but he got up quickly wobbling not laid out like willie D is claiming. A knock out is what it is, you can’t take that away from him….hope some body got footage from the other side of the ring so we could see how he hit him. now they got to find someone with 8mm film of Jay-Z vs DMX.

    • George Jackson

      Yeah he did put him down. But they both fell at the same time lol

  • Cotton Watts

    the footage is on youtube….search Melly Mel boxing….that shit was funny