Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica Rants On Twitter About Thugs, The Industry, The Media & The CIA

(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica is one of the most elusive emcees in the history of the culture. He pops his head up to drop verses like on the Jay Z assisted “We Made It” or Big Sean’s “Control,” but for the most part he remains in the shadows.

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The Roc Nation rapper has reemerged again. This time on Twitter. Jay Elect went on a self-described “rant” this morning on the social networking site calling out everyone from “so-called thugs” to bloggers to the CIA.

Read Jay Electronica’s tweets below.

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  • EvilSteveDallas

    This guy….dumb. Just dumb. Well, maybe not dumb, but seriously uninformed. Anytime anyone wants to sound intelligent, they go all ‘conspiracy theory’…it makes them seem interesting, like they have access to some secret knowledge.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Explain how so?

      • ThisguyJames

        Yeah I thought he was pretty on point with everything. People now are so quick to fight each other over nothing, but theyre afraid to stand up and fight for a real cause.

      • Judah Nazayar

        man..im telling u…its like…Effing Bizarro world we live in. Whats good is bad. Whats Bad is Good. Going wid the flow..is Good. being Observant and speaking out on what u see is bad. Mainstream and Corporate is Good. Underground and Artistic is bad. Niggas wid Face tats and pants hanging off their azz is good. A brother trying to make a better example while being that example is a square/weirdo. thats bad.

      • Judah Nazayar

        whose dictating this shet 4 us?? I refuse to believe brothers are this degenerate..just naturally..from the womb..that boolshet. You have to be taught this degeneracy..it doesnt have to be by parents and schools. Whatever young ppl r n2=music, tv, movies,dating, and partying… this is where theyre being taught.

    • it is a conspiracy when our own people fail to see the writing on the wall and fail to do anything about their conditions. it seems like you are the one uninformed.

      • Judah Nazayar

        how the fukk is a brother discussing social ills dumb? this is why the so called negro aint shet. nigga wont stand up for nothing..but the whyteman

      • Casor_G

        Got to agree with Judah on this one. Dude really was on point

  • Guest

    I get what he is trying to say….. however Jay E; You live in England with your white girlfriend/fiancé. No problem with that marry whoever you want but all this talk like you in the field is funny to me. FOH! QUEENS!

    • Judah Nazayar

      i know tons of blackmen wid black women..and these niggas dont know shet..dont care about shet..aint gonna be about shet..
      if a ninja has a whyte woman..and hes thinking about important shet..
      How much better is he than that nikka wid a blackgirl..whose nigging his life away..on sum zombie shet?

      • RapItUp

        #Message (and no, I do not have a white girl)

      • ggogins

        I like your thoughts homie

      • Jared

        I just wonder what color a female he’s fu(king has to do with his thoughts. Just inquiring.

    • Slick Blak

      White girl? THAT IS KATE ROTSCHILD! THE REAL ILLUMINATI! This nicca fkn the girl whose family LITERALLY CONTROLS THE WORLD! They estimate her value at 500 BILLION DOLLARS! Like WTF?!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    “if you can’t relate to what I’m saying, I’m not talking to you.”

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      in other words Ill translate this sell out: “If you don’t agree with me 100%, forget you”

      • ggogins

        How is he a sellout? For not selling his soul for a buck???

      • Slick Blak

        Selling his soul? This nicca is LITERALLY fkn the REAL ILLUMINATI HELLLOOOOO Kate Rotschild anyone?

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    1) He is way too inconsistent with putting out work for Jay Z to drop an album.
    2) French Montana & MGK had albums put out before Los for 1 reason. they have a following a true following of people. Whether the followers are hip hop heads or not, they purchase tickets etc for French & MGK and at the end of the day its only about one thing, MONEY! Los could eat both of them but he is just like JAY E, no true followers (Think about it money $$$$). Nobody going to put you out If u don’t go crazy asss white boy fans etc like MGK do, French Montana got that south.
    3) Jay E: Take my notes and you could too could be a succesful rapper other than just being the nicca with an old white lady in London. She rich btw but he spitting all these “struggle power for the people” Tweets LMAO!!!! This boy delusional.

    • MoneyCheeba

      yeah support poison rap…the shit that makes our youth dumb and stupid, you sound like a person who’s paid to say this dumb shit…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I listen to hip hop. yes some of them say some dumb shi* but at least im honest unlike most of u new niccas. I wish I was getting paid for spitting this simple knowledge to you youngins.

  • Jared

    I agree especially with the walking past Zimmerman part but I’m not a Killer. I would knock the shit out of him though. Put those thoughts into a song on the new album or mixtape….People are way too conformed (maybe me) to change course so easily.

    • why didn’t he do it?

      • Jared

        I assume he didn’t walk past him…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Jay E is similar to Bin Laden, he has followers to “blow themselves up” but in the end wouldn’t do it himself. Bin Laden talked a bunch of shi& about America and in the end he was found with American porno on his computer where they killed him. Same concept im sure with Jay E….

      • Ryan Cole

        Bin Laden knew who had the best porno. It’s almost impossible to jerk off to Muslim porn. The women still don’t take their clothes off.

        Seriously, all that stuff about finding Bin Laden with porn probably wasn’t true.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        it was confirmed

      • Ryan Cole

        Confirmed by our media? What I’m saying is with that whole situation, they could’ve made Bin Laden look any way they wanted to. Could’ve said they found him with American porn, wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt, listening to “Living In America” by James Brown. Bin Laden can’t dispute that, and it makes him look bad to his followers.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        calm down. get ur one way ticket to afghan, see how much they love u…

      • Jared

        Exactly. You try to school people and they get offended,smh

  • MrNoName2K

    People stay bitchin and moanin on twitter

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  • Eli Pinilla

    rant over. you can go back to listening to your favourite artists tell you how much you’re not shit and make you feel bad for not having. — ℒℴѵℯJay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica)

    I agree with what he sayin but this^^^^^^ How u gonna say that but you signed to Jayz?!?!? You make music with puffy?!?!? I respect dudes that speak out, but I bet you if you ask him about Jay z or puff doin the very things he’s speaking about and he’ll find a way to give them a pass…..

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      LMAO exactly!

    • Brindle

      perfectly said… And I’m interested to hear his answer when its asked…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        it wont be asked. too many “yes men”!

    • MoneyCheeba

      He has to climb the ladder to get his message heard, so obviously he has to rub shoulders with those who are on top, you ever read Sun Tzu, The Art of War? he his own man…he not Puffy or Jay Z, you see him giving them a pass? he talking about everyone in the industry…dumb ass…

      • Eli Pinilla

        Oh ok, so where on that ladder did it require him to do a song with big sean?!?! Or one with Mac miller?!?! Oh, how about the rumored ep with Lil b?!?! must’ve been real low on that ladder then……That’s not art of war shit, that’s hypocrite shit if you really wanna call it what it is. Hes talking about rappers not standing up for what they speak on yet he doesn’t have enough pride in himself to turn down a feature cuz hes “climbing the ladder”?!?!? You make him look worse trying to defend him more than i do just making a point. If he was using all that art of war shit, then he woulda been dropped a shit ton of music and took advantage of the resources f*ckin with Jayz and puffy provides you so he could get from under them and spread his message. . Yet he drops a song a year. So much for strategy…..dumbass….

      • Savimbi

        I wouldn’t really categorize Big Sean and Mac Miller in there, these two are still pretty true to the art, Sean is lame personality wise but his music has some substance to it, Miller is closer to the stoner hip-hop etc but he ain’t telling these kids to shoot shit up or buying a bunch of coke to move etc… Lil B i’m not sure lol now if he goes and make a record with say a Gucci mane than i’ll question him. Moneycheeba is defo right tho, at times in war your enemy’s enemy becomes your friend for you have that common adversary, it’s all strategy and the books he mentioned do talk about some of these things.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yea, in the art of war you put yourself in that position so that you can take advantage. He put himself in in that position, if you believe that he himself thinks that he’s with the “enemy”, then what is he doing to take advantage of that situation to further benefit his cause or spread his message?!?!? I don’t think he looks at puffy and them dudes like that, and if he does, then again, what is he doing other than twitter ranting and a song a year to Further his cause??? Moneycheeba Just Lookin More Into It Than What it is. If he’s climbing the ladder? Cool. But it ain’t no art of war strategy shit he doin on purpose to prove a point from within enemy lines and shit….big sean did “ass” and a bunch of other coonish sh*t, and most die hard jay elect fans themselves don’t like that he did shit with Mac miller…..Lil b and gucci?!?!? I don’t even wanna entertain that thought lol

      • Brindle

        none of The Art of War talks about what you just stated, read that book at least 3 times… there’s not even a topic close to what your trying to say

    • I don’t think jay’s message is “I’m not shit” He’s competing w/ other rappers w/ money,not the common man IMO

      • Eli Pinilla

        I feel u. But If there’s any rapper that makes his fans feel inferior, it’s him. All the ballin shit. “What’s 20 grand to a ngga like me” kinda stuff. It really started up with the watch the thrown content and kinda went from there…..

      • anaiskarim

        The line you referenced is Jay Z talking back to the NBA about fining him $50k for visiting the Kentucky Wildcats locker room. Letting them know they weren’t going to deter his plans to get into sports management. Obviously, they didn’t.

      • Eli Pinilla

        That’s just the perception he has. I just used that line as a point to the overall subject matter he’s had since and around that time period. There were blogs and shit written about it. Read the reviews for that album in particular and a lot of those reviewers speak of that album doin to them what jay elect says these rappers do to us. I don’t agree with all of it. But that perception for jay is there….

      • anaiskarim

        Well then that example did not support your point because that was not a slap in the face to regular people about being more wealthy. It was a slap to the NBA. So basically the people who have that perception of him are basing a lot of it on not understanding his lyrics and taking offense where none is intended. Since Jay Electronica knows him personally, he can talk to him directly and have a more accurate picture of what Jay is actually about.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Maan, u got that lol I done posted posted way to much on this subject to get deeper into the jay z side of it….The next time this shit comes up I got u, but I can’t put another thought to paper regarding this ish…..

      • IOt was 50K and that line was for the NBA when they fined him,not to just say that.Why can’t he talk about his money?he getting it

  • Action Jackson

    Would Huey P Newton rant over some social networking site?

    • Jared

      I would assume yes if applicable.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Especially If You Have A lot of Followers

    • Brindle


    • Dubz

      New times…if you are looking to influence the masses in this day in age, you should use tools that the people can relate to.

  • So after your rant mr.electronica what are you doing to stop those things? crickets and tumble weed. go back into hiding and drop 2 more verses in 2 more years. I say this if you feel the school is teaching your child lies then when they come home you teach them the truth. if stores are selling poison then you change the way you eat. if i dont like what i hear i dont listen. and that fav artists that shits on everyones life is your boss. interesting. let me go back to what i was doing unless someone wants to add to this.

    • Brindle

      your thought process is wrong, whether he’s doing something or not, he’s definitely trying… the question to be taken from the article, is “what are YOU doing?”. The question doesn’t require an answer, you’ll make it general and simple, just requires a lot less emotion, way more thought, absolutely 0 apathy…

  • Guest

    Illuminati talk again. Can I finally see proof other than wealthy white people making major decisions or is the suppose to be the absolute definition?

    • Brindle

      He didn’t say nothing about the Illuminati, your part of the problem, thoughts is to simple, can’t even read what you read

    • dick fukabatch

      the proof is right before you in everyday reality..stay off the net and you might wake up

      • Do you see the irony in your sentence?

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dude popped a molly and started trippin

  • SleepyTheGreat

    He’s Gonna Be Labeled “Crazy” But He Said Dropped Some Gems. Respect

  • Brindle

    I agree with every word he said… Rappers are extremely dumb and have no stance on anything these days, even gangsta rappers said “F the police” and not just NWA. The other problem is the fans, the sheeple, they are easily satisfied by lack of talent, thought and art… My question is, how does he respond to Jay Z. Jay Elect does a lot in the commuinity and has for years, but I was shocked when he signed to Jay and is dating Kate Rothschild. Which Jay will change the other Jay? Or does neither change and use a big marketing machine to make sure we don’t notice, care or expect something better?

    • Judah Nazayar

      sir, to u believe that the average so called american is born degenerate?
      Or that ..sum kinda system has been used on them sumhow??
      That kate chick was/is his manager..i think she runs sum kinda label as well.
      And im sure ..hes not gonna be rubbing elbows wid THE ROTHSCHILDS..hes gonna be hanging out wid kate. I dont give frogs fat azz who the ninja wid…all i know is…when i heard..WHAT THE FUKK IS A JAY ELECTRONICA?? mixtape…(2 years ago)..i can safely say widout a doubt.
      hes definitely top 5 ..OF ALLTIME… IF NOT THE BEST MC I EVER HEARD.
      And i love my top rappers. I buy there shet and support them..but hotdangit..

      • Eli Pinilla




      • Judah Nazayar


      • Judah Nazayar

        EVER ..

      • Eli Pinilla

        Maan, u wrote a response talkin bout master p and shit and I responded to what u said…then u changed the comment so I changed mine cuz that shit didn’t relate to nothin you was sayin the second time around…..Jay elect is very dope…..I just don’t agree with everything he says….The majority, but no all….

      • Brindle

        I’d disagree with your top 5 but respect the enthusiasm… That kate chick has no ability to run a label or mange a career, she getting played by a American, New Orleans brotha, I hope one gets with the queen next. and far as Americans being born degenrate, I’m assuming your from England, your just mad that the American Pit Bull Terrier has proven to be the gamest dog of all time, took what ya’ll started and made it bigger and better, we got better dogs, better women, better sports and music, we’re like the Floyd Mayweather of countries…

      • Dante Rapper

        lol you said that as if terming the Usa as the ‘Floyd Mayweather’ of countries was a good thing…

      • Brindle

        its a great thing… if you were the Floyd Mayweather of Rap, you’d be in the studio making money instead of replying to me while I’m making mine

      • Judah Nazayar

        I WASNT SAYING AMERICANS WERE…it was a question…saying..i dont believe ppl r born that way…in sum form or fashion..Theyre taught/programmed

      • Brindle

        I got you, my bad. And I agree. I think that was the first time I felt patriotic outside of the pit bull breed. Lol

      • Judah Nazayar


      • Christopher Tarver

        That’s crazy…four of your top 5 are also four of my top 5, the only exception is Slick Rick.

  • Jay E is another false prophet

    This is coming from a man who is LITERALLY going to become part of the zionist Rothschild family. Responsible for funding the occupation of Palestine, bankrupting central banks worldwide and eugenics campaigns.Not a word from wittle Jay E on that though.

    • Savimbi

      Maybe it’s part of the strategy…gotta look beyond what you see in the surface.

    • Judah Nazayar

      wait a minute….last i checked.. he wasnt palestinian. he talks about his ppl plight. Show me a Palestinian anybody whose over here crusading for the blackman. Exactly.

      • Dante Rapper

        I am not disagreeing with you totally as you just made a statement so I haven’t really been enlightened to your entire opinion, but in case its the opinion that People A should strive for People B only if its reciprocated then the following applies;

        Why does the support of the Palestinians from the ‘Black Man’ depend upon Palestinian crusading for the Black Man? Where is the evidence that there is NOT support from Palestinians to the plight of the Black Man?

        Anyways, the point in essence is, crusading for a people that are facing injustice should not be a matter of ‘returning the favor’. But if you didn’t mean that then ignore this.

      • Judah Nazayar

        oh no, Thats exactly what I mean. See, when the so called israelis shoot down a baby.. That gets national coverage. And the nations condemn the action. It gets national spotlight. Now, The Blackman(so called due to his condition..not his skin).. He stays getting fukked up.. But its expected from everyone. Go watch youtube videos of Arab Racism towards Black Palestinians= the shet i deal wid american whites. So if the Palestinian calls evwerybody with darkskin..*abood*=slave…even if yo azz descend from king jaffy jaffer.. *The White Palestinian..is calling them nigggers/Kuwshy*…THEN WHY SHOULD A DARKSKIN MAN SPEAK OUT FOR EDOMITE..FOR WHATER REASON?.

      • Dante Rapper

        ah okay I see the angle you’re coming from. Arab racism towards Blacks is not denied, that does happen. However, my opinion is that, generally injustice is not something that should be disregarded due to partial dissent. I.e, If I’m a Muslim man, and a Muslim person is racist/degrading/dissenting a non-Muslim white man, just because of bad treatment by the White Man to Muslims, I won’t disregard the injustice made by the Muslim or further, encourage it. But I feel where you’re coming from…the subculture of injustice towards Blacks by Arabs is completely wrong…however that is not necessarily wholesome…it happens and it is wrong. Israeli injustice towards Palestine happens and it is wrong. But I see the side of the coin you flip, brother.

  • maya

    Makes sense to me. *shrugs*

  • Jonathan Bacher

    but, he isnt tripping

  • Ryan Cole

    Jay Electronica came along at the wrong time. People don’t want to hear any kind of social commentary in rhymes anymore. It’s dumbed all the way down. People want to hear the same song from 50 different acts. Turn up, I got money, big cars, thick bitches, I do drugs, etc. Rick Ross has a fan base that doesn’t mind that he’s been spitting the same exact uncreative verses since 2006.

    • Jason Mazur

      One can never come along at the wrong time. You exist where and when you do. He is here at the worlds and hip-hop/Raps most current pivotal moment of need. He is here at the perfect time. The world needs people like JE to remind them, to teach them. If anything, there are not enough people saying what he is. If one person opens their eyes and minds from listening or reading his thoughts then it’s one less blinded person. Don’t get me wrong tho….love me some ignorant money motivating music too at times. Everything in moderation.

      • TruthSerum

        Too Bad his lazy ass only drops 2 songs per year, he aint gonna teach nobody nothing when he has the worst work ethic in the history of the genre………. I agree with all the things he said, but it’s not like teaching kids to be lazy and complain about everything without taking action is a much better alternative. If Jay wants to change the game, the first step is to get off your lazy ass and RELEASE MUSIC

  • Anoni Muss

    He’s completely on point 100% on this 1! But how is he signed to Jay Z with all these feelings?! Jay epitomizes everything he jus ranted about

    • Jason Mazur

      It’s not that you have money, it’s what you do with it.

  • ihatefaggots

    Go chase old rich white bitches jay electronica we don’t believe you

    • Judah Nazayar

      u sound like a bitter broke nikah who wishes he had that rich white chick..
      ole..*i hate my life* azz nikah

      • brotha_man

        get’em (redman voice)

  • don king

    thats the damn truth. the rap game has 2 b controlled by some wackos, otherwise i cant explain the success of 80% of the artists. but jay is also right with those “thugs” who r willin 2 kill another 4 money, but shit their pants as soon as some1 ask them 2 fight the power. most ppl these days just think bout themselfs n only move 4 money. they dont care bout problems till they got them also n than they try 2 sneak some way out of it.

  • He spoke the truth, anyone not feeling what he said is not down for the cause and needs to stop listening to hip hop because your against the real struggle, people.who try to down play what he said are enemies of my culture #MoorLife

    • Judah Nazayar

      i agree

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    he ain’t lying about sh it he is saying…Keeping it ALL the Way 100!!!!!

  • Guest

    “you can go back to listening to your favourite artists tell you how much you’re not shit and make you feel bad for not having.” <—This.

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  • Perico777

    Attention seeking whore and he a sell out…next

    • Do you know what a sellout is? Im thinking not.

      • Hector G

        this guy is a joke,…..everything wrong with hip-hop. makes no music and thinks he’s better than everyone. Meanwhile, he’s signed probably to a million dollar deal on roc nation, is old as piss and rants on twitter. #1 biggest joke idiot in the rap game EVER = jay electronica

      • Either you dont really listen to hip-hop, you want attention, or you dont have a grasp of the English language. If he’s what is wrong with hip-hop and tbe biggest idiot in hip-hop history in your opinion, your opinion holds no relevance.

      • Celz

        Bet this niccas ring tone is French Montana or some fucc shyt..

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    • NINJA koz Maccabee

      itz that time da end of da EDOMITIES KINGDOM :::;YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWAHSHI waking uz up out our sleep



  • Jayson C Williams

    He’s right

  • Malik

    “you can go back to listening to your favourite artists tell you how much you’re not shit and make you feel bad for not having.”

    It’s funny he says this and his boss Jay Z is one of the leading Hip-Hop artist that indulge in such behaviour.

    • Truth Powell

      We would love to be listening to a Jay Electronica album with all his important messages but he won’t drop one.
      He’d rather get drunk off Jack Daniel’s and post on twitter.

      • Malik

        Why is that though? I mean why is the album not out yet? I ultimately blame him for signing with Hov, but make no mistake, Elect’s debut, ‘Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)’ has been done and turned over to Hov since 2012. Hov is holding the album back for a lack of radio friendly single.

      • Strange that people write “#FACT” when in actuality, they know not what they speak.

      • Malik

        Strange how people just post without researching what they post on…If only you’d take the time to do your research, you’d find out all the answers you lack knowledge of are floating about on the web…I’ve already done mine hence my post, do yours, period. Miss me with some generic ignorant BS

  • hiphoppin

    Rappers complain too much then jump on the mic talkin all that trash about how tough they are when in reality they bitches who are gettin controlled. Im sayin do summit about it because the rappers CAN actually make a change by makin their own companies etc. They choose to sellout like this bitch jay elec. Yeh he said some real shit but this clown signed to the biggest sellout in rap history. CAMEL MUTHAFUCKIN JOE!

  • AK

    hes just mad that jayz and kendrick got more people talking about them than him, on the last 2 tracks he put out lol

    • Remember the comment you posted. It is the precise reason why you are rapidly going nowhere in your life… fast.

      • AK

        you dont know me lol i can garantee you im doing better than you think, i like jay elec but he needs to settle down with all the talk and drop records to vent or keep it moving

  • $11625525

    And I suddenly find myself asking this question … Are comment sections on hip hop websites a measurable statistical reflection of the hip hop fan base?

    There’s a shed load of ignorance here, and some rational comments too. Where do I stand on this topic?

    Jay Electronica is throwing darts at artists who are not tackling social issues but instead are quite happy to highlight and laugh in the face of the very people who made them popular by flossing on them in their own music that these fans dance to.

    He’s not dissing every artist, and he makes that quite clear in his tweets.

    People calling Jay Electronica a sellout for signing with Jay Z but they probably don’t know the history of their own employer and what he does with the revenue he makes off of their blood, sweat and tears.

    I got time for Jay Electronica, his rhymes seem sincere, he appears to have a depth about him that allows his audience to connect [on a spiritual level] with his rhymes.

    He’s not some pedo child sex offender or promoting what could be deemed unnatural sex acts, so who he chooses as his no bearing at all on anyone’s life but his own and as such no one should really be watching who he’s sleeping with or using it as a barometer of his hip hop/street credibility or his social standing; some people mentioning where he lives need to travel a bit more and see the world, then they might understand that police brutality is more universal than hip hop music.

    • Eli Pinilla

      “People calling Jay Electronica a sellout for signing with Jay Z but they probably don’t know the history of their own employer and what he does with the revenue he makes off of their blood, sweat and tears.”

      I agree with all you sayin, but there’s a difference between knowing what your employer does and still choosing to work for them, and working for them then later finding out the truth. Jay elect knew exactly who he was signing to and what kind of reputation jay z has in regards to what jay elect speaks out against. Shit, when you think of “illuminati” rappers and just the superficial rich rapper don’t talk about social issues, Jay is (maybe un-warranted) on that list. A lot of the same people on here defending and agreeing with Jay elect, go on jay z threads and hate the moves he makes. I see it all the time. So it’s hard to defend the man, and not at least question the move he made in signing with jay………I like jay elect. Think he’s got crazy talent. And I like his message. But a spade is a spade. And a lot of what he’s talking about is something jayz and puffy fall into…..flagrantly…..He also defended Rick Ross against the 50 cent feud and bigged up french montana for having that “birdman swag”….

      • $11625525

        First and foremost we shouldn’t forget that Jay Electronica is a Hip Hop fan. He obviously studied the game and his options, waiting long enough to see what deals were available for him, and took the one which he believed made financial sense and would provide him with the creative freedom he desired, and the fact he doesn’t have a “Radio” single [as someone pointed out] is testament to that fact.

        Calling Jay Z the “Illuminati” is laughable, too many people are blurring lines and allowing themselves to be spooked by that word; it’s like admitting that you have been brainwashed at some point in your life, to the point you had no control over your own actions and undertook demonic acts on the behest of something coming through your speakers, orchestrated by a group of white men who run the world and carried out by a Black man from Brooklyn. Not only does that sound absurd, it shirks responsibility for ones own actions.

        Who decides which rappers should be labelled the illuminati and which ones shouldn’t anyhow?

        Does a person being successful automatically mean that they sold their soul or freedoms to a bunch of white men in suits or robes? Throw away the school books kids, no point studying, you have no control over your own future anyhow, just go straight to Bohemian Grove and offer up someone you love as a sacrifice and you will gain all the money in the world, you just gotta do what these white men tell you to do.

        I’m sorry, I am just not buying into it being so simple.

        Do I believe the world is run by an elite group of people? Yes, of course. Do they have secret knowledge that others are unable to attain? That’s questionable, if it is true then how does anyone know it exists if they’ve never seen it? Does lack of this knowledge or nonalignment with these people mean that a person cannot be successful? Absolutely not, success is subjective; to the hungry it’s finding a food source, to the thirsty it’s finding something to drink, to the jobless it’s finding a means to make money in order to survive.

        Jay Z’s success proves that he studied his field, the careers of those who came before him, he saw what worked and what didn’t and he perfected it, he has a good ear for music, aligned himself with some great producers and the public were drawn to his songs.

        Jay Electronica can look at the career of Kanye West and know that he’s free to do what he wants as an artist on The Roc. Puffy is the biggest artist on Bad Boy, he always will be, just look at the history of his roster of artists. Who else could Jay Electronica have signed with, without going generically pop?

        Oh and siding with Ross or bigging up French Montana isn’t a crime, it’s an opinion, we aren’t all the same and sometimes we see things in others that we admire despite knowing it isn’t right for us.

      • hiphoppin

        How do u explain all the satanic stuff he has in videos and his clothes and lyrics? Come on man if he isnt illuminati he worships satan no doubt. Plus this puppet calls himself God. Thats the lamest part cuz he more like a camel.

      • Savimbi

        Marketing 101, the Illuminati has been a hot topic for the past 10 years…throw in the bait, and the public and illuminati enthusiast will jump on it, keeps the name in people’s mouths…youtube views etc…lol I’m not an expert on these things but what i know is that metaphysically speaking, a lot of these symbols are Neutral it really depends on what you make them out to be….if triangles/pyramids/eye of horus etc are signs of satanism then the entire Egyptian civilization was based on satanic culture.

      • $11625525

        Exactly what @disqus_CcD6rx82yb:disqus said.

        If no one ever told you it was supposed to be satanic you wouldn’t bat an eye and, either way, it would have no impact on your thought process. If it did, in ways that caused you to act out of character, I am sure you would have noticed.

        Why has no one ever called Snoop Dogg a member of the illuminati? What’s the difference between Snoops music and Jay Z’s? I’d dare say that Snoop had made songs that are way more destructive [in content] than Jay Z has; in so far as influencing the youth to want to pick up guns or become gang affiliated. Now if that ain’t doing the devil’s work, what is?

  • s0rethumb

    E L always been on point. My two cents I appreciate the excitement for rap that speaks to the soul. 106+ comments for a poet who ain’t drop yet…Make us relevant.

  • brotha_man

    seems like he is talking about AHH’s infamous homo elmo troll

  • Drank

    They don’t like it when the real gets spoke. Call em out Jay Elek!, Call em out!

  • Tha Colony

    Society nowadays always expect someone to voice out social ills or speak out against the wrongs been done, and when someone do, the same community are the first to throw them under the bus, The people of Libya let the west kill Muamur Ghadaffi and now they jus realizes how good he was to them, and they are scared to raise up against people who are in charge. people jus deserve their evil masters

  • tyone weldon


  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS

    JAY E is mad hiphop not checking for a 50yr marcy project nigga texan homeless boy toy whom illusion the dream he has a rich baby momma. shit dont work not even spitting on soulja boy tracks and charging soulja cuz he’s rich and you and your label slave owner is in debit. aint no cia, niggas see you when you sleep on the side walk bro your tweets shoots its self like your rhymes now pull the production down and do your poetry

    • u are what hes talking about!!

    • Blackshues

      I’m sorry, I can’t understand a word this nigga said…


    Someone tell Future that this is what you call being “HONEST”

  • $18916246

    JE, Has got his 3D glasses on and I totally respect his opinion as he is no doubt getting real vibes that allow for him to feel this way. The system and it’s participants are corrupt. JE’s is an intelligent man who seems to have clear understanding of the things he speaks about pre-industry exposure. What I’m saying JE is don’t shock at the teeth in a sharks mouth, or surprised by the devils horns. Give your fans what you want them to have and largely what they expect and keep it moving. Their is no fare exchange and robbery is the end result, claim your kill, get your fill, again keep it moving.

  • ghettogov

    Whatever happened to the old saying “don’t shoot the messenger”? then people wonder why we can’t progress…you too worried about whether you like a nigga to actually pay attention to what he has to say…total lack of emotional intelligence…

  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    Yeah, bruh sold out in my opinion. When I first heard jay elec I thought ok, now hip hop is beginning to resurrect herself. But then when I learned he signed with jay z I just shook my head. We can’t sit back and judge because it’s judge not lest ye be judged but really though jay elec knew what roc nation was about.

  • I can dig what he saying but I don’t need JE to tell me sht I already know…I don’t take rappers serious man…I just want some entertainment for my deck…With that being said, JE where the fk it at bruh? Give a dude sumn to listen to then….I understand he tryna lock the rich girl tho so I wouldn’t be stressing no album either. But damn bruh put out music we tryna hear or shut thee fk up…..I like is music but I keep hearing everything but music from him…

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