Jennifer Lopez’s NuvoTV Outbids Diddy’s Revolt To Purchase Fuse

(AllHipHop News) Sean “Diddy” Combs’ attempt to expand his media empire has been swatted by another company that is partially owned by his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

According to The New York Post, J. Lo’s NuvoTV has outbid Diddy’s Revolt to purchase the Fuse network from MSG.

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Diddy, backed by billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, had reportedly offered $200 million for Fuse. Apparently, NuvoTV’s offering price was slightly higher. The final selling price is still unknown at the moment.

“This is a real blow to Diddy and Revolt,” said Eric Sherman former Fuse president. “Fuse was such a perfect fit for them. But having worked with Jennifer on [American Idol] I’m not surprised she and her team prevailed.”

Lopez’s manager Benny Medina was asked if he thought the former couple competing for the same network was just a coincidence. While he stated that he did not believe their past history together played a part, he is not surprised Diddy and J. Lo went after the same prize.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” said Medina. “In many ways, Jennifer and Sean are cut from the same cloth.”

NuvoTV is an English-language cable channel marketed toward American Latinos. Lopez became a minority owner in 2012. The network reaches 34 million households.

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    Lol this is funny to me because puff is the majority owner of revolt where jlo is not even CEO but some made up title at a network I never heard of b4 wit a small minority ownership so saying jlo who put up no money and puff who put up majority of the 200 million was out bided by jlo is like saying jay z moved the nets to Brooklyn when jay owned less then 1%. Jlo also own minority ownership in the dolphins too I guess she’ll be making draft decisions, “cut from the same cloth” lol gtfoh

    • Sean Taylor

      No Diddy isn’t the majority owner of Revolt. Just like he isn’t for every other business he has. He’s a face…just like Jay was to the Nets.

      • DLOUPO

        Puff said look at these dudes wit them silly looks on their faces and I know it hurts u to know its a black man wit all that money he really does own majority of a network so keep running around thinkn puff ain’t shot caller at Sean John or any of his business but the truth shall set you free, the truth shall set you free

      • golder1

        Diddy owns 50% of revolt ,50% of Ciroc. He took no up from money from the owners of Ciroc he demanded 50% of profits which basically makes him part owner of Ciroc.

      • Malik

        Tell em, they don’t know and they keep comparing him to Hov…while Hov strives everyday to be Puff…lol

      • DLOUPO

        Jay said himself “i came into this game wanting more paper then puff” bump bump remix, you ain’t lying

      • golder1

        Dont think Jay wants to be Puff just because he wants to be riches in hip hop. Thats the way Puff and Jay compete with eachother is by who makes more money. I think Jay is comfortable doing him just like Puff is comfortable doing his thing.

  • Tall Shon or T.S

    well i am done watching Fuse TV dont want to see that lame shit they will be playing.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Diddy be like thats aiight, i still hit tho

    • Sean Taylor

      And JLo be like, that’s aight he ate my punanny and I got Fuse. I guess she got the last laugh….

      • MrNoName2K

        LOL sh*t i wouldnt complain

      • golder1

        she laughing all the way to the bank. She learned the game from him now she is using it against him.

  • Jig-ah

    Some1 calling Shots for J-lo but FDB…Diddy Gave Her Game from Day1…The Blueprint

  • ihatefaggots

    I been telling people puffy don’t own ciroc,sean John, revolt that billionaire cracker own all that shit puffy is a slave .

    • Sean Taylor

      Well Duh!?? You didn’t think Diddy has that much cash flow do you!?? Oh wait you probably do because you see him with gold chains and in Rolls. LOL


      • golder1

        He is worth 550 million. Yes he does have that much cash flow. But no business man at that level uses only their money to start or buy a company. But the brotha is paid regardless

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        He has 550 mill. You don’t know business. You don’t use your money when getting a huge business. You use other people’s money. You have investors and banking loan. Take some business classes. Collateral.

      • Brick Soulja

        Sean Combs absolutely does have over 400 million in assets available if need be, so please stop with your foolishness lol.

      • 5% Hov

        he said cashflow

      • Brick Soulja

        Assets can be liquefied aka turned into “cash flow”, duh.

    • golder1

      Diddy owns 50% of ciroc. He owns majority of Sean John. He does have investors. He also owns 100% Enyce clothing. but 99% of companies are owned by those who hold stock or invest in the business.

      • Freebe Jackson

        niggaz dont understand how investing and shareholders work….they think when they say these white people own something they own it solely like people don’t have shares in the company…like a person can’t go buy shares pretty much whenever if they have the money

      • 5% Hov

        Wrong. Clearly you dont understand the difference between partnership, ownership and financing.
        Diddy does. Hence Revolt/

    • 5% Hov

      U a fool and hater. His Ciroc deal with Dieago is definition of Boss ownership.
      By the time you realise what he did he’ll be worth 2 billion.

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  • Brick Soulja

    She probably has that Jay Z, Usher and Nelly NBA ownership deal lol. They acting like she owns the company for real. She’s still wealthy though, so congratulations to her and Sean John.

    • Freebe Jackson

      you act like 1% of a billion aint a million dollars …you act like you got a million dollar share in anything……

      • 5% Hov

        lol thats coz it isn’t/

        its 10 million dollars.

      • Brick Soulja

        That ain’t my point. You can’t be considered in control by owning 1%. You’re just a stockholder with a title. You acting like you have a million in shares lol.

  • Sean Power

    when white use investors to build there dream they get praise, but when black person does we hate call a sell out lol

  • 5% Hov

    This is loss for revolt – that would have been ideal takeover – rebrand, keep the infrasture, mailing list etc.

    Jlo definitely went mogul after Puff – even if her agent is being generous. NuvoTv some Latino media… chess moves.

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