Quincy Jones Expresses He’s Not A Fan Of Lil Wayne

(AllHipHop News) Legendary producer Quincy Jones has worked with some of the most iconic figures in music. His bio is full of names like Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Michael Jackson, and many more.

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Q has even collaborated with Hip Hop acts like LL Cool J, Kid Capri, Heavy D, and Queen Latifah, but there is one rapper Jones does not appear to be a fan of – Lil Wayne.

In an interview with The National, Jones said:

Let’s get real, man. When you come from the era of Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, it gets hard to get used to Lil Wayne. I just can’t handle it. There are some good singers out there. Mary J Blige can sing, so can Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. I know who they are. I also know who they aren’t, too.

The Jones family and Lil Wayne have a complicated history. Wayne lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III over QD3’s The Carter documentary. The Young Money leader was ordered to pay the younger Jones $2.2 million as a result.

Wayne is not the only rap artist that Quincy Jones has criticized. In 2012, he made the comment that Diddy “wouldn’t know a B-flat if it hit him.”

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  • Ryan Cole

    Wayne is trash. Why is this news?

  • The Legendary Troll

    Quincy, you a legend but clearly hip hop is not for you. so dont listen to it

    • justmathoughts

      well said

    • ursocalledgod

      i didnt hear him mention anything aout hip hop. i heard him mention little wayne. if you think lil wayne is hip hop then YOU dont know hip hop and its not for you.

      • The Legendary Troll

        Lil wayne is as much hip hop as common is, just a different type of it. you brain washed fool

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah, just like lobster is as much food as grits… smh

      • ursocalledgod

        LMAO. What socially conscious or even CLASSIC hip hop song did he make? Just give me one that mattered or will be timeless. Don’t worry I’ll wait…

    • Lonnie_Kushking

      Quincy Jones worked Big Daddy Kane, LL, Ice-t, Latifah, Heavy D, Kid Capri, Mary J, and others. His son produced a lot of Hip Hop and rap.

      You, on the other hand don’t know the diff between Hip Hop and Rap. Hip Hop is clearly not for you and 4 outta 5 Lil Wayne Stans.

      • The Legendary Troll

        Did he work with DJ Red Alert on the wheels of steel? Does he still walk around rocking those adidas outfits with one pant leg up and a big gold chain? lmao dude this is a different time period. Nobody cares about a lot of those artist anymore. Hip hop is in a different space now.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        You know nothing about music.

      • The Legendary Troll

        you are closed minded

      • ghettogov

        This new direction hip hop is heading in sucks….the rappers ain’t talking bout Shit for the most part all they do is flow a lil bit with no real in depth lyrics or creative songs out of all the newer rappers that are in the spotlight the only ones i respect are dudes like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye west (who doesn’t even write his Shit) because they are artistic most of these other guys are just a gimmick…they can’t even make hot albums…

    • YaheardSyndicate

      He’s worked with Hip Hop artists. No one knows music better. I have to say, If Quincy Jones isn’t feeling you you aint meant to be felt. Quincy Jones is a big Tech Nine fan. The man produced Thriller. So youre saying if someone doesnt like Lil Wayne Hip Hops not for them?

      • The Legendary Troll

        Im saying based on what was posted in the article, he looks like hes trapped in the early 90s as far as hip hop is concerned. so if thats the case the modern day hip hop is not for him.

      • Majority of modern day Hip-Hop ain’t for most people with an average IQ or above though…

    • johnblacksad

      Thriller n!gga… Thriller…!!!

      Now get the fcuk out…

      • The Legendary Troll

        How is that hip hop?

      • Savimbi

        How is thriller hip-hop? Lol gtfoh you sound stupid!!!!!

    • yesanditcounts

      Isn’t that what Quincy basically said?

  • JimJames29

    Nothing but real talk from this man.

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  • Live Well

    Can’t argue with that.

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  • Mike

    Well I feel what Quincy is saying I grew up in the 90’s era and today with the new rap artist I just don’t feel them or get them and I’m only 25 . When ppl ride in my whip I might play some of the newer songs but majority of the time I’m bumping 90’s and early 00-03 music

    • The Legendary Troll

      well take your old a** back to the 90s then with your timberlands and jean jackets lmao. this is a different generation. and im 27 saying this.

      • johnblacksad

        don’t worry… age ain’t nothin but a number… it is very possible to be 27 and be an idiot!

        Aux âmes bien nées, la valeur n’attend point le nombre d’années…

        Nigga all mad cause Q. presented your boy Weezy with a major L… just embrace that sh!t like Wayne did Birdman and keep it movin… ain’t nobody tryin to hear you whine all over Weezy catching a L

      • The Legendary Troll

        lmao. go take your boom box outside and do a head spin while listening to public enemy with your adidas on while everybody looks at you like a damn fool. To say lil wayne isnt hip hop is just joining the “in crowd” of you “real hip hop heads”. lmao stfu dude. its all hip hop.

      • johnblacksad

        “Joy wouldn’t feel special, if it wasn’t for pain”
        -50cent (Many Men)

        Common’s music wouldn’t feel so special if it wasn’t for Weezy’s wack music… you get it? Sure it’s all hip hop… no one ever argued that… it’s terrible hip hop…

        Now shove that boombox up your anal conduct

      • The Legendary Troll

        Which is why I said modern day hip hop aint for him

      • superh8

        Take the L n stfu d rake

      • PhilTheGreat

        “How to Love” is not Hip Hop and was a desperate attempt at singing. Quincy Jones isn’t saying that Weezy doesn’t have skill or word play, merely that he can not get into his sound. Maybe it is his voice or subject material??? No where in that quote did he say he sucked, just that he basically doesn’t feel it.

      • The Legendary Troll

        I never said he did. all I said was if thats how he feels then modern day hip hop isnt for him. hes old anyway so i wouldnt expect him to connect with the youth

      • baller187

        ya his old ass

      • Jayson C Williams

        And u sound crazy..

    • Shit I don’t care if a mufukka’s in the whip or not, this new bullshit gets NO play…they don’t like it, walk.

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    well we all know Queency jones want “to work with” Tupac……….and it aint have nothing to do with hip hop

    • baller187

      right right, he an 80 year old has been

  • MrNoName2K

    Good point..I dont think alot of the old school playas cant stand Lil Wayne..I myself would rather listen to 90’s-early 2000’s hip hop vs todays.. too much commerical

  • The Legendary Troll

    LMAO at these fake old heads complaining about modern day hip hop. Thats the beauty of music. its a variety of it to choose from. if you dont like weezy cool, listen to nas or j cole. But at the end of the day its all hip hop. you can expect this grandpa a** nigga to understand the movement of the youth now a days. yeah he did a lot of legendary work in his time period but this is a new age. what has he done lately thats on par with his previous work? nothing. you know why? because of statements like this. His prime been expired. just sit back and collect your old nigga checks quincy. lets the youngsters have their day.

    • johnblacksad

      not once was the word “hip hop” pronounced in this article… not once… not in the article, not in Quincy’s quote… nothing says he is complaining about modern day hip hop

      He just doesn’t get down with an artist who happens to be an on and off wack hip hop artist… that’s all

  • hoeyuno

    Quincy was by Michael Jackson’s side through some of the weirdest shyt in pop history..weezy is a weirdo no doubt but if we’re playing who’s the weirdest Michael takes the cake!!

  • tc wiseguys111


  • Oknas

    quincy comparing singers to rappers? LOL

    At least compare wayne to other rappers

  • yesanditcounts

    Quincy Jones has earned the right to give his opinion about anyone or anything in the music biz. His career is legendary. The problem with most young people now days is that they are way too sensitive. If you like their music your smart, if you don’t your a hater. With no in between. Quincy has forgotten more about music than Lil’ Wayne will ever know. It’s just the truth of it.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      you can make one person out of Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, Premo, Timbo, JD, Puffy and all of the current hip hop producers of 2014 … and this 1 person still wouldnt even be close to eclipsing what Quincy Jones has done in music … keep in mind this guy is a writer / composer / producer he does it all !! the closest thing to him in hip hop would prob be JD ….

    • Can’t tell these lames nothin though…and that’s the main problem with this Hip-Hop shit, mufukkas show NO respect to the cats who opened those doors. “He’s washed up, he’s a has-been, he ain’t relevant anymore”, you know how these circus clowns do. When if it wasn’t for Quincy and cats like him, there wouldn’t even BE a Hip-Hop for niggas like Wayne to exploit. These cats are all mad at Quincy for sayin he ain’t rockin with Wayne, when they NEED to be mad at the fact that even with all they d!ckridin they’re doin and all Wayne’s perceived success, it’s pretty safe to say his name will NEVER be uttered with the same respect as Quincy’s. Ever.

  • j_pullia

    Why couldn’t he just keep his old in the closet gay ass opinion to himself? I’m sure Wayne wasn’t thinkn bout him

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      im sure he wasnt thinking about wayne either … i dont know im just taking a guess here, a shot in the dark … but maybe he was getting interviewed and the interviewer specifically asked about lil wayne ???? lol #sarcasm

      • C’mon fam, we all know Wayne fans and logic don’t mix. LOL

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol right right right lol

  • Eli Pinilla

    He’s right, and f*ck u if u don’t respect his opinion!!!….seriously though, dude is a legend. And he can say whatever he wants when it comes to music, good or bad…..

  • Jayson C Williams

    And he should drop an album real soon.. Legend or not rules are rules, all publicity in this industry is good. Yea he’s a legend, yea he’s done big songs/productions in his era, but now he’s irrelevant, now if he weren’t irrelevant it would give more credence to his comment, but the timing and his present relevancy just makes him seem like a grumpy old man defending his son who is entrenched in this thing we call hiphop . Much respect for Mr Jones though!

    • wickedjones

      I don’t like his tom ass. Something about him makes me think he will sell us out. Maybe its all the white women, Maybe its his Jew ass kissing.. And I don’t like when elder artist criticize younger artist in public forums…

      • Jayson C Williams

        I respect your perspective!

      • Ronlg1

        All of these current rappers are sellouts also. In one form or another.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol legend or not????? smh … @ the end of the day he said hes from another era … an era that is before rap … he even gave you names if you cant see why he cant get with lil wayne you need to go educate yourself on those artist and what they meant to thier music genre … lil wayne shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as some of those artist … if anything imo hes experessing how he feels about rap in general … on top of that to pick lil wayne out of all of the hip hop artist out here for an old head especially A MAN … lil wayne will be the least fave mainly because his music has a more IMMATURE approach and Quincy Jones comes from the era where thier approach to music was more shivery classy but tastefull approach …. and @ the end of the day he didnt diss him .. he just said hes from another era and cant quite get with what lil wayne does …

  • Brindle

    He’s right, especially if your aware of his concerns with todays music… but dudes old, he comparing lil wayne to pop singers

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  • Tony Rhome

    lil wayne is somebody that millions like and why do they like him oooh his music

    • Tony Rhome

      and saying Diddy “wouldn’t know a B-flat if it hit him.” that’s half the fuckin rappers were rappers not singer we learn this rap shit out side of vocal class I don’t need to know b- flat to spit a verse or make a beat

  • yesanditcounts

    Hip-Hop has always been, and will always be a reflection of the present day youth. It’s most popular artists speaks for the youth. When I listen to today’s hip-hop it tells me today’s youth are violent drug users with gay under tones who have little respect for women or each other. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

  • 2PlasticChains

    Quincy Jones is a weirdo that wanted 2pac to put a stick in his salad, but with that said lil wayne can only sell out for so many years before the rest of the sheep stop paying.

  • brotha_man

    all i know is that his daughter is fine a$$ hell.

  • shoon1

    How many 81 year olds do u kno that are fans of lil wayne.. it dont surprise me

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  • Clinton Fannell

    hip-hop stands on the shoulders of MUSICAL GIANTS,GENIUSES AND PIONEERS, say fuckin thank-you

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