SIGNS: Black Women Get Jumped By Restaurant Manager And Employees!

The heck is going on? Where is Black Superman when you need him? These Black women were apparently looking for a refund on some bad food at a Chacho’s Fast Food Restaurant. I never heard of this chain before but it sounds like Mexican to me. Nevertheless, the women appear to be pretty tame physically at the beginning of this video. But, somehow the manager and employees found reason to actually physically attack the women, seemingly without provocation! They may have been causing a fuss or something, but you pretty much damn your cause with you start grappling with your own customers. These big husky dudes were all over that one thick chick! They probably were getting their rocks off on the low!

Peep the video and let me know your thoughts.

Even Black Supey is saving White jawns.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • MrNoName2K

    See people gonna learn about puttin they hands on people. Manager or not, let that been the right persons mama or something he would have gotten his issue handled. They could have taken a whole different approach to that situation. On a side note though, big mama in the gray was puttin in that work..

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    They are gonna get so sued. The manager was wrong the moment he put his hands on that woman. Period. One of the funniest moments to me is at the end. You see the ONE brother that worked at that Mexican joint looking conflicted as a motherf@cka.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      NAGA! i was thinking the same thing.
      dude look like he aint know should he go back to work or was he posed to go with the customer(s) that got assaulted

      • brotha_man

        the struggle is real. he didnt wanna fugg that paycheck up

    • Casor_G

      abahahahahahahh he tried to grab her and she threw a punch. she should have left when he told her

  • dfwricwil

    She just won her case with this video. lol!

    • superh8

      Hell yea

    • brotha_man

      she wouldve lost had i been in line, cuz we would have fu*ked that whole lil spot up.

  • ccwaterbound32

    first of all chacho’s aint no fast food restaurant chain it’s just a restaurant in downtown Houston,

    • CPrada Sophus

      Its not downtown but yea just a Mexican resurtant thats stays open all night cool spot to get food if u leaving club are whatever

    • brotha_man

      where ever it is, she own that lil spot now

  • Executive

    Yeah he fucked up!

  • chosenxeno

    Yea she was pretty calm from what I’m seeing. He basically just cost them a lot of money. Should have just given her the refund.

  • Thought Dog

    Nobody helped the women so it seems like they were pissing everybody off.

  • 1SOFLO1

    @ 0:20 the lady in the white let the manager have it.

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  • superh8

    DAMN, I wish I was there 2 help my sisters.these punk ass crackers wouldn’t have tried that shit had it been a black dude, pussies would’ve called 911

  • Papi Peligro

    man they bout to get paid

  • 2PlasticChains

    back when I was 14 hahahahaha I worked at a spot like this and complaining ass bad attitude lames always came in and act like the world was going to be over and everybody but them are pieces of shit because she got 2 packs of ketchup instead of 5. play the video from the start before yall judge

    • Southcidal

      How can you defend a man putting his hands on a woman besides her hitting him first? Either you’re one of the lames in the video or you’re just flat out puzzy.

      • 2PlasticChains

        I said play the video from the start before yall judge. so who am I defending?

  • baller187

    hell ya you go to order a burger and its on

  • Southcidal

    That black dude standing there is lamer than the crackers who put hands on the young ladies. If that was my peeps (moms, sister, girl) It would’ve been on.

    • brotha_man

      u aint never lied as soon as she was able to call me or whom ever we would been deep as fu*k it would have been a problem. I wish a ni@@a would…..

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      what’s wrong with you, that brother got to feed his family too. We don’t know what them chics said or did to get this event started but the brother is still gonna have a job once the case is settled. we know at least 2 of those dudes are clearly wrong for even touching a customer.



  • soyhiphop

    Allhiphop race bating u can tell they started recording all late. I bet these two Hood beasties were screaming threatening and all kind of chaos which still gives nacho libre no Right to touch them.. he could off call officer ricky whos an expert in matters of food and law that or the cops or immigration

    • brotha_man

      i dont care what them sistas said the white folks and mexicans was still 100 percent in the wrong.

  • Ed Jordan

    Chacho’s is in Houston right by the Reliant Stadium. The staff is the majority Mexicans and they bout that life… fool!

    • Action Ant

      About that life? It was a grown man pulling hair.

      • meanygreene


    • solmon

      Bout that life? Well their dumb asses gonna get sued.. bout that life then….

    • vanquishvantage

      you are an ignorant ass nigga for real, thats one reason I hate stayin in Texas sometimes its so many ignorant self hating token ass niggas thats always up some mexicans ass. go kill yourself…

      • Ed Jordan

        well move ur bitch ass to Rhode Island… u hate Texas wtf! Bitches always running around cause they brother or cousin can fight. But don’t realize when they people aint there to stfu. Don’t run up on a man expecting him to let u make it because u a chick. Cause I slap niggas and bitches too! Hats of to my Latino brothers check them hoes!


        I guess yo condone pu$$ies from other races putting their hands on a sista???

    • vanquishvantage

      and about that life what kind of bitch ass man is fighting a woman, what life is he about the gay life?


        Especially when it’s a group of men on one or two women!!! I bet you they wouldn’t have done that schitt if those two chicks had some brothers with them!!!

    • WeakSauce

      They was talking about the Chacho’s on Westheimer on the West Side. Not the one by Reliant

      • Ed Jordan

        my bad lil Whoadie!

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  • Ed Jordan

    what u wanted him to do let off 100 rounds from his choppa in the car. You know our beautiful black sistahs stay talking shit… writing checks that they ass cant cash!

  • meanygreene

    I look at the picture and all I see is kanye west saving kim from a burning building while leaving all the colored folk behind

  • Truth Powell

    Signs the world is getting better? Eff those biatches. The staff should’ve punched them too. Overgrown babies need discipline.

  • $25041764

    why r they beating up pregnant women? oh they not pregnant? No? oh ok then carry on

  • eddieknucks

    Well loud mouth women or not, they bout to get paid. Employees should’ve never touched them.

    • They should have pressed charges.

  • stealth

    Houston shit


    I bet they wouldn’t have done that to a white b!tch???


    Well, they won’t be serving Mexican food no more!!! That schitt will be a “Chicken Waffles” after she get finished suing!!!!