Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Says He Punched D.C. Man And NOT Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) This could either be the truth or another chapter of “Taking One For The Team”. Yesterday (April 7th), a police detective revealed that Chris Brown’s bodyguard confessed to punching a man outside a Washington hotel, but maintains Brown did not strike the man.

Parker Adams is currently suing Brown and the singer’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy, for allegedly assaulting him outside the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. last October. During Police Detective Kimberly Metivier’s testimony at a hearing in the assault case yesterday, Hollsoy vehemently denied Brown had any physical involvement in the assault placed all the blame on himself. According Metivier Hollosy was “yelling on his own accord that he was the one who did it … and not to arrest Mr. Brown.”

Judge Patricia Wynn decided during the hearing to try Brown and Hollosy’s cases separately. However, Wynn also denied Hollosy’s attorney’s motion to suppress Hollosy’s confession to assaulting Adams on the grounds that his client had not yet been read his Miranda Rights.

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  1. digitallife

    They don’t care if he did or didn’t. They now feel he’s made a joke of the justice system for years and even if he skates on this..they’ll be waiting for any little thing to come crashing down on him. Best thing this dude can do is keep doing treatment ride out that probation and then move out of the country for a while. When folks called him the modern day bobby brown years ago they hit it right on the nail.

  2. jacksjus

    This only makes the victim’s case stronger, because now it will appear that CB called the order. Either way CB is fugged. I thought they were arguing that no one touched him, but this here is a different story now.

  3. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Could he not use that the fan was aggressive and they had to defend themselves?

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        but im saying, nobody just punch a random dude for no reason unless they were provoked. again, CB been Fu(kin up but he don’t seem like he move like that unless haters are around provoking. Again, I could be wrong though!

      • WeakSauce

        Freedom of speech should not be follow by a punch! As much as he expresses himself, any one can too. But since he got money he think he can roll how he wanna roll and not deal with the consequences. This ain’t the first time, he got off before and he was cocky about it! Now he in jail crying. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  4. hitmhard313

    This is a modern day lynching via the media the body guard has confessed to punching the guy but guess what i bet he just get fined anger managment or probation their trying to go after this young rich nigga they didnt go after Lindsy Lohan charlie sheen or Mel Gibson and he and Sheen were kicking their wive’s ass Lohan was on probation and shop lifted jewelry from a store and niggas just be ridin with the bullshit hatin they doing to CB it’s ridiculous how they treat black celeb’s when they get in small trouble

    • digitallife

      Difference being that neither of those guys has a history of it..self destruction yes…violence not so much. You can get as high as you want as often as you want because a lawyer can argue you are only destroying yourself. When it comes to repeat incidents of violence there isn’t a lawyer on planet earth that can make the stigma of concurrent patterns vanish. I like Chris I think the kid is super talented but this is his what now? 5th time being charged or investigated for assault…at some point the system is going to sit you down no matter what complexion you are. Can it be said it’s because he’s black? Nope. Why? Because he got probation on that Rihanna case when any other non-famous mofo would’ve spent two years in prison. The celebrity card only goes so long and we can’t say this dude hasn’t gotten some breaks.He’s violated probation a handful of times and got a court reprieve. Hell I just went to court on a warrant for weed from years ago and got harsher treatment than he did for violating probation.

      • eddieknucks

        Many folks get probation for domestic violence on there first offense. All the media attention is because of the Rihanna case and she still be up in that ninja face.

      • Celz

        Stop it my nicca he beat the brakes off Rhi.. Niccas is goin to the Pinta in Cali for shyt like that.

    • WeakSauce

      Exactly! C.B. If you can take the heat, get yo ass out that kitchen! But I’m sure as soon as he comes out, the hardcore, IDGAF C.B. finna come out again lol

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