Hip-Hop Rumors: Are The TV Cameras Affecting Kanye’s Wedding?

Barack and Michelle Obama was invited to wedding of Kanye and Kim? That struck me as odd, when a recent report came through that stated people have been declining to attend the wedding. The Star Magazine is definitely a tabloid, but like the Enquirer, they sometimes have credibility. They report that about 105 people have declined their invite to the nuptials. But, it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, Robin Thicke, Jerad Leto, Jonah Hill, Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Prince, Karl Lagerfeld, Barack and Beyonce and Jay Z ALL said they won’t be there. Jay and B? Man, that sounds powerful to me and I find it difficult to believe that B and Jay would not go to the homey’s big day. The report is slightly confusing, but it suggests that the whole thing will be taped for an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” That could definitely be a turn off. But, I would think they could work it out. Nevertheless, there seems to be a strong hatred against the Kardashians in general. I find that interesting since people continually give them energy, TV shows, clothing lines and even perfume so you can smell like them. Anyway….we’ll see won’t we?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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24 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Are The TV Cameras Affecting Kanye’s Wedding?”

  1. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    what i dont understand is …… “That could definitely be a turn off.” ….. how can that be a turn off ???????? Kanye and Kim are getting married … not jay and b … so its totally up to Kimye what they want to do … and @ the end of the day jay and b NOT SHOWING UP AINT GONNA stop the show …. why????? cause the wedding is all about Kimye !!! not jay and b … they already had thier moment and guess what …. DID IT THIER WAY … just like Kimye will do …….. people say we are too much into entertainers life … well when it becomes this tedious i have to agree … @ the end of the day Kimye could get married @ the bottom of the ocean …. and it dont matter who comes as long as kimye shows up to do thier 1,2 wedding thing …… thats all that matters !!

    • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

      Right yo! Who cares bout what another person feels bout what they do or have done let them people be!

    • TheOnlyCoop

      If you don’t want to be on reality TV why would you go? Yeah Kanye and Kim’s day, but they can’t force other people to be on a show. Plus word is Ye doesn’t even want to be on it.

      • johnblacksad

        That whole kardashian-put-the-wedding-on-some-reality-TV-show is some fcukery from the get go… of course Ye doesn’t want none of that… but it looks like he has to comply… I don’t feel bad for him… if he can’t manhandle the situation then he gotta deal with it…

        but for sure I know Jay and Bey don’t wanna partake in none of that fcukery…

        It’s not even shockin as far as The Kardashians because they are well established celebrity whores… Ye is a little bit too but not in the same way…

        I just hope for them (KimYe) that don’t become each other’s downfall…

        Yo, what’s Kim main talent by the way? What is she going to do to keep herself relevant for the years to come? I’m just wondering over here


    Kim K is a pornstar! Why would the president show up to that circus wedding? Obama like shiiiid you aint getting me roasted on Bill O’riley! and Jay just aint coming cause Obama aint coming, lol #RealMfTalk

      • johnblacksad

        Plus Jay’s mentality is simple… he ain’t about to bless the event with his presence and boost these motherfcukers’ show ratings for free… hell to the nah…

        “do not put my verse on your record,
        i repeat… do not put my verse on your record…
        Yo, I swear if ya’ll put my verse on ya’ll records I’m coming in for 700%”

        -H.O.V. (Dear Summer freestyle)

  3. disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    I love Kanye and Kim. Although I might not always agree with some of the things they do or have done that’s neither here nor there in regards to my respect for them. I wish them two the best!

  4. 5% Hov

    Fake Revolutionary Ye.
    This Nigga is joke.
    When he finally comes to his senses get rid of that whore and wants the black media back they need to refuse. “Naw Ye…. you lightened your bed, now lay in”

    • Jared

      We’ll never get the old ‘Ye again, smh. It’s almost disgusting because I thought he’d get close to that Nas status with his music but that was one 2 solos and a collab album ago

      • 5% Hov

        True when he first came in he had the potential to be Nas/Pac like.
        Now he more Flava Flav than Tupac

      • ddasd

        2pac/Nas? When was he ever “concious”? Shit, 2pac wasnt even a concious rapper – until his image changed after his death.

      • 5% Hov

        In ever interview he ever gave.Although I agree his message was easier to hide in death.
        And Nas….. nigga please. That nigga been turned on.

      • mademan3000

        Wow! Guess he never heard Brenda’s Got a Baby, Dear Mama, Popa’s Song, Souja’s Story, Part Time Mutha, Young Nigga, Wonder Why They Call u Bitch, Keep Your Head Up..and as u said my dude countless interviews…man let me stop bcuz I can go on even more!!!

  5. AfroSamuraii


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