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“60 Minutes” Poll Claims Jazz Is More Important Than Hip Hop

(AllHipHop News) Any true student of the history of Hip Hop knows that the genre is essentially a cousin of Jazz. Both musical styles were born out of African-American youth culture and both include similar elements like improvisation or freestyling.

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But according to a poll conducted by 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair, Jazz is seen as “more important” than Hip Hop.

It should be noted the CBS news program and pop culture magazine do not share the demographics of those surveyed, but the answers somewhat shed a light on certain Americans’ thoughts about music (or at least those Americans that watch 60 Minutes and read Vanity Fair).

According to the poll, 73% of those who answered feel jazz is a more important type of American music compared to 19% who selected Hip Hop. A majority – 50%  – also said Hip Hop has reached its peak. Country totaled 20%, Rock 10%, Pop 9%, and R&B 7% in that tally.

Jazz vs Hip Hop

Also, 42% chose this decade’s music as the worst, and when asked to select which artist they would like to see their child study 33% picked The Beatles, 32% picked Mozart, 14% picked Michael Jackson, 9% picked Billie Holiday, and 5% picked Jay Z.

While the 60 Minutes poll separates Jazz and Hip Hop, many acts including A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Robert Glasper, and Kris Bowers have blended the two styles together.

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    Very interesting!

  • David Gonz

    jazz is cool but its great grandad music.

    • Live Well

      All great music is timeless, bruh.

      • David Gonz

        try going to a miles davis concert and tell me its timeless

      • David Gonz


  • On a composed musical level Jazz is more influential and it came before hip hop.I’m not mad at this.I’m sure the ppl on this poll aren’t fans of hip hop if they watch 60 Mins.Hip Hop has said more important things than Jazz though.It’s been the soundtrack to life for at least 35 yrs.

  • s0rethumb

    Stetasonic and Gang Starr incorporated jazz seamlessly. Had the poll been conducted amongst a jury of hip hop peers it would be bias the other way. This post was good for nothing but the fact I’m now listening to talking all that jazz and after that…check the technique. I guess thank you?

  • PhilTheGreat

    Jazz is the music in which no words are needed… I feel like it’s apples and oranges, because there are so many sub genres in Hip Hop/Rap and if people only heard one style of Hip Hop/Rap and then never listened again they would not understand why us Hip Hop/Rap fans feel the way we do about it. Just about any jazz song is usually great composition though and timeless music.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    I agree with the 60 minute poll, guru, the roots and a couple of other know how to infuse Jazz and Hip Hop together but it’s not many rap artist that can be that suave!!!!

    • hoeyuno

      I almost forgot about jazzmatazz..nice one

    • 5% Hov


  • Live Well

    Jazz is a million times more important than Hip Hop.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      The fact that Jazz has been around for 100 years helps.

      • Live Well

        That’s the main reason for sure. And after 100 years you still recognize it as Jazz. I doubt Hip Hop will even survive that long and if it does by some miracle, it will be unrecognizable.

      • 5% Hov

        ZZZ.. Hater. hiphop is hear to stay to. You think humans will just stop rapping?? lol

      • Live Well

        First of all, just because people rap doesn’t mean they are doing Hip Hop music, just listen to Flo Rida and Pit Bull if you need proof. Second, you say that as if Hip Hop isn’t morphing into a pop culture genre as we speak. And get a new word besides “Hater” while you’re at it. They own that one now too, just like they own “twerk” and “bling bling”.


        Good post man, hip hop already dead, except for those selected few, 2020, it will be long gone.

      • Live Well

        I know, bruh. I’m just praying for a reset where everybody returns to smaller independent labels.

      • *Rap, not Hip Hop

      • 5% Hov

        FOH. How you got from gentrification of genre to extinction is beyond me.

        “They” dont own anything. Get your head out the “real hiphop” conversation blackhole.

      • Kevin

        Actually hip hop will be here long after you and I are both dead being that 3 feet high and rising was one of the CDs put into a capsule for future generations to understand the music and culture.

      • Live Well

        I’m not talking about a time capsule. Obviously anything recorded could be replayed in the future. I’m talking about the genre as a whole continuing on in it’s fundamental form.

      • So Ninjaz will open the capsule, take out “Throw that Boi pu$$y” & put in 3ft High & rising?

      • Live Well

        I don’t understand. Expand on that.

      • When they pop the time capsule, the ‘chet they will be listening to at the current time, IE: Blue Ivy’s greatest hits? will be contrasted with 3ft High & rising, so would they really respect 3ft?

        Or even Edutainment for that matter!

      • Live Well

        Good point. No, they wouldn’t because that would be a foreign art form to them.

      • ‘Chet is foriegn now.

      • David Gonz

        all the great jazz players are gone homie. some of us liek updated music.

    • Kevin

      Everyone knows that but herbie Hancock also said jazz is hip hops big brother that’s why he incorporated hip hop in his music,

      • Live Well


    • David Gonz

      jazz is over player. hiphop still around

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    the real question is what was the point of this poll?

    why is one form of black music being pinned against another form?
    and how many silly knee grows will par take in this division

    now the old heads is gonna diss hip hop for jazz
    while the youth diss jazz for hip hop

    what was that part in willie lynch letter about pinning the youth against the old……..

    • EniggaMA

      Lol knee grows

    • Has Been

      I agree. It’s like asking ‘who is better, the father or the son?’

      • Jayson C Williams

        But it’s always the student lol. These corporate suit & tie racists. They won’t put rock and roll in the comparison they should we originated that too! Like Hank Aaron said yesterday. Not much has changed since the 60’s or pre civil rights ages. Just these kkk members and racists are just white ppl In suits & neck ties! And they listen to a couple rap songs. Doesn’t mean they want u to run their company or live next door to them. They’ll always try to put black against blacks art form or in reality because we are the only ones that can destroy us!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “They’ll always try to put black against blacks art form or in reality because we are the only ones that can destroy us!”

        and one day we will realize this, instead of thinking its “competition”

      • Jayson C Williams

        I hope so my g! I really do!

    • MrNoName2K

      ^2..thats what im sayin

    • Eli Pinilla

      It wasn’t just hiphop and jazz. It’s was all form of American music, country and pop also being included….allhiphop just highlighted jazz and hiphop in particular for the article….R&b is on there as well….

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i know that. what im really commenting on is the fact that the story or the way the story was written will turn this into hip hop vs jazz

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  • Tyfromthechi

    Hip hop has reached its peak hip hop sucks now its still some good artist left tho

    • rocnation30


  • 5% Hov

    Why are people being asked to choose between Jazz and Hiphop??

    Why is “importance” being asked when Hiphop coes from Jazz, Soul, Rock N Rock Roll, Funk etc.

    Its a stupid question, racial and genre superiority loaded.

    Why Allhiphop publishing right wing polls

  • The_Good_Life

    Jazz is more positive cause you have to pick up an instrument to participate which takes constructive brain power. That’s the one thing i like about NO. It the one place i’ve been where so many young dudes know how play some form of instrument.

    Most, not all but most of hip hop right now is pure poison. I know amma catch hell for saying that but somebody gotta say it. I love hip hop but I don’t deny its strong influence on the kids. Went to the mall over the weekend and was surprised to see teens rocking the leather pants kilt combo. I know for a fact now that im officially an old head. My kids are young so I play old school r&b and roots reggae in the crib. They still came home doing the ne ne tho..


      Man I feel you, I seen a lotta live concert, nothing like seeing and hearing live instrument. I seen Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnsons) thump a bass so hard his thumb started bleeding. He wrap it up and kept on playing.

      • The_Good_Life

        That’s crazy…I watching showtime one late night and ran into an earth wind and fire concert. They funk not jazz but it was magic the way so much people could be musically in synch.


        Yo,Saw them live too, original members, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Jayson C Williams

    I wonder why? Hmmm. To many one and done southern rap acts? Hmmm.. Got more cheif Keifs than we have Kendrick Lamar’s? Hate in 3.. 2… 1

  • Jared

    Really??!! LMAOOO. Is this a serious article? smh

  • Eli Pinilla

    The absolute best hiphop songs and albums are based off old jazz and funk records. The very best!!!!……I bought a turntable set cuz I wanted to learn how to scratch and sample the old way. Bought them off craigslist. Did it for a while and felt unfulfilled. Found out that the majority of the hiphop songs I loved used alto saxophone solos for samples. Pete rock being the best example. Ended up finding the songs that were sampled, and those songs are so good, I bought a Damn saxophone cuz I gotta be able to make that noise. Even if I just read sheet music of those songs…….jazz and funk are Def more important. The music is better and it put black musicianship on the map…..just imo..


      Agree, even Funk and r&b all played a part in hip hop. Jazz may not be mainstream, but u can go to any city an find a jazz club.

  • Brindle

    OK, PURE HONESTY. 1. these are the wrong 2 groups to do a poll on music, let alone hiphop… 2. their eagerness to bash hiphop is due to the lack of growth over the last 10-15 years that is noticeable by all… 3. regardless of my 1st 2 points, the title of the article is correct. This can be blamed on the music coming out the south, not the Scarface/Outcast, but the No Limit/Cash Money south to todays Gucci Mane (its all comfortably ignorant) and the NY/Cali cats that are willing to copy it (Tyga, ASAP) and the fans that support it (WSHH comments/submissions, Drake fans, etc) and the ability that the 25 and under crowd has to not realize how cool they are with the lack of talent, moral fortitude and thought in hiphop… You got beef with someone under 25, give them a 5 question test on civil rights, morality, politics, history (US, music, etc), and the last time the read a book… then watch them break out with migraines and eczema.

    • Brindle

      this was not true about 90’s hiphop though, it reduced jazz and funk to just music with no real political or important platform as they still are today…


        Agree with the top comment, I think hip hop was just new and different, we was digging it but, the machine wouldn’t touch it til they saw money could be made off it. R&B was still kinda strong n the 90’s and so was jazz. Remember u got different styles of jazz. but understand your point of view.JMO!

      • Brindle

        I think jazz is important to learning instruments, but unfortunately with out words, its limited…


        Ok, it’s more like a vibe, sad to say the better the drugs the deeper the music, Most jazz musician was heavy on drugs, I mean the hard stuff. Most true jazz fan like the early works of Coltrane, but when he got clean it lost it’s passion, pain sorrow. Didn’t need no words, u feel it.

      • Brindle

        I can definitely agree with that. Jazz music can definitely control a vibe and mood

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      You got beef with someone under 25, give them a 5 question test. that’s funny but that depends on the individual. some body that went to an prestigious private school or serious college student should be able to match wits with you, but some one in the hood on the streets or glued to a video game system most likely can’t.

      • Brindle

        the hood kids, video game kids and the college kids have always been the ones who kept this thing going, they were always aware. I’ll admit the average LA gang banger can’t discuss much on 5%ers like NY thugs but he still used to be aware of his surroundings or atleast have the desire to be aware… Today, no desire… no one wants to drowned or swim, they just want to be comfortable, floating, no thought, no emotional shame or embarrassment, all is good, apathy




      ON POINT.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Both musical styles were born out of African-American youth culture and
    both include similar elements like improvisation or freestyling. why you distant your self away from rock music?

    • Same reason this decades RAP music made us distance ourselves from rap!

      Black people created every type of music in existence today, so when you have, IE: The American Awards Show, what you really have…is theft.

      • 2PlasticChains

        Hard to argue, we were robed of jazz,and motown money,but we also are quick to sell out to see who can get the most funds while killing the integrity of the music in the processes . creativity is not the target.”If skills sold, truth be told, I’d probably beLyrically Talib Kweli” Jayz

      • hIP hOP > rap

        rap = cOONERY

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this is a stupid azz question from the start. Is it more important to who? and reasons why is it more important? The truth is any one now can make a hip hop song but only a talented few can write a Jazz composition. jazz requires you to know scales, steps, chords and the knowledge of working a musical instrument, as technology progressed so did hip hop with sampling machines, computer software exp: Cakewalk, little use of instrument knowledge needed basically all done by ear and manipulation of sounds on screen. But they create retarded questions like which is more important, it is probably the same person that heard hip hop in the early 80s that said this hip hop thing won’t last.

    • LaurynHernandex

      It is more imprtant. JAzz made rock n roll,hip hop and pop. Jazz birthed this whole thing you lil ass nigga

      • Brindle

        1st and 2nd have nothing to do with relevance and importance… its about time period and whats being said or influenced… Jazz is great, but its pretty much done… its not important, and if hiphop doesn’t change its current path, it will be the same…

  • anemia716

    Jazz has been around for ages and has influenced a wider audience and has crossed generations and ethnic groups that hip hop has yet to do. It’s a YOUNGER genre. I grew up playing Jazz, but to me, Hip Hop, the lyrics, the beat, if done well can be just as influential. to ME hip hop is more important. Although I can read and play music, Jazz actually being my focus, I don’t generally drive around or workout listening to Jazz. Musically, Jazz wins for me. Personally, hip hop.

    How can you compare a genre’s “importance” to another, when one of the genres has been around for literally, decades longer than the other?

    not to mention, rock, blues, country and other sub genres have African American roots.

    haha improvisation and stemming from the same ethnic group HARDLY makes them cousins. the blues and country, yes. jazz and the blues, yes. Hip-Hop and Jazz hahahaha NO. Hip-hop samples a lot of jazz, but they are hardly related.

    and yea, I was a music major.

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  • Elayorx El

    Wow. It really does my heart good to know that there are folks that know these polls are such pure, unadulterated, 100% straight BS! I agree with every post here that even hints that they are. I truly believe that this time, we who are in the know, using history as our guide, have been chosen to protect the offspring(Hip-Hop) that has been given life from all genres that preceded it/us. Something is needed to help awaken the masses, and that something is Hip-Hop, the ultimate art form, which is able to fuse ANYTHING, sort of like modern day alchemy, and make it work. That was able to come about, due to our progenitors, and I wish somebody would ask somebody else who they thought was more important; my father, or myself? These lower life forms, with their modern day, divide, and conquer politricks, still at it, huh? They just do not get, nor will they ever. They have been engineered to only know themselves, devoid of any spirit, hence the hyper-competitive nature, even to the point of having a rivalry with family! We were never about this, and know that one does not exist without the other. Try again demon, and like Hov said(as I truly believe he meant it), back to the caves, and keep this nonsense in there. Respect to all genres, and generations!

  • It’s all one. The genres are made by the media.
    Name any genre of American music which was
    not started by some young African Americans
    in the Ghetto.

    Case closed!

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    If %42 are saying this decades music is the worst quite simply they aren’t looking hard enough. Right now is an incredible time in music in all genre’s. The problem is the people making great music today just aren’t getting the exposure

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