Olympian Lolo Jones Says Drake Will Be Handing Trophies To Rihanna’s Exes At ESPYs

(AllHipHop News) Lolo Jones is an Olympic hudeler and bobsled athlete who is freakishly talented and equally as outspoken. Earlier today (April 10th), Jones implied that Drake would be handing out trophies to Rihanna’s athlete ex-boyfriends.

Earlier today, Drake was announced to host the ESPYS on ESPN on July 16th. On her personal Twitter account, the always loquacious Jones stated that Drake will have difficulty doing his job as host as he will be surrounded by Rihanna’s ex-boyfriends:

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Rihanna has been romantically linked to New York Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp in the past two years.

The Olympian has a history of sending out controversial tweets. A week after the tragic July 20th, 2012 shooting at the showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado that left 12 people dead, Lolo Jones tied shooting guns to being American:


37 Responses to “Olympian Lolo Jones Says Drake Will Be Handing Trophies To Rihanna’s Exes At ESPYs”

    • Cheri Bey

      This is the ignorance that seem to permeate today’s society. You have no knowledge of this girls body count but yet you find yourself on here trying to make her a hoe so that you will feel better. The fact remains that Rihanna does not date athletes and the exception was Matt Kemp. They remained friends after and are still friends today,maybe that fact will tell you all something about her that you can all take away and make you better persons.

  1. Jayson C Williams

    She’s always teaching for some type of attention.. It’s not like she’ll be winning any espy cause she doesn’t win gold medals.

  2. Big West

    You know… if it weren’t for the constant, poorly written articles ‘loquacious’ wouldn’t stand out as much. But because it does suck, i had to pause for second. Sad to say but “The always TALKATIVE’ Jones” sounds a lot better around these parts.


    Would say she hating but its true lol! These niggas should stop wife’n hoes if they don’t wanna be ridiculed!!!!!

  4. disqus_EN2eH5pQUJ

    People say the dumbest shit. This joke would have been funny if rihanna had dated more than matt kemp. And didnt rihanna tell yall on twitter that she didnt date that “desert thirsty nigga” jr smith? We gotta stopped being so obsessed with wanting this girl to be a hoe when theres only receipts of her being linked to 3 guys

    • Myleage

      but she is tho. drake, meek, and chris all had a public discussion about how RiRi was a ho on twitter and laughed about it. she is more than likely not stingy with the pu*&%.

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