“The Fire Inside: The Timothy Bradley Story” (A KnockoutNation Original Documentary) is proud to present to you the original documentary “The Fire Inside: The Timothy Bradley Story.” This is the first of many combat sports documentaries we will produce that will pull back the curtain on the lives of fighters and allow the viewer to become a fan of the individual and their personal story rather than just the fighter. journeyed to Palm Springs, CA to spend a few days with Timothy Bradley as he prepares for his highly anticipated rematch with Manny Pacquiao. We got a better understanding of Bradley’s childhood, the rougher side of Palm Springs where it’s a dog eat dog world and how the young bully with a Napoleon Complex channelled his energy into boxing.

As a boxer who stepped on the big stage with little fanfare, Bradley sheds light on the financial difficulties he dealt with early in his career and how he managed to come out on top.

We also get some insight on how what was supposed to be the greatest moment in his boxing career turned into a lingering nightmare that he even considered ending his own life due to the overwhelming backlist that haunted his family after the first Pacquiao fight.

This is a story about the perennial underdog finally getting his due. This is the tale of a man who has constantly proven himself since his father made him do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups a day as a 5-year-old. He’s a man who finds no mountain too tall to climb. This is “The Fire Inside: The Timothy Bradley Story.”

  • Brindle

    this boy needs to develop a harder punch, hope he woops pac cause I’m tired of people thinking he can hang with Floyd just cause their emotions don’t like Floyd… but Pac gonna probably when this…

  • $18592567

    Pac got robbed the first time.

  • The Black Fist

    Bradley is a WARRIOR but he lack punching power something he’s gonna need to help neutralize Pac’s hand speed and his constant moving. IDK who is going to win this one, Pac want his revenge and Bradley hot right now and he’s doing all he can to stay on and undefeated. possible draw!

  • Knock Out Nation bringing the scoop!

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  • Im going in on this keenan ivory wayans lookin ass loser….he didnt beat pacman…he shouldve did what macklemore did for kendrick, keep it real….say you didnt deserve to win lol…