Breeding Ground 5 & Done: Foci

Background Pasadena, California based artist Foci is making a major impact on the independent music scene. His music has been heard on Pandora Radio, The World Famous Wake Up Show, Shade 45 Sirius/XM, KPFK, and many other outlets. He has shared the stage with many great artists such as Rakim, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Jay Electronica, DJ Premier, Raekwon, and Mobb Deep to name a few. And he rocked out with AllHipHop’s official 2014 SXSW Concert in Austin, TX. What’s good Foci? Give us some background info as to who you are.

Foci: I am Foci, a former high school educator that has been involved in the music industry for over a decade. I’m somewhat of a “normal” person with an abnormal work ethic. College educated and committed to spreading knowledge. I find it important to motivate others by leading by example and have long made a commitment to do just that. There’s nothing like pushing yourself to succeed, it opens the doors of opportunity for yourself and in turn you are able to do the same for others. I’m as much as a business man as I am a musician.

What is the significance of your name?

Foci: Actually there is no real meaning I just got it out of one of those baby name books. Nah just kidding but seriously Foci is defined as the plural of Focus. I’ve served in many different capacities in music from DJing to marketing, production, engineering, event planning, and developing other artists.

Which artists have inspired you?

Foci: Craig Mack because it’s time for some brand new flava in your ear! But most importantly: Peter Tosh for his conviction, Nas for his wisdom, Mos Def for his sensibility, Jay Z for his business savvy, Tupac for his ability to move people, DMX for his live performance, and Drake for his sensitivity.

What single or project are you currently pushing?

Foci: My freshman effort entitled, The Achievement Gap. The Achievement Gap speaks to a young man’s experiences growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It details the discrepancies in the California education system and the tragic loses of friends along the way. This album high the plight of common man but also solutions to many of our problems while addressing various facets of academic success measuring up to the standards of the legends I have shared the stage with. The single we are currently pushing off the project is, Peace Up Produced by Diverse. This song chronicles a situation with a close friend and his struggles with drug addiction, mental illness, and the decision he ultimately made about it.

Any final words for the people

Foci Speak on the music that you love more than the music that you hate. I have a lot of great things in store and would love for each and everyone to reach out to me so we can continue this discussion about education, arts, and progress in our culture. You can keep in touch with me online on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all under the name iamFoci. And log on to Peace in war Education in music.

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  • Kory Alexander

    Ill with the pen, and one of the few high school teachers I’ve come in contact with that actually cared about the students. Bottom Line, dude is a hard worker across the board, whether that be a mixing board or a white board. Plus he killed a feature on my track! If you havn’t already, do yourself a favor and check out his latest work. You’re definitely going to see his name start popping up. #RespectTheDriven

  • Achievement Gap was dope! Can’t wait to hear what he got coming next!!

  • FrankyGunz

    Nowadays, it just seems as if the music being released has no meaning to the artist…no passion. Foci is a breath of fresh air in the music game that at times seems to be gasping for it. The Achievement Gap was great but I’m expecting even greater things from his new release. The future is brighter when you work harder.

  • Tu Ben Ngo

    Big ups fam! Keep pushing the knowledge man. Can’t wait for the music video for the single to come out!!!

  • Athena

    This album was absolutely great. This album definitely sets a new bar on the quality of the content of current music. Music is extremely influential and most of the time we find ourselves hearing crap on the radio that has hollow meaning, I definitely see the depth in this album. Definitely is more than just music.