Chief Keef Speaks on Cousin’s Death, Says He “Saw Him Dead With A Smile On His Face”

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 10th), news surfaced that Chief Keef’s cousin, rapper Blood Money, was murdered on the night of April 9th.

Hours after  news broke, Keef took to his personal Twitter account to recap his last moments with his slain cousin.

According to Keef, his cousin, real name Mario Hess, went out “with a smile on his face”:

Screenshot 2014-04-11 13.37.12

Blood Money was featured on Keef’s single “F*ck Rehab” that was released less than two months ago.

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73 Responses to “Chief Keef Speaks on Cousin’s Death, Says He “Saw Him Dead With A Smile On His Face””

  1. MrNoName2K

    Nigga Chief Keef talkin that bullsh*t..IDK about yall niggas but if i get shot, i doubt ima be smilin..ima have that Sticky Fingaz from ONXY screwface thing goin on

    • EDOGZ818

      Which looks like a smile after death relaxes the muscles….though them jaw jawnts are still stiffer than InMadPuroz’s in the police station bathroom!

  2. The_Good_Life

    I’m just curious to see what this world looks like in the next 5 years cause things are changing rapidly…

  3. Ryan Cole

    Keef is the role model for ni99as who have to use their fingers to solve math problems and struggle to read out loud.

  4. puppet_master718


  5. Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

    Dying with a smile on your face is saying f4ck u to your enemies, saying yea u got me but it doesn’t matter because i was mentally already dead

  6. yesanditcounts

    I don’t care if you die and a band comes out with balloons and confetti it anit cool. Dying that young is sad, and being murdered that young is a tragedy. Dying in a bed after you have lived a full life with you kids, grandkids and maybe even your great grandkids…….now that’s cool.

      • FatherSha_

        The fact that cats don’t have enough forward thinking ingenuity to expect to live past 33, then a generation is lost. When Snoop & them cats said “I probably won’t make it to see 22” it was a different game then. Now these idiots shoot to see who’s guns the loudest.

        That’s that #bornafter1990logic

      • FatherSha_

        Sure Youngin, I’m always glad to enlighten. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s gangster music had a message. Rap was a way for guys to report what was going on in the neighborhoods. It wasn’t glorifying violence, most rappers spit cautionary tales. Somewhere in the 2000’s hip hop became a joke. Now rappers are promoting you g dudes “moving that dope” wearing skirts, and encouraging the trap culture. The point is, when I was growing up, we were fighting the system, the police, the government, and society. What is your generation fighting for? Versace? Molly? The best rapper to come out of this new generation is Kendrick Lamar and you can tell he has an old soul. It’s just different Youngin.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        u still didn’t tell me how ‘When Snoop & them cats said “I probably won’t make it to see 22” it was a different game then.’ ? u just told me the difference in rap period. Back in Snoops era they actually idolized violence more than this era…brotha lynch, x raided, dpg , the bangin on wax tape…it was all bout shooting the difference is they had waaay more verbal skills while talking about it.

      • I💫Glo

        I think hypercommunication/social network and competition of disfunction that its used for, makes it more apparent. in reality its always been the same tho.

  7. $crillaFornia

    Young, ignorant….but thats reality and the world we live in….I got shot 5 times…Not cool…changed my life

    • FatherSha_

      Shame these young cats think that’s what they want. Until the nurses in the hospital won’t give a lil niglet nuthin for pain. That’s if he survives. Big ups to you and Youngin below for takin those shots as lessons & blessings. Peace.

      • BayHitta

        Fool my name is ZiggZagg from West Vallejo Ca…City park to be exact..Marin st..I got 6 prison terms, knocked down gang of niggas in the shot too, broke bread with every real nigga from every hood in Cali from Diego to The respect on every yard I’ve been on in all the hardest prisons in Cail…my street cred and penetintuary cred is impeccable…and still send all my niggas packages every quarter…I gets it in square…if u from Cali ask ya big hommies about me…I fuckes wit watts niggas, Compton niggas, deep east Oakland niggas, Sacramento riders, and I was born In Louisiana and got fam out there that fucks with me on some money shit… I don’t need no square ass nigga on here questioning my status on these streets….I ain’t bragging, it it what it is…I’m just giving my input because I been through what these young cats is going through…it’s senseless, and I ain’t got to hide behind no key board…you know who I am and where I’m from, come see me nigga…bring ya lunch to square…I ain’t got shit to hide…real talk…come see me…matter of fact give me a second, and I’ll post a profile pic of what I do…GET MONEY

      • Celz

        +1 My nicca spoken like a real G.. Real supposed to recognize real.. But when you grow up listenin to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne niccas don’t know what’s real until they feel that lead or hear that judge read that sentence then go get some subway like nothin happened.

      • Vicious

        Lmao I used to stay up in Oakland and have no clue who you are, you stupid fool. Stop trying to act tough online, you’re probably just some dorky white kid in his moms basement LOL!!!

      • $crillaFornia

        you used to live in Oakland…lol….so…My baby mama from The Town…She from Brookfield to be exact, matter of fact I’m on my way there now….Ill be there for a couple hours..on Nevada and Edes, right off 98th…come see me…I don’t got shit to hide, you know my location, my hood, where I be at, and its a profile pic of what do, GET thats all I can tell you…come see me bruh..if not then quit pushing keys…where you from? Ill make a couple phone calls and have my lil homes come see you, if not then get off my line…and that goes for the rest of you marks on here who wanna talk shit, but don’t want to give your location…all my info is posted…come se me…Oh yeh I also got a light green 2006 Bmw 745i…thats all I can tell you…Im waiting…Ill be back in Vallejo around 2pm…west coast time….what it do BITCH

      • Vicious

        LOL! You are one STUPID IDIOT, you know that? You know, you are EXACTLY the reason why people look down on you blacks. Why the hell do you act this way man? Why is it that blacks have to be the only people who can’t evolve past such savage ways? Why don’t you instead work on IMPROVING your hood instead of “going along with the crowd”, and for what? Get shot and killed? Get yourself an EDUCATION, and get yourself out of that PIECE OF CRAP you call a “hood”. You say you make money eh? That’s what I call POCKET CHANGE. I make over $100K a year. Why? Because of an EDUCATION. If you’re as serious as you say about “getting money”, you’d listen to what I have to say. Otherwise, you’re just a waste of time and don’t bother replying.

      • Vicious

        I mean, look at Chief Keef man, do you not know what’s good with him? He got out of the hood and is now successful. You can do it too.

      • Disqus_Admin

        hahahah mane u a foolish ass nigga u know that…… tellin ppl on da net where u live n shit smh I finna roll thru yo hood right now wit the sawn off and bust yo fuckin head open PIE ASS JITT, come to opa-locka and we show u how we DIRTY SOUTH NIGGAS do shitt,

      • bigg dogg

        why u feel the need to overly explain yoself???? real niggaz move in silence … snitchin on ya self and writing paragraphs ….u watch too many movies and hr too many jail house stories SCRUB

      • Vicious

        Exactly, real gangsters don’t have to show how tough they are online or how many guns they have… They only show them when they have to, which isn’t online. Sick of all these “internet bangers” like bayhitta.

      • $crillaFornia

        Peep the profile pic fool….Now where you from?

  8. Brindle

    that boy a ig nig, intentionally dumb… guarantee wasn’t no smile on his face, he was wishing for his life, screaming for his life if he could speak, or was gone before he knew, but aint no smiles when that slug hit his flesh…

  9. soyhiphop

    He’s lien lol what’s lien? Man I seen blood moneys videos glock this 30 extended clip that Head shot this b.d. that… u put in out in the universe and the chi-raq streets it won’t be long before it returns back full circle… at least he made it to 33 in chi-raq years that’s like 87..

  10. Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Couldn’t have possibly been the muscles of a newly deceased dude doing their thing huh? Nope.

    • pauleyPee

      I’m usually a fan of “all things real”… But regardless of whether it was a smile or just final reflexes, let this man remember his loved one how he wants to.

      • Realist4200

        F#ck him. He wants war and drama, don’t give him peace of mind. I hope he gets all the stress and bad energy he wants.


    talking shit will get you killed…period…and if you rapping..and niggas don’t believe you.. to them you just talking shit…

  12. $30071418

    if blood thought being shot to death was worth smiling about don’t you think he would have done it himself. Enough of this tough guy foolishness already

  13. chillwill901

    Why must we continue this Genocide? Wake up and have some remorse for a life. What happened to using your fist to settle things? It’s easy to pull a trigger! A real man can take a L by getting his ass whip and living to see another day to do it again and maybe get a victory another time. Pulling a trigger is a coward way out….show your gangsta by using your fist not your trigger finger!

  14. ChillWill901

    Why must we continue this Genocide? Wake up and have some remorse for a life. What happened to using your fist to settle things? It’s easy to pull a trigger! A real man can take a L by getting his ass whip and living to see another day to do it again and maybe get a victory another time. Pulling a trigger is a coward way out….show your gangsta by using your fist not your trigger finger!

      • TruthSerum

        Most of us don’t have to try, it just comes natural. If you can’t spell a simple word like “Lying” without concentrating and putting effort into it, then your a retard.

      • ruserious

        Biggdogg uses the twitter is not school defense to cover for his own lack of intelligence

  15. yesanditcounts

    Keef has become the poster boy for Chicago’s ills. Deservingly. Every time he is mentioned in print or opens his mouth. Chicago takes an L. At the same time he is an under educated child who has obviously raised himself… what should we aspect.

      • yesanditcounts

        Thank you. The comment posted days ago and know one said anything about the grammatical errors or misspelled words. That’s my point! That aside “under educated” and “uneducated” are to different things.

  16. ghettogov

    I’m starting to wonder what chief keef purpose in hip hop really is…this dude cousin got laid out in Cold blood and he just sounds emotionless…no rip my nigga or nothing it’s crazy…

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