DJ Envy Calls Out DJ Drama For Being A Fake Friend

(AllHipHop News) A recent Breakfast Club interview featuring DJ Drama went from the typical promo Q&A to an open conversation about friendship and loyalty when co-host DJ Envy addressed his issues with Dram.

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About 12 and half minutes into the interview fellow BC host Charlamagne Tha God asked Envy why he was being “shady” toward Drama.

Envy explains he felt slighted by Drama for not reaching out to him when he decided not to work on a Breakfast Club mixtape.

“I hear Dram said he can’t do the tape, cause if Dram do the tape another radio station won’t play his record. I’m like, Damn, my n***a can’t even call me and tell me,” said Envy. “F**k them n***as. I don’t give a f**k about the politics of the music s**t. That’s my n***a for a long time.”

He adds, “That ain’t a friendly type of individual. That ain’t my friend. That ain’t somebody that I f**ks with. That’s a n***a I don’t f**k with.”

Drama replied by trying to explain how he was pulled between supporting the different radio stations in the New York area.

“I was in a very awkward position and situation in this New York radio station situation,” said Drama. “I was put in the position, on a lot of sides, where I felt like I was caught in the middle where I didn’t want to be, and it became awkward for me.”

Drama further explained how he was banned at rival Hot 97 at one point, and was worried about burning bridges with the station. He did apologize to Envy for not calling him about cancelling the mixtape, and they resolved their issues.

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Watch the interview below.

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  • johnblacksad

    Grown men shit*

    *(c) @therealest1

  • Montezuma1

    Sensitive ni99as. Friendship and business are 2 different lanes. Would a friend even propose a business move that’s good for him and bad for his friend? Envy knows the politics of the game. True Drama could’ve called him but really some shit don’t need explaining. Did they even know each other before getting on? Just get paper. If you can’t do one thing maybe there’s something else you can do. I swear rap gives manhood a bad name. And these are GROWN ASS MEN acting like lil girls.

    • Jayson C Williams

      It ain’t about that. That’s the problem with hiphop to much incorporating of corporate techniques. There’s a reason why colleges give business classes and ethics classes in one! You need to know how to apply one to the other and it would of been good for future business if drama gave envy the heads up. It’s good business and would of saved bitterness and might have worked in his benefit fiscally. Drama admitted he needed to get good on both sides but he was also in a bad situation and envy hit it on the head, he was thinking about himself and just being banned. He could of lost 105 sponsorship but because he envy felt some sort of way personally but didn’t let it affect business. That’s business ethics. Drama learned his lesson other wise he wouldn’t have apologized. So how were they acting like girls? Did they cry scratch and scream? Or did they talk about on Air in front of millions of ppl without screaming belittling each other and cursing one another out? Nah they handled it like men. Guess u expect them to fight and shoot like real bi1ch arse niggaz do because they can’t control their emotions? Yea that’s what u expected smh

      • Montezuma1

        I thought I was clear about what I expected. I expected them to act like they knew the landscape and find a way that works for both if possible. It’s the industry and I’m sure this isn’t the first time something happened to Envy like this. This type shit is the norm not an aberration. I also agreed Drama could’ve given a call but he didn’t. Speaks for itself. You were doing good until you started speaking your thoughts in my voice. I think grown men shouldn’t be so concerned about what other grown men do or don’t do. Handle your business, make the adjustment and move with people accordingly. What’s there to talk about?

      • InTheNightKitchen

        So are you saying that grown men who are not strangers but acquaintances or friends should not talk shit out?

      • Montezuma1

        No. This is more about each person doing what’s best for their career than friendship and since they all move like that it should be understood and respected.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Well its good to see that they squashed that sh*t fast. Both these niggas are heavy hitters


    Envy should practice what he preach.

  • Phatt Killah

    dang Envy was actin like a little woman at first.

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  • $crillaFornia

    And don’t neither one of them even own the dam radio station….they tripping on sone shit the white man own, and tell them what to play….

    • Papi Peligro

      Man thank you.

  • richard_b_hard

    Lightskin vs lightskin $hit,She-motional nigga $hit.

    • rickjames1234


  • wei sheng

    so much separation in this world, it’s funny, this is funny, they got us ruining relationships over business, and these niggas swear they doing sumn’, these “celebs” kill me, with all the power we have in amerikkka, we still can’t come together and build our own, you niggas are funny, lmao, lmbo, kmsl, emoji laughs across the text message, they laughing all the way to the bank on these clown ass niggas, ya’ll niggas aint real………shout out jay electronica!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    They could have done this in private, though.

  • $11625525

    There comes a point in life where you call a friend as soon as you suspect there’s a problem and air it out, clearly this was more ego driven than anything, on the part of Envy, and Drama clearly doesn’t consider the man a friend; there’s no one I consider a friend that I don’t contact at least once in any 18 month period.

  • SmashBandicoot

    Is Drama Mexican?

  • dehova

    Busta Rhymes aside, ever notice how light skinned cats seem to adore the use of the N word?

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  • Peter Kushing

    Why are these whiteboys even so big in the game? They dont even make beats