Has Manny Pacquiao Really Lost His Killer Instinct?

Director Of “Manny” Documentary Validates Concerns Of Pacquiao’s Lost Killer Instinct

Much has been made about Manny Pacquiao and the perceived loss of his killer instinct. With his upcoming rematch with Timothy Bradley right around the corner, many see this as Pacquiao’s opportunity to prove that he’s just as determined as ever to finish opponents before the final bell. However, with Pacquiao’s last knockout coming against Miguel Cotto back in 2009, there is concern that the Filipino has a little too much compassion for his foes.

Timothy Bradley has been needling at Pacquiao that the man he defeated controversially in 2012 simply doesn’t possess the fire that he once had. Even though Pacquiao insists that he is still the killer he once was, someone close to him believes that the eight-division world champion has definitely changed.

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Ryan Moore, director of the Pacquiao simply titled “Manny,” suggests that there is some truth in that theory. And considering that he’s spent the past five years filming Pacquiao both in and out of the ring, Moore seems like quite the reliable source.

“The first sign of Manny’s killer instinct dissolving was against Shane Mosley,” Moore explained to Knockout Nation. “When we were filming him and Mosley I saw the way they interacted and they are really nice people. So when he knocked Mosley down in the second round, it looked like he was ripe for the kill but he held back. That was a sign of Manny evolving as a human being.”

Moore says the shift is natural for a fighter who has spent 20 years as a professional. But it isn’t necessarily because Pacquiao isn’t as hungry as he once was. Rather, it has more to do with Pacquiao’s evolution from a fighter to a humanitarian who considers himself a servant to the people more than anything else.

“When you consider how blessed he feels, there’s only so much of that intensity in the ring that he can put out. When you become a family man and have kids, you mature emotionally,” Moore continues. “Before it was black and white: go and knock people out. Now you are carrying the hopes and dreams of 100 million people when you fight, and after the final bell rings you are serving them. Emotionally that does a lot to people.”

Moore won’t go as far to say that it has become a hinderance in the ring, but he does seem to agree to a certain degree with the criticism. He also says that the upcoming film actually documents Pacquiao’s shift in personality and will give viewers a better idea of when Pacquiao began to change.

“There was an event that occurred for sure after the third Marquez fight (that changed Manny) but there has been a gradual journey that has changed him from one of the most celebrated boxers to the humanitarian and public servant,” Moore says. “The turning point is included in the movie so you can get a better understanding what the big event was that changed him.”

Will it play a role in Saturday’s fight? Moore isn’t so sure because he believes that Pacquiao truly wants to please the fans more than anything else. And ff that leads to a knockout, so be it. But there is no doubt in Moore’s mind that Pacquiao’s growing responsibility to represent so many people both in and out of the ring has changed him.

“I think his dream of being a public servant took over right and he dove into that. What he didn’t do in the ring was represented by what was going on in his personal life.”

For more, go to KnockoutNation.com.

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57 Responses to “Has Manny Pacquiao Really Lost His Killer Instinct?”

  1. W.E.B. Du Bois

    lost it? – well he’s past his prime – that’s what maywheater was waiting on – that’s why he ducked pacio’s prime

    • Kap Diva

      Pacquiao will turn 36 years old in December and Mayweather will turn 38 years old 9 weeks later in February. So, what you’re saying makes no absolutely sense at all. Floyd will always be older lol.

      • Tom Donahue

        Could be cause of genetics, wear and tear on the body, a few other factors

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        and you – just go away – and come back with a brain transplant – that one you got is a pile of shit

      • Tom Donahue

        Your talking like floyd has k.o.’s and finishes fights, even his “tko’s” weren’t that legit, most of them were fighters giving up cause they were down on point from pit pat punches.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        that’s logic – “EDOG” don’t talk logic Dude – he’s just a ignorant “around da hood” rat – look over his previous comments as proof

      • EDOGZ818

        You just a Manny 4-9-3-11 rider / sucker that hates Blacks, if Floyd were white or spanish, your mouth would be flooded with his man milk…..instead of Manny’s!


      • EDOGZ818

        No *asterisks on the TKO’s.

        They were down for a reason, boxing skill.
        Floyd has bad hands, like most people who know ButchCraig off line (*FROM CHIN CHECKING HIM DAILY )

        Manny’s last KO was against Cotto in 2006?

        Floyd’s was against Ortiz?

        He starched Hatton cleanly.

        He’s a boxer, not a brawler, he wins with skill.
        Manny vs Bradley exposed PacMan’s deficits.
        My $$$ is on Mayweather to KO Manny.

        The fact that Floyd can frustrate a boxer into giving up his life long dream with pitty pat punches speaks volumes.

      • EDOGZ818

        *After Floyd had already taken his soul!

        Kinda like beating Meldrick Taylor after Chavez, or Corrales after Mayweather.

        Manny is good, even now, but he isn’t P4P best, and hasn’t done enough to accurately state Floyd ducked him.

        If the money was right, I’m sure they would fight, but Manny was talking that 1/2 ‘chet, & turned down 40 Mil to get KTFO by JMM for 6 mil?

        Do the math!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        ducking is being better to a peon hood rat like you

      • EDOGZ818

        PacMan won a SPLIT decision against Bradley…Why you still sucking him off?

        I bet if Floyd were white, you’d suck him until he couldn’t walk!

        Shut Yo’ B’ish @$$ up!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you typing worthless hoodrat shit don’t change my points – if you think facts are ‘suckin’ – then I don’;t care what you think – I just want you to leave your block hoodrat , then open your mouth , somebody will show you quick – but like a hoodrat , you scared

      • EDOGZ818


        You have the galss jaw ya’ B’ish made, House Negro’Pean, not I!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you see me , and pretend to raise your hand – and I’ll blow your eyeballs out

      • EDOGZ818

        That’s one of the problems with you self hating Chi Town pussie$, “You can’t write, can’t fight, never was hardcore, “What’s the name of that movie?” Uh, CB4.”

        The other is that you B’ishe$ think your BS gat is the only one made, like you back in the Marco Polo days.

        The 3rd is, my str8 will leave you with crossed eyes on some Tweety Bird ‘chet, and when your Monkey looking B’ish wakes you up, the first thing you’re gonna asks is :
        ” Is EDOGZ818 alright?”


        You a str8 B’ish.

        At least you know, hand to hand, I will beat the skin off your B’ish@$$ forehead you sucka!

        Now suck on that instead of Manny!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

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      • EDOGZ818

        Difference between you & me is…..I can kill you with my bare hands, while you will get locked up for shooting like a pu$$y & some dude with very limited hand skills will be renting your @$$ for cigerettes, cookies, even warm milk!

        LOLN at you being a str8 B’ish!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        there is Nothing the same about us – I’ll buy your bus tickets – I’ll pay your way here

      • GQ

        Y’all should fight already. I’ll buy the plane tix. Y’all been going back and forth for months. Settle this

      • EDOGZ818

        That B’ish don’t want to meet up to get beat up!

        He can’t fight a lick and thinks his gun skills will save him…when they will only cut his worthless life shorter than hanging out on the block.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        challenge accepted internet tuff guy !~ – and I’m buying your tickets! – give the address you want them sent –

      • EDOGZ818


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        EDOGZ818@Yahoo if your B’ish@$$ really not scared to send the ticket $$.

        I’ll wait……. ( Tick Tock, Tick Tock 0 as your punk@$$ thinks of an excuse to front!

      • water_ur_seeds

        Floyd has adapted to compensate his deterioration of footwork etc which is great, but Floyd defo ducked fighters years back, hes smart and hand picked fighters… Who knows who would of won with Manny v Floyd 6 years back, it would of been epic though… And lets not forget Floyd got some questionable decisions against Castillo and DLH…

        But Mayweather has defo earned my respect over the last 6 years, plus he lives right and trains like theres no 2moro… Hes a great fighter, and the way he adapted is great, but he knows he cant go on much longer, hence why hes only got 2 or 3 fights left…

        Like I said above Manny is an old 36, hes had tons more fights and gone through crazy amounts of divisions, he cant adapt his style like Floyd, hes built on speed and movement…

      • EDOGZ818

        Speed and movement is the 1st to go, power the last, in regards to old age.

        Arum robbed Floyd, according to Floyd, Manny has an option to be a free agent, even if for one fight. ( 2015 )

        6 yrs ago?

        Floyd was still the better / smarter boxer.

        2009 saw Floyd beat, and other than Castillio 1, Floyd hasn’t had a bloody nose or even a lump for that matter, but 2009 saw Floyd beat Mosely, Marquez, Hatton, DeLahoys, Judah, Sharmba Mitchell, & Autoro Gatti.

        Hard to say he ducked anyone during that time frame, and while Manny’s resume is equally impressive, he’s been slept 3x early. Not saying that Floyd can or will sleep him early, but Manny has also been outboxed by Erick Morales & ??? Tim Bradley ( * Coughs )

        I don’t see Manny “OUTWORKING” Floyd, but I do see him outswinging & outmissing Floyd, & you already know, make them miss, then make them pay!

        Floyd = Counter Puncher ( Maybe the best in the world, G.O.A.T. ) etc.

        The Mexicans $upport their boxers.

        They will show up and bet heavily against the Moreno, especially on Cinco de Mayo, especially against the nephew of “The Black Mamba” who was crushing all the boxers from El Mehico, until the one and only, El Grand CamPeionne’ ( 87-0 ) Chavez stopped Roger Mayweather using his now famous Mexicanliver shot.

        ( The ‘ole hookercut to the 2 short ribs )
        A Spanish / latin Champion = Better than Black ( Mosely / Judah ) A Mexican champion or challenger on Cinco de Mayo = Best.

        *On the business #’s tip.

        Floyd is fighting for the $, he fought for free 95x? already….in the amatuers.

      • water_ur_seeds

        L’s mean nothing to me, yes Manny has lost but he got them back, he KO Morales, who is one of the GOATS, after he avenged the loss to Morales he didnt lose for 7 years…

        The best fighters in the world have L’s, Robinson, Moore, Grebb, Louis, Hagler, Duran, Arguello, Langford, Ezzard Charles, Ali, Fraizer, Foreman, Holmes, Tyson, JCC, Pep, its what the fight game, most of them avenage the L’s, thats what happens when you test yourself against great fighters, for me, the most part Floyd ducked alot of what, on paper, are close fights…

        Had Floyd fought half the fighters Manny did he would have an L or 2…

        With regards to contracts and buisness etc I dont care bro, ATM Im just looking at it from a fans perspective…

      • EDOGZ818

        .Understood, Floyd is looking at it from a getting punched in the face perspective.

        Who did Floyd duck?

        Granted Manny feel Manny, but who else?

        Not dissing Pac, but he has serious flaws.
        Logically speaking, Manny is a career ending fight for Floyd.

        If, hypothetically speaking, he starches Manny, early, etc….who would you pay to see him fight next?
        Lara? Martinez if he gets past Cotto?

        I wouldn’t fight Manny either, until the last fight, business wise.

        Floyd is doing big things….I support him.

      • water_ur_seeds

        Around 07/08/09 Floyd never fought, a PRIME Cotto (who everyone was scared of), MargaCheato, Paul Williams also Martinez and Mosley called Floyd out for years… Floyd has stepped it up last few years, but its a shame he never took those fighters earlier on in his career…

        Fighting Cotto and Mosley recently is not like fighting Cotto when he was a beast or Mosley before he had a zimerframe lol

        Again Im a big fan of Floyd, its just a shame he didn’t fight anyone like a prizefighter claiming to be the GOAT should of… I know politics and whatever plays apart but still….

        Fighters like Hatton and Jeff Lacy that lose and are never the same are different, like I said, its bouncing back from a loss that makes a fighter, the ones that are considered GOATS that lose (like manny) bounce back and still go onto to or continue to do great things, others like Hatton, find that they cant make the next step to that level and a loss proves that, some like Ali at the end of his career were just past their prime…

      • EDOGZ818

        Cotto is a bad example, he never had the skill set to beat Floyd. ( Keeps head in front of feet ) Zab, Zab, Zab Judah almost killed him with uppercuts & was on his way to winning that fight…until Cotto’s 3X left hooks to the gonads took all the starch out of Judah in the 2nd rd?

        MargaCheato too? Depends who’s in your corner, I mean Nazeem Rich, you good money, someone slow? You’ll be getting hit with a maise bag all night!

        The beating Cheato put on Cotto, albeit avenged, took Cotto’s soul, Manny really put the lights out on it.

        Now Mosley…..to me, was Floyd’s toughest, since he rocked Floyd early & almost, well, came close to KO’ing him,

        2009 Floyd took off? For whatever reason, and as you said, came back & was in beast mode. Guerrera & Ortiz? I think those were Mandos?
        Maidana is a beast, but I don’t think he’ll beat Floyd, but I do think Manny would KO Maidana..l.because he comes str8 in.

        To say he ducked anyone is a stretch…..except for Paul Williams? Williams was like the Calzaghe of Welters, just too much activity & reach.

        It just seems like Floyd has too much footwork for most boxers & that makes them reset, which drops their output.

      • water_ur_seeds

        Are you serious? Cotto had all the tools to beat Floyd back then, he even had some success in their recent fight… Anyways up to that date Floyd had struggled with powerful fighters that put him on his back foot and pushed him back, Castillo, DLH for example… Even Zab troubled him with angles… Think what a younger Shane would of done!!!

        But anyways a prime Cotto would of given him a real test… The only reason Margacheato won in their fight was because he was hitting Cotto with a brick, and Cotto beat the schitt out of him when they fought again on an even playing field…

        But back in the day, like him or not Margacheato was a beast, and he would of asked Floyd real questions…

        Trust, IMO Floyd whimpered out of great close fights, his record is not a whose who of fighters, not in their prime, when it should or could of been when the in and around the division it was stacked…

        Floyds a great fighter, and he may of won all them fights, thats why is pisses me off that he could of had a great record of fighting fighters in and around their peaks… Atleast he didnt do what Roy Jones did dodge fighters until HE got old and then chase them and lose… Roy’s the man though, but he fckd his legacy…

      • EDOGZ818

        Roy’s legacy is intact…even if his image / rep isn’t.
        Once you get KO’d….it gets easier & easier to get KO’d…based on what ButchCraig & InMadPuroz experience by getting knocked out constantly.

        Cotto could have beat anyone else & did….but he was flawed. He kept his head over his feet.

        Castillio gave Floyd problems when Floyd tried to fight…instead of box.
        Blame Pop Mayweather for that…I think he just came home, turmoil in camp, etc., after that, he went with Roger exclusively & won some close ones over great fighters / boxers, without so much as a split decision, even Castillio 1, widely considered by many as Floyd’s only loss, was a UD, as close as it was.

        Cinco de Mayo has been good to Floyd.
        So has boxing.

        You should root for Floyd because he may transcend Boxing and empower Boxers the way Melle Mell, LL, Will Smith, Jay Z & 50 empowered rappers, by setting the standard.

        That is bigger than the sport, IMHO, and Floyd hasn’t discredited the sport. He has uplifted it, carried it through MMA’s increasing popularity.

        What was the last MMA match you saw?

        Genero Hernandez, Angel Manfredy, & he broke Hernadez’ jaw, & starched Manfredy early.

        Manfredy had 2 early losses & was on a streak including Autoro Gatti, Jorge Paez & …ok, the rest were cans of corn but Genaro was 38-1 with the belt, Diego Corrales was 30+ – 0, on some David Vs Goliath ‘chet, Castillio, Ndou, etc, with a few losses & many, many wins.

        Yeah, some …ok, plenty of cans of corn thrown in for good measure, be Floyd made them tomato cans. Floyd cycles through the OODA loop faster than any other boxer, literally, the older he gets…the faster he cycles through it!

        He’s literally been boxing b4 he was 1yr old.

        Obviously not anything more than teething on a mini glove, but he grew up poor, with no toys, popz fiended out, etc….all he had was gear.

        Popz would have sold the TV before he sold the speedbag.


        Time, old age, etc, with catch up to Floyd before someone with less experience does. He might be like Bernard Pop’Kins & become the first Champion to win a title on the same day he gets his social security check.

        Physically, he’s probably in better shape than if he would be bidding.

        Manny gets fat, like most boxers & have to cut weight, like 30lbs in 4 months & when they hit the scale, all sucked up, their brain fluid is also low, and that doesn’t replish with rehydration, it takes weeks.

        Low fluid – Low shock absorbtion = Easier KO

        All Floyd has to do is piss, poop & strip down to make wieght on any given day.

        The bigger they are on fight night, the more their body needs to adjust.
        ( Within reason )
        If they hit the scales at 147 Thurday, then 175 on Sat Night ( next weekend ) it may become an issue.

      • water_ur_seeds

        Why do you keep going on about Cotto keeping his head over his feet? That has nothing to do with him fighting Floyd lol Thats how 100’s aggressive fighters box, Fraiser being one…

        With Roy getting KO’d, yeah if you get KO’d too much, as you get older you punch resistance does go… But Roy ducked alot of fights, he was amazingly gifted though… One of the GOATS…

        With what you said about forcing Floyd to fight, thats what happens when your pressured, hit and forced onto the back foot bro, it makes you fight their fight…

        Floyd’s image is a cash cow for boxing, but thats not the point… I hate MMA, I love the tradition of boxing, I read books and the history of it, MMA is too much loud and Americanised, like WWE, I cant stand it, Im a boxing fan through and through, my whole family is, its the biggest sport in my family… Although I watch my old breda John fight, he unfortunately got KO’d in the UFC event in China the other week, thats the only UFC/MMA I watch…

        Anyways, I think this subject is done!!! You talking about tomato cans and stuff start losing me and going off track loll

      • EDOGZ818

        Head over feet = Flaw a great boxer can exploit.

        Not sure who Roy ducked…he went up to HVY, beat Toney, Pop’Kins & everyone else on his way up.

      • EDOGZ818

        *Also depends on the L.
        Taylor’s loss to Chavez was worse than Hopkins’ losses to Calzaghe, Jones & Taylor….combined.

        Tito’s loss to hopkins changed him, Hatton’s to Floyd, etc.

      • Kap Diva

        You’re still trying to make excuses for Manny potentially getting his ass kicked my Floyd. If he would have beat Pacquiao 5 years ago, it would have been another excuse lol.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        excuses? – you fool – The Truth Is Not Excuses – that’s the point – the point is the truth – the point is maywheateher came up with excuse after excuse to keep from signing – each excuse, Pacio conceded, then Floyd make another one , Pac Man fixes that, then Floyd make another one etc, till Pac gave up, which is what Floyd wanted – that’s the explanation of him ducking

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah, you wrong – don’t mean he didn’t duck his prime

      • Kap Diva

        Obviously if Floyd is older than Manny, then Mayweather will be past his prime first, duh.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        again dummy duh – your wrong – being 2 years older Don’t mean he didn’t dodge his prime

      • EDOGZ818

        He’s a fuggin idiot!

        In Roger Mayweather’s voice :

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you made no point hoodrat – proving my point

      • water_ur_seeds

        TBF hes had alot more wars then Money, who never gets hit and hes had alot more fights… Pacquiao also came up from like 8 different weight classes which takes its told, hes had alot harder career, hes older than 36 in boxing years…

        And boxers peak and dip at different points in the life/career, age is irrelevant in that sense… Looks at how long heavyweights can fight on for, Manny’s style of speed and movement has a shorter life span than Floyd’s (who has adapted his style to compensate for his deterioration of footwork) peak-a-boo not get hit style…

    • water_ur_seeds

      Yeah he is defo past his prime, if Floyd choose to fight Manny now, it would remind me when Leonard came out of retirement to choose to fight Hagler when Hagler was past it…

      Although Manny still has alot to offer, Bradley is a class fighter and beating him was a great win…

      But whereas before I thought Manny could of beaten Floyd, I think Floyd would now win, Manny showed a lack of speed, angles and body punching…

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