Comedian Capone Will Play Suge Knight In Ice Cube’s Upcoming N.W.A. Movie

(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight in the 1990s was nothing to laugh about, however Ice Cube has decided to enlist one of the funniest comedians to assume the role of Knight. While on the radio show Dre’s House, comedian Capone revealed his involvement in the upcoming N.W.A. biopic.

Less than three weeks ago, Ice Cube announced that casting for the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton was underway and days after that announcement, Capone made one of his own. According to the comedy veteran he “got cast to do the role of Suge Knight for Straight Outta Compton.”

Capone also reveals that he will be working on an upcoming project with Russell Simmons. Capone appeared on the 1st episode of Russell Simmons Presents: The Ruckus back in January of 2012.

Check out Capone’s full interview below:

27 Responses to “Comedian Capone Will Play Suge Knight In Ice Cube’s Upcoming N.W.A. Movie”

    • Dan_Tebasco

      1. He’d have too much to say about how to play his character and how his character should be portrayed (they are most likely not gonna portray him as a good guy) 2. Suge hates Dre and Eazy-E so why would he want to do that? 3. Suge have been joking about Eazy’s death etc, fairly sure none of Eazy’s people want him involved, and Dre of course don’t want him involved

    • james

      yg tried for the role of ren not yella (dont believe me look it up), the suge knight actor is a good choice, and for the nwa cast i think they should just have their kids play their roles. omg as cube, hood surgeon as dre, lil eazy as eazy e and im sayng this because they look like their fathers. then keep a open casting call for the role of mc ren and dj yella.

  1. i'mreloaded!

    Capone is funny as hell. He can play dat role though. I’m assuming the actual children of Ice Cube and Eazy E are playing the respective roles correct?

    • HaterOfTheYear

      y would they..if they atrent even actors..give the role to a real actor with talent thats trained… “respective roles”?? bitch are u stupid as fucc

      • i'mreloaded!

        NIGGA, WHO DA FUCC IZ U!? That ish was already discussed years ago that they were a possibility for the roles dummy! Look it up on the internet jackass. There is other things u can look at on yo cheap azz computer besides porn u no puzzy getting mufucca! Fall back, yo lil bish like outburst was uncalled for folk. Real ish.


    This nicca is a JOKE alright! The N.W.A movie is about the EARLY days of the group, 1986-87 when they formed & MADE ‘Straight Outta Compton’ & Marion ‘Suge’ Knight was a High School student THEN, that NONE of them knew him…………so HOW is he or ‘Suge’s character even NEAR this movie?!@!?

    • 225CampLife

      You do realize the it was Suge who muscled Eazy E to release Dre from his NWA contract because Dre was scared to approach Eazy on his own huh?


        That was in 1990, where the Movie is focusing on the YEAR the album was made & released ’86-87…….. YEARS before Suge tried to F*CK Dre’s career up WORSE than Eazy could have dreamed…. this fool had PAC, DRE, SNOOP, DAZ, KURUPT, RAGE, NATE & more & F*CKED it ALL off!!!!!!!

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