Flavor Flav Pleads Guilty To Threatening 17 Year Old Boy With Butcher Knife

(AllHipHop News) In a move that will keep Flavor Flav out of jail, the 55 year old hip hop hypeman turned reality TV show fixture has plead guilty to a Las Vegas domestic violence charge.

Today (April 14th) pled guilty in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, NV to reduced misdemeanor charges of attempted battery in connection to an October 2012 argument with his girlfriend’s 17 year old son. 

Flav’s fiancee, Liz Trujillo accused the rapper of threatening her son with a “20 inch butcher knife” and throwing her around when she attempted to prevent him from harming her son.

Flav’s was originally facing felony assault and child endangerment with a weapon charges with a possible jail bid of 12 years. The next court date for Flav is August 18th. 

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    I guess, “9-1-1, is just a joke”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPNK0VspQ0M

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  • dehova

    Damn Boyeee!

  • Brindle

    seems like they’d be used to stuff like that

  • MrNoName2K

    lil nigga probably got outta line and now days these 17yr olds look like grown ass men but idk..

    • Of course he got outta line.

      You already know.

      • Executive

        Yeah these kids need a old school beatdown.

      • Flav would be the one to step into that role too!

        He’s dating Momz, kid fuggz up, he’s going to check him, especially if he’s disrespectful about it, on some Baby Boy ‘chet!

    • Guest

      flav was on wife swap when that kid was 15 and he was 2 feet taller

  • Executive

    Lmao, 20 inch kitchen knife? Bumbaaa, nigga thought he was a gotdamn samurai warrior.

    • I remember when he pulled the Bumblaa Mockberg on his neighbor in the BX.

      Flav don’t start beef, but he damn sure ain’t taking an L.

      • Executive

        Lmfao, Flav ain’t no joke! He’ll be ok in prison.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he’ll be ok in prison because he is flavor flav and people respect him for that. but lets not act like he putting fear in anybody behind those bars, shank in hand or not!

      • Chrisblackusa

        He aint tryin to put fear in nobody…but trust me if flav got love for you he bout that life and would and has rolled…I seen him get jumped in when he was 15..edog called it straight out..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        word!!! dam i didnt know

  • hoeyuno

    These kids are mad disrespectful!! Your not allowed to spank’em when there kids so they don’t learn discipline..I don’t care what anyone says a quick slap will make them think twice way before a time out..

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      sho nuff!!!

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    Damn fav

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