Hip Hop Rumors: Did Soulja Boy’s Jumpoff Leak His Privates to the World?

It must something in the water in the A. First, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust has a sex tape drop and now it looks like Soulja Boy Tell’em being exposed as well.

A groupie, propelled by Soulja’s disrespect and disregard had no other choice to not only share text messages and nude shots to his current girlfriend, rapper Diamond, but also to the world.

According to the jumpoff, she had no idea that he and Diamond were getting back together, and out of respect wanted to let her know through email just what he’d been up to…peep the content below:


Hi Diamond.

I’m sending you this email with my sincerest apologies and with my utmost respect. I have been friends with Soulja for almost 6 years and after not seeing him for the past 2 years he invited me to Miami. During the time Dre and I have been apart he has been regularly asking me to visit and sending me very provocative pics as u will see I have attached.

Dre had me come out to Miami on Wednesday night and at that time we had unprotected sex (which only lasted about 30 seconds) I honestly was not even aware that you two were still dating because you haven’t been promoting your relationship on instagram like you normally would.
When he wanted me to leave Miami the very next day I was surprised and politely declined only to find out that he had you come into town and stay in the same hotel.

At this point I became so enraged at the level of disrespect that he showed me that I left the hotel early Friday morning just so I would never have to look at his face again. Not only did he disrespect me but he also disrespected you by sleeping with me without a condom and then seeing you the very next day.

I just want you to be aware of how much of a manipulative liar you are dealing with. Of coarse you will never have to worry about me seeing Dre ever again because I took these extreme measures to ensure that he would never contact me again. Attached u will find some of the pics Dre sent me along with some recent texts I screenshotted from my phone.


When will these dudes learn that a woman scorned is not to be messed with!



  • Realist4200

    “When will these dudes learn that a woman scorned is not to be messed with!”

    I’m thinking more like: When will these groupies learn that they’re just hoes and pieces of ass, and nobody is going to respect them (not even the dude they’re f#cking)? It’s hiliarious, pathetic and sad all at the same time.

    Kat Stacks and Superhead have these dumb b!tches minds messed up.

  • baller187

    thot, u a waste of time

  • MassConglom

    I “thot” I told yall,lol.

  • Slick Blak

    Umm as long as your junk aint microscopic then its FREE ADVERTISEMENT!

  • MrNoName2K

    this nigga stay takin L’s

  • Jasmine Frank


  • So it’s his fault that she laid down and had unprotected sex?….Chicks nowadays can be so thirsty.

    • Celz

      Like if a dude rolled up to my house in a USPS truck and those blue shorts I’d treat him like a mailman and give him my outgoing bills. If a nicca treats you like a mailman and you aren’t one maybe you should stop dressing and acting like one. Same goes if niccas treat you like hoes too.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Someone needs to just stomp him out if he ever puts another song/video.

  • maya

    His raggedy dick has been all over the net for years. This is no big deal.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Dog IDK Why I Clicked On This…. Im At Work Lol

    • MrNoName2K

      lol i was thinkin the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame exaaaaaaaaact shit!!!

  • Sheneneh

    This nigga and his nasty dick need a razor

  • Schooly B

    Of “COURSE”… Course was the word you were searching for.

  • Cloud Air

    why do men disrobe and show their body to women?

    seriously, women don’t think like us.. they don’t want a picture of your private parts

    most women i talk to are like “why did he send me this shit?”

  • southside4lyfe

    That nigga got a white dick lmao I knew this cracka was playing black

  • Jimsgirl3053

    If Diamond value her life at all she would leave this nasty lil d!ck sorry 30 second f@ck dude in her rear view. The thing that gets me is, why in the hell did this female have unprotected sex with him? Aides is for-re-al.
    Why would you put your life in jeopardy for a sorry 30-45 second f@ck?