Gucci Mane Said To Be Negotiating Plea Deal In Firearm Case

(AllHipHop News) In December of 2013, Gucci Mane (born Radric Davis) was charged with two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon. If convicted, the Atlanta rapper could face up to 20 years behind bars. According to Radar Online, Gucci is looking to avoid a trial by negotiating a plea deal with the government.

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Radar obtained court documents that show Gucci’s lawyers have asked the judge in the case to postpone the scheduled court date because “all parties anticipate resolution without the need of a trial.”

The docs also read:

The parties believe they may have resolved this matter subject to certain approvals including a meeting with the Court. However, due to various schedule conflicts, counsel have been unable to finalize the matter and given defense counsels respective absence from the jurisdiction over the next week, will be unable to finalize the matter prior to the trial date.

Gucci was arrested last September after two separate incidents involving firearms. He allegedly threatened friends and police officers with a gun.

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  • tc wiseguys111

    36 Months …..Gotta be singin more than a Jay Bird……That nigga getting a TI deal Or a B.G. From cash money deal Hum we’ll see ……if he get a year or probation we can lable him the Teflon Don Of Hip Hop

    • i’mreloaded!

      Who he gonna tell on? He da nigga dey want in da first place. Not comparing them but that’s like Stringer Bell tellin on Bodie. Can’t snitch if you da only nigga out there doin da crime. Ya’ll niggaz kill me. Ya’ll da type of niggas who get dudes killed in da hood for saying ish and don’t know what ya’ll be talkin bout.

      • tra mo

        Exactly man tell these niggas plea deal is not snitching its when u no if u go to trial you get convicted and get da whole 20 and instead plead guilty without going to trial and work a deal for less time aint no snitching here u gangsters kill me

      • Calico Joe

        Damn. Gucci the only n*gga in Atlanta committing crimes? I’m not saying he snitching, but you seem kinda confused to how snitching works. Just because you get caught solo doesn’t mean you can’t tell on somebody else in exchange for a lesser sentence.

      • i’mreloaded!

        Bruh, first off Gucci ain’t da only nigga committin crimes down here, but Gucci is official down here in da A and dat’s why a lot of niggas don’t play around wit Gucci. Secondly, what kind of testimony is gonna hold up in court from a medically declared bipolar individual who already has a murder under his belt. If he ain’t snitchin bout a murder you think he would risk his well being on the streets bout some damn guns? Niggas can plead to a lesser charge if your attorney is on his shit and the state or Feds can keep you on them papers. Ya’ll funny.

      • Calico Joe

        Apparently you missed my point. Never said Gucci was a snitch. I was referring to “Can’t snitch if you da only nigga out there doin da crime”. That statement alone is bullsh*t is all I’m saying. I know a couple cats that got indicted who the law had no idea about. Why? Because somebody else got caught and started snitching to save his own ass.

      • i’mreloaded!

        Yeah, dat ish does happen my G. I’m just trippin because some of deez mufuccas quick to call dis man a snitch and they don’t even know nothing bout what they putting on da table. Streets talk and if he was out here snitchin, people would know and he woulda been exposed because Gucci came at so many rappers they woulda been put dat out. At da end of da day, if you got bread, you can beat a case my dude. He got plenty of dat. Look at T.I. and Boosie. You worth more to a record label and a brand a free man.

    • Casor_G

      Man stop with all that snitch talk. You don’t know anything about the judicial system

    • OG Scottie Pippen

      u dumbass nigga BG servin’ 14 years df u talk’n bout? shut yo ass up if u dont know the situation!!

      • Calico Joe

        I think by T.I. or B.G. deal(a year plus probation vs 14 years) = snitching or a NOT snitching. I didn’t think it was that hard to comprehend.

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    New name for informer MR Davis lol

    he was talking during his accidental murder case too………

    • 1SOFLO1

      WTF are you talking about, plea deal doesn’t mean snitching. The only way to get out a case for self defense is to cooperate and tell your story. These NY dudes don’t know ish! most NY dudes I know are snitches.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if most NY dudes you know are snitches then what do that say about you? watch the company you keep.

        and what self defense are you talking bout. he a felon with a gun, thats open in shut. this naga talking like most of them in and out of jail ass nagas
        why you think they stay in and out of jail?

    • Terrance Goodman

      Dumb ass accident murder is still murder. What he suppose to matrix and shit ?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        dummy, if you shoot someone out of fear dont scream im a murderer or im a killer like thats his forte’. that ish was a incident that happen the way it happen, PERIOD! but because its rap he have to wear that like he a killer when he not


    • i’mreloaded!

      WTF u talkin bout? He was da only one who did any time behind dat murder and it was self defense boy. Stay up there in NY cuz u sir don’t have a clue what’s goin on.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        ok right, so i know a guy that worked for the FEDS and he told the story about how gucci was in there crying and talking. same guy that worked for the FEDS told the story of jamal lewis or what ever the football player name was that was involved with them drugs. now where do YOUR opinion come from?

      • i’mreloaded!

        Yeah and I know a guy that was the bathroom man’s nephew at da club da night C Murder …………………….NIGGA PLEASE!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so basically your opinion is based off of nothing. cool i get it

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Ya’ll so damn dumb. Who da hell is da man goin to snitch on? His damn self? He da one got caught wit da guns. Some of ya’ll watch too much SVU and First 48.

    • End of Days

      I know a nigga who was going to catch a case and he told the police that he knew about a body and snitched on a nigga who is in jail right now awaiting trial. Niggas be snitching it doesn’t matter if it has to do with their case or not…

      • $18592567

        He either don’t play these streets or somebody schooled him incorrectly…

      • i’mreloaded!

        I don’t need to be schooled bruh, I know there’s a possibility for everything but everytime somebody plead out he ain’t gotta be snitchin. Ya’ll niggas crack me up man. So I guess Chris Brown snitched after he beat up Rihanna too huh? I mean according to ya’ll he had to, he didn’t do no time. Ya’ll funny.

      • $18592567

        I agree to disagree with your logic… All I’m saying is that if you ever do something don’t think that another person who has nothing to do with your situation won’t tell those people about it to help themselves…

      • i’mreloaded!

        I can agree wit dat. Thanks for keepin da debate classy homey.

      • $18592567

        True indeed bro!

    • MrNoName2K

      first off..^2 for your name lol…2nd you aint never lied. Niggas watch that sh*t and think they know what they talkin bout and how the game go..

      • i’mreloaded!

        Lol. For real bruh.

    • $18592567

      Are you serious??? Any information that a person awaiting trial or has been convicted of can definitely have their sentence reduced/ended if they provide the laws with info that leads to a conviction. I hope you’re not a criminal with that faulty logic you’re using.

      • i’mreloaded!

        I see you watch SVU. Just because you plead out so you don’t have to go to trial u gotta be snitchin? Is that what you tellin me? That’s not everybody’s situation bruh. If you recall Gucci was committed to a mental facility some time ago. How come one of the stipulations can’t be him goin back there for a period of time. The problem is people too quick to throw dat snitch ish around and ya’ll don’t even know what the terms was. Dat snitch label is serious but some of ya’ll suburbian folks wouldn’t know bout dat.

      • $18592567

        I didn’t say what you’re implying… I merely commented on your statement regarding Gucci being unable to snitch because he was the sole party in his situation. I don’t even think that Guwop is telling, but the fact that of the matter is that JUST BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE A CO-DEFENDANT DOES NOT MEAN HE CAN’T COOPERATE. I’m not even offended by the suburb barb, because I actually do live in a nice neighborhood but here’s the thing… I’m from the hood bro and when I was there I did hood shit everyday, so when I see somebody kicking info I try to correct it…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “Gucci is looking to avoid a trial by negotiating a plea deal with the government.”

        A plea bargain (also plea agreement, plea deal or ‘copping a plea’) is an agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and defendant whereby the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a particular charge in return for some concession from the prosecutor.

  • MrNoName2K

    lol the pic tells it all..thing about it is people cant say he a snitch because he the one who did the dirt. Idk though, if anything i hope hes prepared to take piss tests 4x a week and have that ankle monitor on for the long haul…

    • Naw bruh that nigga ain’t getn off this time, hate to say it but he going to jail man…Two incidents with a firearm, convicted felon, sketchy past…ion think bruh getn off light this time. That’s why he throwing his cards in

      • MrNoName2K

        true story

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      its not about snitching on his self or he did the crime. what people dont get is who do gucci know that might know something about a crime.

      they had a case in ga where it was 2 guys. these 2 guys and a group of other guys got in a fight and one of the 2 guys pulled out a gun and shot in the crowd hitting a college girl from st louis.

      one of the guys either turned his self in or was arrested (cant remember) he screamed his innocence from day one and asked for a speedy trail. dude not only said he aint do it he named the guy who did do it.
      at the end he was found guilty and serving either life plus or a high number.

      point of this story is this. the other guy (out of the 2) was arrested a month later for a weapon charge
      and they made sure to say the gun he had wasnt the same gun that was used during the murder of the st louis girl.

      when i heard that im like………..why didnt the police investigating the other guys claim? because other shooter is the piece of ish naga in the hood that goes in and out of jail and the police know they can control this guy and he goes in the hood to infect the rest of the men there to par take in crime.

      if they do this to the big bad mafia of all races then why we dont think this is happening to us?

  • Son Dollars

    Free Gucci Mane…. If he out alreday keep em free!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i guess we forgot about Alphamega
    he claimed he snitched on someone he aint know
    about a case that wasnt his

  • youngplaya

    Sound like Gucci bout to be an informant. How gun charges don’t stick to a felon? Shit you got to give them boyz something or you gone ride that’s the game. I don’t wish prison on nobody, but dude kept fukn up repeatedly. I mean if you got drug in alcohol issues get some help brah. People want to see you make it.

    • golder1

      Thats not the game. Money and great lawyers can get u out of a lot of shit. And he will get prison time just not 20 years

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